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"Also, did you just call me baby?"

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Frank woke up the next morning, knowing everyone would be asleep at 6am. He got dressed in his usual school uniform, a crisp shirt, a tie, and a dark bottle green blazer. He combed his hair, and tied the shoelaces on his scuffed dress shoes. He moved out of the house and lingered a little longer near Gerard's, the tiniest bit jealous of the valour it possessed.

Gerard grumbled throughout the day, practising his violin and piano for a few hours, trying his best to keep himself entertained, throughout the summer holidays. After a while, his parents returned with his brother, and he resumed space in his bedroom, sitting with his brother and watching him fill out endless colouring books.

Frank sat bored in Math class, willing for the final bell to ring. Once the sound arrived, Frank sighed, spilling out of his seat and away from the school, going back to the estate. He loosened his tie just, as he walked.

"I'm going to learn how to play the drums." Mikey announced, in his small, childish, squeak of a voice. Gerard laughed and rubbed a hand through his hair.
"Are you now?" Mikey nodded and patted Gerard's legs with his little palms and stubby fingers, mimicking what Gerard thought was a poorly built drum kit. Frank walked past Gerard's house, stopping for a second, wondering if he should stop by. He walked up to the massive front door, knocking, straightening his tie nervously. A tall, slender man, opened the door. He had sharp features, small eyes, and perfectly gelled hair. He wore a cut suit, which fitted him tightly, highlighting his muscular arms and toned chest.
"And you are?" He asked, his voice low and smooth.
"Frank Iero. I'm a friend of Gerard's." Frank looked up, gulping, his eyes big and slightly scared of the much taller man, feeling a little intimidated.
"You go to the local catholic school." The taller man spoke. "Gerard's grounded right now. I'm sorry." Frank nodded, softly.
"Yes, I do, even though I'm not catholic." Frank smiled slightly, "May I ask why?"
"Oh, he was out with some youth yesterday. Gerard won't talk about him. Peer pressure, you know." The taller man sighed, shutting his eyes for a moment. "Anyhow, you look somewhat respectable. I'm sure we can trust you. I'm Gerard's father, by the way." He held out a large, firm hand to Frank. Frank nodded, taking his hand, shaking it, before realising.
"I understand, and thank you, I've been told, I'm quite a good role model." He lied through his teeth, trying his hardest not to giggle or grin, running a hand through his hair.
"Hm." Gerard's father nodded, a soft, just smile appearing on the corner of his lip. "I hope we see you here again, Mr Iero."
"I hope so too, Sir." Frank smiled, softly, blushing, "I must head home now, dinners on the table and I don't want to be late, it was nice to meet you," Frank nodded his head, "Good bye." He stepped off the Way household's porch, walking down the road, giggling, biting his lip. Gerard listened intently, sighing a little in relief as his father gave Frank the all clear.
"Who are you listening to, Gerard?" Mikey asked, poking his older brother in the side.
"I.. nothing, Mikes. Come on, I think we have to go lay the table." Gerard smiled softly, pulling Mikey into his arms and carrying him downstairs.

The next day, Frank returned from tutoring, finding the house empty. He had very little to do on days like this, so he got on his bike, riding around the block, humming happily. He had nothing better to do, his tie was slightly loosened, his hair a little messier from this morning.

Gerard pulled Mikey onto his lap, letting Mikey hit the piano keys with an excited squeal. Each time his finger pressed a key, he grinned excitedly. Gerard always enjoyed his Saturdays - Mikey would get to stay at home, and he wouldn't be completely alone.

