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Chapter 11

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"Happy Birthday!! Oh shit.....sorry.."

Bob, Mikey and Ray had come bounding in the room and found me wrapped around Gerard. We had been sleeping and had been perfectly innocent but Gerard thought it funny to fuck with the guys by smacking his lips onto mine

"Mmph...Gee no...morning breath..." he laughed and rolled off the bed before standing up. He stretched and offered a hand out to me

"I dont mind your breath Frankie" I laughed and looked into his eyes

"I was talking about yours..." The guys bust out laughing behind him as he jumped onto me, pinning me to the bed

"Oh really..." He started breathing heavily onto my face and to be honest it wasn't that bad. Well not until he licked up the side of my face

"Eww Gee get off thats so gross..." he smiled and climbed off of me and I began rubbing my face

"You are disgusting!" He blew me a kiss and walked out of the room. Bob dived onto the bed and Ray and Mikey followed suit

"Dude..did...did you guys y'know?..." Bob made a vulgar motion with his fingers and I couldn't help laughing

"Seriously? Im not telling you!!" Mikey began jumping up and down excitedly

"Oh my god you did!! This is so cool..." He looked at Bob and Ray " know what this means right?!" Ray began nodding so hard I thought his head would roll off

"Gerard finally ditched the old V card" I gave Bob a confused look. What was he talking about? "You made him a man Frank, you took his virginity" I was stunned. He had seemed so confident. Guilt ripped through me and it must have shown in my face because Mikey put his hand on my shoulder

"Dont worry Frank he clearly wanted it..." I know he was trying to make me feel better but I just felt shitty and a little angry. Why the fuck didn't he tell me? I watched Gerard all day, he seemed perfectly fine with everything and it annoyed me even more. Call me a hopeless romantic but I figure your first time should be special y'know not just a spur of the moment quick fuck on the bedroom floor. I think he had picked up on it because later on the guys had gone out and he confronted me

"What the fuck is your problem Frank?" I squared up to him

"You Gerard. You are my fucking problem"

"Well you were fine with me last night"

"LAST NIGHT I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE A GODDAMN FUCKING VIRGIN GERARD! YOU HID THAT FUCKING WELL!" His face dropped and his jaw went slack like a goldfish gasping for air

" did..." I turned my back to him and shook my head "Bob..." he picked up an ash tray and smashed it off the wall "What does it matter anyway? You weren't complaining last night"

"Because your first time is not meant to be a quick fuck with a guy you barely know! For fucks sake I wish my first had been fucking special but it wasn't you wanna hear about my first time Gee? I fucked a random guy from a club and robbed him. Thats when I realised its supposed to be fucking special" he stared straight into my eyes

"Well Frankie honey there aint nothing special left in the world anymore you should know that" I couldn't believe what I was hearing "Fuck you Gerard!"

"You already did remember" I stormed from the room. If I hadn't I would have lost my temper. How the fuck can someone have such a twisted outlook on things? I know about his past but it feels wrong that I took advantage of him and that I was just his toy. I made my way down to the basement, I couldn't even bear to look at him right now. A pain shot through the left side of my chest. I realised something. This pain is what a broken heart feels like, I didn't want to get in this deep. But its too late something about that blackhearted boy upstairs has caught me and i dont know what to do anymore...

I must have fallen asleep because I awoke to Gerard sniffling from the other side of the room "Gee? Are...are you okay..." he turned away from me and pulled his legs up to his chest. I caught a glimpse of the kid in him and it broke my heart

" fine go back to sleep we start work again tomorrow..." I sat up and spun so I was facing him

"Gerard tell me whats wrong...please?" He heaved a heavy sigh and turned to me his eyes glistening from the tears

"You hurt me Frank. I thought last night was special not the way I always imagined but still it was special for me because I was with a guy I actually really liked who I THOUGHT liked me back...clearly I was wrong" I was shocked. It hadnt even occured to me that he wanted it as much as I did

"Im so sorry Gee..." he got up and came over to my bed and lay down his head on my lap

"Its okay wanna hear how I always imagined my first time would be?" I nodded at him and he continued on "I imagined there would be my favourite candle,bleeding rose, lit around the room and Tonight, Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins would be playing it was supposed to be romantic but it just sounds stupid" I shook my head and turned him to face me

"No Gee that sounds day its gonna happen. I promise" he nodded and smiled up at me "Maybe but right now we gotta sleep we got some dealers to take down tomorrow and its not gonna be easy...."

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