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Jennifer's eyes fluttered open but she still felt weird from the drug. Jennifer looked up groggily and saw Gerard talking to the Doctor "We can keep her sedated overnight."

Gerard nodded and waited for him to leave. Then we walked over to Jennifer who was fighting to stay awake "Valeria and Frank are driving us home. I think it's best if you stay here tonight. I don't want you around the kids like this."

Jennifer took his hand "Gerard... Please... Please don't let her take my family..."

There was a long, emotional pause and then Gerard put her hand back down on the bed. He turned away. Jennifer tried calling out but she wasn't strong enough. She sees the girls waiting in the corridor. Mia has been crying and Eva had a tight hold of her hand. They both looked terrified. Gerard lead them away. And the last thing Jennifer saw before blacking out was Penina's evil smile.

Gerard tucked Mia into bed. When he leaned down to kiss her goodnight, Mia noticed Penina standing in the doorway. Mia eyed her warily "What's wrong, Sweetheart?" Gerard asked, stroking her hair.

"She's thinking about Jude." Penina said, coming into the room. There was a pause "Aren't you?"

"Yes." Mia squeaked reluctantly.

"Me too." Gerard sighed.

Penina leant down and kissed Mia's cheek "Sweet dreams." She smiled and went out of the room.

She waited in her bedroom until Gerard went down the stairs. And then she snuck over to his and Jennifer's room and started flicking through Jennifer's wardrobe, pulling out dresses and holding them up against her. None of them fit her.

Finally she found one that she quite liked. It was still way too long. She grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting it to make it shorter.

Gerard sat in the living room, sobbing his eyes out and watching an old video of Jude playing soccer. It was the day before they'd decided to adopt Penina in the video. Gerard started thinking about. Was Jennifer just being paranoid or did this all add up?

Back at the hospital, Jennifer was awake again and out of bed. She'd walked down the corridor to where Jude's room had been. She stood in the doorway. The bed that Jude had been lying in was already empty as if no one had been there at all. She walked over to the bed and stroked the sheets. Then fell to her knees and started sobbing uncontrollably.

Gerard heard something from the kitchen and quickly flicked pause. And then there was the sound of an old forties record 'I'm Making Believe' play. It was crackly, bittersweet, sentimental and a little bit creepy. Baffled, Gerard went into the kitchen and stopped short at what he saw.

Penina was standing in the kitchen wearing the dress she'd picked out while cutting some strawberries with a large knife. She'd prepared a plate of cheese and fruit. She'd done her hair in perfect curls with a powdered face, deep red lipstick, thick mascara and dark eye-liner. Then she noticed him and smiled "Hello Darling."

"What are you doing?"

"Making you a snack. You skipped dinner."

"That knife's too sharp for you to be playing with." Gerard said.

Penina put the knife down on the plate and carried it into the living room as if Gerard hadn't said anything. Gerard followed her. Penina left the room and returned with the bottle of red wine that Jennifer had brought and two wine glasses. She poured them both.

"What is this?"

"I wanted to do something special for you." Penina said "I don't like my Daddy to be unhappy."

"But why are you dressed lik that?"

"Don't you like it?"

"No, I don't. You're not supposed to play with Mommy's make-up."

"I'm sorry. I just want to be as pretty for you as she is."

"You don't need make-up to be pretty."

Penina was touched. She looked up at him lovingly "You really mean that, don't you?"

"Of course. Why don't you go wash your face and we'll tuck you back into bed."

"But I worked so hard. Can't we stay up just a little longer?" Penina begged.

She gave him her big, sad eyes. They looked different with all the make-up. Gerard sighed "Alright. We'll have a little snack and then off to bed."

Penina beamed and poured them both a glass of wine "Little girls aren't allowed to drink wine." Gerard said quickly.

"I'm not so little. To family..." She raised her glass in toast. Gerard gave her a sad look but then went a long with it. He clinked glasses with her and took a sip.

Gerard sat down but Penina stood up instead. She picked up a piece of cheese and tried to feed it to him. This was strange. Gerard took the piece off of her and popped it into his mouth "Why don't you sit down?"

"I like being close to you." Penina smiled, touching his face and Gerard suddenly felt very uncomfortable. Penian noticed and quickly pulled her hand away. She stood there for a moment before leaning over and kissing him on the lips.

Gerard was startled. He pushed her away straightaway "What's wrong?" Penina asked.

"Don't ever do that again."

"I thought you loved me." Penina whispered "You said I was pretty."

