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Chapter 1-A Jedi Indeed

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Chapter 1-A Jedi Indeed

When the daughter of a great clone commander, and of a woman of the saber is found by The Walker of the Sky, the Sith Master of the dark side shall arise, and be destroyed. Final peace shall come to the galaxy.

That's what my whole life has been about. Final peace for the galaxy. If it wasn't for the long years that I heard that 'vision', I would have left this planet long ago. The rebellion was over. I knew that experience first hand. I remember when I was stationed on Naboo when I heard the battle of Edoras was over. Yeah. It had been a clear memory in my mind, even though it had happened almost a year ago. And if It is wondered why I was on Naboo in the first place, well, I'll explain. Now, my business about how my parents died is my own, but I'll tell you I grew up thinking that having a Jedi for a mother, and a Clone Commando for a father was perfectly normal. And having two uncles that looked exactly like my father and another Jedi for an uncle, well, that was normal too. My training started at the age of four, and even though I wasn't supposed to, I always had close ties with my family. I had to never tell anyone who my family was, or who I was, and never did. I always kept my own thoughts to myself, but my own emotions, the ones from having close ties with my family, made it extremely hard on me.

A few years ago, my only remaining blood family was my uncle, Obi-Wan, but I always considered my master as a second father. When my master, Qui-Gon Jinn, past on no more then five years ago, I was almost alone. My training was done, luckily, but I always trained by myself, everyday. Uncle Obi-Wan said it was a trait I got from my mother. Returning to the subject of Uncle anyway, I know he wanted to spend time with me, but he just couldn't. He had much to do. What he had to do exactly, I don't know, but he had something he had to do. The last time I saw my uncle was when my master past on from life. I never saw him again. When he left, I did the stupidest thing I ever did. I left the planet I had been hidden on to join the Rebellion. That was why I was on Naboo. It was because I was a Captain of a squadron of X-wings, and of a ground crew used in ambushes. But, when I left my safe-haven planet, I left my lightsaber, which had had built myself, and was nearly caught several times. I always had connections with the force, and had to be careful I was not sensed by the dreaded Darth Vader or his horrible master, the Sith Lord. The technique my master taught me kept me alive alone all these years. But something stirred in me the whole time, anytime Vader was brought up. I knew who Vader truly was. No, my Uncle taught me otherwise. I knew who's body Darth Vader had stolen. Anakin Skywalker.

I had prayed everyday that the Walker of the Sky was not Vader. Maybe, a coincidence? But my fear of Vader soon turned to hatred when I got whiff of what he had done to my uncle. It had been a cold night and I had just returned from a short patrol. I had decided to get some rest and lay down to sleep. I had a dream. A horrible dream. I saw Vader kill my uncle. Ever since, my hatred for the man grew, but I managed to control it, somehow. I never knew that the control I gained would not only fulfill one part of the vision, but help me find a friend I never knew existed.


I pulled on the reins of my Zanzar, Cyndar. Zanzars were powerful lizard-like creatures which stood on two legs, their front legs are short and stubby, and are quick are sure-footed. They look much like a velociraptor, and have fur-like hair that covers their entire bodies except for their snout, feet, and hands. Zanzars were mostly used by scouting parties on this planet, considering how it is mostly covered in water, and where it isn't, it's covered in with dense forest and bad terrain. The planet was very secluded and on the outer rim of the galaxy. But anyway, personally, I prefer Zanzars on this terrain compared to a hover car. Cyndar had been a gift from my master. The Zanzar had seemed to have just come out of its egg when Master had given it to me. He told me it was a part of my training, to put the needs of another in front of my own. The creature had become my constant companion.

As I rode around trees and roots, I allowed myself to simply be calm as Cyndar picked his way around. I was finally back at my home-planet, although it felt bare without my master, or my mother, or my father, or my uncles. I was always waiting for Uncle Scorch to make a wisecrack, or tell me about my Uncle Sev, or for Uncle Fixer to try and give me a lesson in how to build something. Or for my mother and father to embrace me in a hug, and tell me how proud of me they were. Even for Master Qui-Gon to lecture me, or Uncle Obi-Wan to appear for one of his few visits. But I knew it would never happen. They were all gone. I was the only one left. And I was always glad that the DNA that was used to create my father and uncles weren't used in the Empire's army. It would have been like killing my relatives. I didn't know why, but I had done a lot of reflecting about my life, over the past few days. The Rebellion had been over for almost a year, but I still seemed to still be living in my 'glory days'.

I had been so deep in thought, I didn't notice how Cyndar was acting until he suddenly halted and the spikes that ran along his spine stood up on end. Something finally hit me. Something that had to do with the force. I unconsciously put a hand to my lightsaber that had reclaimed its rightful place at my side not long ago.

"What is it boy?" I asked the lizard. He took a defensive stance and looked around wildly with those predator eyes. Then I saw. A large streak in the sky between the trees in the distance. I knew what it was. A small ship, could be a Y-Wing or even an X-wing, was falling from the sky. I radioed the city immediately.

