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A Life Of Royalty

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"Really? You look like the girls would be queuing around the block to get with you," The younger teen smirked, winking.

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This is another RP by me and Sam, I hope that people like it, R&R?

Gerard had always disliked summer days - especially when Mikey was at his nursery school. During the summer holidays, Gerard was mostly on his own - apart from on the weekends, and the afternoons, when their mother would drop Mikey back at the house and Gerard would get to play with him. Today, however, was not a weekend, or an afternoon, and Gerard was incredibly bored. He sighed, hunching up his shoulders, sitting on the front porch. A youngish teen, was walking his dog, Sweet Pea. He was one of the older boys in the neighbour hood, being fourteen, but there one still one kid a little older than him; His neighbour, Gerard. Gerard lived in the nice part of the estate - with luscious grass and beautiful trees and acres of land behind it, though Frank was sure that they didn't own it all. They couldn't do. Gerard sighed, pulling out strands of grass and entwining them with one another artfully. Why did Ray have to be on holiday? And Bob too? It was unfair that their families were so close, he got a little jealous sometimes, of all their shared holidays, sleepovers, and the like. He never got any fun.
"Slow the hell down!" The young teen shouted as he walked by. Sweet Pea was running as fast as her legs would carry her, which resulted, in the young teen falling face first onto the grass.
"Mother fucker!" He mumbled, pulling himself up, at the feet of an older boy.
"Bad language." Gerard sniggered, gazing at the boy who's face was buried in the grass before him with interest. "Alright?" He asked, still not bothering to help him up, but rather stayed watching him with intent. The teen ran a hand through his hair, smirking.
"Yes, of course, I'm totally fine, even though I just gave the ground a lapdance." He spoke over-sarcastically, hissing a little as he flashed a wicked smile at the older boy. "Fuck, shit, cock, crap, bastard, twat, ass. I like to swear." He stood up, biting his lip with a grin. His demeanor was confident as he spoke, though his burning red cheeks told a very different story.
"I'm not allowed to swear." Gerard replied, nodding at the younger boy as he clambered clumsily to his feet. If Gerard swore, he would be in a large amount of trouble.
"Neither am I." The teen smirked, grabbing the dog lead, wrapping it around his wrist. Gerard backed up a little. He wasn't fond of other people's dogs- he was always a little frightened around them. His own, however, he had no problem with. They never did anything unexpected.
"I've never seen you around here." Gerard noted, continuing to pick grass from beside the large porch steps.
"I only moved in recently, but I think I know who you are," The teen raised an eyebrow at Gerard, tethering his small dog around a nearby tree.
"How?" Gerard asked, intrigued, relaxing a little once the dog was tethered.
"Other kids, adults, just people in general. You're Gerard, known as 'A dashing, charming, handsome young man.'" Frank smirked, chewing his lip in habit as he spoke.
"I can tell you now.." Gerard lowered his voice, his eyes looking around suspiciously. "The rumours are true." He grinned, a soft twinkle lingering in his eye. The teen giggled, blushing a little as he found himself charmed.
"Womanizer?" The teen spoke sarcastically, a little truth lingering. Gerard laughed, shaking his head, the soft hairs flicking into his eyes.
"Nothing of the sort. But the people down at the old people's home say I'm the cutest, so you know, I always have some wrinklies to fall back on." Gerard joked, removing the hair from his eye with his thumb. He hated the old people's home most of the time, though a lot of the people there were very nice, and Gerard knew that he was providing some sort of niceness to them.
"Really? You look like the girls would be queuing around the block to get with you," The younger teen smirked, winking.
"I'll have you know, one of my best friends is a girl," Gerard waggled a finger, before shrugging lightly. "But, eh, I don't know. Girls don't take an interest."
"What, they don't take an interest to you, or you don't to them?" The adolescent asked, scratching the nape of his neck, licking his bottom lip. He stood watching Gerard intently, before dropping to his knees and sitting on the sidewalk.
