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8. I'm In Love With My Own Sins

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NEW PART OF CHAPTER. "It's called Too Hot. I'll kiss you, but you can't touch me, and whichever one of us, touches the other one first loses. And has to do whateeevvverr the other one wants. P...

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Gerard's POV:


I woke up to someone banging on the door to my prison cell.

Oh excuse me, I mean "isolation box."

My cheek was smushed into the floor and I was turned over awkwardly onto my side with my feet still resting on the door.

I stood up as the door opened, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and the cramps out of my shoulder.

Ms. Abramesco was standing there, glaring down at me with a scowl on her prim face.

"You have 10 minutes to shower, and 10 to get dressed and get to counseling. You will be missing breakfast. Hurry up."

Rolling my eyes, I trudged out of where my "cell" was and noticed Frank was still snoring lightly.

Smiling to myself as fragments of drowsy conversation from last night tumbled around again I walked across the campground in my crumpled clothes to my cabin.

Everyone else was at breakfast so the whole place was empty, grabbing a shirt and jeans and a cupcake from the cooler.

I took my sweet time to shower and dress, not because I needed to but just to give them one more stupid thing to whine about.

I waltzed into the counselor’s office, the unadorned white walls glaring back at me just as the sniveling woman, “Ms. Grey” sitting at the desk was.

“So Gerard-“ I cut her off.

“Actually, Ms. Grey, I would appreciate if you addressed me as faggot or Mr. Way, only my friends call me Gerard.

She looked taken aback and I smiled innocently back at her.

"Well, Mr. Way, I have been talking to Mrs. Abramesco and I have some very important things to talk to you today about."

"Continue." I encouraged, already knowing where I was going with this session.

Ms Grey smirked, "Well, we noticed that you were engaging in some unrighteous activities with a fellow camper... ah yes, Frank Iero." She said, glancing down into a folder. It's quite a disgusting show you decided to put on for us yesterday along with that nasty faggot" 

"I think that because of your botched relationship with your father, your yearning for a healthy relationship with another man is manifested in your same sex attraction. You are merely confused as to what kind of relationship you want." 

"Or I'm just one huge teenage flaming homosexual." I countered.

"There is no such thing as 'being gay' it doesn't exist. It is a lie, God does not like liars. God does not like you and-"

I scoffed, "God doesn't like liars huh, Ms Grey? Well tell me, does he know that you were in love with a girl named Lindsey in college? That you had sex with her? That you almost married her? Does he know that you got pregnant TWICE before you were married? And you got an abortion on the first child? Does he know that no one else you know, knows that, not even your husband? Oh, and does he know that you got divorced before marrying him? NO. Of course he doesn't."

"And you're only 27. And I know you've got some lovely lesbian porn on that laptop of yours, is it a coincidence that her name is Lindsey too?"

Ms. Grey cowered in her chair, as though I had just transformed into a vampire and I was going to rip out her neck with razor sharp teeth.

"How- how did you know all of that?" she stammered, eyes wide.

"I have my ways." I said, feeling triumphant.

"So, as far as I'm concerened this counseling session has been quite producive. I'm going to lunch, and you are to leave me and Frank alone. If I have any more problems with you, all I have to do is open my mouth, so I suggest that this never gets to that point."

I smiled at her, walking toward the door and she dismissed me with a weak wave of her hand.

I flung the door open, taking a deep breath and leaning against the wall as the adrenaline trickled out of my body.

I looked to the side, and there was Frank, standing there with a huge smile on his face that could have lit up the entire United States if the Unites States ran on cuteness.

"Gee, you were awesome, I don't know how the hell you.." Frank babbled. My heart swelled with warmth for the beautiful boy standing in front of me and all of a sudden I grabbed his collar and before I even knew what I was doing, put my mouth on his.
Franks POV:


Gerard's lips were warm and pressured against mine, and all at once it was over.

"Fuck. I'm sorry. He pulled back, still whispering into my face. " We're supposed to be-" I cut him off, smiling into the kiss and wrapping my hands around his neck.

Suddenly, the door to the counselors office swung weak ly open. wWe both froze, preparing for another lecture...

Ms. Grey weakly pushed the door open, looked at us and smiled.
Before she could talk, Gerard began, holding out his arm to her "Here. Take us to isolation."

Ms. Grey shook her head, eyes glimmering with nogstalgia.

" No, actually I'll pass. I'm going into town for a few things..." she broke off,
and her eyes were still red with watever remnants of watery tears that had been
spilling freely several minutes before.

"But, seeing as how you'll get caught if you stay out here much longer, there's an
abandoned counselor cabin just past yours. You can go there and I'll cover for you."

Though I wasn't sure whether I could trust her, I really wanted to get Gee alone.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou." I heard myself say, grabbing Gerard by the arm and
pulling him along the perimeter of the campsite.