"Hello? Come-in. This is Commander Wehal." I had to use that name to hide my real name, Kenobi. "Radioing in from sector seven-dash-nine-zero. Anyone there?" I tried to sound calm, but I sensed something. There was a disturbance in the force.

"Read you loud and clear, commander. What's your emergency?" The voice was static. I was a fair distance from the city.

"I believe I have just seen a ship fall into the borderline of this sector. I may need backup if the pilot is injured." He, or she, most likely would be.

"What kind of ship?" the man on the other end asked.

"Ah, I'm not sure. Small. Maybe a fighter ship or a personal transport ship. Could only hold only maybe two people at maximum from what I saw." I hoped what I told him was correct. I bit my lip in anticipation as there was a long pause.

"Do you want to wait for back-up? It's on its way."

"That's a negative. I will go to the ship and see if I can find the pilot. Back-up will not get there fast enough."

"Alright. Best of luck commander." The radio clicked off. Well, here we go. I lightly kicked Cyndar forward, also commanding him with the force, and he ran with long strides towards the smoke that had collected that was back dropped with the setting sun.


Well, there was the ship. I looked down the small slope where the half destroyed ship lay. It was an X-wing and it looked like it took a nose-dive into the ground. I dismounted from Cyndar and led him down the slope. As we came around the side of the ship I saw a blue R2 unit on the ship's top. It was burned up pretty badly and looked like it was offline. I looked into the pilot seat and there lay the pilot, unconscious. I let go of Cyndar's reins and reached in to check the pilot for a pulse from under his orange helmet. I suddenly froze. I sensed the force in this man. I stood there, my arm half-way in the ship. Cyndar nudged me in the back and I shook my head. This man was injured; I had to help him, no matter who, or what he was. He had a steady pulse and I undid his seatbelt and pulled him from the ship. I never knew how heavy a body was! I laid him carefully on the ground and pulled his helmet off. He was very handsome, and around my age too. His brown hair fell around his neck. But I couldn't ignore what I felt right now. This man was powerful in the force. Could this possibly be a Jedi?

I sat there for a moment, almost slapping myself in the head. No, this couldn't be a Jedi, because I was the last. I whistled to Cyndar and he came up beside me and lay down like a bird would lie on its eggs. I opened up one of the saddle pouches and pulled some blankets out. I rolled one of the blankets up and placed it under his head, the other I covered him up with. It was cold and the sun was on the horizon. As I pulled the blanket up to his neck, something rolled out of the X-wing. I slowly stood up and walked over and picked it up. I really don't know how long I stood there, my mouth wide open, but eventually I closed it. The object was a lightsaber! I couldn't believe it. This was a Jedi! I wasn't the last! I pressed the button to turn it on, but no light emitted from it. It was damaged. I wanted to give the man his lightsaber, but I didn't know what he would do with it. He might even attack me. Doubt welled up in my head, and I placed the Jedi weapon on my belt, and covered it with my robes. I then went back to caring for the man. As an hour past, he began to stir. He slowly opened his eyes.

"Wha... Where am I?" He began to attempt to sit up, but I placed my hand on his shoulder.

"It's okay, my friend. You must lay still." He lay back down; he really didn't have the strength to fight.

"Who are you?" he asked. It was barely a whisper.

"I am Salra Wehal. There's back-up coming. We'll take you to the city where you'll be treated." I looked up, it was almost black out. I was so used to using that name now. Salra Wehal. I was never to use my real name: Rowan Kenobi.

"I'm Luke... Luke Skywalker." Now, if I hadn't been thinking straight my eyes would have become huge. What! I tried to keep my face as blank as possible. This couldn't be possible. Skywalker? No it just couldn't be... He couldn't possibly be... "Thank you, for saving me." His voice broke me out of my trance. Many things were going through my head. He turned his gaze to the left and saw Cyndar as the Zanzar watched him curiously. His eyes grew wide.

"Do not worry," I reassured him. "Cyndar looks dangerous, but he will not hurt you." Luke gave a weak grin. Nice. Then he looked to his right at his X-wing. His gaze seemed to stop at the burned R2 unit.

"Artoo." he mumbled to himself more then to me. I could see he was attached to the droid. Pilots seemed to get that way.

"Don't worry, I will personally make sure your ship and R2 unit are repaired." I didn't know why, but I felt that he deserved good treatment, not just from the city, but from me personally. Probably because I thought he might be a Jedi. He gave me a look and smiled again.

"Thank you." He sounded hoarse.

"Now, my good man, you have to rest. You may a slight concussion." I knew exactly how to treat an injured man. Well, not exactly, but I did have some experience. Becoming a rebel had been the most dangerous thing I've ever done, but it did give me most of my life experience. He gave a sigh of relief. Over the next hour, he drifted in and out of sleep.

When the back-up arrived, it was dark. The planet's moon was bright right over our heads as some of the men put Luke onto a stretcher. We carried him to the nearest open space where a transport ship waited. As I walked Cyndar onto the ship, I saw some towing ships lift the damaged X-wing and R2 unit and fly it towards the city.

