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The Moon Is Our Only Vice

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no summary i just want to say here is the new chapter.. hope you guys like it and also thank you for reading the intro. and hopefully i get good feed back

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Annabelle is her name and I wanted a taste. Something about her is familiar I have smelled her scent before, but where? With the light of the fire burning dim I could not get the best look at her I could tell she was very petite about 5’4 long dark hair and tattoos and her arms. If she was not going to be my dinner I would suggest we fuck, but I was hungry.
“Are you okay?” she asked me
“yes just lost in my thoughts I guess.” She seems at odds flicking her ashes at my feet.
“Is there a reason you came all the way here to stand by me?” I could hear the hint of attitude coming from her.
“Yes can I bum a smoke off of you?” I asked with a stammer. She grabbed a messenger bag and took a second to rummage through it. She then pulled out a pack of cigarettes and handed me one. I put the cancer riddled stick up to my lips and lit it up. Letting the nicotine fill my lungs and then exhaling.

“so Mr. way what is a fellow like you going out here knowing full well there are creatures out?” looking up at me I did not want to give her a wrong answer and give who I was away.
“Just out clearing my head.” I lied putting the cigarette back into my mouth and inhaling deep. She looked up at me with a gleam in her eyes
“you should not be walking around these dangerous woods by yourself you would not want to damage those pretty little vocal chords.
” I am not scared if that is what you are implying Miss Annabelle. And how do you know who I am?” I snapped.
“Everyone knows who Gerard Way is you are from the band My Chemical something.”
“romance.” I said sheepishly
“right romance” she said with a smirk on her face. What could this girl know? She does seem to be intimidated by me. She does not seem to even want to talk to me. I was going to suggest we go and talk somewhere less crowded, but I could see a tall guy running towards us he made his way through the crowd and by Annabelle’s side. He knelt down and whispered something in her ear. The one good thing about being werewolf I can hear anything. He was telling her there was a sighting another giant dog out at the edge of the woods. With that she shot up.
“Well Gerard this is where we part. I seem to have some business to attend to.” She said walking towards me. Before she left stood right in front of me I could slightly feel her body pressed against mine. Something in me wanted to take her and rip her clothes off, but I had to calm down. She put her hand on mine and grabbed what was left of my cigarette. She put it against her full lips took the last drag and blew the smoke out. And with that she was walking off into the distance.
From where I was standing I could see her load a hand gun and strap it to the top of her boot. They jumped into a jeep that was parked by a tree and it sped off in to the woods. “Mikey!” I said under my breath “I have to get to him before they do.” Running through the woods I had a million and one thoughts and questions. I now know where I recognized that scent from she is the one that has been hunting me. I had not smelled it so strong that is why I got distracted. Even from a distance I could smell Mikey. I could hear low growls and then I saw Mikey through the trees moonlight beaming down. He was hovered over a young girl no more than 15. “Mikey the hunters they are coming. We have to go.” With blood running down his chin he looked at me for a second like he wanted to rip me open. In full werewolf state it is very hard to control your emotions it is hard to control yourself all you see is grey and red. I tried once more “Mikey snap out of it we have to get the fuck out of here!”I yelled. Finally he backed off with the twisting of his bones and the familiar sounds of pain Mikey was back. The unfortunate thing about being werewolf is when you come back you come back naked. I put down the backpack I always carry around unzipped it and pulled out a pair of shorts and some shoes I had with me. I threw it over to mikey and handed him my hoodie. “Now hurry they are on our trail and there are four or five of them with guns.”
“We can take them.” Mikey said with a weak smile.
“Not now we need to get home.” We started to run and as fast as we could. We made it out of the woods and on to our street looking down the road I spotted out our house big and Victorian. My parents left it to Mikey and me when they went back to Romania. They said it was to unsafe here, but we did not want to give up our friends and band. With the creek of the door we were safe, well at least for now.

Mikey walked up stairs to take a shower I suppose, and I went into the living room. The smell of spaghetti filling my nose I looked at the guys sitting in the living room bob and ray on the couch and Frank on the recliner. “Hello guys what are you doing?” I asked really not wanting to know.
“Well we are watching a monster marathon.” Bob said sarcastically.
“If that is all I am going up to bed see you guys tomorrow.” I turned around and headed upstairs. The funny thing is I knew Frank would be up there any minute, and I just did not know how intimate I wanted to be at the moment. Frank and I had been messing around for a while and I thought maybe this is something I wanted to pursue. Meeting Annabelle and just the way she looked at me and made me feel I don’t know what was supposed to happen. I entered my room and laid on the bed. A few minutes later my door opened and in walked a smiling frank he threw himself on my bed and put his arms around me. The one thing I like about the Frank thing is he makes me feel wanted and safe. I don’t remember falling asleep but I do remember Frank kissing my neck and holding me tight.
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