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Chapter 2-A Battle Waged

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Chapter 2-A Battle Waged

I showed Luke around the next afternoon. He seemed to be alright, although I kept a close eye on him. Even though his body may have been weaker then usual, he was strong in the force, and that was blankly obvious to me. And I was always worried my cloak would fail and he would sense the force in me. But he didn't. As we looked for whoever he needed to find (I hoped it was me so I could finally stop hiding) we talked. Apparently, he had been part of the Rebellion, and had been on Endor when the fight was over. He had been through a lot, I realized. But if he was Vader's son, or a Jedi at all, he was keeping it away from me. As the days past he grew stronger, and I grew fonder of him. I knew that he had close contact with his sister and brother-in-law, and that they were waiting for his return. By the end of the week, his X-wing and R2 unit were repaired and ready to go, but he said he would still not leave until he found whoever he was looking for. Now me, I'm not very patient, and this began to bore me to tears, but my break finally came.


It had been about a week and a half after Luke crashed on the planet. I had ridden out on Cyndar; in my suit of old clone armour. It had been my mother's when she worked with Delta Squad for that short time, and it fit me perfectly. Why I had actually worn the suit, helmet and all, I didn't know. I just felt I had to conceal my identity tonight, from whom, I also didn't know. But I was glad as anything that I did. I had ridden up into the mountains, my normal conceal training grounds. I spent a good time fixing Luke's lightsaber and mediating, trying to collect my thoughts. Now, my master wasn't much of a man who meditated, but I gotten into the habit to help me deal with the separation from my family. You see, a year before my parents died, my master took me high into the mountains. I was in solitude for eight months. The only living things I saw were my master and Cyndar. It had been brutal, but it oddly helped prepared me for when my parents died, although nothing could really stop me from mourning.

But as I finished my short training session with my lightsaber and rode down into the forest, something spiked my interest. Cyndar too. I turned the night vision onto my helmet, a feature I adored, and looked around cautiously. Cyndar could see better in the dark then me, even with the night vision. He looked around and his teeth shone white in the black. There was an animal near by, a big animal. I heard something in the brush. Pulling out my lightsaber, I looked around. If it was simply a person, which it probably wouldn't be considering the distance I was from the city, they wouldn't be able to recognize me because of my armour. There was a silence that seemed to last an eternity, then a creature burst through the bushes and ran straight at us. It was a Zanzar! And it had a saddle and bridle. It ran over to us and I calmed it and grabbed its loose reins. This couldn't possibly be what I had heard. I then recognized the Zanzar. It was the mount Luke had used no more then a few days ago when we rode out to a small town not too far from the city on the search for his mystery person. But where was Luke?

I jumped from Cyndar's back and looped the other Zanzar's reins around the front of Cyndar's saddle.

"Stay here." I told my loyal mount. I then walked forward, my lightsaber still blazing. Then I saw it. It was dark out, but you didn't need light to see this creature. A swimie, a large creature with deadly horns and feet that would crush bones, was down in a charging stance. Swimies were very rare around this part of the planet, and I quickly wondered why one would be here. Usually they traveled in packs of about twenty of them, if one was here, more were nearby. I turned my head to the left, and didn't believe what I saw. Luke was backed up against a tree. I had to save him! I was thankful for the helmet on my head now. Very thankful. I was about to take a step forward out of the brush when I noticed a blaster pistol near my feet. No doubt Luke had fallen from his mount and had dropped his weapon. I wondered why he was here in the first place, but I shook it off. I had to get Luke out of here before the other swimies appeared.

I picked up the pistol, and as the swimie sprang from his position, I shot it in the face. It reeled up and I leap out, lightsaber drawn. I sliced the swimie at the base of the neck and it fell into a heap. The scene had only lasted several seconds, but it felt like hours to me. That had been the first time I had used my training in real life. It astounded me. It got deadly silent. I withdrew my lightsaber and Luke and I walked towards each other. Again I was thankful for my helm that concealed my face. But I could just take the helm off, and be done with this game. Could tell him right now who I was and who I believed he was, but some thing stopped me. Doubt. Fear. Doubt that he was the one I had been waiting for. Fear that he would be not and I'd have more years of waiting.

He sort of just stood there, his mouth wide open.

"You're a Jedi?" If it was a question or statement, I couldn't tell. I nodded my head. I didn't speak, my throat seemed tight. "So I'm not the last." He put his hand to the back of his head and grinned in astonishment. My eyes grew wide. I finally had proof he was a Jedi! He looked at me again, and suddenly a run of shock went through me. Would he be able to sense me now? Sense the force in me? Even if I wasn't in this armour and was Sarla Wehal again? I wasn't able to think because Luke looked straight into the guard of my helmet, and I felt he could see into my soul. Then the ground began to tremble. The trance was broken. The swimies were coming!