I jiggled the doorknob and knocked the door open with my hip, stumbling clumsily

The cabin was dark, but there was light seeping in through the windows, glinting in
from under the drapes.

There were only 2 beds in the cabin, but they were surrounded by extra chairs,
pamphlets, microphones and other miscaleaneous items.

I pulled Gerard's hand, dragging his body near mine.

"Aren't we... Uh... Supposed to be... Mhm Frank... Just friends." Gerard said
between kisses I was steadily planting from his lips to collarbone.

"Shut up and kiss me." I responded hautily, then pulled back surpised at my own

"Getting a little demanding aren't we?" he breathed into my ear, teasingly wriggling
his eyebrows in a "sexy" look.

"We'll see who's demanding later. " I retorted, slamming him hard against the wall
and dragging my tongue across his collarbone.

Gerard wrapped his legs around my waist and ground his hips into mine while
reconnecting our mouths. Everything went blurry at the heated touch of Gerards hips.

Gerard's POV


Oh so he wants to play dirty? I'll give Frank dirty.

I slid off from around Frank's waist, picking him up and slamming him into the door.
I locked the handle and in one movement had Frank powerless and breathing hard. I snaked my
arms to his butt and squeezed, biting down into his smooth neck and pushing my (now
very tight jean clad) hips into his.

"Fuck." I heard Frank moan, his russet irises now swimming with auburn lust, all
sassy stuborness faded from his eyes.

Since he was still in my arms, I took the opportunity to carry him over to the bed,
tossing him down on the sheets and stradding him. Grinding into Frank, I pinned his
arms above his head, enjoying the moans freely flowing out of his soft pink mouth.

I got off of Frank, both of our jeans
straining at the zippers.Even though I didn't like the disconnect between our bodies, I wanted to make Frank

"I have an idea Frank." I said, talking to flushed boy slumped over provacativley on
the bed. "Let's play a game."

"Mhhm, okay, what's it called?" Frank asked, winking.

He began to crawl over onto me, but I pushed him away, "It's called Too Hot. I'll
kiss you, but you can't touch me, and whichever one of us, touches the other one
first loses. And has to do whateeevvverr the other one wants. Prepare to loose,
bitch." I smiled, leaning forward to catch his lips with mine.

"I'm gonna wiiiiiin." Frank teased, breathing the words into my mouth.

I ran my tongue over his lips, opening his mouth and letting our mouths collide in a
battle of dominance.

"I don't think s-" I was cut off by Frank biting down hard on my lip, making an
embarassingly loud moan tumble from my mouth. His tongue slipped back inside mine
again, caressing the roof of my mouth.

Frank pulled away, leaning his face into my ear so his breath was slithering across
my earlobe, "Think about all of the other things I could do with my tongue."

"Fuck Frankie." I groaned, the warm pit in the bottom of my stomach felt like it was
set on fire, the hard on in my jeans was throbbing, willing for touch.

Frank was smirking at me, hands crossed innocently behind his back, shirt now off.

He leaned in for another kiss, and while our lips were locked together, two matching
puzzle peices, I was kicking off my shoes and and socks and peeling off my

Frank smiled into the kiss and gently sucked on my tongue, sending a jolt of tingles
through my entire body.

I couldn't take the separation between our bodies anymore, and I grabbed him by the
belt loops and pulled him under me.

"Uh uh. You lost." Frank said, rolling on top of me, sultry smirk on his

"First I want you to undress for me."


The quiet ones are always the kinky ones.


Frank's POV:

Gerard locked eyes with me, hazel eyes burning a bright green.

He bit down on his lip, sliding a hand up his shirt and slinkily peeling it off.

Lithely slipping out of his pants, Gerard made a move to take off his boxers, pulling then down across his pale, fleshy hips.


Breathing? Nope, don't remember that that is.

"You've got al-" Gerard began, but not I reached him, putting my hand over his mouth.

"Uh uh. You're not allowed to say anything. Don't make a sound." I whispered into his ear.

His mouth closed on two of the fingers that had been on his face moments before.

Gerard stood there, shamelessly sucking on my finger, innocent expression on his face. His warm tongue made my head reel and I pulled my hand away.

Grabbing Gerard bu the arm, I pulled him so our chests were touching, running my hand all the way down his belly past his hip and to his growing erection.

Tilting his head back at the contact, I went for his neck, biting up to his ear.

"I want to see you touch yourself." I said against his skin.


Gerard's POV:


Frank was leading my hand back to my cock, which was already throbbing and leaking pre- come.

A spark of pleasure fizzed in my stomach, making my head spin and a sharp breath fill the silence of the desolate room.

My mind was so wrapped around the delicious tugging in my abdomen, that I didn't even notice that Frankie's perfect mouth was hovering over me, breathing hotly over my cock until his mouth was wrapped around it.

Wanna know my Dirty Little Secret?
I had gay sex at church camp.

3 times.
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