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Chapter 10

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Edoras. Capital of Rohan, the kindom of the horse lords. Akila is reunited with Aragorn and Gimli here. She has a dream about what happened to her, who saved her, and of her mother. She and the hug...

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Chapter 10
Aragorn sat in the great hall of Edoras next to Eomer. He spoke with Eomer about the orcs attacking both Gondor and Rohan during the past four days of being in the capital city. He was worried about Legolas, for he had not returned. He had just begun to think of what may have happened to him when a soldier walked through the hall's door and stood in front of Aragorn and Eomer.
"My lords," He began, bowing low. "There is an odd creature walking towards our walls."
"What kind of creature?" Eomer asked.
"We are not sure, but we believe it is... a dragon." This surprised both Aragorn and Eomer. Aragorn had told Eomer about the dragon, but neither would possibly believe it would come here, especially on foot. The two kings stood up.
"There is also a rider with the dragon." The soldier said then moved out of their way. When they got to the walls, Gimli was waiting for them.
"Aragorn, it's that gold dragon." Gimli was smiling oddly. "And someone else." Aragorn looked on the horizon. There was the gold dragon, walking, but beside it was a white horse. Aragorn smiled.
"Amazing." Eomer stood next to Aragorn, his mouth wide open. The dragon and horse stopped several hundred feet from the front gates. Aragorn could see that it was indeed Legolas on Alassea's back. He could also see Legolas speaking to someone. Then the elf nodded his head and kicked Alassea forward until horse and rider were at the gate.
"Open the gate!" Eomer yelled as they walked toward it. As Aragorn finally saw the look on Legolas' face, he was surprised. The elf was smiling. He was obviously tired, but Legolas smiled like there was no tomorrow.
"Legolas! Good of you to join us!" Aragorn smiled at his friend.
"Aragorn, Eomer." Legolas bowed his head, but he did not dismount.
"Hail, Legolas! But who is your friend?" Eomer gestured toward the gold dragon that stood outside his walls.
"Someone you will want to meet."
A few minutes after Legolas had returned, Aragorn and Eomer had gathered a small group of guards and their horses and had ridden towards the dragon, which still stood waiting on a hill. As they got nearer, they saw how large the dragon truly was. It was larger and had a longer wingspan then a Nazgul. They stopped a few feet from the beast. That was when Eomer noticed the straps on the dragon's chest.
"It carries a rider." He spoke under his breath. Aragorn had wondered who could be strong enough to control the beast without and bridle or reins.
"Who is the rider Legolas?" Gimli asked from the back of Alassea. Legolas grinned. Then the dragon walked forward, towards them. It was non-threatening, but the horses still pulled at the reins of their riders. It was just a horse's length from the men when it halted and the rider dismounted. She was not wearing a helmet.
"Akila?!" Both Aragorn and Gimli shouted when they saw her. "You live!"

Legolas stood outside a house of healing in Edoras. Akila had gone inside after she was introduced to Eomer. She had been asked how she found the dragon at all, but she couldn't tell anyone. She couldn't remember. She had even had problems remembering Aragorn and Gimli at first. Her memory had come back so far as marching into battle at Parth Celebrant, but nothing past that. She had gone into the house of healing to see if she had anything they could find wrong with her. Amazingly, Leoglas had noticed, she was still able to move, considering she had been struck with two bolts. She was even controlling that massive dragon. He looked over the walls. The dragon had not come into the city and was lying down with its back towards him.
'Maybe there is something more.' He thought. 'Something between them I cannot see.' It was amazing that the dragon had stayed there and had not flown away. There had to be someway Akila communicated with the dragon. He was thinking of this when Akila walked through the doors of the house.
"So, any problems?" Legolas hoped not.
"No, not really. But they think they know why my memory had become blank."
"How so?"
"They believe that I suffered a blow to my head, most likely when I fell from Alassea." Legolas nodded his head.
"Most likely." There was another thought on Legolas' mind. Who had saved her? Was it possibly the she-elf who had guided him to her? There was no other choice because the dragon couldn't have nursed her back to heath. Now he thought maybe he had hit his head.
"Legolas? Are you alright?" Akila had a slight tint of worry in her voice. He shook his head.
"I'm fine I was just thinking."
"Alright then." Akila stifled a yawn. "I am going to bed Legolas; I haven't gotten a good night sleep in days."
'Me neither.' Legolas thought in his head. "I will walk you up to your sleeping quarters."
"Thank you."

