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Trial #10

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Ms. Bude interviews Garth next.

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Trial #10:

Next Victim...

Bude's interview with Garth:

"Please state your name."

"Garth Wells."

"Is Rachel by any chance your wife?"

"Yes, may I ask why?"

"Just a thought. How long have you worked at Beach Radio Magazine?"

"Six months."

"Why such a short time?"

"My original company merged with them."

"And what was your original company?"

"Blast Attack."

"And how would you compare the two?"

"Beach Radio is better."

"And why is that?"

Garth breathed out and shrugged. "Not so up-tight like Blast Attack."

"So you like a laid back work environment?"

"That's correct."

Ms. Bude didn't say a word; instead she just wrote down some notes. Garth leaned back in his chair. Madison set down her pen.

"Describe the work atmosphere."

Garth shrugged. "It's just like I say, laid-back."

"Is that all?" she asked.

He nodded at her. "Yeah, pretty much."

"Pretty much?"

"Yes, pretty much."

Madison frowned as she wrote down more notes. Garth looked straight at her as she lowered the pen. She glanced up at him.

"Show me your portfolio."

"Yes ma'am." He handed her his portfolio. Madison took it with an icy demeanor.

"Thank you," she said. The woman opened it up and looked over it. Garth sat there with a bored poker face. Madison finally closed the book after a few minutes.

"Thank you for your time," she said at last. Garth rose to his feet.

"Thank you, ma'am," he said. They shook hands and he walked out of the room. Never had he come to hate a woman faster than he had met her.

Diamonds are Forever
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