"Neither." Gerard replied, gazing lazily at the sky.
"Oh, I get what you mean." The young teen smiled, softly, taking a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, popping one in his mouth, and lighting it. Gerard looked at him, a bewildered expression on his face. "You.. You do that?" Gerard asked, covering his mouth subtly. "Not that I have a problem, it's just.." He panicked. The boy took the cigarette between his fingers, taking it out of his mouth and blowing a cloud of dark smoke, nodding.
"I smoke, yep, why are you panicking?" The teen asked, gently, the tinest smirk on his lips.
"I.. I don't want to offend you, or anything, I just.. The smoke. Makes me ill." Gerard murmured, shaking his head. "It's okay. Ignore me, please." The teen took it out of his mouth, stubbing it out on the ground, sighing.
"Why would that be?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Why does it make me ill?" Gerard asked, rubbing his knees awkwardly. "Eh, I don't know. I think it's the taste. I really don't know."
"Oh, makes sense," The adolescent shrugged. "I like your shirt, but weird music taste for a goody goody." He smirked, pointing to his Misfits shirt, which seemed a little out of place with the fancy shoes and dress shorts, that looked a little too small for him.
"I'm not a goody goody." Gerard muttered, looking down. "But thanks. I might not be allowed to do much, but I'm allowed to listen to whatever I like. My friend's older brother gives me tapes." The boy sat beside him.
"You kinda are, you go to an old people's home, you don't swear, you don't smoke, plus, you're known as charming and dashing." He shrugged, "But you are hot as fuck."
"I.. My parents are strict. My little brother goes to a summer school and he's six." Gerard sighed, holding his head in his hands. "Hot as.." He repeated, softly. "Hot?" Gerard had never really used that synonym being used before; not as an adjective for describing a person, anyhow.
"You're attractive, cute, handsome, hot, good looking. I have no other ways to describe it, you're attractive." The boy shrugged, smirking, "I don't have parents. I'm adopted." Frank sighed.
"Oh." Gerard replied quietly, a small smile spread across his lips. "Do you have any siblings?" He asked, stupidly. The boy shook his head.
"Nope, I have no real family, but it doesn't bother me," He smiled, "By the way, I'm Frankie." He bit his lip.
"Gerard." Gerard replied, holding out his hand. His face went a deep shade of red when he realised - most kids probably didn't shake hands, did they? Frank shook his hand, a little bemused.
"Nice to meet you, you may be a little strange, but aren't we all?" He grinned, settling back on the grass.
"I.. Guess so." Gerard looked down at his perfectly shined shoes, swallowing his embarrassment. "I think you're one of the kids my dad told me to stay away from. No offence."
"I may look kind of... Well... I look like trouble, and people say I am, but, honest to God, Satan, Buddha, I'm not all that bad." Frank blushed hard, looking down, his black fringe falling over his face and onto his delicate skin.
"You forgot Allah. And Vishnu." Gerard pointed out, watching Frank intently. Gerard liked Frank. In an odd, kind of way; the way the opposites attract, like two poles.
"Trust me, I'm not that bad, a little forgetful, a smidge annoying and a tad vain. But I'm a nice guy... Just..No one.. Give me a chance, y'know?" Frank smiled, sweetly, tucking his hair behind his ear.
"I was planning on it. I'm bored as heck." Gerard remarked, staring down at his knobbled knees. He hated these shorts, a lot. But it was too hot for any of his other clothes. Frank smiled, softly, nodding his head.
"Thanks, Gerard. I only do a few things in the summer holidays, and I have no idea if you would like to join me in one? You can choose,"
"J-join you w-where?" Gerard asked, gazing at Frank inquisitively.
"Depends, I either, watch movies, go to the lake or just wander around," He shrugged, smirking, "I'm quite a boring person,"
"I'm not any more exciting. Except, I do different things." Gerard replied, his expression warm, his voice lighter as he talked to Frank.
"Like what? Explain." Frank smiled, looking at Gerard, he had amazing hazel eyes, bright and piercing.
