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Eva sat under the table, hugging her knees and watching the shadowy figure, nearly hyperventilating. She didn't realise it was Jennifer. Jennifer came closer and closer before finally walking away. Eva caught her breath.

Jennifer made her way upstairs and down the hall, still looking for Mia and Eva. Suddenly there was a loud gun shot and she screamed as the bullet went into her arm. Jennifer whirled around and found Penina standing with the gun. She ran into Penina's room, holding her bloody arm and hid behind the door.

Penina went right outside the door. Jennifer held her breath. Penina took a wary step into the room, a tight grip on the gun. Suddenly, Jennifer jumped out from behind the door and slammed her body into Penina's. They both struggled for the gun. It shot out a random bullet. Jennifer knocked it out of Penina's hand and pushed her to the floor. But Penina was like a wild animal, kicking, shrieking and clawing at Jennifer's face.

For a long moment they were locked in position, Jennifer's hand wringing Penina's neck and Penina digging her thumb into Jennifer's thumb. Jennifer screamed in agony, twisting her hand. Penina wriggled out from underneath her and scooped up the gun out in the hall.

She turned around and Jennifer slammed into her again, knocking the two of them down the stairs. They hit the already splintered railing and it broke right off. They both fell through and landed in a tangled heap, Jennifer cracking her head in the process. The gun fell to the floor. Both of them were too stunned from the fall to move, both trying to catch their breath. Jennifer was dazed and couldn't even move.

Penina recovered first and started looking around for the gun but couldn't see it. Jennifer stirred, fighting to stay conscious. Penina squirmed over to Gerard's dead body and wrenched the pair of scissors out of his eye. Jennifer could see what she was doing but could only watch helplessly as Penina walked towards her with the pair of scissors in her hand, ready to stab...

Suddenly there was a loud bang and Penina fell to the floor. Jennifer saw behind her Eva and Mia. Eva was holding the broken railing like a baseball bat and had hit Penina round the back of the head with it.

Penina scrambled back onto her feet. Mia took a step back and Eva tried to hit her agan but this time Penina was ready and blocked it. Then shoved Eva back with such force that she fell to the floor and shrieked. Jennifer saw all this and started looking desperately for the gun. Then she spotted it under the table. It was closer to her than it was to Penina. She started dragging herself towards the table. Penina heard her and was distracted from hurting Eva. She got the pair of scissors, raised them above her head and walked towards Jennifer.

Penina was almost at Jennifer when she grabbed the gun. She picked it up, turned over and shot it straight at Penina.

Eva and Mia screamed and Penina fell to the floor. Jennifer stood up and Penina looked up at her with big, sad, puppy dog eyes "Please don't hurt me Mommy." She whispered.

"I am not," Jennifer screamed "Your fucking Mommy!" Then she shot her again. This one went right between her eyes. Penina kept her dead gaze on the ceiling, a pool of blood forming around her curls. Jennifer dropped the gun and ran to her daughters, lifting up Mia in one arm and holding onto Eva with the other.

What she didn't notice was that the spark you normally see in a childs eyes was gone from their eyes. Gone forever.
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