Akila stood in a clearing in a forest. It was cloudy and her vision was no more then three feet in front of her. She could her something, breathing. She turned. Alassea stood with her head down, nuzzling something. Akila walked forward. When she saw was Alassea was nuzzling, she gasped. There she lay, unconscious, on the ground.
'What is this place?' Suddenly the other her moved. She heard groaning. The other Akila tried to get up, but couldn't. She then pulled an arrow from her chest and threw it a few feet away. Then Alassea screamed and reared up and a low growling began. Wargs! Then the other Akila spoke.
"Go." Her elven voice was barley a whisper. "Run, Alassea, now." Alassea continued to rear. "Alassea, run!" The horse looked at the other Akila then turned towards the real Akila. She galloped directly through her and continued north.
'Is this a dream?' Akila didn't know what was going on. The wargs were closing in and were mere feet from the now unconscious her.
'No!' Akila wanted to move, but she could not. She looked on helplessly. Then she heard the great beating of huge wings and a roar she recognized. 'The dragon!' The gold beast swooped down and landed on top of the nearest warg, crushing it. The dragon swung its fore legs out, swatting the wargs like flies. Only three wargs of the pack were left. They turned and fled into the woods and out of sight. The dragon turned to the unconscious her and picked her up in her massive claws. Then the dragon took off towards the west, were Akila knew its home was.
There was a blinding light. She saw someone. An elf with golden hair and in a beautiful white dress.
'No. It can't be.' Then suddenly, the she-elf was gown.

Akila suddenly sat up in bed. She was sweating.
'So it was a dream.' She shook her head to try and clear it. 'But it was what really happened to me.' To her, it was clear that it had happened to her in real life and that it was par of her memories. She shook her head. Visions of the beautiful she-elf came into her memory. 'Mother.' She looked out the window. The sun was rising. Akila quickly put on pants, a tunic, and boots, and headed toward the front wall. The dragon was waiting for her, not too far from the wall where Akila now stood.
'So you have come.' The dragon spoke to Akila in her mind, something Akila had now become accustomed to. The dragon had done this when Akila had woken up in its liar for the first time.
'I had a dream.' Akila thought voice was bold, but friendly towards the dragon. 'Was it truly real? Did you save me?' The dragon nodded its head.
'I did so.'
'You have great things ahead of you, Akila Lúinwë. It would have been a shame to allow you to die there.'
'Well, thank you. I owe you my gratitude.' The dragon looked to the left of Akila.
'Your elf friend is here.' The dragon turned and began to walk towards the hill where it slept earlier.
'Wait!' The dragon halted and looked over its shoulder. 'May I tell him, of this communication? He wonders how I ride you, how I 'control you'. He will not tell anyone who I would not deem worthy.' The dragon nodded its head.
'If you trust him, I trust him as well.' It then turned and lay on the top on the hill and went back to sleep.

Legolas saw Akila standing on the walls. She wore her green tunic, and her hair blew in the breeze. He didn't know if he should just look at her, or go and talk to her. He had decided to talk to her, and had begun to walk toward her, when he also saw the dragon, closer to the walls then it had ever been, looking directly at the half-elf. It looked as if they were talking to each other, but their lips didn't move. Legolas had guessed that they shared the same connection that he and the she-elf in white had. Telepathy. He knew it was a long shot, but this dragon couldn't speak, and this could be the way the two communicated. As he neared the steps to the walls, the dragon had laid down on a hill, away from the walls. As he got closer to Akila, he stopped. She was leaning on the walls and looked like she was deep in thought. He could hear a changing of the guard behind him and he saw one of Eomer's messengers ride from the gate towards Gondor, no doubt to tell about the dragon. He then walked towards Akila and stood by her. The breeze was warm, and the sun was full to the west. They stood there for a moment then Legolas spoke.
"You are very deep in thought, does something trouble you?"
"No, it's just... Last night I had a dream."
"What of?"
"Of when I fell from Alassea after the battle on Parth Celebrant. It was my memory of the time." She didn't tell him about the visions of her mother, yet.
"You have regained your memory?" Legolas was hopeful, very hopeful.
"Partly, yes. I remember brief part of the battle, but I fully remember what happened after I fell from Alassea's back." Legolas listened intently. "I did fall and hit my head, and I know who saved me."
'Who?' Legolas wanted to know.
"The dragon saved me." Legolas had thought that maybe it had. He nodded his head. He was going to ask.
"Do you have a connection with the dragon? Maybe, telepathy?" Akila nodded her head.
So he was right.
"I've had it this whole time." She paused. "Now Legolas, I have a question to ask you. How did you find me? When everyone thought I was dead." Legolas knew he would have to tell her sometime.
"I was helped."
"By whom?"
"I don't know, a she-elf."
"Be more specific, Legolas." Legolas breathed in and tried to remember.
"All I can remember was that she wore white, and seemed to be several thousand years old, and had..."
"Golden coloured hair." Akila's voice was full of shock, wonder, and joy.
"How did you know?" Now she would tell him.
"I had a vision of someone in my dream last night. My mother."
"Your mother?!" Legolas was shocked, was it possible?
"And I believe that she was the one who helped you find me." Legolas shook off the shock.
"It is possible."
"Yes it is." Akila had always hoped her mother was still alive. She looked down. Legolas put his hand on her's.
"If it was your mother, I'll help you find her." Akila looked up. Legolas could see hope and pain in her eyes. She smiled.
"Thank you, Legolas, you've given me hope." She hugged him, and Legolas hugged her back. He was her life support, for now.

Neither of them knew it, but the dragon lay on the hill, one of it eyes were slightly open. It then smiled. Then it closed its eyes again and 'went back to sleep'.
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