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I Know Your Tortured Within, Your Eyes Look Hungry Again

by missXzombieXuniverse

sorry it took so long... I don't ever write smutty things i tried so just be nice :)

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~Previously on We Are Forever Cursed~

Gerard is in a sticky situation Frank has been the one who has been there for him, but Annabelle has everything he has been looking for. She has agreed to go on a date with the dashing Guy. Mr. Way has also found out that Annabelle belongs to a werewolf seeking clan. If the date goes off without incident Gerard may have a new love and just may get his jollies off, if not he may be found out and killed…….

I put on my nicest black button up shirt a pair of fitted jeans and my black boots looking into the mirror I felt like I did not know the person starring back at me. The moon was going to be full tomorrow and I knew that meant trouble I have to feed I don’t know how much longer I can suppress the hunger. My eyes changing from the boyish hazel I was born with to the beastly deep green with the gold flecks I have become accustomed to. I ran my fingers through my hair and left the bathroom. Heading down the stairs I made sure no one was around to see me leave nothing but silence. With a sigh of relief I walked out the door and into the night. I saw a figure leaning next to my car walking closer to the car I realized it was frank he put a lit cigarette to his mouth and blew out a cloud of smoke. “Hi frank” I said with a low tone. “What is wrong gee is something bothering you?” he said while blowing out the smoke from his last drag of cigarette. I could tell frank knew something was going on it was now or never to tell him the truth.
“Frank the truth is I have a date with this girl named Annabelle.”
“The hunter?” he asked looking at me.
“Yes the hunter.”
“Gerard you have been blowing me off for a girl that can fucking kill you? What the hell are you thinking what about what we had I thought it was going great?”
“Frank things are great with you, but a part of me feels like I have to find myself.”
“What the fuck does that even mean?”
“I don’t know Frankie I love you I just really want to find out what these feelings mean.” Frank huffed and got right in my face with the look he had I thought he was going to hit me. He put his hand on my face and pulled me in for a kiss I did not hesitate and I kissed him back our lips together and his sweet breath lined with nicotine. He pulled away and put his head against mine.
“Gerard I really hope you find what you are looking for I will not always be around to catch you.” Frank left me and disappeared into the house. I did not know what to say about the whole situation I really do love Frankie I left with my thoughts to a minimum I did not want to seem weird on the date. Five minutes of driving and I was there the manor looked creepier up close. I got out of the car and slowly made my way up to the giant wooden door and knocked rapidly a part of me wanted to turn and run, but I never met a challenge I could not handle. The door opened and a nearly naked Jacob was standing there beads of water cascading down his well defined body. What is going on with all these hot people?
“Are you here for Annabelle”? Jacob asked.
“yes.” Jacob stood at the foot of the stairs and called for Annabelle.
“Anna” he shouted I could see Annabelle walking down the stairs wearing a tight red shirt a pencil skirt and red and black high heels
“wow you look amazing” I blurted out with a smile she said thank you and we were out I opened the door for her and she gently touched my hand. On the way to the restaurant we did not talk much she seemed quieter then I imagined, but just being near her was enough for me. I did not know what kind of hold this girl had on me I knew I liked it. Getting out of the car I felt something strange a chill running up the back of my spine I turned around slightly and saw frank standing across the street. I blinked and he was gone I figured I was losing it and just shook it off. I walked Annabelle into the dim lit restaurant and we were seated she really did look amazing and I don’t know how to act around her I feel all nervous.
“So Anna what are you planning on doing?”
“I never really thought of what I am going to do I just kind of go with things.” “Gerard is this where you want to be? Here in this town full of secrets?”
“No I want to leave and go forward with a music career, but things have kind of taken a backseat.”
“And why is that?”
“Just things get in the way of what you love to do.”
“Only if you let it.” she said with a smile of her crimson painted lips.” After a while of talking I felt chills again I am starting to think frank is following me and it is starting to weird me out. Well whatever the hell was going on it needed to stop. I felt it happening the smell of flesh the taste of blood I don’t think I can make it through the night and I think I need to get the fuck out of here. I excused myself to go to the bathroom I put my hands on the sink and looked in the mirror I could see the beast inside fighting to get out I took a couple of deep breaths and it feeling subsided I was not going to let it defeat me. I made the trip back to the table and sat down Annabelle look at me struck with concern and asking if I needed to leave I told her I wanted to get out of here and she willingly got up. Everything felt different when we walked outside the air shifted and it felt as if everything was moving in slow motion I turned around to see Annabelle was holding a gun in her hand when everything came into vision and started moving again Annabelle had fired a shot to my shock it was not at me, but to a dark figure standing next to me.
“Gerard get in the fucking car.” She shouted everything was moving in a fast pace I ran to the car and got in I could not see Annabelle but I could hear the shots being fired. Annabelle emerged and got in the car.
“Gerard drive!” we got out of there I did not know where to drive.
“Where am I going?”
“Go to back to my house you and your brother are in danger.” I was too much into the moment to see that Annabelle had blood on her hands
“what the fuck did you get shot?”
“I was hit but that is not important right now we have to get you safe.”
“We have to get you to the fucking hospital.” I shouted at her
“no you don’t I will be fine just get to the damn house.”
“Mikey and the guys what the fuck I have to get to Mikey.” “Gerard I have taken care of everything just get to the house.” A few moments later we arrived back at graves manor. I helped Annabelle out of the car and we got in the house she turned to the door and pressed a series of numbers into the pad next to the door and I could hear everything locking down I felt like I was in a jail I did not know what the fuck was going on or what was going to happen. Annabelle I need answers now!”