I whistled loudly and Cyndar burst through the trees, the other Zanzar behind him. Once again, I thanked the darkness; Luke would not be able to recognize my mount. I pulled the reins off the saddle and handed them to him. Then I jumped up onto Cyndar. I didn't say anything, but Luke jumped onto his mount, realizing what the rumble was. I could see the stones on the ground leaping up as the herd of swimies charged closer. I didn't even squeeze my legs as Cyndar bolted away. I could hear the rumble of the charging beasts not far behind me. Luke rode up directly next to me and we ran for dear life. We pulled off into a clearing and the charging herd whizzed by at a safe distance, but the ground still shuddered moments after they disappeared into the blackness. Luke turned his mount to me and looked me as what felt like in the eye.

"Who are you?" he asked. I wanted badly to tell him, but my own insecurity stopped me.

"A friend." I said in a deepened voice, trying to sound different. I then bowed my head and retreated into the darkness. I took the back way into the city and snuck into my sleeping quarters just as the sun rose.


Luke and I were resting on the bottom of the steps outside the barracks of the city. I felt slightly awkward, but he hadn't sensed me, or so I thought. We had searched again for the mystery person, who I solely disliked at the moment, even though it was most likely me. I had been taught to never jump to conclusions though. I had wanted, badly, to simply come out and say: "Luke, I know you're a Jedi. And guess who saved your life last night? That was me! So are you the Walker of the Sky anyway?" If life was only that simple. Well, we sat there and Cydar stood next to me and I patted his head. Now, getting to Luke, I really liked the guy. You could even say I had a bit of a crush on him, although I wouldn't admit it to myself. I thought back to the night before, as I thought he gazed into my soul. I felt something that I've never felt before. But as I sat there I felt pretty content, or at least looked that way, because an utmost annoyance was growing in my brain. If this man WAS the Walker of the Sky, which I truly believed he was, he wasn't giving any sign of it. Maybe he didn't even KNOW he was the Walker of the Sky. Maybe he was as clueless as I was. Maybe these long years I spent in solitude had made me insane, that's what it felt like now. At least I knew he was a Jedi.

I had been so wrapped up in my mental conversation; I didn't notice a scouting party return. I only really realized it when Cyndar stood up and he picked his feet up high. That was how Zanzars greeted each other. The party consisted of five men, all on their own Zanzars. The leader was a man on a large grey-haired Zanzar. As the party dismounted, I saw the general and Bennett walk down the stairs of the recruitment area. They walked over to the scout leader.

"General," the leader said, taking in a breath. He looked like he was in a good mood. "We found the refugee outpost!" Soldiers began to stop and listen to the conversation between the leader and the general. Luke gave me an odd look.

"Refugee outpost?" he asked. I nodded my head.

"As you know, after the Empire was defeated, its armies disbanded." Luke nodded. I remembered the night before. "Well, one of those groups of refugees were thought to have hidden here, considering the planet's so remote. We've been trying to find that outpost of refugees, and apparently it has been found." I tried to sound happy. It wasn't that I disliked the finding of the camp; I felt it would put a wrench in my attempting to figure out if Luke was my savor. I knew that I would be called out to fight, and that I would. I had a debt to pay to this planet, and its people, for sheltering me these long years, even if they didn't know that they were.

We listened to the conversation about the outpost. It was in the middle of a swamp. This planet had everything: oceans, forests, swamps, mountains, grasslands, savannas, deserts, arctic ranges, canyons. Everything under the sun, so to speak. Yeah, Earth was a very diverse planet. But maneuvering tanks or speeders in the swamp would be impossible; the Empire troopers had picked their base well. And this was where I was glad I had a Zanzar. Although I wouldn't take Cyndar into the thick of battle, I could still use him to fight for a short time. As they left to discuss the news more formally in the general's quarters, a question popped into my head. What would Luke do? He had been with me almost the whole time he was on this planet. Would he leave? Would he stay in the city? Would he fight? Another question came up. Would he figure out I was a Jedi? And was that a good or a bad thing? I didn't know, and I continued to ponder this as the day went on and as I went to sleep that night after a brief meeting with the general and the other commanders.

By the next morning, an attack party had been formed. I looked out of the window in my room, Luke's lightsaber in my hand. I'd be heading out in the next few hours, and I felt I should give him his weapon before I departed. But the question still remained in my head. What would he do? I heard a knock at my door.

