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You all know the story. The Jedi are gone and dead only one can help save the galaxy. Again. Luke Skywalker. But what if, this whole time, another Jedi was in hiding. And what if this Jedi was wait...

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This is a cross between Star Wars (The Movies) and Star Wars: Republic Commando. Now technically, you don't need to play the game to understand this story, but it would help. This is set right as Anakin (now Darth Vader) has attacked the Jedi temple and killed every Jedi inside. Except for one. Happy reading!


The Jedi temple was in ruins. RC-1138 could not believe what his brothers were doing. Killing the Jedi where it was most sacred to them. He, RC-1140, and RC-1262 had received order 66, but had refused to kill the Jedi. Being a Clone Commando of Delta Squad with their own personalities was what had saved them from such a horrible thing. He knew the Jedi would never conspire in such a way with the republic. He couldn't believe that they would turn so abruptly. He knew a Jedi. Had fallen in love with a Jedi. Morwen Kenobi. It wasn't natural for a clone to feel love, for anything, but he and his co-commandos did. He had fallen in love with a Jedi, and had married her. It also wasn't supposed to be possible for clone to have children, but she was pregnant, with his child. They had only figured out a few days earlier. They only one's who knew were they, 40, 62, and her brother, Obi-Wan. They were only ones who knew of their marriage! It was not allowed for a Jedi to marry. But Master Yoda would know soon now. He only hoped the Master had not been inside the temple.

They ran through the halls, hearing the shots behind them. One of the Jedi had betrayed his own kind, and 38 hated him.

"Boss!" he heard 62 call as they ran out into the open docking bay area. They all had nicknames for each other. He was 'Boss', 40 was 'Fixer', and 62 was 'Scorch'. They once had a forth member, 'Sev', but he had been killed when they had still worked with the Jedi.

"Yes Scorch?" he asked as he clutched his wife's hand in one of his own, and his blaster in the other. Her lightsaber was blazing blue.

"There's a transport, looks like it's running too." They backed up as the doors closed behind them and Fixer destroyed the opening mechanism.

"Well, let's hope it's running then," his wife said as she turned her lightsaber off. She looked at him. He was wearing a helmet, but she could see those blazing eyes from beneath the metal guard. She knew he was genetically exactly the same to Fixer and Scorch, but something had always been different about his eyes. That was what had caught her attention in the first place. They made a mad bolt towards the transport. They heard banging on the doors as they fled, and as they ran up into the transport, the doors burst open in blaster fire.

"Master Kenobi? Is that you?" a young Jedi Padawan asked as he huddled into the corner of the craft with several others. There were a few temple guards in the transport and the vessel began to take of. 38 was relived that this thing was piloted already, by a temple guard.

"Yes, it's okay now..." Morwen began, but one of the guards cut her off.

"What are they doing in here?" he asked as he pointed his blaster at the Commandos. "Should they not be with their brethren!" he spat the last word out like it left a fowl taste in his mouth. "Have they not received the order!" Fixer took a step forward but 38 lifted his hand to tell him to halt.

"My friend," 38 began as he pulled off his helmet. "We refused to answer the order. We will not do something that is unnecessary and slaughter an innocent people." The guard still did not lower his weapon.

"Is this true?" another guard asked Morwen.

"Yes." she nodded her head and crossed her arms. "I trust these men with my life." She tried to sound as calm and cool as possible, for the Padawans, but 38 knew she was distraught with worry. At least she knew her brother was not in the temple. The guard lowered his weapon and backed away, giving a straight way between the Jedi master and the Padawans. They ran up to Morwen and hugged her, glad to have someone to protect them. Morwen looked up at 38 as she hugged the Padawans back. He knew that look. He had seen her in pain before, both physical and mental, but never a pain this great.


A few months later, 38 and Morwen sat in their room on a wasteland moon in the middle of nowhere. 38 felt odd in normal clothes and not armour. They had hidden, along with others. The Jedi all now had a price on their heads. The Commando's of Delta Squad too. They had been labeled traitors, but they didn't care. Morwen leaned up against 38's chest as he stroked her hair. Her stomach had become much bigger, and it was now blankly obvious she was pregnant. The baby was due. Soon. Her brother had found her as soon as he got word she had escaped. The reunion had not been pleasant, fore they learned of who the traitor was. Anakin Skywalker, now know as Darth Varder, had turned to the dark side of the force. Anakin had been her brother's Padawan, and he had decided to confront him. He was dead now.

38 wrapped his arms around her in a protective embrace. They needed no words for how they felt. She held the dog tag that 38 had given her in the palm of her hand as it hung from her neck. It had RC-1138 inscribed on it. It had been 38's only real possession, until he met Morwen.

