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Late Dawns And Early Sunsets (The End?)

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this is the end of this chapter i might do a sequal later sometime.... thank you every one that has read this i know i could have done better hopefully tings i put out in the future will be really ...

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“Yes my son it is me I just want you to know your father and I are so very proud of you and your brother. You are going to have to fight, but we know you can make it.”
“Why mom? Why do I have to fight?”
“Because my Gerard you have to learn how to stand up for what you believe in and you can’t let them take you down.” Everything began to fade to black and I realized it was just a dream. I opened my eyes to a dim lit room I looked around expecting to see Annabelle by my side but nothing quiet empty room I tried to get up, but realized my hands and feet were chained up to a bed that was not Annabelle’s. Where the fuck was I? I could smell cheap whiskey and cigarettes “hello Gerard.” A voice called from in the corner of the room I realized right away who the mystery voice belonged to.
“very good I am just surprised you remember my voice considering you left me for some slut.”
“Where is Annabelle?”
“At home waking up and realizing her fuck of a boyfriend Gerard is missing.” “Frank why are you doing this?”
“Don’t you know Gerard you broke my heart.”
“Frank I know I messed up, but why are you really doing this?”
“Everyone expects the main guys to kill you I was just a decoy I wanted you to live Gerard I wanted you to survive, but you fucked me over for that little goody good bitch.”
“I knew she would try to protect you and tell you everything so I followed you I tried to shot her when we were outside the restaurant, but she is to fucking quick my family told me about the fortress and I waited and slipped in just before everything shut down. I did have some help someone else walked into the room it was Jacob he made his way up to Frank put his arms around him and kissed him.
“Gerard you made this all too easy falling for our little Annabelle.” A smirk formed on Jacobs face as he was talking to me.
“Annabelle is frantic looking for you she loves you.”
“Jacob let me in and led me to Annabelle’s room I knew you could not resist getting in bed with her, so I watched you go in and then get nervous and fuck. Might I say when your animal side comes out you put on quit a show I thought you were going to kill the little hussy.”
“Frankie this is not funny you have to let me go you are my band mate and my friend.” I begged
“Gerard I love you and I will miss you when you are gone.” Frank put a piece of duct tape over my mouth and they left the room leaving me alone. I hope Mikey and Annabelle are okay I really hope they find me.

~Annabelle’s point of view~
I knew they had taken him I did not know to where Mikey and I sat across from each other in complete silence we had to get Gerard back.
“Mikey we are going to find Gerard I promise.”
“How can you just sit there and say you promise if you don’t even know where he is or who took him.”
“I know who took him it was Frank.”
“I knew he was trouble when he first pranced into our live, I also knew he and Gerard were an item.”
“If you knew why didn’t you say something?”
“Gerard was happy I didn’t want to ruin it.” I heard the door open and quickly got up ray and bob walked in
“we looked everywhere no sign.” Bob mumbled I think he didn’t want to scare Mikey.
"Okay I am going to go get everything we need and we are going to leave we will find them and fucking kill them". I raced up the stairs and to my room I put on my black tank top my ripped skinny jeans and my boots. I threw my back pack on my bed and took out all of my weapons I pulled out my hand guns and strapped it to my boot a knife to my thigh and I tucked the ammo in to a special bra I made. I made sure I had a couple of silver bullets I didn’t want to have to kill Gerard or Mikey but werewolves are very unpredictable. I walked out of my room and I was met with a very distraught Mikey
“Annabelle promise me if anything happens you will watch over Gerard.”
“Mikey nothing will happen to you.”
“Promise!” Mikey sounded angry.
“Mikey I promise.”
“Okay lets go get my brother and fucking kill Frank.” I did not know where we were going I just knew we had to get there quick before it was too late we piled into the jeep ray driving and bob sitting in the front I looked over at Mikey he had his eyes closed. “Mikey are you” just them Mikey said he could smell Gerard he kept his eyes closed and ray followed his directions. I was getting a little scared I just didn’t want to find a dead Gerard…..

~Gerard’s point of view again~

I was still tied up Frank walked back in with a glass of water
“My Gerard I really did not think it would end like this.” Frank yanked of the sticky silver tape of my now sore mouth he sat down beside my head and put it on his lap. He gave me a few sips of water then put it down on a bedside table
“Gerard I love the way your name sounds on my lips you may think I am just this sick guy looking to kill a lonely werewolf, but you have got me all wrong I am not just some sicko I have imagination I am going to kill you, but I am not going to make it easy and painless.” Frank grabbed another piece of tape and put it back over my mouth
“no you know what I want to hear you scream it is sexy.” He pulled the tape back off and threw it on the floor frank got up and ripped open my shirt
“oh I forgot how sexy you are underneath all those clothes.” he laughed he grabbed a knife and put it to my chest and pressed it down till little droplets of blood came out I whimpered and he pressed harder I did not think he was enough to waste a scream on. Frank started to get irritated
“so is this how it is going to be?” Frank leaned in an kissed my neck,
"so sweet the taste of your sweat and your fear.” He left the room yet again I noticed it was getting darker I knew the moon would come out soon and that would be what might save me.

