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Lights In The Forest

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"This isn't a fairy tale, Profanity Boy,"

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Gerard swung himself around the banister and escaped upstairs, to Mikey's room. A high pitched, squeal of laughter followed shortly after. Frank laughed softly, holding onto the banister, blushing hard, grinning. He chewed his lip, waiting patiently. Gerard returned down the stairs, Mikey swooped under his arm.
"We're gonna see horses, yeah? And the dogs." Frank smiled, his cheeks still pink as Gerard and Mikey, walked down. The trio arrived together at the paddock, where Mikey squirmed from under Gerard's arm and towards the horses. He reached out to pet them, and they let him, feeling familiar around him.
"Wow, I'm genuinely thinking you're a Prince now." He giggled, flicking his fringe out of his face, to look up at Gerard.
"Hm, not quite, but I am getting there." Gerard grinned, gazing over at Mikey. Frank was a little unsure as to whether he was joking or not.. Frank smiled, shrugging.
"You...Have a nice smile." He mumbled, quietly, blushing, letting his head drop downwards slightly.
"Thanks." Gerard replied, moving towards the dog pen. "You want to meet them?"
"Welcome and yes please," He smiled, blushing. Gerard moved over to the dog pen, whistling, pushing his two fingertips into his mouth as he did so. Two dogs appeared - one little jack russell, another springer spaniel. "Hi! Hi!" Gerard's voice went high as he talked to the animals. "Frankie's come to see you, ey?" Frank knelt down, letting the jack russell run up to him, barking playfully. He stroked the dog, gently, smiling.
"He likes you." Gerard grinned, leaning against the gate. "That springer's pregnant. You want to watch out for that fat stomach of hers." Frank giggled, stroking the dog, one last time, before standing up, next to Gerard.
"Do you have any pets? Other than the dog, of course."" Gerard asked, gently stroking the dog that was panting happily by his feet.
"I have one dog and one cat," He shrugged.
"We have some cats. And some chickens too."
"Fancy, Prince Charming."
"Yeah yeah, Profanity Boy."
"I haven't swore all day," Frank grinned. "You have no right to call me, Profanity Boy." Frank smirked, standing on his tiptoes, so he could look Gerard in the eye.
"I have every right - it's your name." Gerard rose an eyebrow, staring down at Frank with a sense of superiority. Frank tried to get as high as he could, standing on the tip of his converse, placing his hands on Gerard's shoulders, to keep him balanced.
"Fine." He smiled, gazing into Gerard's eyes.
"Still the bigger boy, dear," Gerard smirked, poking Frank in the shoulder.
Frank growled, staying balanced. "I like being at this height, I can actually make eye contact with you."
"I like you smaller, to be honest." Gerard grinned, leaning a little closer to Frank and breathing out, spreading his hot breath over him, before quickly turning and running towards Mikey. Frank's eyes widened as he suddenly came back to his normal height, gulping, blushing hard, his heart thumping in his chest.
"Dammit, Prince Charming." He mumbled to himself smiling, sitting on the gate, looking over at the brothers. Gerard grinned, letting Mikey crawl onto his shoulders. Gerard stood up to his full height, Mikey giggling in excitement as he watched over the paddock from particularly high.
"See Frank - Even Mikey is taller than you." Gerard smirked, looking up at Mikey. Mikey copied him. "Yeah Frank!" Frank laughed.
"Yeah, Yeah, I get I'm some kind of pixie." He smiled, winking at Gerard, down, petting the dogs.
"Only messing, Profanity Boy," Gerard poked Frank softly in the side with his foot. Frank laughed.
"Yeah, Yeah, Prince Charming," He smiled, standing back up.
"Geraaaaard." Mikey whined, clutching onto his brothers hair.
"What's wrong, Mikey?" Gerard asked. Frank looked over, sitting back on the gate, beaming softly.
"I'm hungry Gerard! We need some food," Mikey hugged onto Gerard's head. Gerard grinned and nodded.
"Alright. Come on. Frank!" Frank ran over dutifully.
"I'm starving," He giggled, walking beside Gerard,
"I'm going to cook something really good." Gerard grinned, walking beside him.
"So you can cook, play music, draw and paint, just by any chance, can you fly?" He asked, beaming.
"No, but I go to RAF Kadets." Gerard laughed as they walked. Frank laughed, smiling, "I don't think I'm ever going to call you Gerard again, I'll just call you Prince Charming forever."
"Hm, can't be a bad thing.. And that's Private Charming." Frank giggled, smiling.
"So, what do you think you're going to cook?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.
"I thought, maybe lasagna." Gerard looked up at Mikey and glanced sideways to Frank. "That alright?"
Frank nodded, smiling.
"Mmm, yummy." He giggled. Mikey made a similar noise, clutching onto Gerard's ears for support. They walked together into the kitchen, where Gerard moved Mikey from him and onto a bar stool. Frank grinned, taking a seat at the bar stool, next to Mikey, tucking his hair behind his ear, gazing at Gerard. Gerard moved around quickly, cooking, spinning every time he turned, being jazzy as hell. "Come on Mikes, lay the table." Gerard smiled, lifting Mikey down. Mikey sped to work immediately, knowing exactly how things worked. Frank sat back, bemused as Gerard spun around theatrically.
"Okay, so, I see you're a born performer." He laughed softly, looking at Gerard.
"Yeah, yeah." Gerard hummed, pushing the lasagna in the oven to cook. "So, we have to wait a little longer." Frank placed his elbows on the table, resting his head in his hands, looking at Gerard.
"Why do you do little charming things to me?" He asked, softly, grinning.
"Maybe, I just can't help it." Gerard raised an eyebrow, shutting the large aga door with his backside, and resting against it.
"I doubt you would call everyone baby, or blow your breath over everyone's faces, grinning and smirking." Frank smirked, running a hand through his hair.
"What are you implying?" Gerard asked innocently, batting his eyelashes. "How do you think I get those old fogies to love me?" He grinned.
"Hm... I'm just saying, that, you wouldn't do that to everyone, it's close to flirting and I know for a fact you wouldn't flirt with old people." He laughed softly.
"I have no idea what you're talking about." Gerard pouted, turning around to check the lasagna. Mikey stood, waiting to be lifted back onto the bar stool. Frank lifted Mikey up, placing him on the stool.
"You do know what I'm talking about, Prince Charming." He smirked, grinning.
"Mm, I'm afraid we'll never know." Gerard swung his hips and dropped to his knees to remove the lasagna. Frank bit his lip.
"I think I know...I just don't wanna say it, because if I'm wrong, I'll look like an idiot." He sighed.
"Save it for another day, huh?" Gerard hummed, swivelling around with the lasagna in hand. "Or just.. Another time."
"We'll see." Frank smiled, looking up at Gerard, winking. Gerard served out the food accordingly and ate, watching over Frank and Mikey as he did so. Frank nodded.
"Thank you." He smiled, eating it, slowly, taking small bites.