"On weekends, I get to play with my brother. I'm not allowed to take him away from the house, but we have a pretty decent about of land in the back, so we play out there." Gerard grinned, talking with his hands. "If my brother's not here, which is a lot of the time, I draw, or paint. Sometimes write. Mostly just do the homework my parents set me." He said, gritting his teeth.
"How old are you? You look a little older than me," Frank smirked, thinking.
"Sixteen." Gerard replied, twiddling his fingers, avoiding the younger boy's gaze.
"Have you had...A proper childhood? Like, going swimming and fishing in the lake? Picnics? Anything?" Frank asked, tilting his head slightly.
"Depends how you define a proper childhood." Gerard hummed, tapping his feet. "My parents played violin with me, taught me to play, as well as piano. They taught me to sing and they taught me all the academia I could need. We go on family holidays, sometimes, though mostly just across the country to meet with our other family. So, not really things like that, but, we're treated well." Frank stood up.
"I'm now taking it as a duty to show you how to have a fun time, okay? I promise I won't hurt you or anything, or put your safety at risk." He held a hand out, smiling, softly, slightly charming.
"Hey. I know how to have a good time." Gerard replied, putting his hands on his hips. "But uh, I'm n-not allowed to l-leave the house." Gerard stammered, gazing at Frank's outstretched hand.
"Are your parents at work? Is your brother at summer school?" Frank asked, an eyebrow raised.
"Yeah, but Mikey comes home in like an hour.." Frank groaned, thinking, humming softly as he did so.
"Idea!" Frank exclaimed, pulling a piece of paper out of his pocket, writing: Gone to a friends house, be back soon Mikey, there is a key under the door mat, love you x. He placed the note on the window sill. "Now c'mon, I promise you'll enjoy yourself," He smiled, winking.
"He's six! Mom's gonna drop him off.." Gerard sighed, looking back at the door. "I'm gonna get in so much trouble." Gerard pulled himself up from the porch and stood beside Frank.
"Whatever, you'll be fine." Frank grinned, beginning to walk. "Now just follow me, okay?" He ordered, walking along the street. "I would say tell me more about yourself, but you've already said quite a lot, but I do have a question,"
"Okay.." Gerard nodded, watching Frank as they walked. Frank was a lot shorter than Gerard, he realised, whilst trying to make some good eye contact. He sighed softly.
"Well, why do people call you dashing, charming and handsome?" He smiled, "You sound like some kind of royalty."
"Because I'm nice." Gerard replied, quietly. "I have taken - or rather, been forced into - speech classes, apprehension classes, pronunciation, the like. I know how to be proper. I know how to treat a person." Gerard continued, his hands moving simultaneously as he spoke. "I have to go to dinner parties and things like that. The dashing, charming, and handsome, however, is just me." He grinned, displaying his skills. "The adults love me. Tell me I'm going to be a lady killer when I'm older."
"But I thought you were... Interested in guys? They don't know that do they....." He raised an eyebrow, giggling. "I'm genuinely surprised that you don't have girls and boys swooning over you, not even kidding." Frank smiled, blushing hard, looking at the floor.
"I'm not interested in gender, Frank." Gerard replied. "But, no, I haven't told them that. I'm high in society, and if I did find someone, they'd only tell their friends I had gotten a girlfriend who went to Yale and was getting her doctorate early, instead of who I was really going out with."
"I see," Frank gulped. "This probably sounds, ridiculous to you, but would you believe me that I'm studying to be a forensic Scientist?" Frank smiled, sighing happily, a little embarrassed that he had wished to reveal that.
"You're smart." Gerard nodded. "A little illiterate, but you're smart." He remarked, a little sarcasm lingering in his tone. "Where are we going?"
"You'll see, and thanks," Frank hummed, rolling his eyes, "You're so, lovely," Frank spoke sarcastically, shaking his head a little as he did so. They walked down a path, not far from either of their homes, and in the not too far distance, they saw a lake.
