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Gerard went up the stairs and knocked on Penina's bedroom door "Penina? Are you alright?" He called.

She wasn't in there. The light was on but the room was empty. Fish were still flapping around on the floor, gasping for breath. Gerard gave the broken aquarium an unnerved look "Penina, where are you?" He asked loudly. There was no answer.

Gerard sighed and flicked off the light. He was about to leave but then he noticed something. With the overhead light off, the room was lit only be the black light of the aquarium. Now Gerard could see Penina's paintings in their true light. Gerard took a closer look, flicking the black light on and off, trying to convince himself that he wasn't really seeing them.

He saw the picture that Penina had been painting the day they'd met. The mother lion was still fast asleep but her cubs were dead and there was blood all around the mothers mouth. The paintings that looked like typical family portraits in normal light were now nightmarish visions of death and violence. In one, Jennifer's eyes had been gouged out. In another, Jude's throat had been slashed. In the picture of the whole family, Penina and Gerard looked normal but the others were decomposed corpses. Gerard staggered back in shock. Then jumped at the sound of the phone ringing.

It was Jennifer. She was driving home at top speed in her car with her mobile phone in one hand, desperately trying to call Gerard "Gerard? Are you there?" She cried "Gerard! For God's sake, pick up the phone!"

Gerard turned to go and answer it. But Penina jumped out from a pile of stuffed animals. She thrust her scissors into his right eye. Gerard screamed and threw her to the floor. He stumbled out of the room, blood streaming down his face. He staggered to the stairs, the handle of the scissors jutting from his eye socket. But just as he hit the first step, Penina ran up behind him and shoved him down the stairs.

Gerard went flying head over heels, crashing into the railing hard enough to split it and landed hard at the bottom of the stairs. He lay there in a heap, too stunned to move. Penina appeared at the top of the stairs, staring down at him. She had a rope in her hands and started slowly walking towards him while singing softly "That's the story of, that's the glory of love..."

Gerard realised his leg was broken as he tried to stand. He cried out in agony. He looked up and saw the table with the phone on it and then started crawling towards it. Penina was behind him with the rope, still singing softly "As long as there's the two of us... We've got the world and all its charms..."

He reached for the phone and actually touched it. But Penina pounced on him from behind and wrapped the rope tightly around his neck and started strangling him with it. The phone fell out of his reach. Gerard was too dazed from the fall to fight Penina off "And when the world is through with us... We've got each others arms..."

Gerard choked, clawing at the rope as Penina pulled it tighter and tighter. Eventually his head drooped, his remaining eye now blank. He was dead. Penina gently lowered him to the floor, a tear drop rolling down her cheek. She bent down and whispered into his ear "That's the story of, that's the glory of love."

There was a sudden gasp from the top of the stairs. Penina whirled around. It was Mia and Eva, clasping each others hands, both of them paralyzed with fear. They'd both seen everything. Penina looked up at them, with a re-assuring smile on her awful, mascara-streaked, blood-splattered monster face "It's all right Honey. Come to Mommy." Eva was the first to snap out of it and ran off, dragging Mia after her. Penina scowled "Shit!" She snapped, scrambling to her feet.

She went into Gerard's den, unlocked the safe and pulled out the gun that she'd been saving.

Jennifer was still speeding towards the house, talking on her cell phone again "Nine-one-one, what is your emergency?"

"I need the police, there's an intruder in my home!" Jennifer cried.

Penina went upstairs into Evas bedroom and flicked on the light. There was no one in there. She looked under the bed, opened the closet. But neither of them were in there. She went into Mia's room and tried the same thing. She still couldn't find them.

Mia peered round the corner at the end of the hall. Her and Eva had split up. Eva had signed to her that they'd be safer that way. Mia wasn't so sure.

Once she saw that the hallway was empty, she catiously made her way towards the stairs. Suddenly, Penina emerged from Mia's bedroom. Mia quickly ducked into Jude's bedroom. Penina didn't see her. She looked around, her heart beating fast, for a place to hide. And then she spotted a toy robot on the floor amongst Jude's old stuff...

Penina was searching the walk-in closet in Jennifer and Gerard's room when she heard a loud noise from Jude's room. It sounded like something heavy falling over. Penina smirked and made her way towards the bedroom. When she was nearly there, she could hear a strange grinding noise coming from inside.

She went inside and found a pile of books that had been knocked over but neither Mia nor Eva were in there. And then she found the grinding noise. It was the toy robot. Mia had put it on the book shelf so that as it walked a long on wobbly legs, it knocked books off of the shelf. That was what had made the noise that lured Penina in. Penina scowled furiously at the robot and shot it.

Her back was to the doorway so she didn't see Mia emerge from her hiding place in the bathroom and slip past.

Jennifer was still on the phone "We have officers on the way ma'am."

"Well where are they? Jesus Christ, I'll get there before they will."

"Ma'm, we need you to stay calm. Do not approach the house. Let the officers-" Jennifer hung up the phone and chucked it onto the spare seat. They were bloody useless.

Eva made her way downstairs silently. She hadn't seen any sight of Mia or Penina. Now she was terrified. What if something had happened to Mia? Her Dad's dead body was still at the bottom of the stairs and she nearly puked at the sight but she knew she had to hide. She went into the green house and crawled under one of the tables. But as she curled up under there, she knocked another table and sent a plant pot crashing to the floor. She froze, hoping that Penina hadn't heard it and shut her eyes tightly.

Penina had heard it. She made her way towards the green house. Eva still had her eyes shut tightly so didn't notice Penina coming in. And because Penina was being so silent, she didn't hear her either.

The room was dark and still. Penina made her way around the room, looking under each table but still hadn't found Eva yet. And then, just as she was about to look under Eva's table, she heard the shrieking of car tires outside. Eva heard them too so she opened her eyes and found herself looking at Penina's legs. She held her breath. Penina ran to the window to look outside.

It was Jennifer, jumping out of her car and running towards the house. When Penina saw Jennifer, she left. Eva breathed a sigh of relief.

Jennifer burst through the front door and she was met with Gerard's dead body "... Gerard?" She whispered and made her way over to him slowly "Gerard! Oh my God! Gerard!" She burst into tears, hating herself for what had happened to him. But then she remembered Eva and Mia, the only remaining family she had. She needed to protect them.

So she ran into Gerard's office and opened the door to the safe. She groaned when she found the gun was gone. It was obvious that Penina had it. She went into the kitchen and picked up the big knife that Penina had used earlier. Then re-considered, put it down and pulled out a big butchers knife from the draw.

She ran upstairs and into Mia's room. The bed was empty. Jennifer held back more tears and ran towards Eva's room, praying that Mia was curled up with her big sister. But there was no one there "No!" Jennifer gasped. Jennifer ran back out and towards the stairs, crying, the knife tremblig in her hand "Leena!" She yelled "Leena Klammer!"

Downstairs, Penina heard Jennifer calling her by her real name and froze. Relization bit her like an angry bug. It was over. Jennifer knew everything that she'd tried to hide. Her eyes were panicky. She quickly darted away. She opened the door to the basement, pulled open the breaker box and started flicking switches.

Jennifer was catiously moving down the hallway when all the lights went out.

Eva had just emerged from under the plant pots and froze when the room was filled with sudden darkness. She hated the dark.

Mia squeaked and hid in the downstairs cupboard, trying her best to stay away from Penina.

Eva dived back under the table with the plant pots, knowing there was no use looking for a different hiding place.

Eva looked out from under the table when suddenly there was a crash of lightning from outside. There was a dark figure in the room. She was right near Eva's hiding place. Eva held back tears, knowing this was the end.
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