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Mustaches And Imagination Are All We Have

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So Gerard is in for a suprise when he finds out Annabelle's family is rather famous....

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(A/N so i was going to try to hold out on posting, but I cannot so here it is the next chapter.... by the way the story says erotic i know it is not right this second but it will be soon.Please R&R.. :) )

Waking up the next morning Frank on my arm I felt a sense of loneliness. I slid my arm out from under him and made my way of the bed. Looking around my room filled with clothes and paintings I picked up a shirt, boxers, and pair of jeans. I looked down at frank and he looked like such an angel asleep, so peaceful, like nothing bad could ever happen. I went in to the bathroom stepped in to the shower and let the warm water run all over my body. I am so fucking confused I just don’t know where I want to be. Frank is the best and he is so passionate I would not trade him for the world. On the other hand Annabelle is sexy and a bad ass she knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Flashes of the gun she was holding fresh in my mind she wants to kill Mikey and me, well she wants to kill the creatures we are. I lathered and rinsed myself off, turned off the water, and grabbed a towel. The bathroom misty from the hot water I wiped off the steam from the mirror and took a long look at myself. I barley recognized the guy in front of me all I keep seeing is the terrifying werewolf I am.

I grabbed my backpack and shoes and ran out the door before anyone saw me. I sat on the porch for a bit putting on my shoes, I grabbed the car key out from my back pack and with a jump the car started. “Shit everyone will hear it.” For a second I look around no one came out. I pulled out of the driveway and on to the road. I did not know where to start I need the answers to my questions. Raven falls is a small town in the middle of nowhere we had a couple of places to go a starbucks, an abandoned warehouse called park side redemption where we played our shows and a gym things like that. I knew she had to be around somewhere I parked the car next to Park Side and started my quest. Turns out I did not have to look far right down the street at the gym I could see her through the window, sparing with the guy that whispered in her ear. I watched her for a bit hypnotized. She so graceful knowing when he was going to strike and kick. She got in a lot of good punches and one back kick that knocked that guy on his ass. She helped him to his feet and took a swig out of a pink water bottle she mouthed something to him and they walked out. I must have not been paying attention because the next thing I know I am on my ass and Annabelle is talking to me.
“Gerard are you okay?” I saw blurry for a second and then I saw Annabelle’s extended hand and a smile on her face.
“Gerard I asked if you were okay?” with a grunt I managed to get to my feet
“yes I am okay the hell knocked me over?” she looked down then looked up
“I did but did not mean to I opened the door kind of, okay really hard and I did not see you standing there.” She shot me an apologetic look so I could not be to mad it was an accident right?
“Why are you just standing there looking into the gym like that?” I couldn’t say I was spying on her she would think I was a freak and kick my ass.
“Just think about joining the gym you know taking some lessons.” She looked at me like I was fucking insane.
“Well that is cool; uh hey I did not get to introduce you to my friend. Jacob Oliver this is Gerard way.” He extended his hand and shook mine. He was tall about 6’1 pale skin dark hair and hazel eyes. Jacob turned to Annabelle and said he was going to their house to take a shower. Jacob said his goodbyes and walked away.
“So Gerard we have to stop running into each other like this I am starting to get the feeling you are stalking me.”
“Stalking is kind of a smart ass remark miss Annabelle. You know I just realized I don’t even know your last name.”
“Graves” she said while looking down at the ground
“graves!?!” I yelled out
“yes Graves” she said in a hushed tone. The story behind the Graves family is they were the most distinguished of the werewolf hunters. Until they got into some things they should not have and they got killed.
“so Annabelle why have you not I been around all these years?” expecting no response or a change of subject she looked at me
“ I went to live with my aunt after my parents died and when I turned 18 I did a lot of traveling. I came back here to live at the manor, felt like I needed some time in my home town.” I looked into her eyes and could not help, but to feel something for this girl beautiful and deadly my two favorite things. How long could I play with fire? She is going to kill me when she finds out who I am.
“Annabelle do you want to have dinner tonight?” she took a bit to answer and I did not know why I was even asking, but I just could not stop myself.
“Sure just come by the manor at 7 and I will be ready.” She turned to walk away. As I watched her walk down the street to her car I was glued to the way she walked with so much confidence and the way her hips swung it could drive any one crazy. I felt so nervous in 10 hours I was going on a date, but what about frank if he finds out he will hate me. I pulled into the drive way got out of the car and made my way into the house. No one seems to be home I walked up the stairs “what’s up bro? Mikey said from behind me
“you scared the crap out of me, what the hell are you doing?”
“No what are you doing brother?” “Playing with fire are we?”
“Mikey what the hell are you talking about?”
“Going on a date with Annabelle graves, sound familiar?”
“Shit how did you know?”
“Annabelle called here looking for you saying you can pick her up at 8:00.” “Gerard we cannot have you expose who we are. She is a fucking hunter. Hunters kill.” Mikey was clearly very upset.
“Look I am doing this so I can track her, if I know where she is it would give us the advantage.” Mikey could tell I was lying but he just played along.
“Well I am against it, but maybe this would be a good thing.” I turned to walk away
“Gerard.” I heard mikey call “for whatever it is worth find where you are happy.” Lying in my bed sans Frank I let mikeys words fill my head. What was I doing? I and just going to expose us. What about Frank we are not exclusive and he has girls that he fucks. We are not gay just bi I guess. Ugh this is a fucking nightmare, I cannot just let frank down. I am going on that date and see where we stand, see how I feel.

{ A/N again} I know it is taking a little while to build up, but i promise it will be worth it in the end... So keep on reading yay.... please R&R thank you
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