After they were finished, Gerard carried Mikey to bed and tucked him in, before returning down to Frank with a grin.
"Come on." He said, a soft smile brewing on his face.
"Come on, where?" Frank aksed, blushing. He flicked his hair out of his face, looking over at Gerard.

"Just.. Come." Gerard smiled eagerly, scampering out of the house. He led them out of the back garden, and through into the small forest at the base of the first field. The sky was a soft blend of deep crimson and orange, violet and blue, and small stars were beginning to appear behind the small remaining clouds. Frank gasped.
"It's... Beautiful." He beamed, looking up at the sky, sighing happily, then turning to look at Gerard.
"This isn't the best bit." Gerard grinned, darting through the dark trees and coming out in an open space, where small fairy lights had been placed up and around the trees, and the tiniest fireflies hung around. Logs were cut into the perfect shapes to sit on. Frank's smile grew wider as he took in the atmosphere, gulping.
"Oh, wow." He giggled, looking around, "It's.. Really nice." He was a little speechless as he sat down on one of the logs.
"This is my little place." Gerard grinned, softly. He rushed behind one of the trees and pulled out a jar, from a rather large box. He moved stealthily towards the fireflies, slowly, and captured one in the jar. Frank giggled.
"Wow, you really made it yours," He smiled, blushing slightly, "I'm cold," Frank wrapped his arms around himself. By now the summer air had cooled and turned to a soft, chilling breeze.
"No issue." Gerard tossed a blanket from the box in Frank's direction. "I've got everything down here. Even my spare violin." Frank nodded in reply.
"Thanks," He smiled, wrapping himself up in it, but leaving his arms out. "Come here for a second, please?" He motioned for him to come. Gerard nodded slowly, standing in front of Frank.
"What?" He asked, quietly. Frank leaned up, pressing his lips to Gerard's, smiling and blushing hard, before pulling away, grinning. "That's all." Gerard jumped, stepping away from him with a confused look on his face. Sure, he'd kissed girls before. But.. He'd never meant it.
"I had to, you were tempting me all day." He smiled, laughing softly, wrapping himself in the blanket.
"I wasn't doing it on purpose." Gerard whispered, staring at him.
Frank shrugged."Oh well. Life happens, you only get certain opportunity's right?" He smiled.
"That's kinda true." Gerard mumbled softly, sitting beside Frank. Frank blushed.
"But you can't expect me to do nothing when you lean into my face and breathe all over me, smirking. I'm only human."
"I did none of that on purpose." Gerard hummed. "This, however-" He put a hand on the space on the log behind Frank to stable himself and locked his own lips onto Frank's, shutting his eyes and feeling the heat rising from Frank's hot skin. Frank shut his eyes, blushing, placing a hand on Gerard's arm, kissing him softly. Gerard pulled back and sighed, his eyes twinkling.
"Improper. This is not how courtship works. Come on, you've got to go home anyway. My parents will be back soon." Frank frowned, folding the blanket, placing it on a log.
"Thanks for a great day," He smiled, blushing, "And giving me my first kiss." Frank giggled, leaning in, pecking Gerard's cheek.
"It's fine." Gerard hummed, putting the blanket back in the box and holding the jar between his fingers. He opened the lid slowly and opened it, pulling it away and gazing as the small firey little creature escaped from the glass prison and joined its brothers. Frank smiled, walking back through the forest and into the house, standing on the porch, looking up at Gerard.
"See you soon?" He asked, quietly.
"See you soon. I can't really go out tomorrow though."
"How come?" Frank asked, softly.
"Guess." Gerard sighed, leaning against the doorframe. "Social Events.."
"Oh, Okay." Frank hummed a little, before remembering something vital. "Before I go, can I tell you something?" He asked, smirking.
"What?" Gerard breathed, watching him carefully.
"I have a massive crush on you, Prince Charming." He smirked, laughing softly.
"This isn't a fairy tale, Profanity Boy," Gerard whispered, gazing up at the sky, the moon poking out from behind the scarlet clouds.
"Oh, how I wish it was." He smiled, sadly, sighing.
"My life is a little bit too like a fairy tale, to be honest." Gerard grinned, softly. "Now come on. Go home."
"If I must." Frank smiled sadly. "See you soon, Prince." Frank walked a little further away, before turning, and blowing a kiss to Gerard, beaming softly. Gerard nodded chivalrously, before smiling inwardly and shutting the door behind him.
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