Frank gulped, feeling his heart beat in his chest as he knocked on Gerard's door once more, praying his parents weren't in. Gerard jumped, letting Mikey hop off his knee. Mikey took his hand and moved quickly towards the door, dragging Gerard behind him. Gerard opened the door and grinned softly.
"Hi Frank." Gerard beamed. Mikey looked up at his brother in awe, as he always did, and imitated him, repeating his words.
"Hi Frank!" Mikey chirped. Frank smiled, dressed in his school uniform, just in case Gerard's parents were in.
"Hi, Gerard," He smiled, crouching down to Mikey's height. "Hello, Mikey." Frank smiled, standing back up, loosening his tie. "I told you I'd look... Different." He beamed.
"I like this." Gerard murmured, gazing at Frank. Mikey chirped, hopping a little. He was overexcited, a lot of the time. "Do you want to come in? My parents are out."
"Yes, please." Frank nodded eagerly, looking at Gerard, blushing softly. He was a little more than eager to see the inside of Gerard's already beautiful home."And, thanks, improvement?" Frank asked, giggling.
"I like suits." Gerard hummed, stepping back, moving Mikey softly along with him, to allow Frank space to walk through. Frank nodded.
"I can tell." He smiled, softly, running a hand through his hair, stepping into the massive house. "Woah." He turned his head, glancing around him.
"Eh, I'm not going to give you a tour." Gerard grinned, shutting the door. "But, the kitchen's right over there, the art studio is over there.. The music room's over there.." He gestured. "Main Living room over there, dining room.. And upstairs, my room, Mikey's room, and me and Mikey's living room." He finished, a little out of breath. He moved over to the large windowed doors, which led to a patio, and looked through them. "Out there's our fields, with the pond slash lake thing, and the little forest."
"Wow, um... I'm actually speechless." Frank gaped, giggling, eye widened, "Um.. You have a big home." Frank gulped, beaming a soft, friendly smile.
"It's Alright. It's home." Gerard nodded, gazing towards the kitchen. "Want a drink?" He asked, moving a little closer to the kitchen door.
"Sure," Frank sighed in relief, undoing his tie, leaving it around his neck, "Oh yeah, me and your dad were talking yesterday, he is a nice guy, but for someone of my.. Stature, he is a little intimidating." Frank laughed softly, blushing, following Gerard.
"He gets that a lot." Gerard laughed, opening the sleek, chrome fridge. Inside was mostly health drinks, milk, and endless supplies of water. "We don't have many nice things, sorry." Frank shrugged.
"I'll just have water, please." He smiled, "He also said about yesterday, being peer pressure..." He sighed, swallowing his guilt.
"He doesn't know it was you. He assumes. I didn't tell him anything." Gerard snapped, collecting glasses from his cupboard. "What do you want to drink, Mikes?" Gerard's tone of voice changed, going a little softer, as he dropped to a kneel.
"Orange Juice." Mikey replied, matter of factly. "Will you put me in the big chair?" He asked, indicating towards the taller, bar stools, which were situated around the breakfast bar.
"Frank, would you mind doing that for me?" Gerard asked, turning back to the fridge.
Frank nodded, kneeling down, picking Mikey up. Mikey squeaked, giggling as Frank popped him in the bar stool.
"Okay, I just, I didn't mean to, like, drag you along, you seemed interesting and I wanted to know you better." He blushed, sighing.
"I know that." Gerard replied, passing the glass of water to Frank. "If I didn't want to go, I wouldn't have." Gerard poured orange juice into a plastic cup and placed it in front of Mikey. Frank smiled as he took the glass.
"Thanks and thanks." He blushed, "Also, I heard you're now grounded?" Frank gulped, looking down, taking a sip of water.
"Dirty muddy shoes. Dirty muddy trousers. Leaving the house and making my mother stay home with Mikey, instead of dropping him off.." Gerard shook his head. "It's alright. Not much of an issue anyway, I'm not really allowed to leave the house normally."
"I am sorry though, it wasn't my intention," Frank sighed genuinely, biting his lip, as he leant against the table. "But, to be honest, being stuck at home all day, everyday, doesn't seem to be too bad." Frank giggled.
"You'd be surprised. Good thing I have Mikey here with me!" Gerard's voice rose as he darted towards Mikey, tickling him suddenly in the ribs. Mikey giggled and kicked, putting his cup back on the table. It seemed, Mikey had particularly decent manners also.
"Aww, he's so adorable." Fran cooed, giggling, looking at the brothers play fighting.
"Nah, he's a total rascal." Gerard pulled Mikey off of the chair, as Mikey wrapped his stubby legs around Gerard. "You want to sleep for a bit, Mikes?" Gerard asked, rubbing a hand over Mikey's hair. Mikey nodded, leaning forward against Gerard's chest. "Alright. Come on then. Frank, you coming?" He questioned, moving towards the door. Frank nodded, following behind Gerard and Mikey, they had such a sweet bond. They walked through several hallways before arriving at a large, spiral staircase.

