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Little Smirk

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For Heartbreak_Beauty's Challenge; Based off of Little Smirk by Theory of a Deadman

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Based off of the quote, and the song Little Smirk by Theory of a Deadman

Love is like falling off a cliff, it doesn't hurt until the end

They were the perfect couple, smiles wide, happiness that was infectious causing those around them to smile invoilentarily, above all else they were completley and utterly in love.

Until of course Winston came home early....

Flipping his brown shaggy hair out of his eyes, Winston drove home smiling; he had gotten off work at noon, rather than 6.
The band had an interview about the upcoming album he was producing for them, so they told him to scram.

"Kassper." Winston called out, hoping to see his beautiful girlfriend; instead the scrawny man was answered by 2 sets of moans.
One sounding like his current girlfriend.

"Kassper?" He asked, slowly pushing into the bedroom, being greeted by his girlfriend fucking another dude.

Winston took in her tanned skin, tousled long black hair running down her back.
The guy, by a glance seemed muscular, fit and also tan; everything poor Winston was not.

"Win, I'm so sorry." Kassper apologized, grabbing a shirt from the floor, the little smirk that had taken over her face gone.

"Fuck off bitch!" Winston spat, grey eyes full of hatred and rage.

"Please, I can change." Her emerald eyes filling with tears.

"Kassper, come here." Winston called from the front lawn, as a plan of vengeance snuck into his mind.

"Winston, what is it?" Kassper asked, running over to her soon-to-be ex boyfriend.

"THIS BITCH." Winston ripped the shirt off her body, running inside and locking the door behind him.

"FUCK WINSTON, LET ME IN!" Kassper pounded on the door with one hand, the other used to cover her small frame.

"Happiness is the best revenge." Winston smiled, walking over to the kitchen table and began writing his list of how to get back at her.

Lock her out, leave her naked in the front yard Done.

Smiling down at the piece of paper, he walked up to the master bedroom they once shared, grabbing all of her clothes from the closet, drawers, anywhere they were hidden and pushed them all into a garbage bag.

"DAMMIT WINSTON WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Kassper screamed, standing on her tip-toes to witness what her ex had been doing over the fence in the backyard.

"Are those all of my clothes?!" She screamed as Winston poured gas on the bag, pulling out his lighter and throwing it at the cheater's belongings.

Burn all her clothes Nothing can be that hard now.

"WINSTON BENJAMIN CONNORS, I SWEAR TO GOD IF I GET MY HANDS ON YOU.." Kassper raged, streaking through the backyard to enter her house through the back door.

"FUCK NO!" Winston dove, pushing the door shut in her face, locking it behind him.

"Winston, let me in." Her once green eyes now going on black.

Grabbing the pad of paper he began his list on, he wrote her a message pressing it to the window for her to read.

HELL NO BITCH! I don't listen to cheating whores

Her face fell, soon scrunching up in a expression of pure hatred.

"I swear to fucking god if I get my hands on you, I will fucking neuter you!" Winston instinctively grabbed his man parts, face dropping as he walked upstairs to where Kassper's fuck buddy still lay.

"Hey dude, you might want to go to a doctor or something." Winston pointed out, grabbing a duffel bag full of clothes and other miscellaneous items.

"Why?" The man asked, sprawled out on his old bed

"It's the reason why I never touched her; she has herpes." This causing the poor guy to cough and choke on his cigarette he was smoking.

"WHAT?!" Winston just nodded, leaving the room and walking to grab his son, Phoenix Matthew Connors.

"What, she never said anything about herpes?!" The guy scrambled to get dressed, having a panic attack believing he had contracted herpes from Kassper.

"If you never touched her, how'd you get him?" The mystery guy pointed to the baby.

"Phi? Oh.. This was before she turned skank and slept around." Winston answered, getting his son's belongings together.

"Well thanks for telling there anything I could do to repay you?" Grinning Winston had an idea.

"Yeah, go put her picture in the paper warning everyone of all the diseases she might be carrying." Winston picked up Phoenix, and the bags making his way out to Kassper's fancy new Challenger.

"Oh, I'm Zack by the way." The guy smiled, holding a hand out.

"That guy from the band?" Winston asked, receiving a nod from Zack.

"Huh, I'm Winston by the way." Taking his hand Winston smiled

"No hard feelings?" 

"Nah, I'll have some fun getting back at the skank." Winston gave an evil smile before putting his son in the backseat, leaving a few notes to his ex.

I took your car with Phoenix in the back seat
/I took your credit cards...all of them. And trust me, you're going to be in debt to a deadbeat/ 
 /Now I'm on the run..SO CATCH ME IF YOU CAN/
Grinning Winston checked off a couple more list items

Take Phoenix and her car He's my kid, the car was bought with my money.
Take all her credit cards and put her in debt to a deadbeat She deserves it

Driving down the freeway, Winston smiled as the song Little Smirk by Theory of A Deadman began playing

I locked you out, left you naked in the front yard
Burned all of your clothes
Having nothing can be really hard
Now I'm on the run so catch me if you can cause..
I took your car with your baby in the backseat
Wrecked your credit cards, you're in debt to a deadbeat

Love is like falling off a cliff, it doesn't hurt until the end.

Winston saw his relationship end before his own eyes; he avoided falling off the cliff because he grabbed Kassper and pushed her off.
Winston felt nothing but happiness, getting away from the woman who was cheating on him for god knows how long; Kassper was feeling the pain, being the cause of her perfect relationship ending.

--1 year later--

Winston had been laying on the couch, curled up with his little boy as the phone rang.


"Love is like falling off a cliff.." She started

"It doesn't hurt until the end." He finished, their phone call  finished by wind resistance, and and a scream.

Kassper had jumped, she ruined a relationship that meant the world to her, she missed Winston and Phoenix.
She lost the ones closest to her, this was her only option.
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