"Taa daa," Frank threw is arms out feebly, in a showgirl fashion, chuckling. "I thought I'd show you here, it's peaceful, calming, ect..."
"Damn." Gerard muttered, walking towards it. He sat timidly by the shores, being careful not to get mud on his shoes. The large, light blue, crystal lake was surrounded by pale yellow sandy shores, lined with white marbled rocks. The crisp blue sky and small wisps of clouds were reflected in the mirror like water. Gerard was a little in awe.
"Your parents aren't here, no one can tell you off, okay? Take off your shoes if you're that concerned," Frank insisted, grabbing a picnic blanket out of his back pack, laying it by the lake.
"No, it's not that. Well, it is that - but - I wish I had my art stuff with me." Gerard mumbled, scratching the nape of his neck carefully. Frank pulled out a pack of sketching pencils and a note pad from his seemingly never ending backpack.
"Here," He passed them to Gerard, sitting on the blanket, laying down lazily. "You shouldn't be so uptight, and that's coming from a boy who goes to a strict Catholic school." He smirked, looking up at the sky, his hair falling out of his face.
"I'm not uptight!" Gerard whined, hesitating a little before taking the notepad and pencils. "I don't even go to school."
"How come?" Frank asked, rolling onto his stomach, looking up at the older boy, craning his neck a little to avoid the harsh glare of the sun.
"Homeschooled." Gerard cringed at the mud leaking onto Frank's shirt. "My parents say that schools don't challenge you enough anymore." Frank shrugged, sitting up.
"Sounds like fun." Frank sighed, resting his cheek on his palm. "But, you're lucky your parents care about you." He sighed, sadly, looking down at his grass stained shirt, taking it off. Gerard sat quietly, sketching the scenery before him absently. He included a small corner of Frank, the bottom half of his profile - lips, nose, chin, jaw. Just in the corner. He was careful drawing those.
"They care, but I'm pretty sure they only want to have me ready for when they pick some poor, vacuous, rich girl for me to marry."
"I'm guessing, you believe in love?" Frank asked softly, running a hand through his hair. "But, your parents would rather you marry someone you don't have feelings for, but makes you look good, like higher classed?"
Gerard laughed. "I've never thought about love. But yes. I don't really mind, I guess. Then I won't be alone, you know?"
"I get it," Frank sighed, quietly, smiling, "I believe in love, but not at first sight, not possible." He smirked. Gerard grinned inwardly, a little embarrassed to be having this conversation.
"I don't either. Soulmates - yes." Gerard hummed, a soft smile dancing on his lips. Frank nodded.
"Definitely," Frank nodded in agreement, running a hand through his hair. "Finding your Soulmate, must be...Amazing." Frank sighed happily.
"I doubt it'll happen." Gerard replied, softly. "You know, I just don't see a lovely girl.. or guy, walking into one of my parents dinner parties, sitting down and us falling in love. I'm not going to find anyone there." Frank shrugged.
"It's a possibility, you have a much bigger chance than I do, at finding a soulmate." He bit his lip, looking down, feeling suddenly more shy.
"What makes you think that?" Gerard inquired, rubbing his forehead in the heat.
"Well, you're smart, you're articulate, you have a bright future ahead of you, you had a great upbringing, you're quite charming, you're friendly, you have a good sense of humour and you're handsome." Frank shrugged, sighing softly, lacing up his converse again.
"And you think, because we have a different dialect, that you're not all those things?" Gerard asked, his gaze resting on Frank intently. Frank had to admit - he was right. Frank hid his smile, feeling a blush creep onto his cheeks.
"Everyone hates me, because of a few things I've done wrong, girls and boy stay clear of me, no normal schools will even contemplate accepting me." He looked down, looping the laces around his fingers.
"Everyone has made mistakes." Gerard murmured, straightening his fringe carefully.
"I doubt you have, you seem...." He trailed off, mumbling softly, gulping.
"I make mistakes. But I only make them once." Gerard replied, scratching the nape of his neck softly. "One punishment, is quite enough."