Frank stood outside of Mikey's door as Gerard put Mikey to bed. Gerard lay him down, tucking the covers over him.
"I'll come get you in a couple of hours okay? We could go down to visit the horses, maybe." He murmured. Mikey nodded enthusiastically with a grin. Gerard pushed a kiss to Mikey's forehead and whispered him goodnight. Frank stood patiently, smiling, fiddling around with his tie, biting his lip as he undid one of the buttons on his shirt, waiting for Gerard. Gerard returned, a soft, endearing smile on his face.
"I don't know what you want to see in here." Gerard laughed. "We have a lot of rooms, so explore, I guess?" Frank shrugged, nodding.
"Awesome, you're leading the way, I might get lost." He laughed, softly, smiling. "Just wondering, do you wear anything other than suits?"
"Um, shirts, ties, waist coats. Particularly nice large collared coats, too. I'm always dressed sharp. Apart from when I'm asleep, or lazing about, then I wear band t-shirts." Gerard grinned, guiding Frank through to his art studio. Frank gulped, smiling.
"I would wear suits more... I just look.. Funny, they don't seem to suit me, at all." He giggled, following Gerard.
"You don't know, until you try it." Gerard hummed, opening the door. "I don't exactly like wearing suits all the time. It becomes a habit, though."
"I wear a school uniform of shirts, waistcoats, ties and dress pants, it looks weird on me, or well, that's my opinion." Frank smirked, chewing his lip, playing with his tie.
"Not mine." Gerard threw his arms out, displaying the room he stood in. "This is my art studio. My parents are at least good for one thing." He joked. Frank blushed, smiling, a little jealous.
"Woah, nice studio!" He gasped, looking at the easels and sketchbooks, lying around. "Did you do all this?" He asked, softly.
"Yeah. Apart from those fingerpaints." Gerard grinned, gesturing to the scattered papers, decorated with messy fingerprints. "Those were Mikey's.."
"You're.. Really talented." Frank smiled. "You definitely have an eye for painting, Prince Charming." Frank smirked, giggling, walking over to a massive canvas, with a sunset laid on it.
"Thanks, Profanity Boy." Gerard replied, watching Frank gaze intently.
"I'm one year younger than you, I'm not a boy." Frank grinned, blushing, turning around to face him, crossing his arms. "I'm a man." Frank joked, gigging, his arms still crossed over his chest, "I'm just.. Really tiny."

"I'm afraid, my dear child, that you, are a boy." Gerard paused, blinking slowly. "Profanity boy." Gerard tapped Frank on the nose and moved away, ushering for Frank to follow him. Frank blushed, giggling, scrunching up his nose, letting his arms dangle by his sides again, following the older boy.
"I'm still calling you Prince Charming." He smirked.
"And I'm still calling you profanity boy." Gerard wandered through to the music room, where the walls were covered in records, a piano in the corner, guitars laid around, as well as a double bass, a viola, a cello, and a small, deep crimson violin displayed proudly. "Though, to be fair, you haven't actually sworn since you got here, but I'm sure that was for Mikey's sake." Frank nodded.
"I don't like to swear when there are little kids, it's not nice." He smiled, sweetly, "See, I'm a nice guy." He giggled, looking around, "Okay, this place is some kind of heaven."
"I like it in here. My dad used to play the guitar, if you're wondering." Gerard gestured to the several acoustic, and electric guitars that rested on and against the wall. "Everything else, is mainly for me."
"Play me something, pretty please?" Frank asked, his eyes big, looking up at Gerard with his best smile. "Your dad spent a lot of money..."
"We're well off Frank, it wasn't much for him. He felt bad, wanted to make it up for me.. And he wanted me to be able to play stuff for when their friends came over.." Gerard walked over, selecting his violin. Frank smiled, sitting carefully on the piano stool, gazing at Gerard.
"Four Romances, and a Lunch." Gerard spoke solidly, before pushing the bow elegantly across the strings, barely showing concentration as he slid the bow seamlessly. Frank sat, caressed by the music filling the room, it was so beautiful. Gerard finished, sliding the bow across the strings slowly, then pulling it to his side. He nodded courteously and held the violin awkwardly in his hands. Frank clapped, smiling.
"You're really good at everything!" He grinned, sincerely.
"Uh, thanks." Gerard beamed softly, stroking the violin a little before placing it carefully in it's stand. "I've played for a long time."
"I can tell," Frank smiled, gazing at Gerard, blushing hard.
"How long have you played guitar for?" Gerard asked, brushing a hand over his face.
"Hm... Six years," He shrugged. "Not that long, what about you and violin?" Frank asked, tucking his hair behind his ear.
"Since I was Mikey's age." Gerard groaned, rubbing a hand through his hair. "Never wanted to, but I love playing it now." Frank bit his lip, gulping.
"Cool, you're really good at a lot of things, aren't you, Prince Charming?" He smiled.
"You gotta, to be a Prince." Gerard smirked, holding the bow in his hand, stroking the horse hair gently. "Do you want to go outside?" Gerard asked, softly. Frank nodded.
"Sure," He smiled, following Gerard to the massive glass doors, "Everything in your house, makes me feel really short." He giggled.
"That isn't really hard." Gerard replied, opening the large glass doors and stepping through it. Before him, past the patio, lay many acres of grass, a paddock, a forest, and a rather large pond/lake resting near the bottom of it.
"Wow," He gulped, smiling, "Oh yeah, thanks for calling me small." Frank looked up at Gerard, sticking his tongue out, "Meanie." He pouted, crossing his arms, giggling.
"It's the truth, boy." Gerard skipped ahead, after shutting the doors behind him. "Come on. If you want, you can paddle in the lake." Frank ran after him.
"I'm not that small, maybe everything in your house, is just abnormally large." He smirked, raising an eyebrow, stopping at the side of the lake.
"Nope, you're small." Gerard teased, a grin on his face. "What do you think?" He said, pointing a hand out to the vast countryside, hidden behind Gerard's home.
"It's nice," Frank giggled, "However, I am fun sized." He bit his lip.
"That is the name they give to little chocolates at the supermarkets." Gerard noted, a soft gaze spreading over the lake. "They are not fun sized, they are very, un-fun sized."
Frank chuckled, "I like your sense of humour," He blushed, looking at the lake, smiling.
"My parents don't." Gerard laughed, feeling a little more comfortable among his own nature. "Their work friends do, though." Frank nodded.
"I see," He smiled, blushing, scratching the nape of his neck.

