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Welcome To The Club

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Fem!Gerard and Mikey. Auditioned Frerard based Ouran High School Host Club.Frank is a new girly student at a snooty academy.When he joins the host club sparks begin to fly...

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A polished marble sign with the warm welcoming motto; “Honour, respect and wealth,” etched under an impressive looking crest greets the black and peroxide blonde haired boy as he stumbles nervously through the iron front gates. The petite student gulps at the intimidating sign and scurries into the nearby equally intimidating, but wonderfully grand building, labelled as the student`s reception. The heavy oak doors are pushed open to reveal an ancient looking wooden elaborate desk, sat in the centre of a flowery scented office style room.
Frank can feel the steely blue eyes of the old woman behind it looking him up and down disapprovingly, reminding him of the way you might look at a piece of dog or horse shit if it suddenly happened to wander into your meticulously kept house. Keeping his artfully smudged eyeliner rimmed eyes to the velvety carpet he hands her a folded up piece of paper he had received from the school the other day.
“I-I`m Frank Iero,” he stutters out, tugging on the sleeve of his oversized maroon blazer. It was a horrid piece of clothing, a most unflattering shade, yet again with the academy`s crest and motto inked on to the breast pocket and far too large for the guitarist`s slight frame.
Mary-Alice Brown, the proud receptionist looked down her beaklike nose at the trembling teenage unimpressed.
“Congratulations, I`m sure. That is of any interest to me, how?”She blinks her emotionless eyes once and returns her disgusted gaze to a huge pile of papers on the desk in front of her.
“Today is my first day here; I am the new scholarship student in year ten. I was told in this letter of enrolment that I have to come here to get my timetable and a map of the school and grounds.” Frank didn`t see how folded up piece of paper with coloured lines on was going to help him find his way around this monster of a building.
“Yes well I suppose they let anyone in this days,” Mary shakes her head and pulls out two sheets of a4.
“Here is the map and what house did you say you were in?”
“Erm Gold, Miss.” The others were similarly named, including Silver, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire.
“And here is the timetable for every year ten student in the Gold house.” She waves one wrinkled hand dismissively, leaving Frank to his own devices to find his way to his form room, feeling very frightened and completely alone in a brand new, pompous school for the highly wealthy and incredibly snooty.
“Oh and before you go, Fred-“
“Frank.” He sighs, wondering why he even bothered to correct her. It didn’t matter to her who he was. All that mattered in this place was who your daddy was and how many millions he had.
The old woman scoffs and throws him an even dirtier look than before. “Anderson Royal Academy has been the home to so many of the country`s most brilliant and wealthiest young minds for over five centuries, do not under any circumstances do anything to tarnish our great reputation, Commoner.”
Frank sighs and nods once, feeling even more downtrodden than when he had first arrived at six fifteen that morning, dragging his tatty old suitcase full of books, clothes and few other personal belongings behind him.

“Michaela! You little son of a bitch, stop that!” the crimson haired artist yells ever so sweetly at her younger sister, not once looking up from the dog eared sketchbook she always insisted on lugging about.
This earns her a middle finger salute from the hazel eyed girl with the mousy brown shoulder length hair.
“Aww but Gee!”Michaela, more often known as Mikey due to the strange similarities between her and famous bassist, Mikey Way, whines and throws her skinny , deathly pale arms up. “I`m so bored. Dianna isn`t coming today because she has a Latin project to finish up in her room.”
Georgina, Or Gee as she was often called, groans.
Dianna was her sister`s burgundy haired, Alex Day loving girlfriend of three months and the two were practically inseparable.
“Why don`t you just go help her then, idiot?” Chloe, an outgoing black and red haired girl originally from New Jersey butts in, fiddling with one of her many bracelets on her wrist.
“I don`t wanna seem too eager and scare her.” Mikey wails.
The other girls in the room, all uniqe and talented in their own special way all do a synchronised eye roll.
“Hozzie, tell Mikes that D loves her some can have some peace and quiet so I can finish my sketch of Freddie Mercury for art class.” Gee pouts, hoping that her sister would do as her best friend asked.
Hollie shies away behind her hair, her timid nature shining through as always and mumbles something then returns to the script she was currently studying religiously for the Halloween play.
“Oh for fucks sake!” A girl wearing an oversized All Time Low hoodie stops reapplying her thick eyeliner for a second and looks up. “Mikey, go find D if you miss eating her face that much and Gee, stop moaning. Unless it`s for me of course.” She winks cheekily and Georgina pales.
Somewhere an unseen clock strikes nine but it overshadowed by the groans of the students.
“I have Maths first with Mr. Winters,” Jewel, a green eyed teen sighs and collects her belongings.
“And me, D and Gee have free time so ha ha bitches!” Alex, the girl wearing the oversized hoodie cheers gleefully and skips out of the room, most likely to go and bother Dianna.

Georgina is about to follow her when there is a timid knock at the door. A petite, short haired girl with an adorable innocent face walks in shyly.
“Is this room 104, Understanding Latin with Ms. Wayne?” she looks up at the red haired girl through thick, dark lashes.
“N-no. This is room 104, but the class was moved last term and now it belongs to us, the Host Club.” She explains softly. “I can show you to the new room, if you`d like?”
The shorter girl nods timidly, offering a weak but friendly smile. “Thank you. I-My name is Frankie, I`m, new.”
She grins, this girl was just too cute. “Call me Gee.”
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