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Please read if you still read this story. Also, can you please help me out with something? c: Thank you my little minions.

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Hey guys, I'm sorry I'm so bad at keeping up with this story.

I recently got a new laptop so no I should be able to update a lot more regularly.

I'll have another chapter up tomorrow or the next day.

I haven't given up on this story, and if possible, will be starting 2 more, and there are two other one shots in progress. C:

(Nothing to do with the story) BUT since you're reading this:

Which of these do you think sound good as band names?

Skid Row
(you and) all your pieces
a place to lie
narcotic sweettalk
something in the way
young decay
dead scene
violet eyes
ad nauseum
wasted nights
queens of noise
the remainders
paper cuts
the particulars
the flat dynamics

Thanks, you guys are awesomepossums for not like, strangling me with my own intestines for being such a shitty author the past few months. :D
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