"I don't get punished, I think that's why I'm so fucked up. What happens to you, if you do something wrong?" He asked, looking up, a smile tugging at the corners of Frank's mouth.
"I'm usually grounded for as long as they want.. I tidy up after everyone, instead of the cleaner, but the cleaner gets paid anyway. My dad would sometimes smack me over the back of the head, but only when Mom's not there, or he's in front of his work friends." Gerard replied, seemingly not bothered about it. "I mainly just do chores - but I mean, I have to do them anyway, so I just do more. Get more homework. The like."
"Oh, I sometimes get grounded, but I've been in too many foster homes to care." Frank shrugged. "It's a new place, every time my foster parents catch me and bother to ground me, so it gives me a few days to explore around the house." Frank grinned.
"Are your foster parents nice?" Gerard asked, quietly.
Frank shrugged. "Seeming this is my..." He counted on his fingers, endearingly. "Forth or fifth, pair of foster parents, they are one of the nicest, so, yes." Frank sighed.
"Well, that's good." Gerard beamed, pulling his feet up onto the log he was sat on, cringing a little at the dirt. Frank smiled softly.
"I'm guessing, you're not really an outside person?" He asked, giggling.
"I play outside in my back garden, with Mikey." Gerard said, softly. "But - out here? It's all so.. Foreign." Frank shook his head, tutting.
"You're sixteen! You should of practically lived outside, by now." Frank smiled, walking over to the lake, sitting down, dangling his feet in the water, "It's so relaxing outside."
"I don't know." Gerard mumbled, cringing as he watched Frank's toes dip in the water. "My mom's gonna be angry enough, if I get dirty.."
"Roll your trousers up?" Frank suggested, with a small laugh. "It's not rocket science," He looked over at Gerard. "What were you drawing, a little earlier?" Gerard sighed, a tiny laugh in his voice, turning the notebook around and showing it to Frank. Frank got out of the water, sitting next to Gerard.
"Wow, it's amazing, Gerard." He smiled, gazing up at the older boy.
"Thanks. Just a little drawing, I guess." Gerard mumbled, edging himself away from Frank's dirty feet, trying not to upset him. By now, the sky was a little redder, the sun sinking a little lower in the sky.
"Welcome, it's really good, still." Frank reassured, standing up, pulling a towel out of his bag, drying his feet and ankles, before putting his converse back on again. "I have this weird urge, to nickname you, Prince Charming," He smirked, raising an eyebrow.
"If you must." Gerard replied, a sharp twinkle resting in his eyes.
"It just...Suits you, I guess." Frank laughed softly, gulping, blushing a little, laying on the blanket, looking up at the sky, placing a hand on his bare chest.
"Ah." Gerard hummed, looking down at Frank, noticing he was shirtless and quickly averting his gaze. "At the social parties, people always call me champ, or lady killer - or Master Way, which is the usual one."
"But, I really can't see how girls are lining up to date you! It makes no sense!" Frank replied, throwing his bare arms up in the air. "I saw you look away, I don't care, you can look at me, even if I'm topless."
"It's improper," Gerard wavered, still averting his gaze. "When you have a best friend, who's a girl, like me - the girl's don't really come near. I guess, she's like my safety net. She stops people from, you know, trying to ask. She helps avoid that awkward silence." Frank giggled.
"You can be improper, no one can tell you off. " He smiled, sitting up, putting his shirt back on, "Better? And, also, girls are stupid if they don't ask you out."
"They all think Jamia is my girlfriend. Same with Lindsey." Gerard returned his gaze to Frank, once he was clothed.
"I know Jamia! She's awesome! But you do know, she's a lesbian, right?" He added, smirking.
"You don't think I'd know that?" Gerard rolled his eyes. "She's one of my best friends. Lindsey however, isn't, and I'm pretty sure is straight."
"Lindsey? As in, bass player Lindsey?" Frank asked, his eyes widened, giggling.
