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Salt in the Wound

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COMPLETE! One-shot containing a conversation between Jack and Tia Dalma. Takes place after Dead Man's Chest. Written just for fun one day. Please read and review...or rate!!

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((Ok, yeah. I had origionally placed this story up, not really caring about it. Well, I just recently read it and noticed that it was in need of a HUGE overhal, and so, here's the revised version. HAVE FUN!!))

The sea was quite cruel, she took victims seemingly randomly. It seemed that the one person who could not die, was a one Captain Jack Sparrow. This Captain had been through quite a lot lately, what with having Davy Jones's beastie come after him.

Even after the Kraken had swallowed him whole, he still was spared his life, though he could not remember how on this earth he escaped. Jack had been adrift on a single plank of wood, probably from the carnage of the Black Pearl, for nearly three days. He soon spotted a small island. Jack's spirits instantly rose, and he began to swim as best as he could with what energy he had left.

Jack soon came into the shallows, grateful to be on solid ground. He struggled to make his way onto the white sand, far up enough so that the he would not have to worry about the tide. "Land...." he thought. "Land is good..." Jack Sparrow soon drifted into a slumber, now that he was safe...

Meanwhile; Tia Dalma had been marooned on this god forsaken bit of land, along with Mister Turner and Miss Swann. She was forced to swim through the salty water and onto the island. As she stood upon the beach, she noticed how completely soaking wet she now was, which was not very comfortable. Tia let out a blood curdling scream of hate back at the ship that left them as it sailed away, out of sight.

She soon began to mumble under her breath about how Barbosa was an ungrateful little... and then a few choice words that would make a nun faint. Tia Dalma flopped down onto the sand, taking a rest.

She sighed heavily. "No one else is here.... It's just you and those two kids, lord knows where they went..." she mumbled to herself as she watched a small crab scuttle around.

After about two hours of dream plagued sleep, the former captain awoke from his nightmares. "Bloody I remember..." He said, noticing just how grim his situation was. "" Jack said as his stomach gurgled menacingly.

He began to walk into the forest thicket that covered the middle of the small island, holding his cutlass in one hand to break apart any plant life that got in his way. His yellowing white shirt was hanging loosely from his body, the puffy sleeves always catching on one thing or another uselessly.

He then heard a scream from the distance, and raised an eyebrow. He glanced around himself once before shrugging, "Guess there are monkey's on this island..." he murmured, remembering unpleasantly Jack the undead monkey, whom had been so bothersome.

As Tia lounged on the beach, drying herself off, her thoughts soon rested on Jack Sparrow. "What has the worl' done ta' ya'?" She asked herself, as she watched the slowly setting sun.

Jack soon reached the end of the forest, a half eaten banana in hand. He glanced through the trees next to him, and spotted a person sitting on the sand. It took him a few moments as he walked before he remembered there were not supposed to be other people on an uninhabited island.

He froze and instantly crouched down by the trees and stared at the person through the leaves. "I'll just attack them; get the jump on them..." he thought, counting in his head."One..." he inched foreword. "Two...." He stood up. "Three..." he leaped through the trees and drew his cutlass.

"Who are you and- oh, ello, love." He said, feeling a bit foolish.

Tia Dalma's eyes widened as she stood up hastily. "Jack!" she exclaimed, confused yet ecstatic. "But...." she stuttered. "An' da Kraken, how did ya'...what did ya'.... oh it's just so good ta' see you alive!" she exclaimed, a large grin on her face.

"Ah, Tia." said Jack, walking up to her, he placed his arm on her shoulders for a moment, but then let go and looked at her, only to have her replace his arm back upon him.

"Well, I'm not quite sure what happened with the Kraken....Everything is a bit muddled at the moment. But somehow I got washed up on this little island." he eyed her, just as surprised as she was, "and how exactly did you get here?"

"Ahh, you see..." Tia said, replacing his arm so that it once again was draping over her shoulders. "We got ta' whole crew ta' go and find ya'. Unfortunately, Barbosa as captain, he returned ta his old ways and, well...." she said as she checked for any large open wounds or gashes.

"Barbossa-" Jack started, feeling rage fill him, though he let it slowly seep out of his body as he breathed deeply, closing his eyes for a moment, "The traitor...I cant believe that scum was steering MY ship." he sneered, but realized how he sounded. He shook his head, "How long have you been here, Tia?"

She shrugged. "Ahh.. About an hour or two...." The enchantress said casually. "And yes, Barbosa is back." she said as she shrugged. Tia sat down once again on the sand.

Jack grimaced at the thought of him coming back, still twitching slightly from anger towards Barbossa. He too sat in the sand. "My...ship..." he stuttered, feeling his voice going slightly weak, "He took my ship...again..."

"Actually, Jack." she said, "You're ship went down with the Kraken......remember?" Tia knew that she had just poured salt into the wound, but she has always been a woman to speak her mind. "I'm so sorry Jack..." she said, her rather poufy dress swaying slightly in the wind.

Jack was completely still, facing the water, only his eye made any movement and it was a twitch. "Right..." he muttered quietly, "I'm not a captain, any more."

Tia moved closer and hugged onto his arm, involuntarily bringing her chest quite close. "Ahh... but even when you didn't have da' Pearl for eight years, you were still Captain Jack Sparrow, were you not? So... Why should dis' be any different?" She asked, her dark eyes searching his face for answers.

Jack felt a shiver of some sort running down his spine as he felt the warmth of her exotic skin on a bit of his uncovered arm. "But....I had known I had been able to get it back, then..." he muttered softly to himself, "Now its gone."

Tia Dalma contemplated this. "Da' Black Pearl.... returned to da' bottom of da' great ocean... It seems impossible, ya' know?" she said as she laid herself out on the sand, her hands resting on her stomach. "Da' fastest ship ever built... She was your perfect match, Jack." she said, turning to him. "Da' sea will bring you a ship again. I can feel it in da' winds."

He eyed her for a moment before laying next to her. He lifted her delicate hand and placed a kiss upon it before looking once more away from her dark eyes.

Jack nodded and looked up to the clouds as he felt a raindrop hit him on the nose. "I'm not done yet....." he said, drifting into silence.
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