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An Agreement and a Snitch

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Someone finds out about the groups little plan...

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Penina's P.O.V

The next day, before we ate our breakfast, we were sat by the computer looking up things to do.

‘I want to go to the beach.’ Shayla said.

‘Me too.’ Mia agreed.

‘Maybe some time in the future, but not today okay? It’s too messy and when we get back the sand would be everywhere. People would get suspicious. Besides, some people don’t like it.’ I explained.

‘We could go to the park?’ Summer suggested.

‘No, too many murders, besides it’s too out in the open. Someone would be bound to find us.’ Frank said.

‘Theme park?’ Ray suggested.

‘Too expensive.’ Gerard said.

‘How about we go to the shopping centre? We don’t have to buy anything, we can just look around. It’s indoors as well.’ Callie said.

‘Actually, that’s a really good idea.’ Jen said. We all agreed.

‘Well, we can go now I guess. No one’s up yet, and it won’t take long to get there.’ I said.

‘Great. Let’s get ready quickly guys, okay?’ Frank said. We all rushed to our bedrooms and got ready, then, we went under the decking.

‘You know the plan right? We get out of the garden quickly, then we run until we’ve turned a corner.’ Raven said. We nodded our heads, I opened the gap, and we all went out. We ran until we turned the corner of the road. We stuck to the plan, and it worked. We’re out of that damn place. We walked the rest of the way to the shopping centre. We decided to stick together for the rest of the trip. Frank held mine and Mia’s hand.

‘Can I go in the toy shop?’ Mia asked. Shayla, Hozzie, and Taylor all smiled in excitement. Gerard giggled.

‘Sure girls, let’s go.’ Mikey said. We went in, and everyone enjoyed the sight. There was a man who was selling things on stilts, Slinkys were moving down a small escalator, and when the man saw us, he gave us all a free lollipop.

‘Welcome to Lulu’s Magical Emporium!’ He said bouncing back to his customer.

‘Oh my god! They have rocking horses!’ Frank exclaimed. He ran up to one and started riding on it.

‘Frank! No! This is like the time when we went to the funeral directors and you tried to get in a coffin! Get off that!’ Bob said lifting him up.

‘Never.’ Frank said trying his best to stay on, but Bob was too strong for him. ‘Damn it. I’ll get you next time Bob.’ He said fixing his shirt.

‘Sure you will sweetie.’ Bob said.

‘Wow Bob. You’re so hot.’ Frank said. He kissed his cheek making all of us giggle. Bob turned red with anger, but Jennifer calmed him down by hugging him and kissing his lips.

‘Let’s go to another shop.’ Ray said. We went out of there, but as soon as we did, we regretted it. Emily was there with Danny, and Addie was in too. She smiled at us evilly before pointing at us.

‘Okay, split up!’ Gerard shouted. I’m not sure where everyone went, but Frank, Mia and I ran to the nearest café after getting out of their sight. We sat in a booth and tried to make us as unnoticeable as possible. We took off our jackets and put them on the floor, and even tried to accessorise what we had on. Frank held up the menu and put it to the side of our faces that people could actually see.

‘Crap. I hate Addie.’ Frank stated.

‘Me too. What are we going to do? Even if we aren’t found right now, we still have to go back there at some time. We’re going to be in the most trouble ever.’ I said.

‘No! I can’t get in trouble. I don’t want to lose my stars!’ Mia said.

‘Don’t worry sweetie. You’ll probably just get a warning. It’s just us older children that’ll get in trouble.’ Frank comforted her.

‘I don’t want you to get in trouble.’ Mia said.

‘It’ll be okay Mia. It’s their fault anyway. It’s so unfair how we’re not allowed outside that stupid home, and quite frankly, I’m kind of…’ Frank said before he was interrupted.

‘Hello loves, what can I get you today?’ The waitress asked. Frank looked up and he sighed in relief when he realised it really was just a waitress.

‘Can we all just have some water, and don’t let anyone know we’re here. We’re hiding from this maniac stalker.’ He answered.

‘Oh… um, that shouldn’t be a problem. Can I have your menu then?’ She asked.

‘No!’ I answered. ‘We need it to hide.’ I added. She sighed and left to get our water.

‘So, what do we do? Do we give up now or just go back later?’ Frank asked.

‘I say we go back later. They have to stop controlling us like this. I hate it. Sure, I don’t mind telling them where we’re going, and I don’t even mind having a curfew for certain occasions, but this is just out of hand.’ I answered. We stayed there for a while longer until we thought it was safe to go out. When we did though, Emily grabbed me and Frank by the shoulders, and she knew Mia wouldn’t let go of Frank’s hand.

‘Fuck!’ Mia exclaimed. We all looked at her shocked, but then Frank and I started laughing.

‘You’re going in the mini-van right now.’ She said. She stormed off with us and threw us into the blue bus that Danny was in. He was supervising the people who were already in there. It was just us, and Gerard and Summer who looked really, messed up.

‘Jesus! What happened to you guys?’ Frank asked.

‘We were caught in the men’s room doing something that both men and women do.’ Gerard answered.

‘We’re together now in case you hadn’t gathered.’ Summer said.

‘How big is his thing?’ I asked conscious that Mia was there.

‘Penina, shut up. You know my thing is the only thing you’ll ever need.’ Frank said.

‘I know, but I’m just curious.’ I answered.

‘It’s like an elephant’s trunk.’ Gerard said proudly. Summer then started laughing.

‘I should be so lucky.’ She said. Gerard laughed too and hugged her. Soon enough, Hozzie and Taylor were bought in on their own.

‘Why were you guys on your own? Wasn’t Mikey looking after you?’ Gerard asked.

‘Yeah, but then we ran to the toy shop.’ Taylor answered.

‘Or at least we tried to. But Emily found us.’ Hozzie said. Mikey and Callie came back soon after.

‘We tried looking for you. Never run off like that again okay?’ Mikey asked hugging them. They were found looking for them. Raven, Ray, Shayla, Bob and Jennifer all came back together.

‘We were in the arcade, and I was wining on the dance machine, but then this bitch decides to ruin my fun.’ Jennifer said pointing to Emily and Addie. They got in the van.

‘We are going to be having a big talk when we get home. What would possess you to go off like that? It’s a good job Addie found out when she did.’ Emily said.

‘I thought you didn’t like people telling tales either.’ Frank said.

‘Why do you always do whatever Addie feels like? No wonder her parents gave her up.’ Summer said.

‘That’s enough! All of you! You’re going to be in the biggest trouble of your life when we get back!’ Emily said. Danny just drove awkwardly. I sighed. Is it too much to ask to have a teensy bit of freedom?

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