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Chapter 12

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Warning: Major fluffiness ahead! MUHAHAHAH!

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Chapter 12
As Legolas, Aragorn, Gimli, and Aragorn's guard watched the dragon plummet, they became silent. Legolas was amazed. The creature dove through the clouds, Akila on its back, and came over one of the four Mumakils. The Haradrim finally noticed the beast above them. For a moment they looked in shock, than began to fire madly at the diving dragon. Although the beast was much smaller then the Mumakil, the men (and elf, and dwarf) all knew it could inflict severe damage. Legolas saw some arrows actually hit their target, but the small projectiles simply bounced of the scaled chest and shoulders of the beast. As the dragon neared the top of the Mumakil, it quickly opened its wings and let out a blast of fire from its mouth. The Mumakil screamed in pain and reared, causing the platform on its back to fall.

Akila gained her balance as the dragon leveled itself out. She was thankful for the end of the dive. She turned around in the saddle to see the burning Mumakil fall backwards.

'One down, three to go,' she told herself as an arrow whizzed promptly by her head. She pulled her bow forward and began to pick off archers as the dragon turned around. The creature went in a large sideways arch as to not diminish its speed. As they came around, they went close to the ground so the Haradrim on the target Mumakil couldn't shoot at them. The dragon let out another blast of flame at the Mumakil's hide. Immediately, the stench of burning flesh came to Akila's nose. The remaining three Mumakil began to panic.

She flung her bow around her shoulder and pulled her light-weight sword up. The dragon understood what she was doing and flew close to the Mumakil's side. Akila sliced the sword against the straps holding the platform, nearly losing the blade several times, and the platform slid to one side of the grey beast and fell to the ground, bringing the screaming Haradrim with it. The Mumakil was now without a rider and was confused. Akila intended to end that soon. As the dragon flew in front of the Mumakil, dodging its tusks and trunk, Akila sheathed her sword and readied her bow. She remembered what Legolas had told her. It took three arrows in the beast's brain to kill it. The dragon began to fly towards the next Mumakil as Akila notched three arrows. She turned in the saddle, and was immediately hit with a sharp pain in her shoulder. It was from her old wound. She ignored it as best she could and let the arrows loose. All three arrows hit their mark. The Mumakil fell and even before Akila could turn forward again, the dragon let out a stream of fire into its next target's head.

The third Mumakil fell after another pass and the forth began to flee. Akila knew that the dragon couldn't not pursue a fleeing enemy, so she held of tight as they bolted towards the creature. It didn't get very far. As they returned to the hill they were greeted by cheers. It then began to hail. Akila's legs were shaking and as she slid from the dragon's back, she nearly fell over. But Legolas was there holding her up. She could hear a comment from the dragon in her head but she ignored it.

"That was amazing." Gimli told her. Aragorn nodded an agreement. Akila simply nodded, feeling glad to be back on the ground.


As they rode into Minas Tirith, there was cheering and celebration. When the dragon was 'introduced' to the city, panic was the first reaction. But as soon as their king assured them that the beast would not harm, but help them, and that it was ridden by a great warrior, the people were happy. After all the feasting and celebrating was over, talk of the invading tribesmen from the east began. The Mumakil so close to the city startled everyone, but something good had come: the dragon. When the tale of how the dragon and the half-elf had defeated four Mumakil single-handedly spread throughout the troops, morale was boosted. After a messenger came with a call for help from the fort on the Crossings of Paros, thing became more complicated. The fort was under siege by the Haradrim, and more warriors were coming from the south. If the fort was lost, a wide opening would be broken in the border, and the Haradrim armies would move into Gondor. Aragorn came up with a plan quickly after the messenger came. They would march out to the fort and end the siege, then, with the Haradrim wounded and vulnerable, they would make a peace treaty. Although the Haradrim warriors weren't a very respectable people, they would easily take the offering of money Aragorn would give them.

Several weeks past quickly and soon an army was marching towards the Crossings of Paros. Paros, a thin river that stretched across the southern border of Gondor, had helped keep any armies at bay. The Crossings of Paros was a large bridge that is one of the only ways across the river. The army, led by Aragorn, marched along the long road, first passing through Osgiliath. They soon reached the Harad Road, and turned south.

The march was quite uneventful, with small parties of Haradrim attacking them every so often. Legolas spent most of his time talking with his friends, mostly Akila, and preparing for whatever battle awaited them. The rest of his time he spent WATCHING Akila. Often, he would pretend to be examining his bow or knives, or being occupied with something else. He would watch her out of the corner of his eye, it didn't matter if she was staring at the fire or sitting with her eyes closed. He often felt... awkward around her. He had deep feelings for the half-elf. At first he had though they were feeling he would have towards a close friend, like he did towards Aragorn and Gimli, but the feelings he had for her were somehow...different. Where before he had wanted to be near her, he now needed to be near her. As the march continued he thought he was simply infatuated with her, a crush, if you will, and that it would soon wear off and he would go back to normal. Was Legolas wrong.


Akila sat beside the dragon, which was laying with its head on it front paws. It breathed raggedly, causing Akila to worry. After the short scrimmage between a good sized group of Haradrim warriors and the dragon, the beast seemed very tired. Akila was worried. The dragon had seemed to be getting exhausted quicker then normal. And they were only two days from the fort. Akila looked at the half-sleeping face of the giant, and acutely thought of how terrifying it must be for their enemies. But Akila had never been really afraid of the dragon, she almost felt comforted when she first saw the scaly face looking down at her. But the dragon almost seemed... old... now. As she sat there, she finally decided to ask the dragon of its troubles.