“Gerard I will explain everything to you I promise, but right now I need to check the perimeter of the house.” Annabelle ran to the next room calling for Jacob I walked into a room with couches and sat down my head was spinning and felt like I had to throw up all I kept thinking is they had Mikey and they are going to fucking kill him. I heard footsteps and I looked up to not see Annabelle or Jacob, but Mikey standing there I got up like I had seen a ghost and ran to Mikey to give him a hug.
“Oh my god you are okay.”
“Yes Gerard I am okay.” I pulled Mikey in closer and hugged him
“Gerard let go you are crushing me.” Mikey and I sat in silence till Annabelle and Jacob came back into the room.
“Okay so I assume you are expecting answers.” Annabelle said she sat down on the couch across from where Mikey and I were sitting I could see the bandage on her leg specked with just a few drops of blood I guess the hit she took was not as bad as I thought.
“We know what you guys are we have known for a long time. My parents knew your parents they were somewhat of guardians of the werewolves. Back when we were very young my parents worked with some very bad people who would hunt and kill the werewolf, after a while it turned into a game and my parents started to hate what they had become monsters just like the ones that they hunted, so they quit and those people did not like that they were determined to kill my parents so that is when my parents built graves manor installed with the latest of everything when it is locked down no one can get through. My parents and the parents of your band mates protected you and your family for years somehow another family who was on the inside with the bad hunters gained the trust of my parents and the rest of the protectors and my family was gunned down. The cops found me in my room and sent me to live with my aunt. There I trained and swore I would kill the bastards who killed my family, so that is why I came back to raven falls I knew they would follow me here.” It took me a while to process all the information
“so everything was a lie my band and you liking me?”
“No Gerard I came back to kill them and protect you I did not lie about my feelings toward you that is why I am protecting you.”
“The guys from your band are also protecting you not because they have to but because they want to. You have to know they love you and Mikey and that is why they never left.”
“But there is one thing and this one is going to be hard to hear. The family that gunned my family down was the Ireos and Frank is the one after you, he wanted to get close to you to lead you to the bad hunters.” “I am really sorry”. I did not know if I should scream or fucking cry this was bullshit I never thought Frank would be the one to take advantage of me.
“If Frank is part of the bad hunter clan thing why didn’t he kill me sooner?”
“That is what they do they sneak in and gain your trust and when your guard is down they take you out.”
“Fuck I am pissed I don’t know what to say.”
“You don’t have to say anything I know this is awful I also know you two were well very close.”
“Where are bob and ray?”
“They are patrolling they have been for a while I told them to be on their guard, and that you and Mikey are okay.” Mikey was silent the whole time I think part of him knew what going on
“I think I need to lie down “Mikey said with a weary look on his face.
“Jacob will show you to your room you need to get some rest we have a lot to go over in the morning.” We all walked up stairs met with a long corridor of room Jacob opened the first door to the right
“Mikey you can stay in here for the night.” Jacob explained Jacob walked back down stairs and Annabelle led me to my room she opened the door and told me where the bathroom was and where I could find her room. Soon after Annabelle left I started freaking out everything with Frank was a lie everything was a lie I don’t know who is telling me the truth I had so many more questions I left my room and went to find Anna. The walk to her room was freaking me out I felt like someone was watching me I knocked on the door softly
“come in.” I could here in a muffled voice I opened the door with a light push. I walked in and saw Annabelle had taken of her skirt and was just standing there in a lacy pair of panties and her shirt.
“Oh sorry.” I said while turning around Annabelle laughed softly and said it was okay.
“Just wondering I know we are in a war right now, but did you wear those on the date so I would see them later?” she let out a laugh
“maybe had it gone better you are super hot after all.” I blushed and turned around she was still wearing nothing on bottom but she was sitting on her bed now. This is what I had been waiting for and I was nervous as fuck, she motioned for me to come to the bed and sit down.
“Gerard I know things are really sucking right now I want you to know I really like you.” I could see her blushing it made her look cute I sat down next to her she was enticing and I had to have her... I looked into her eyes to honey brown now they almost took on a gold color I could not help myself I leaned in and kissed her she kissed me back out tongues exploring each other’s mouths. My hand slid between her thighs and rubbed them lightly she got up and pushed me down into the bed she was now straddling me were kissing for a while I could feel myself getting hard. Annabelle must have felt it to she began rubbing me through my jeans she got off for a moment just to unzip and pull off my jeans. I felt like I was on going to explode the way she was touching me. She slid of my boxers and mounted me. She was really wet so it was an easy entrance. She was moving her hips in a steady motion we were both doing our fair share of moaning I don’t know what it was but the animal in me started to come out I pick her up and rolled her over so I was on top now. I trusted hard and deep into her she let out louder moans it just made me more exited the louder she moaned the harder I went. I could feel the nails in my hands getting sharper as I dug them into her bed. She let out little screams of pain and dug her nails into by back. I knew I was close to finishing with a final thrust I let out a loud scream/ howl. Both of us breathing hard I slid out of her and laid on her pillow she slid in right next to me and I wrapped my arms around her I felt safe just being there with her.
“I am sorry I clawed you bed.” She chuckled and said it was fine after all that I fell into a deep sleep with the hopes then when i awoke everything would be better. I was wrong so very wrong!
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