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Chapter Two

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Friends. Frank had never had many of them. "Thanks. I guess I'll see you then."

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“So Frankie,” the sassy red haired artist smiles crookedly, leaning over the short blonde and black haired girl, “Just let me get my bag and I`ll show you to your class.”
She heads back over to the seat by the window where she had been drawing and carefully stuff the intricate sketch into her graffiti covered art folder and then shoves that into the messenger bag swiftly zipping it up.
“All right, Sugar. All set.” Gee teases lightly while swinging the bag over her shoulder with ease. “Now follow me.”
Nodding timidly, Frank adjusts his fringe which had fallen directly over his left eye and skips along behind the tall, curvy girl who was humming along to Fall Out Boy`s Sugar we`re going down.
“You got like, way lost, Frankie.” Georgina giggles, pointing to room 110, the staff room. “Latin is in room 506, waaay way on the other side of the building.”
“oh. Oops Sorry. My sense of direction has always been kind of shi-I mean lousy.” He quickly stopped himself from dropping the S word in case it would offend his hopefully new found friend.
“Ya can swear here, just make sure none of the teachers or snottier students hear you, otherwise you`ll be serving a month of detentions afterschool and at our already limitted breaks.”
Frank grins sheepishly and nods, thankful for the advice. Gee seemed really nice, he hoped she would be his friend, possibly even more than that given time. She was pretty, friendly and had similar taste in music to him judging by her off the shoulder Black Flag top.
“So tell me about yourself.”
Frank pouts, “no fair I don’t know anything about you.”
“all right. I like music, art, can’t swim, can`t dance and I don’t know karate. I used to have a pet hamster called Honey and I love ice cream.” She takes a deep breath, “oh and I think, no wait, I know that Billie Joe Armstrong is like one of the hottest guys ever.”
Frank laughs. “Not my type for obvious reasons, but if you say so.”
Gee laughs. “I do say so.” she flicks him lightly on the head, “now tell me about you. I want to know everything.”
“Everything?” Frank groans.
Gee nods, “everything."
Frank sighs, “Well I`m here on scholarship, I play guitar, I love reading, I hate creepy crawlies and hate gore and I’m fascinated by the supernatural.”
With everything that came out of Frankie`s mouth, Gee`s grin got that little bit wider. This chick was like a hundred percent perfect for her, even though she didn’t even normally go for girls; she was okay to make an exception for Frankie. She wondered what Frankie was short for, Francesca maybe?
She would have to ask later, because they were outside the class now and could hear the shrill sound of Ms.Wayne through the thick wooden door.
“So like this is your class.” Georgina was at a loss of how to say goodbye. She desperately wanted to hug the other girl, but didn’t want to freak her out.
“Okay thanks.” Frank smiles awkwardly. He didn’t want to go in; he hadn’t ever done Latin before in his life. He was petrified, by the sounds of it, Ms. Wayne wasn`t a fan of kindness.
“Hey drop by the Host Club at lunch if you want and I can introduce you to my friends.”
Friends. Frank had never had more than one of them. Back at home he had Bob Bryar, the camera shy blonde guy that everyone was scared of but who was really just a big cuddly teddy bear.
“Okay erm sure. Thanks. I guess I`ll see you then.”
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