"Commander? Your squadron is waiting to meet you." I had been given a small group of soldiers to command on the battle field. They would all ride their own Zanzars and we would be part of the main attack force.

"I will be down in a moment." I called out.

"Very good commander." Then I heard the soldier leave. I put the lightsaber into my pocket and as I did so, my hand brushed up against my own Jedi weapon. My eyes suddenly fell to the dog tag around my neck. It had been my mother's, and before that, my father's. Jedi were not supposed to have possessions. It was part of the old Jedi law. But I had two: the dog tag, and my suit of armour. It sat on my bed, and the helmet that was marked in blue seemed to glare back at me. It was the armour that had been worn by the clones of the Old Republic, much like my father's and uncles'. If I was to wear it this battle, it would bring up the question of where I got it. It looked so alike to the armour of the enemy troopers. It would also tell Luke that I was the Jedi he saw last night. If I wore that suit into battle, I would also wield my lightsaber.

I left my room after my reflecting that I had been doing so much of lately, and walked down into the training grounds were my squadron waited. Sudden thoughts of Luke returned as I stepped into the sunlight.


The attack force was loading onto transport ships. Hopefully, the casualties wouldn't be so bad. I had my armour on, under a brown robe of course. My helmet was still on my bed. I had decided that I would give Luke his lightsaber back and if he knew who I was, I'd admit it. It had been a hard decision, but it was the only thing I could do. And for the question of what he would do about the battle? That remained. As I stood there, one of the soldiers in my squadron trotted up to me.

"Lancer," That was a nickname some of my fellow soldiers called me. "We're ready to go. We're all loaded up with supplies and the Zanzars are on board."

"Good." At least something was working today.

"We'll be taking off in twenty minutes." I nodded my head and he saluted me, and then headed off.

"Lancer?" The familiar voice started me. I turned around, it was Luke. Here we go.

"Yeah, Lancer." He walked up to me. "It's a name I was given back in the Rebellion. My squadron use to call me that then it just spread." Normally, that would bring back memories that would put a smile to my face, but right now I was serious. I was about to speak again when Luke beat me to it.

"I'm going with you." Luke looked sternly at me. I'd learned in the short time that I'd known him that he was as stubborn as I was. Getting him to change his mind would be impossible. I tried anyway.

"Luke," I began. "You really shouldn't. You've just recuperated from a crash. Plus, this isn't your battle. You have no reason to fight." I had been waiting for him to say he would come. I really did want him to, but I knew it was his choice, not mine, and that I had to give him a route out if he needed it.

"I'm coming, no matter what you say." He shook his head. "I owe you one anyway." I shook my head. Damn pig-headedness.

"Luke, you're such a..." I couldn't finish my sentence. Luke stared me down. Then I realized something. He knew. He took a step towards me and placed a hand on my shoulder. As he did, the neck of my robe moved slightly, revealing my white armour.

"You really have some explaining to do." He told me. I felt like a child being scolded. I rubbed the back of my neck, something I did when I was nervous.

"When did you find out?" I felt horrible. Luke was my friend, and I had hidden from him. But in a way, he had hidden from me.

"Yesterday morning. Don't know how you kept yourself hidden for the rest of the time I was here, considering how powerful you are." That made me blush.

"I'm sorry Luke, I really am." I looked away. "It's just, I've been hiding this whole time, I dunno, I just couldn't tell you." I dug my hand into my pocket and pulled out his lighsaber, repaired and shined. He took it and looked at it with amazement.

"How did you..."

"I found it when I found you. I had to repair it, considering how badly damaged it was." Then a sudden thought popped into my head. "Why were you so far from the city two nights ago?"

He gave me a grin, and looked me in the eye. "I really don't know. I sensed something. But thank you for saving my life, again." I grinned at him happily,

"You're welcome." I actually didn't feel as nervous as I thought I would.

Luke placed his lightsaber back in his belt with a grin. "You know what gave it away that I was looking for you the whole time?" So this was the Walker of the Sky! I almost let a call out of joy, but I simply kept it to myself.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Your nickname." I gave him a confused look.

"How so?"

"When I left my home I had two clues: the coordinates of this planet, and a name. Lancer. Don't know where I got them, but I did." I realized that this whole thing, Luke crashing, me finding him, him nearly getting flattened, was all planed. By a force greater then anything. My master hadn't been crazy, he had been right. I had been found.

"Why didn't you just tell me that?" I joked, crossing my arms.

His began to joke also. "But what fun would that be?" I gave a chuckle. I really liked this guy.

My training was now over. It had been the toughest thing in my life so far. But what would happen as the vision continued, would make it child's-play in comparison.

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