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Chapter 12

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"This is Cassandra she is our ticket to the guys tonight..." In front of me Gerard stood with his arm slung loosly over a girls shoulders. She was slightly smaller than me with dark hair just past her shoulders and a youthful face. She looked no older than 16, her eyes were a deep chestnut brown and she had full pink lips

"Hey im Frank..." I extended my hand and she took it gently

"Much obliged Frank tell me how old are you?" Her voice was soft it suited her "I turned 21 yesterday, I was gonna ask you the same thing" she laughed a little and stepped forward snaking an arm over my shoulder

"Oh I'm old enough, tell me cutie pie how'd you like to get a drink sometime?" Her head snapped around as Gerard bust out laughing at her

"Frankie she's 23 and Cassie baby Frankie dont play that way" she dropped her arm from my shoulders and did a loud mock sigh

"Shame the cute ones never play my way, oh well, do you know the plan honey?" I shook my head. Nothing had been explained yet so I didn't understand who Cassandra was.

They had told me the plan but I still had a burning question "How did you guys y'know..."

"Meet? well I had been on the streets since I was 14 you know the usual bullshit story of shitty parents who should have been made sterile, anyway I had to...umm do things to get by and I was getting hassled by this pimp he was gonna kill me. Gerard here blew that fucker away he let me stay with him until I got myself sorted and now I help out from time to time" I just nodded. I wasn't sure what to say to that. Gerard was like an hero. Like a dark saviour. He was like Batman

"The Dark Knight" I glanced up to see Gerard and Cassandra looking amused and confused "I said that out loud didn't I?"

" time for movies now Frankie we got work to do..."


I had finally pulled on my 'uniform' after Gerard made numerous attempts to seduce me. I told him no more until I felt he was ready but that didn't stop me kissing him. Those lips, those electrifying lips. They sent shockwaves through my body. We had gone upstairs and when I saw cassandra my jaw dropped. She was dressed as a catholic school girl complete with pigtails. She looked so young but that was all part of the plan "You loaded babydoll?"

"Always sugar" she lifted her skirt to reveal a gun strapped to her thigh. That impressed me, she clearly knew what she was doing "Okay guys, if your all ready lets head out." Oh I was ready. I was so fucking ready.

We dropped Cassie off next to a closed down store, I was feeling nervous now. I hadn't used a rifle before. We parked the car in the woodland beside the store and Bob handed us our weaponary. It felt strangely comfortable in my hand, like it was supposed to be there. We made our way to our position and crouched in the undergrowth. To the naked eye we were invisible but Cassie knew exactly where we are. She was safe.

We were facing a car park behind the store with a few cars already there. We watched Cassie walk over and talk to one of the guys, they were showing her some guns in the trunk of his car and she was playing the naughty school girl part perfectly. The other guys began making their way over and that was our cue "Ok now" I took aim and inhaled a deep breathe, I closed my eyes and opened them exhaling slowly. I pulled the trigger. Perfect shot.

Gun shots rang through the air as they attempted to return fire. It was pointless. They couldn't see us. They looked like ants trying to scatter when water is poured into their anthill, I felt so relaxed as I repeated the same actions over and over again taking them down one by one. I watched as I thought the final guy had fallen then my breath hitched in my throat. A guy was screaming into the night at us as he dragged Cassandra to a car. She was kicking her legs out screaming for help. I raised my gun but Gerard pushed it down. I spun my head to see him shaking his, he mouthed the word 'wait'. I turned back to the scene in front of us. Cassandra was screaming now


"SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!!" He slammed the butt of the gun into the side of her head and she went limp. I looked at Gerard panic burning in my eyes. How could he just leave her like that? I tried to raise my gun again to no avail. Gerard had his hand holding it firmly down. He pushed her into a car and climbed in. I watched in terror, waiting to see what happened next. Fear coursed through my veins. She couldn't die. She was so young, how could Gerard let her get into this much danger? Rage began bubbling up inside me as I turned to glare at Gerard then back at the car. How could he do this to her?

A single shot rang out as a bright light flashed inside the car. I jumped to my feet as the door swung open. Then relief, It washed over me like a wave "You hit like my grandma fucker..." I laughed out loud as she swaggered over the parking lot towards, stepping over the corpses that littered the tarmac. She waved at us "Guys get the fucking car. Im starving..." I looked at Gerard and guilt filled me. How could I doubt this beautiful mastermind? He had it all planned out.

We made our way back to the car and I couldn't help but admire Gerard. He's so smart and cunning yet so innocent. I still haven't figured out what turns me on more, his dangerous side or the innocence that shone through him. This boy had me falling fast. He was too fucking enchanting.

I was feeling exhausted from the adrenaline come down so I made my way downstairs and began to strip. I pulled off my boiler suit and the t-shirt underneath, rubbed my eyes before scratching the invisible itch on my chest. I closed my eyes and stretched my arms above my head. Suddenly there were lips on mine. Those electrifying lips. I opened my eyes for a split second before closing them again. I hadn't even heard Gerard come in.

I felt a tiny bit of fear knowing this was the bad side of Gerard but that just made me hard. I pulled away and pushed Gerard away from me "No" his eyebrows crumpled together in confusion

"I'm coming onto you and you turn me down. You're a total mystery Frank. A fucking enigma, you constantly have me suspended in disbelief, I can't figure you out. Why don't you fucking want me?" I did want him. I ached for him. Every inch of my body and soul fucking screams to be with him but I couldn't. Not yet

"If you want me you'll wait. I'm doing whats best for us. Whats best for you..."

"Fuck Frank...I'd wait forever but I'm more ready than you'll ever know..." and there was that innocence again. The innocence that screamed at me to wait.
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