"Of course I love you." Gerard sighed "But not... It's different than how I love Mommy. You're my little girl."

"Would you stop saying that?" Penina snapped "We can be together now, don't you see? She can't come between us anymore."

"Who can't? You mean Mommy?"

"She's not my Mommy!" Penina cried "Please Gerard, I'll do anything for you..." She reached out to touch his face but Gerard grabbed her hand.

"Penina, stop it!" He yelled "I mean it. This is wrong."

"Am I being bad?" Penina smirked "You can spank me if you'd like. I'll let you, I won't even cry. Unless you want me to."

Gerard gasped with disgust with horror and disgust. He looked like he wanted to vomit "What the fuck?"

Penina was heartbroken. Suddenly she tried to kiss him, desperate this time, grabbing his shirt and pulling him towards her. But he shoved her to the floor. She crawled towards him but he ran round the other side of the table "Please!" Penina begge "Please! You're ruining it!"

"Jesus Christ, just stop talking!" Gerard screamed "Go upstairs and wipe that shit off your face right now."

Penina blinked at him before running up the stairs crying. Gerard rolled his eyes and then ran into the kitchen. He puked into the sink.

Penina ran into her room and looked into her mirror at her face with the over-done make-up and cried even harder.

Jennifer was still sitting at Jude's bed, her eyes red and puffy from crying. Her cell phone rang loudly in her pocket so she pulled it out to answer it "Hello?"

"Is this Jennifer Way?"

"Who's calling?"

"My name is Doctor Varava from the Saarne Institute. I got your mobile number from Sister Judith."

Jennifer sat up, listening carefully "Did you get the picture I sent you? Did you recognise her?"

"Yes I did. Where is she now? Is she with you?"

"No, she's at home with my husband."

"Call your husband. Tell him to get your family out of the house and then phone the police."

"He won't do it. He's not going to do anything without some kind of proof."

"Then tell him that the little girl in the picture isn't a little girl."

Jennifer stopped short, suddenly confused and really frightened "What are you talking about? The picture that I sent you was of our adopted daughter. She's eight years old."

"No, she's not. She has a pituitary disorder that causes proportional dwarfism. She only looks like a child."

Penina stared into her mirror, her tears smudging her make-up all over her face. She looked into the mirror, hating everything about herself. No wonder Gerard had rejected her.

"Her real name is Leena Klammer, she escaped from here around eighteen months ago and she's thirty-two years old."

Penina screamed, starting to scratch at her face with her fingernails.

"This can't be." Jennifer gasped "This has to be a mistake."

"Does she have the scars?"

"What scars?"

Penina stopped crying and started feeling nothing but pure rage and hatred.

"We had to keep her in a restraint jacket when she was here to stop her from hurting our staff, but she was constantly fighting against it until the collar and cuffs starting digging into her skin. She wound up with scars from it. Around her wrists and neck."

Penina pulled away the ribbons from her wrists and neck and looked into the mirro again, staring at her ugly scars and hating them too.

"Oh my God. How could this have happened?"

"She's been passing herself off as a child for most of her life. She worked a prostitute for years, catering to wealthy peadophiles."

Penina opened her mouth and pulled on her teeth. They came away and revealled a gross yellow set of teeth underneath the fakes one she had been wearing.

"She even had a dental appliance made to complete the illusion by disguising her adult teeth. When she was finally arrested, she continued the pretense to stay out of jail and got sent to an orphange. You're not the first to have been fooled. She's been adopted before. A family here in Estonia took her in and lived with her for six months. They never suspected."

Jennifer suddenly felt sick and dared to ask "But why was she at your hospital?"

"Leena is dangerously insane. She was molested by her Father and sexually abused at a very early age. When he took another lover, he told Leena it was because she could never be a real woman. She murdered them both."

Penina just stared at herself in the mirror. Now that the make-up that made her look like a little girl was gone, her false teeth her out and her scars were on display, she looked like a monster.

"She nows sees herself as trapped inside the body of a child and it disgusts her. She wants to be what her Father considered a real woman. She wants to be a wife, a mother, a lover. She wants to grow up."

Penina suddenly screamed, stood up from the chair she was on and smashed it into the mirror. Then she whirled around and smashed the chair into the aquariam. Fish and water flooded out onto the floor.

"When she was adopted here in Estonia, she tried to find love where had found as a child. With her new Father. When he refused her, she murdered the entire family in their sleep."

Jennifer gasped "And then she burned the house down."

"Yes. How did you know?" The Doctor sighed "If it's really Leena, you don't have much time."
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