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God Put a Smile Upon Your Face

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Out of loneliness, Morgan calls up her older sister and talks to her about her latest problems.

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God Put a Smile Upon Your Face:

I sat down at the table and sighed. Nothing I'm planning here is turning out exactly how I want it to. Most of the dishes don't seem to scream "love" in the way that I want it to. I looked up at the ceiling and breathed out. Maybe I shouldn't do the dinner thing. That's not it. This was never about a dinner in the first place.

"I'm just lonely," I muttered to myself. I just really want someone to talk to. I picked up my cell phone and dialed the first number that came to mind.

"Hello?" I heard my sister ask. I sat back in my chair.

"Judy!" I exclaimed.

"Morgan?" she asked. "What's the matter?"

I sighed. "I'm just lonely. Greg's evaluation is today and he's been stressed out lately. I thought making him a nice dinner would help, but I can't come up with anything."


"That's right. I'm just stuck."

"Did you try doing something simple?"

"Even I don't feel like doing that."

"Why not just order out?"

"Order out?"

"Yep, just get him a pizza or something."

"I don't know... It feels kind of cheap in a way."

"Morgan. As long as a guy has good food, he's going to be happy regardless of where it came from."

I nodded. "Perhaps. And what about you?"

"What do you mean?"

"How are things with you and Meredith?"

"Oh. A bit bumpy."

"Bumpy, you say. How?"

"I want a baby and she's trying to avoid the subject."

I made a face on the other line. "How?"

"She just won't talk to me about it."

"No, how are you going to get a baby? I'm mean, you're... you know..."

"Adoption or sperm donors. Lesbians and bisexuals can have babies too now, you know."

I paused for a moment at that thought before it sank in. I laughed stupidly as a result. "Oh yeah, that's right!" I paused as I realized something.

"Hey Judy," I said.

"What?" she asked.

"When was the last time that we talked on the phone like this?"

"High school, junior high. I have no idea."

"Has it really been that long?"


We broke down into talking about love, school, mom, old memories, what we saw on TV, and other random things in that came to mind. I can't remember the last time that I had so much fun before in my life. Suddenly, I don't feel so lonely anymore.

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