"Yes." Gerard replied, softly. "If her parents knew about the band she was in, she'd get shamed by the entire social community." Frank smirked."I hate to say it, but I don't like her, and she seems to really dislike me." He laughed softly, "She's such a diva!"
"She's a little defensive." Gerard grinned gently. "I'm sure she has nothing against you. She's very apprehensive about people."
"Dude, she kicked me in the delicate parts, I'm sure she dislikes me." Frank laughed, walking behind a tree, and bringing out his acoustic guitar.
"She did that to me when he met. At a social do'." Gerard laughed, softly. "The amount of trouble she got in.. The amount of trouble I got in!"
"That doesn't seem to put a dent in your lady killer reputation though." Frank smirked, sitting back down, strumming the guitar.
"Of course not." Gerard grinned, watching the guitar strings vibrate with intent. "I tried to play guitar once. Can't really play much."
"Wanna try? I could teach you a couple songs, if you like?" Frank suggested, smiling softly, tucking his hair behind his ear.
"Ah, no." Gerard mumbled, shaking his head. "No way. I'll embarrass myself. I can play the piano though. And the violin." He could have gone on, but nothing really sounded impressive, like the guitar did.
"It's not that hard." Frank smiled, lying just a little. "Any requests?" Frank asked, quietly, tuning the guitar, by ear.
"Um." Gerard hummed, gazing softly at the ground. "Do you know any Pink Floyd?" Gerard asked, his ears pricking up slightly. "I like Goodbye Blue Sky. It's.. A favourite of mine."
"Not my type of music, but I can sure give it a go." Frank smiled, sighing softly, strumming the guitar, beginning to sing, "D-d-d-did you see the frightened ones, d-d-d-did you hear the falling bombs..."
"I didn't know you sang." Gerard mumbled, pushing his hands in his pockets. Frank had a strange kind of voice, the kind where you shouldn't really enjoy it, a wizened voice, with a loyalty and heart to it that forced you to love it. Frank smiled, still strumming.
"I don't much, I'm not that good, but it's fun, even if I'm not that great." He shrugged, strumming gently, finishing the song. "Any others? Smashing Pumpkins, Fall Out Boy and Misfits, are the ones I'm good at playing."
"I like Fall Out Boy." Gerard beamed, pushing himself forward. He looked up at the sky, a little worriedly.
"You want to go home, don't you? You're worried," Frank swallowed, blushing slightly. Frank started playing I'm Like A Lawyer. "Me and you, setting in a honeymoon, if I woke up next to you, if I woke up next to you..."
"It's just.. It's gonna get dark soon." Gerard mumbled, tangling his fingers, listening to Frank sing softly. Frank finished the song, hiding the guitar.
"I can walk you home?" He smiled, blushing.
"Okay. You might have to.. Drop me off at the corner." Gerard sighed, standing up. Frank nodded.
"Alright. But if you see me tomorrow, you might be pleasantly surprised." Frank smiled, grabbing his backpack, walking up the path, along side Gerard.
"I'll try and see you tomorrow. If you want." Gerard replied quietly, walking briskly.
"I don't mind, but I'll definitely look... Very different." He giggled, practically breaking into a jog.
"Why?" Gerard asked, moving quickly to keep up with him.
"In the summer, because I go to a Catholic school, we have extra school on Fridays, so I have to wear a uniform." He smiled.
"Oh right." Gerard replied, softly, walking up to the block where his particularly posh house resided. Frank stood at the corner, looking at Gerard, smiling softly.
"You're very interesting, and we seem to get along, Prince Charming." He giggled.
"See you tomorrow, Profanity Boy." Gerard remarked, walking ahead of Frank, turning and flashing him an utterly charming smile before turning back around and stepping cautiously into his home. Gerard knew he was in trouble from the moment he shut the door behind him. Frank smiled, nodding his head.
"See you tomorrow," He mumbled inwardly, walking to his home, down the road. Frank knew he was getting a crush on Gerard. Damn it damn it.
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