Gerard sat a little longer, before picking up a stone, and throwing it, skipping it along the water.
"Damn you, I can't do that." Frank smirked, smiling, trying, but failing.
"I could teach you." Gerard asked quietly, smiling softly at Frank. Frank nodded eagerly.
"Yes, please," He giggled softly, feeling his cheeks burn again. Gerard reached down to the ground.
"You've got to pick a flat stone. Otherwise it won't work." He smiled, placing it in Frank's hand. He moved behind him, putting a hand carefully around Frank's wrist. "Then you bring your arm back like this.." He tugged Frank's arm back gently, pulling it into Frank's neck. "Like a shotput, yeah? And then, you throw your arm forward, flicking your wrist." Frank gulped, his heart pounding in his chest, blushing hard.
"Okay, I think I understand," He sighed happily, trying himself, doing it correcly. "Thank you, Prince Charming," He giggled, turning around to face him.
"It's alright, Profanity Boy." Gerard hummed, softly. "Now, when the rock skipping Olympics come, you, will win gold, my friend." Frank giggled, nodding his head.
"Well thank you. May I ask you a question?" He smiled.
"Sure." Gerard murmured, bending back over to gather more rocks in his hands.
"Is it nature or were you taught how to be so charming?" He asked, smiling softly, grabbing some rocks, skipping them proudly.
"Little bit of both." Gerard replied, a wizened grin dancing on his lips. "I am taught etiquette, vocabulary, being polite, punctual and smart - however, the charm, I can work through these things."
"Because, well, this probably sounds stupid, but y'know a couple days ago, you were walking back to your house and you smiled at me..." He blushed, gulping.
"All me, dearest." Gerard smiled at the sky, checking the whereabouts of the sun. His ears pricked as he heard the phone ringing from inside. "Hold on." Gerard stood up, sprinting inside the house. Frank nodded, blushing, gulping, he really shouldn't of got a crush on him.

Gerard returned, doing a slightly awkward happy dance as he walked towards Frank. Frank spoke fast, trying to get his words out.
"Well, you smiled at me and it made me blush and you're really charming, and I don't know what to say." He looked at his shoes, knowing he was blushing now.
"My parents are staying out late. So you can stay and have some dinner, with me and Mikes, if you want. Which reminds me - I was gonna take Mikey down to the paddock and see the horses.." His voice trailed off, looking at Frank. "You don't gotta say a th'ang, baby." Gerard cooed in a ridiculous southern accent, before heading off into the house.

"Wait, hold on, couple of things, horses?! You have horses?!" He scoffed, giggling, "Also, did you just call me baby?" Frank gulped, blushing more, knocking his hair into his face, following Gerard, back to the house.
"We have horses, yes." Gerard hummed. "I was doing an accent." Gerard turned and flashed a grin. "But yes, yes I did."
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