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Chapter 11

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Akila has returned! The joy!

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Chapter 11
The Gondorian men left at day break of the next morning. Aragorn needed to go back to his people. After bidding Eomer goodbye, he rode to the front of his men and they started off, towards home. Legolas looked over at Akila, and smiled. She was on Alassea's back, looking like she belonged there, which she did. He could see the dragon, not far in front of them, gliding gracefully on the breeze. It wore its saddle, but Akila did not ride it. She had decided to stay on the ground for now. Many of the men were staring in awe at it, such a huge creature. Surely they had no idea why the dragon didn't take off; it had no rider on its back for one thing. The only one who knew truly why it did not leave was Legolas. Akila had entrusted him with her secret. She had seemed to be slightly withdrawn from the rest of the world for the past few days, but now that she was on her horse's back, she seems like she had been before: open and kind, to her friends. Legolas looked up at the dragon again. It seemed to be playing, diving in and out of the clouds so carelessly. Maybe that was why Akila was so outgoing again. Maybe happy thoughts from the dragon made her happy. She seemed, alive.

"Looks like we won't be needing that funeral, after all." Gimli spoke cheerfully behind Legolas, looking at Akila. Legolas looked back over to Akila, who smiled at him. He smiled back. He loved how she could make him happy just by looking at him. They both looked forward and continued to watch the dragon dip down, into what seemed the sun.

A few nights later, Legolas walked around the darkened campsite. There were a few patrol officers about, lookouts posted everywhere, and some tents were still being set up, but it was still quiet. They were almost to Minas Tirith, only two days until they reached the city. Aragorn had been relieved to hear that his men that had gone towards Minas Tirith earlier, had gotten there unharmed. Scouts had been coming and leaving like mad. There were only a few tents posted, considering they didn't have much time to set them up, nightfall had come early. Fall was turning into winter. Legolas could feel it in his bones.

'It's going to snow soon.' he thought, looking up. It did begin to snow. Slowly the small white flakes fell softly and began to cover the ground. Then he walked towards an opening in the tented area. He could see the dragon, but he could also see Akila. 'What is she doing out here?' She was leaning up against the dragon's saddle, which, in turn, was against the great beast's side. The dragon was curled up into a protective ball around the half-elf. Legolas now knew that the dragon was very protective of Akila, for what reason, he didn't know. Akila didn't look cold at all, but Legolas was still worried about her, it was snowing after all. He didn't know why but he started towards the dragon.

He wasn't far from the great beast's head when suddenly he halted in his tracks. He heard it. Telepathy. The voice was bold and commanding, yet kind.

'Legolas.' The voice was stronger now, it almost sounded if he was being spoken to, out loud. The dragon's eye slowly opened and it lifted its head and looked at him, but Akila did not move. Legolas took a step back.

'Do not fear me; I am not going to hurt you.' The voice was, female, and it sounded, familiar. The dragon moved only its eyes, careful not to wake Akila.

'Who... who are you?' Legolas looked at the dragon.

'I am Morwen.' Morwen? The dragon had a name. 'I am here to help, Legolas. You are her closest friend.' Morwen looked at Akila. 'She trusts you more then anyone.'

Legolas finally got his 'voice' back. 'Then, why did she not tell me your name?'

'She does not know my name.' The dragon looked at Legolas. It had an odd look in its eyes, one that was a cross between pride and sadness. 'And she may never know.' she paused. 'You see that pendant around her neck?' Legolas looked. He could see the pendant over Akila's tunic. 'It was a gift from her mother.' Legolas looked at the dragon.

'How do you know all of this?'

'I know many things. I have lived over thousands of years. Compared to me, you are but an infant.' Morwen looked at Akila again. 'I knew Akila's mother, and her father. She was but a newborn the last time I spoke to her.'

Legolas gave a puzzled look. 'You spoke to her?' he asked.

'The same way I speak to you now. But she wouldn't remember.'

Legolas had many questions to ask, but he asked the most important one first. 'What of her mother? Does she still live, or has she passed on?' He hoped the answer would be that she was still alive.

'Her mother...' the dragon looked down. 'Her elven mother is gone.' This was a blow to Legolas. He had been hoping to find Akila's mother.

He began to ask another question as the softly falling snow turned into a blizzard. Morwen and Akila disappeared behind the white wall. Legolas' eyes went dark. He sat up off the pallet in his tent. He was sweating.

'Had the whole thing been a dream?' he thought, looking around.

The sun was rising and it bathed the tent in a warm glow. Legolas got up and dressed and walked out of the tent. There was no sign of any snow on the ground, although the air was crisp and cold. The soldiers were just getting up, and Aragorn was already talking to his generals in front of his large tent. The generals kept shifting glances to the dragon that stood on the hill. Akila was on its back. 'Is its name truly Morwen?' Legolas watched as the dragon took off into the air and climbed high above the clouds.

"Akila volunteered for scout duty." Gimli said, walking up behind Legolas. "That dragon is mighty handy."

And the dragon really was handy. Legolas knew that Akila could see great distances, so high in the air. She could probably even see Minas Tirith right now. When the dragon and the half-elf returned, it began to snow. Legolas wondered if it had snowed before and the conversation was a dream. His mind felt like it was going to burst. But he grinned as he saw Akila slide gracefully from the dragon's back. She had a huge frown on her face.


"Mumakil! Akila was right." Aragorn murmured as he, Legolas, and several of his guards rode to the top of the hill. "But what are they doing so close to the city?"

