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Messy Hair, Stained Makeup, And Wrinkled Clothes

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"Falling in love is like jumping off a cliff, it doesn't hurt until the end." Josh's mother always told him.

She should know. She had been through it all. Josh's dad knocked her up, and left. Whenever she talked about it, she seemed so nonchalant. Josh knew better, though. Josh saw the hurt in her eyes whenever she talked about him. She had fallen for him hard. She had too much pride to say so. Her romantic life after that was a total wreck. Every relationship she got in would end in screams, pleas, and curses. And after every breakup, Josh would comfort his mother, and tell her it would all be okay, even though she wouldn't want her son to see her like that. Messy hair, stained makeup, wrinkled clothes. Josh thought it was the saddest sight ever.

Josh also thought that he would never be the one in that type of situation. The messy hair, the tear stained cheeks, the wrinkled clothes. He never wanted to be in that situation.

Of course, it wasn't avoidable.


Her name was Delilah. She was the new girl, the loser, the one nobody wanted to be friends with, especially in the middle of 9th grade. Except for Josh. Josh adored her. There wasn't a part of her that he hated. The way her wavy blonde hair would bounce whenever she walked. The way her brilliant blue eyes would light up every time they talked. It was love at first sight.

She adored him, too. The way his brown hair would get messy on a windy day. Not extremely messy, but just right. She loved him.

After a few months of flirting and staring at each other during class, they started to go out. It was magical for the both of them. They loved each other, and weren't afraid to say it. They laughed, and joked around. Josh would always get her the cutest presents on random occasions, and Delilah would love every single one of them.

Soon, they both stopped talking. Delilah was either too busy with the cheer-leading squad, or Josh was too busy studying. Whenever they did talk, they fought. Eventually, their relationship came to an end. Delilah's face stained with makeup, Josh's clothing wrinkled, and both of their hair messy.

Josh cried a lot. His long time best friend, Gloria, would have to be the one to comfort him.

"It's gonna be okay, Josh." Gloria would say, and Josh would silently cry in response.


Her name was Brenda. She was in Josh's 10th grade history class. She had red hair, and green eyes that would glitter like precious jewels. Josh saw her, and thought she looked pretty, but that was about it. They never really talked, despite having to sit next to each other.

"Can you help me?" Josh asked one day "I don't get this question."

Brenda smiled.

"Let me tell you a secret: neither do I." she said.

Josh laughed, and so did Brenda. They soon started talking, until it got to the point where Josh would rush to class, just to talk to Brenda. He started to love her. The way her pale white cheeks would turn rosy red whenever he would compliment her on her hair, or on her new dress.

Soon, he asked her out, and she accepted. The thing he loved about Brenda is that he could be himself. He could make a dirty joke, and she would roll on the floor laughing. He could take her to see a gory movie,and she would watch intently.

They both loved each other, and that was it.

Of course, soon, Brenda cheated on him...3 times. The day she told him was one of the worst days of Josh's life. He didn't know what to do. He screamed, he cried, he made her cry. In the end, despite her desperate pleas and cries, the relationship ended, as always, in messy hair, stained makeup, and wrinkled clothes.

Josh couldn't get out of bed. He couldn't move. His mom let him stay home that day. She knew how Josh felt.

Gloria went over to his house that day.

"It's gonna be okay." she whispered. Josh could only cry in response.


Her name was Gloria. He had met her in 2nd grade. They were friends ever since. She was the one who would comfort him. The one who would stop doing a project that was worth more than half of her final grade just to comfort him after a bad breakup.

She always comforted him. That was her thing. He would feel so, so blind after he finally realized that what he wanted, what he always wanted, was right there.

He loved her. He loved her black, curly hair. The hair that he would always feel whenever she hugged him and told him that everything would be alright. That his breakup with Delilah wasn't the end of the world.

He didn't see it until she finally told him how she felt. And that kiss right after she came clean was the best kiss ever.

Josh loved Gloria. Gloria loved Josh. It was that simple.


"She's dead." the officer told him.

Josh broke down. He cried. He kicked, he screamed, he told everyone how unfair it was. How unfair it was that his beautiful girlfriend's life ended because some guy couldn't take the bus home after drinking his sorrows away. How unfair it was that she was the one crossing the street when that car came out of nowhere.

None of that brought Gloria Winistead back.

That explained why he was standing on the edge of the cliff, where one step would end it all. Why he was thinking about how gorgeous Gloria was. Why he was thinking about his mother's saying "Falling in love is like jumping off a cliff, it doesn't hurt until the end.". He should've believed her. He never should have doubted her.

"You were right, mom." Josh whispered "When you told me about the pain love comes with, when you told me that life was unfair sometimes, when you would tell me, through your messy hair, stained makeup, wrinkled clothes, how love was so painful. Mom, you were right. It's just like jumping off of a cliff."

He said that to himself, as he took the step that ended it all.

He also said that in the note he left by his bed, waiting to be discovered by his mother.
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