"Be careful with that ship and that R2 unit." I had told the pilots of the tows as they radioed in to tell us they were on their way home. I promised Luke I would get them repaired, and I kept my promises. As we entered the city, Luke woke from the short sleep he had gotten on the ship. I told him he was being taken to the med bay and that I'd make sure his R2 unit and X-wing would be repaired. Luckily, he didn't ask if I found any of his possessions, meaning the lightsaber. The next time I saw him was the next afternoon.


"Milady?" I heard the voice at the door as I sat in my room looking at the damaged lightsaber. I placed it into my desk and answered.

"Yes, Bennett? You can enter." I knew that voice. It was Bennett, the general's son. He was a captain of the guard in the city. He's a friend of mine, but even he doesn't know about my 'Jedi half'. Bennett opened the door in his uniform.

"The pilot you found, he's woken up." I stood up immediately and walked up to Bennett.

"How is he?" I tried to collect my thoughts, remembering who I thought Luke was. But as for my question...

"He has a slight fever, but he's a nice fellow. First thing he asked about after you left was who in heck you were." Bennett gave a grin. "But overall, he's fine. Other then the small concussion he suffered, he's okay."

I gave a sigh. He had gotten through easy. He was strong, which gave me all the more reason to believe my guess was true. At least the 'mystery man' would be able to give me some answers, although I couldn't blankly come out and ask: "Are you a Jedi?" or "Are you Darth Vader's son?" or "Are you the Walker of the Sky I've been waiting for my whole life?" No. I'd have to get him to either tell me, or give me a hint he was. And the point of his last name being Skywalker anyway? That's a very common name, right?

Bennett led me to the med bay and stopped at the door. The whole time my head was swimming. If this was a relative of Anakin Skywalker, I hoped I could control myself and not scare him away, or even go off on him. Even if he was, what if he was the Walker of the Sky? I didn't want to scare him away. I had controlled myself before, but odd things do happen.

"Hopefully the medication we gave him has worn off." Bennett said as the door opened and I stepped inside. The door closed behind me as Bennett went back to his duties. The room was bright and well, white. I never did like med bays, and had ended up in quite a few of them, and not on visiting standards. Luke lay on the white bed in the small room. He looked better then he had earlier. He actually sat up with ease.

"How are you feeling, Mr. Skywalker?" I asked as I walked to the front of the bed.

"I'm fine," he answered with a muffled yawn. He must have still been a bit drowsy from the medication. "Thanks to you."

"It was my pleasure. You got out lucky. No broken bones or permanent damage." I mentally meditated. The force was strong in him. I was very thankful of the cloak that covered me from him sensing the force from me. But he could be the Walker of the Sky. Now that the vision could possibly be coming true, what in the stars was I supposed to do? I didn't know how to figure out if this was the Walker of the Sky, and I couldn't let myself, no matter how true it seemed, believe he was my 'savior'. I now wished my master had told me what to do when I believed that the Walker of the Sky found me! Blast. I would really need to ride out into the middle of nowhere tonight and do some training. I decided then to get my mind off the subject and give myself a rest. Maybe get some clues. "So, why did you crash anyway." Good Rowan, be blunt now.

He gave a small grin. I don't know why, but my heart skipped a beat. "I don't really know. I was coming into the planet's atmosphere when my X-wing suddenly malfunctioned. Then I took a nose-dive into the ground." He closed his eyes. He obviously didn't like the memory. Now, I didn't want to push him, but I knew that whenever someone new came to this planet, I always asked why. Maybe I was paranoid. Maybe it was because that could be my answer to the question of who he was. I dunno.

"I know it's not really any of my business," I began. "And you don't have to answer if you don't want to, but why would you be coming to this planet?" Well the planet was very secluded; maybe he'd think I was just curious. Or I was asking for the city. Perhaps.

He scratched the back of his head. "Well, this may sound odd, but I'm looking for someone."

"Well, that's not odd." I sounded cool, but I felt as if my head was exploding. He was looking for someone! Could it possibly be... Me? Man!

"Not really, but the person I'm looking for, I really don't know who they are." Okay, now my hopes were dampened. He didn't know who he was looking for! Great.

"Well then, Mr. Skywalker. If you want me too, I'll show you around and help you find who ever you're looking for." I was digging myself in deep. No turning back now.

"You will?" he asked. Oh yeah, heck I would.

I nodded my head. "Definitely. When ever you choose to, I'll show you around."

"Thank you, but you know you don't have to do this."

"Oh, but I will." I gave a small grin, which I didn't do very much around strangers.

"Well, we'll have to wait until they let me outa here, and I'd like to contact my sister. Thank you Commander." His mood had lifted. Oh, yeah, I just loved making people happy. Right. But my anticipation was rising steadily. If this was the Walker of the Sky, I'd finally be able to put my skills to the test and actually use them for something other then training!

"Well, then. Contact me when you're done. And call me Sarla." I told him. Being friendly was something I wasn't good at with strangers, but when you want answers... Wait! Okay, is my brain not working? He has a sister? Whoa. Mind cramps. I turned to leave.

"Alright. Thank you Sarla. And call me Luke." I turned my head around. He really was a nice fellow, as Bennett says.

"Sure thing, Luke. And get well soon."
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