Legolas was troubled by the sight. Four Mumakil, large elephant like beasts, were in between them and Minas Tirith. They were slowly advancing towards them. There were no foot soldiers, just the four huge creatures and many Haradrim archers in the platforms on their backs. Those four Mumakil could easily kill them all.

Legolas turned his head at Aragorn who was in thought, with his eyes closed. Legolas had seen him like this before and knew he shouldn't say anything. Suddenly Aragorn turned his mount and trotted back towards the camp. The rest of them followed. As Aragorn began barking orders, telling the men to pack up their gear immediately and be ready to flee, Legolas went searching for Gimli. And Akila. He easily found Gimli, packing up his bedroll and gear. Legolas dismounted from Arod and tied him to a post, and strode up to Gimli.

"Legolas. How many are there?" Gimli asked, a glint in his eye. Legolas knew he was hoping for a fight. Unfortunately he wouldn't get one.

"Four Mumakil. No soldiers. Like Akila said." Legolas stated blankly. He looked around. Where was Akila? When he had left, she had been talking with Gimli. "Where is Akila?"

Gimli chuckled softly. "That girl's got spunk Legolas..."

"Where is Akila?" Legolas asked again, knowing whatever Gimli was going to say, he wouldn't like.

Gimli rubbed his beard. "Well, you're not going to like this, but..." He paused and looked over. Legolas followed his gaze. Akila was in the clearing, with the dragon, in full armour, tightening the girth straps.

"Oh no." Legolas mumbled. He completely forgot Gimli and walked over to Akila.

"What do you think you're doing?" Legolas asked Akila in elvish. She literally jumped. She turned to look at him.

"Oh, it's you Legolas. You scared me." She looked at him cautiously as she finished slinging her bow onto the dragon's saddle.

"Akila..." Legolas crossed his arms and waited for an answer.

Akila sighed. "Well no one ELSE can keep those THINGS at bay. And I know the horses can't outrun them."

"Akila, I really don't think this is a good idea." Legolas didn't want her to get hurt, or killed. He'd just got her back. He'd die if he lost her again. She walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Legolas, you know that unless those Mumakil met opposition they will kill everyone here. Including you." The last words slipped out and she caught her tongue. "I have to go clarify it with Aragorn." She started to walk off. Legolas grabbed her hand and she turned around.

"Just be careful, okay?" he didn't want to see her go, but she was right.

"Of course Legolas, always." He let go of her hand and she walked towards Aragorn who was barking orders. Legolas watched her go, than realized something. She had left him alone with the dragon.

He slowly turned as he felt hot breath on his shoulder. It smelt heavily of fire, but also of clean air. The dragon was a mere two paces from him. It looked at him and its eyes seemed to pierce his soul. There was a long silence. Legolas simply looked at the beast. He knew he should have been terrified, but he almost felt at peace. His tight throat began to loosen and enabled him to speak.

"Take...Take good car of her." It was all he could do. Slowly speak the words in elvish. His voice almost never broke, but it had just. The dragon's eyes seemed to soften and it slightly nodded its head, then turned heel and walked away.


Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli stood on the hill. The dragon stood slightly away from them, surveying the four advancing Mumakil. Aragorn's guards stood just behind them, now eyeing the huge creatures more then the dragon. Legolas looked over at Akila, who sat on the dragon's back. She looked at him and gave a weak grin. Aragorn spoke.

"Akila, if at any time you need to retreat, do so." He obviously didn't want her hurt.

She nodded her head nervously. The dragon looked at her out of the corner of its eye. "If...If the Mumakil make it through... run." Aragorn nodded.
Akila pulled the visor of her helmet down. She turned her head, looking straight at Legolas. His legs began to move. He walked up next to the dragon.

'What am I doing?' he thought to himself. He placed his hand on the muscular shoulder of the dragon. The scales felt cold and smooth. "Be safe." He told her.

She nodded her head. "Thank you." Legolas took a step back and the dragon took off. The sky seemed to darken. Legolas watched the creature gain altitude. He felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Aragorn.

"She'll be fine Legolas. She's strong." Legolas nodded. He felt his heart go into knots. What was happening to him?

"If anyone can do it, she can." Gimli reassured, coming up beside him.

'I hope so.' Thought Legolas, as the dragon neared the Mumakils.


"Akila." The sharp 'voice' brought Akila back to her senses. Something had just happened to her, as Legolas walked up to her side and told her to be safe. She suddenly had felt not nervousness, but something else. She had quickly recalled all those times they spent alone as the dragon had leap into the air. She remembered how she had felt, all those times. Was she... In love with Legolas? Was he in love with her? She shook her head.

'He doesn't think of you that way.' She mentally yelled at herself. 'Yes?' she then asked the dragon in her head.

The dragon turned its head slightly, to get a better look at her. 'You love him, don't you?' she chimed.

Akila was slightly taken back. 'What...What e-ever gave you that idea?' The silence from the dragon answered her. 'Maybe. But this really isn't the time to be talking about that...'

The dragon nodded and looked down. They were high above the black clouds. It was going to start hailing. They could see the Mumakils below them now.

'Prepare to dive, child.' The dragon told her. Akila nodded and rechecked the straps that held her firmly in the saddle. She was very thankful she wasn't afraid of heights and that they had practiced diving at least once.

Akila squeezed her legs around the dragon as an extra support and lay down against her neck . 'Ready,' she called.

The dragon suddenly closed its wings against its side, then faced it nose downward. Akila loved the feeling of flying and diving made her heart go into her throat. They began to plummet down. Akila put full trust into the dragon, and closed her eyes as the wind whipped around her and she felt her stomach turn. Then they broke through the clouds, and headed towards the ground.
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