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Talking to Hera

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Jsy goes and Talks to Hera about Lynn

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"Hera, do you mind if I ask you something?" Jay entered her study

"Go ahead" Hera responded

"Are their any other descendants on Jason, Achilles, Theseus, Atalanta, Odysseus, Hercules and Narcissus?" He asked

"You mean, adolesants, like yourselves?" she said "Come with me" she got up and beconed him to follow

He followed her to Chiron's Study. She pulled out seven scrolls from one of the many shelves.

"Look here she said opening each one" she said "Thies are the derect blood lines of each of the seven heroes from which you are descended"

Each scroll had what looked like a family tree, at the top of each one had the names of the original heroes

"As you can see" she continues "Of Jayson, there is two other living descendants of adolesant ages"

She pointed to two names on the chart

"Of Theseus, Theresa's cousin is the only other, but she is only five years of age" she traced her fingure down the lines on the next chart

She continued with the others until she got down to the last two

"Of Achilles, Archie, is the only one left, and Atlanta..." she paused

Jay looked down to see that the family tree stoped after Atlanta's grandparents, their was also other places where the chart stopped suddenly

"We are not sure, we believe that Atlanta's mother was the only child of her grandparents, but, there are no birth records for either her nor her daughter"

"Why?" he asked, he seemed more interested in the subject than before

"We don't know, we think that Atlanta's mother was trying to hide something," she paused then continued "being a descendant doesn't mean that the hero's unique skills will be past down to you, to our knowledge, you are the only seven that posess each of your ancestor's skills"

"Knowing you Jay, you have a reason for asking this, you've never asked questions just out of the blue before" she looked down at him

"You know that new girl in our gym class?" he asked

"She's not any trouble is she?" she seemed worried

"No miss Hera, but the thing is, have noticed that she lookes a lot like Atlanta?" he continued

"I have not yet had the pleasure of meating her, so I should say not" she sat down on the couch in the study

"Also, we had a track test the other day, and, well she beat Atlanta in almost every event exept the one hundred meter dash, I mean I might just be paranoid, but Atlanta inherated inhuman speed from Atalanta, it doesn't seem possible that a regular persone could be faster. I was wondering if it was possible for Lynn to be another descentant of Atalanta." He looked at Hera for an answer

"Although highly unlikely, there is a slight chance. It wasn't conincidence that all you had the skills of your ancestors, but it would be if she was an ancestor, and like I said, there are a few names missing from the chart" she stoped to think "Hmmm, I think you where right to be suspiciouse. I have an idea, we'll move Lynn into the Brownstone house. It's possible that Cronus found another descendant or an Atlanta look-a-like and gave her the power, but, if he did, their wouldn't be much reason for that, still, I want you all to becarful what you say around her while she's living in the dorm, and keep an eye on her, we don't whant anything jeprodizing the safty of the team. Also see if you can find anything else about her" Hera looked at Jay to see if he uderstood

"Yes miss Hera" He nodded, turned heels and walked back to the rest of the school


knock, knock, knock

Archie and the others (minus Jay) where sitting in the living room watching TV

"Arch, can you go get the door" Theresa looked at Archie

"K" Archie lazily got up of the couch and walked to the door

He opened it and to his surprise found Lynn and Jay with a duffle bag and a suitcase full of stuff

"Lynn...What are you doing here?" Archie asked, in a kind of shock way

"She moving in with us for now" Jay said, he motioned for him to wait for him in the kitchen

They walked to the spare room

"This is going to be your room, you can put your things away if you would like" Jay said

"Thank you, I think I'll do that" Lynn replied with a smile

Jay walked back to the living room

"Could you guys meet me in the kitchen" Jay asked everyone

After everyone got up and walked to the kitchen and sat down, Jay told them what Hera had said

"We need to keep a close eye on her, and report anything that you find unusual to me, ok?" Jay said

A jumbled mix of oks came from the rest of the group
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