'Dragon? Dragon?' she called softly in her head. The dragon slowly lifted its head and looked at her. Akila nearly gasped. That's was when she first noticed it. The dragon's eyes, usually bright and strong, looked cold and dead as ice. 'Are you alright?' Akila tried to push away any worry, but it was hard.

'I am fine.' The dragon replied. Its 'voice' sounded frail to Akila.

Akila, who was very worried about her friend, shook her head. 'Are you sure? You seem very tired.'

The dragon sighed. 'I will tell you why, but you mustn't be worried.' Akila nodded her head in agreement. 'I am old, young one, and my bones are becoming frail and my muscles tired.' Akila listened intently. 'This happens quickly for my kind. We become very weak, very fast, when the end..' The dragon suddenly stopped.

'No,' Akila thought, her eyes wide. 'No, no, no, no.'

The beast looked at her sadly. 'I will not last forever,' it began. 'I am no elf.' Suddenly, its eyes shimmered with a suddenly memory of something. 'I have lived many long years, and I know my time is coming.' Akila nodded her head, but a tear trickled down her face. She didn't want to lose the large scaly friend that had saved her life and nurtured her back to health. The dragon lifted its paw and gently brushed the tear away with the round of her fore-claw. 'Do not cry for me, child.' Akila nodded her head and lay up against the dragon's side. She stayed there for a moment when the dragon began to stand.

'Where are you going?' Akila asked, standing up and watching the dragon's legs wobble slightly as it stood. But strength soon returned to its legs and it looked to the west, towards the river.

'I must hunt.' It answered, looking at the half-elf beside it. The dragon suddenly felt a pang of sadness, not wanted to leave the woman. But she had to.

'I can bring you food, you must rest.' Akila wanted her to simply rest, not fly off and get weaker. The dragon shook its head. How it wanted to stay with her and do as she said. But it had its pride, and needed time to think. The dragon suddenly leaned closer to her and put its mouth by her ear. It then spoke aloud in elvish, but its mouth did not move. As it whispered something into Akila's ear, her eyes grew wide. It then turned and opened its wings and took off towards the west.

"Wait..." Akila breathed, reaching for the flying dragon. "How..."

Akila watched it go, her heart and mind was denying her, then decided she needed her own alone time, to think about what she had just heard. Was it possible? Her head was spinning. The dragon was close to her, closer then she had thought, and when it, no SHE died, Akila would be broken. As Akila found a large boulder and sat up against it, a bit away from the camp, she realized why the dragon had such a human-like personality. And she had also heard of metallic dragons: gold, silver, and bronze, and their odd transforming powers, but she thought they were all dead. As she leaned up against the boulder, she came to a realization: What was told to her was true. And because THAT was true, she realized what she was. It made sense. That was why she was left as a baby. Akila closed her eyes, just letting her mind slip. As she began to drift off to an uneasy sleep, she heard quiet footsteps. Her eyes sprung open and she turned her head towards the noise. It was Legolas. Letting out a sigh, with her heart beating fast in her chest, she smiled. She shortly forgot about what the dragon had told her. Legolas smiled back, and felt the same feelings she was now. He sat down beside her and acutely looked at the setting sun, but really stared at her out of the corner of his eye. He knew she was beautiful, and he wanted to tell her.

"I saw you leave the camp," he began. "Is something wrong?"

Akila frowned, the memory of the dragon returning. "It's nothing," she lied. Her heart hurt, her head hurt, everything hurt! And questions still ran through her mind.

Now Legolas turned his head and looked her straight into her eyes. She broke the gaze. He held her chin gently in his hand and lifted it so she looked at him. "Something is wrong Akila, I can tell." Legolas suddenly felt the urge to lean in and kiss her, their faces were so close and he could feel her breath on his lips. But he stopped himself.

Akila began quietly, taking in a deep breath and keeping back tears. "The dragon...Is...Dying." Saying those words were so hard. Legolas knew the dragon as Akila's mount and companion, not her...

Legolas looked at her for a moment. She suddenly fell into his arms and embraced him in a hug, crying into his shoulder.

"Akila..." he whispered. "Shh, shh, it's okay." He cradled her in his arms for a long while until her weeping and shaking body stopped. She sat up and he whipped a final tear from her cheek. He had never seen her like this before. He no longer saw her as a warrior woman that tame dragons and held his heart, but a woman who was just caught up in everything. A woman that had lost her parents at an early age and spent most of her life alone.

"I sorry Legolas, I just... It's just something that's happening..." Akila breathed out. She actually didn't feel that embarrassed, but comforted. She wanted to tell him what the dragon had told her, but she truly didn't believe it herself.

"You don't have to explain anything," Legolas smiled. "And if you want to stay out all night and sit here, I'll sit with you."

Akila grinned. "I would like that." Legolas looked into her eyes, and suddenly realized what he wanted to say. Over all this time, he now knew the exact words. Their eyes were suddenly locked together as Legolas leaned closer to Akila.

"Le...Legolas?" Akila murmured, startled by his sudden advance. Legolas brought his lips up to hers until they were just brushing together.

"I love you Akila, I always have." Legolas kissed her gently but passionately. At first, Akila didn't know what to think, but she soon realized her dream was coming true. When they broke away their eyes locked again.

"I love you too Legolas, with all my heart." She leaned up against his shoulder and he pulled his wool cloak around them. They watched the sun set and fell asleep there, leaning up against the boulder.


High up the clouds the dragon hovered in mid-air with a grin. She watched the elves as they fell asleep.

"Protect her, dear prince," she said aloud. "You must help her through the next challenge of her life. Be strong and learn from your instincts, daughter." She then turned and glided down and out of sight.

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