"What are we going to do?" Morwen finally broke the silence. "About the baby?" She was less worried about herself, and more about her child.

"I don't know," 38 sighed. Master Yoda and her brother had been talking about it in the meeting room near by for some time. 38 and Morwen were waiting for an answer. They had no idea what they could possibly do. Would they have to live in hiding? Would the baby have to be separated from them? What that had no clue about was that Master Yoda and her brother had this exact problem not too long ago. Senator Amidala, who was born as Padmé Naberrie, had birthed two babies, Luke and Leia. Anakin had been the father. The senator and the Jedi had married in secret, like the Jedi and the clone, and had children. Amidala had died in childbirth, and the two babies were separated, and would grow up never knowing their parents.

As if on cue, the doors opened. Fixer and Scorch stood in the door, looking identical without their battered armour.

"I hope we're not interrupting anything." Scorch said, quietly. He was usually so joking and hyper; he was the most human of any clone. But he felt sadness, knowing what his other brothers were now doing.

"No, you didn't." 38 replied as he and Morwen got up and he helped her towards the door. The three clone brothers looked exactly alike in every way. Same height, same body, same build, same face. Except for one thing: personality. As they came to the door to the meeting room, Fixer put his hand on 38's shoulder.

"Good luck, Boss." he said. He then took Morwen's hand. "Good luck, my sister." Morwen gave Fixer, and Scorch, a hug then took 38's hand. The two other clones headed off.

"I love you." he whispered to her as the door opened.

"I love you too."


"Separate the baby from her parents we cannot." Yoda said as he, Obi-Wan, 38, and Morwen sat around the table in the meeting room. A huge smile crept Morwen's face. That was what she had really been worried about. "But isolate the child we must. Teach her in the force we can." Both Morwen and 38 looked at Yoda.

"Who will teach her? I cannot." Morwen said.

"Neither can I," Obi-Wan began. "We are the child's blood relatives; we are not able to be her master. But, we have another Jedi." A small smile crept across his face. "Qui-Gon Jinn." Qui-Gon had been Obi-Wan's master when he was a Padawan. But Qui-Gon was dead. Morwen would have stood up, but her stomach was in the way.

"How is that possible? Qui-Gon is dead!" 38 gave her a look of confusion. Yoda noticed it.

"Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan's master he was." Yoda said, filling 38 in. "Died at the hands of a Sith, he did. But used the force and come back, he has."

"He found a way to come back from the dead. But not for long." Obi-Wan explained. "He will teach the young-one the ways of the Jedi, and that's all the time he has."

"But will the Sith not be able to sense my child? We she be safe?" 38 knew enough about how the Jedi, and the Sith, could sense each other to know that his daughter (they learned it was a girl not long ago) could be in danger.

"A special technique, Qui-Gon has found. Shroud the baby, it will. But no one must know of her existence, or the secret revealed, it shall be."

"She must live on the remote planet we have picked for her. She shall be safe." Obi-Wan told his worried sister and brother-in-law. He would have never guessed that one time that Morwen had been called out to help the Delta Squad after they lost a member, and how she had come back, with a clone for husband. "She will grow up training, and in the care of her parents."

"Strong, the force I sense in the child already. With a Jedi master and a clone commander for parents, powerful and a leader the child will be."

"When will she finally be able to reveal herself?" Morwen asked. She gripped her husband's hand like a life support. Obi-Wan looked at her. Morwen had no idea what he and Yoda had planned for her daughter. Well, neither did he, really. Qui-Gon had a vision before he returned to the living world that said that the daughter of a clone and a Jedi would grow strong and reveal herself when the Walker of the Sky found her. Skywalker. That was the thought that came to Obi-Wan's mind. When Anakin's daughter or son found her, she could reveal herself and become the Jedi she was born to be. But until then she would train. Obi-Wan took a deep breath.

"After the Sith is dead and gone, she shall be free."

"Dead and gone?" 38 asked. "Could she not be in assistance to those who need help as the Empire grows? How do we even know the Sith will be killed?"

Obi-Wan shook his head and looked at Yoda. Yoda nodded his approval. "The Sith Lord we face now is the greatest threat now, but there is another." He lowered his head.

"Who?" Morwen asked.

"Every Jedi, every Sith, has a master." Obi-Wan said the words slowly.

"A Sith Master!" Morwen was stunned. "It's not possible."

"Possible, it is. We have seen this power deep in the dark side of the force. Know about it, no one else does."

"There is a vision," Obi-Wan breathed, hoping his former master was right. "When the daughter of a great clone commander, and of a woman of the saber is found by The Walker of the Sky, the Sith Master of the dark side shall arise, and be destroyed. Final peace shall come to the galaxy. "

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