~Annabelle’s point of view~
We arrived at house in the middle of nowhere i could see the sunset in the horizen slowly turning into night the boys were going to be turning soon. We got out of the jeep and ran to the door ray and bob made their way to the back I kicked open the door no one just a silent house I pointed my gun into the dark I heard a voice talking to me from the darkness
“Well well Annabelle Graves we have not formally met, but I knew your parents quit well and you know it was my parents that made sure they would sleep forever.”
“Frank Iero you sick fucking bastard get out here before I kill you.”
“Why so mad did I reach a touchy subject?” he laughed it just spurred me on even more I walked slowly through the pitch black house
“Frank get the fuck out here.” Mikey yelled everything got quiet for a second and I could hear Mikey screaming I could hear his clothes ripping and bones twisting I knew he was transforming.
“NOW!” someone shouted the lights went on and bullets started flying. I took a second to adjust to the light but I just went crazy and started to shoot I could see a now full werewolf Mikey pushing people and tearing at their skin i made my way around the unfurnished living room and shot everyone that was not my team I could hear ray yelling and bob killing. Annabelle behind you bob screamed I turned around to see Jacob
“what the fuck are you doing here Jacob?”
“Annabelle I am here to kill you.” He lunged at me and I kicked him back he came at me again
“my dear sweet Annabelle I found something better and I don’t want to lose it.”
“You fuck.” He was a strong one he pushed me down and straddled me
“you are going to die now.”
“I don’t think so Jacob.” Ray got in front of Jacob and kicked him in his face Jacob flew off of me and hit the ground I got up to look at him, he looked so helpless and pathetic I put my boot to his throat
“do you have anything to say Jacob.”
“Yeah you are a stupid bitch and a werewolf lover they will not bring you any good they are stupid fucking over grown dogs.” I looked down at him blood dripping from his mouth I cocked the gun back and shot him between the eyes.
“Bye Jacob.” ray looked at me
“I never liked him.”
“Yeah ray.” Bob said I looked around a pile of dead bodies and no Mikey
“Ray and Bob go find Mikey and make sure he is okay, but don’t get to close.” I ordered they both shook their heads and left the house I slowly walked around gun drawn looking for Gerard I could hear loud screams and the ripping of metal I followed the sound and was led to a room lit by candles.
~Gerard’s point of view~
I saw Annabelle standing there in horror I couldn’t control myself I wanted to eat her I inched closer to her I could smell the blood running through her veins I could hear her heart beat in her chest like a sweet melody. From in the corner of the room I heard the floor creek and my attention was shifted quickly Frank was standing there with a gun in his hand and pointed to my heart
“this is where this ends you broke my heart and now I am going to break yours.” I could see Frank’s hand on the trigger I put my head down thinking this was it the end of my life at the hands of my friend I heard a loud shot and I could smell the gun smoke I had been shot I looked at frank his eyes wide the smile on his face slowly disappearing after all that I realized Annabelle had shot him. I turned around but Annabelle had gone I could not help but feel for him he was a part of me and now he was dead. I turned my head towards Frank once more the blood spilling out of him He held on to his chest where the bullet entered he looked at me and then hit the floor with a thud and his eyes closed forever. I felt a pain in my chest I knew this was the end of everything there was no going back I tore through the house ending outside in the woods letting out a loud howl I ran and everything in my world went dark. I woke up the next morning naked and blood on my hands I walked through the woods and found Mikey sitting there with his head down and just a pair of shorts on.
“Mikey what are you doing?”
“I am just thinking what is going to happen now that everything is a war and we are really being hunted, Frank was just the beginning there are more hunters out there probably stronger and faster.”
“Mikey we don’t give up we need to find them and kill them.” A snap of a branch caught my attention and I was ready to attack when I saw Annabelle walking towards me she looked so angelic she smiled
“I came looking for you because I figured you would need these."she handed me some clothes
“thank you.”I put my clothes on Mikey stood up and walked through the trees. I turned to Annabelle grabbed her hands and looked in her eyes.
“What happens now?” I asked with anticipation
“I did not get the people I set out to kill so they are still out there. Nothing will ever be the same Gerard we are going to have to fight and kill until every one of the bad hunters is gone.” I pressed my lips to Annabelle’s
“well we will do it together no matter how long it takes they will be dead.” Walking through the woods I felt a sense of calm this was not the end of everything but a new beginning.

A/N: so this is the end sorry I did not end it so great but hopefully you guys liked it thank you for reading…. :) auditioned zombie story will be out soon until then everyone have a safe and happy new year….
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