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"But Profanity Boy isn't too bad, either."

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Frank woke up the next morning, with mixed feelings. He wanted to see Gerard, but then again, he didn't, because maybe he hated him from last night. He had been a little - forward.
"Another fucking day." Frank muttered as he woke up, looking scruffy, deciding to walk the dog around the block.

"Come on Gerard, straighten your tie. Mikey - hey - hold still! Come here!" Their mother ushered around them as they tried to get into their formal wear.
"I'm ready." Gerard sighed in boredom, standing beside the door. Frank walked around the block, seeing Gerard through the massive window, he didn't think he saw him. Gerard popped out of the door, along with the rest of his squabbling family.
"Gerard, Mikey, this is a special dinner, you know your manners, now use them." Their father snapped. They were all dressed finely; the men in sharp suits, Mikey in a small, fitted waistcoat and shirt, their mother in a satin dress that hung to her knees and highlighted her features. Their shoes were shined to an impressive gleam and not a hair was out of place on their heads.

Once done walking his dog, Frank returned to his home and sat outside in the late morning summer air. Frank sat on his porch, with his guitar, giggling. The Way Family's conversations could easily be overheard all around the estate, and Frank found them to be quite funny, how the mother and father we're sorting out Mikey and Gerard. Frank sat there, strumming his guitar, smiling, softly. Gerard could hear the soft strumming and he breathed in deeply, stepping into the sleek black car.

Frank watched as the black car passed his house slowly. He saw Gerard and Mikey in the back through slightly darkened windows, so he waved, smiling, then decided to continue playing.
Their father noticed Frank waving and refused to acknowledge it. Gerard nodded very softly, and Mikey kept his head down, his excitement reduced now his father was with him. Frank sighed, gulping, playing random chords on guitar, he had nothing else to do. He was filled with boredom. Frank walked up to his bed room, laying in his bed, sighing. He sat up, putting on the Misfits, as loud as he could, blocking out any thoughts that clouded his mind. He couldn't let himself like Gerard more; they were too different, either sides of the spectrum.

"So, Gerard," A young man with a voice like chocolate cooed. "How's that girl of yours?" Gerard kept his face smooth, his eyes revealing nothing, a small smile tugging at his lips.
"She's fine, Sir." He replied, instinctively.
"Ah, good. The violin?" He questioned, raising an eyebrow. Gerard nodded, a charming smile pressed onto his lips.
"I have it with me, Sir." The elder man nodded and smiled, gesturing. "How about you play a piece, how about that, son?" Gerard agreed dutifully, and moved over to where his violin was located. The elder man silenced the hall and let Gerard play, filling the hall with his sweet music.

Gerard returned home with a sigh, a rose tucked into his suit pocket, gifted from a lovely young lady who was most likely forced into it by her controlling parents.
"Mother?" Gerard asked, looking down the road. "May I please go visit someone?" He asked, sweetly.
"Who, dear?" His mother cooed, holding Mikey against her - who was asleep, looking particularly cute in his small waistcoat and dress shoes.
"Frank. He came to the door the other day." He said, hopefully. Their Father nodded with a soft, just smile.
"You go on, son, he seems like a respectful young man." Gerard nodded quickly and walked briskly in the direction of the music, coming out of one of the windows, now the sun had gone down. Frank heard his foster mom shout.
"There is someone at the door, Frank!" He turned the music off, walking down stairs quickly, opening the door to see a sharply dressed Gerard, with a rose in his pocket. Gerard wore a deep black satin shirt, a similarly coloured checked waistcoat which pulled him in at the waist, and a dinner jacket which hugged his shoulders and sides. His tie was a deep bottle green and rested carefully under his waistcoat. The rose, tucked carefully in his top pocket, was a beautiful crimson and contrasted against his clothes beautifully.
"Hi," He spoke softly, taking Gerard in.
"Hello, Profanity Boy. Would you like a rose?" Gerard asked, pulling the rose from his pocket and bowing, holding it out to Frank. Frank gulped, taking it, blushing.
"Thank you, would you like to come in? It's not as near as nice as what you're used to though." He smiled.
"I've been surrounded by hundreds of people today who make me play violin pieces I don't like and ask me about my fake girlfriend. I'd love to have something I'm not used to." Gerard insisted, gazing hopefully at Frank. Frank stepped aside, letting Gerard in with a hopeful smile.
"Tell me more about your evening out with your family," He smiled, giggling. Gerard stepped forward and into the house sighing a little in relief.
"I ate lobster today. I'm allergic to seafood, it makes me feel incredibly sick." Gerard groaned. "But my parents insisted I ate it, because it would be rude, otherwise."
"Aww, I'm sorry," He sighed, walking to the kitchen, "Do you want a drink or anything? I have a little bit more of a selection," Frank smiled, opening the fridge to Gerard.
"I don't know what any of these drinks are." Gerard mumbled, staring at the colourful array of drinks that lay before him.
"Hm..." Frank poured a glass of orange juice, "Just have juice, for the moment in time, it's late and I don't want to give you anything, that could give you some kind of sugar rush." He smiled, passing him the glass.
"I don't have sugar too often, so that's probably a good idea." Gerard hummed, looking intently around the house. He liked it - it wasn't necessarily large, or impressive - but it was homely, with character.
"I think you would like my bedroom, it's the most interesting part of the house." He smiled, "Oh, fuck, that sounded suggestive, sorry, things tend to come out that way." Frank giggled, walking up the stairs, hopping Gerard would follow. Gerard felt a little surprised that Frank would talk like that in front of his foster parents, but he didn't say a word. "Alright." Gerard nodded, following Frank upstairs. Frank opened the door to his bedroom, the walls lined with posters, paper scattered everywhere with tabs, chords, sheet music, random drawings, he had his musical instruments in the corner of his room, guitar, bass and flute.
"Ta da." He giggled.
"I like it in here." Gerard glanced around, a little taken aback with the messiness, and disorderly-ness, but it matched Frank perfectly.
"Thank you, it's not near as lovely as your music room or art studio, but it feels.. Like home." He sighed happily, sitting on his bed, clearing a space for Gerard, "So, who is your fake girlfriend?"
"Lindsey." Gerard gazed around, biting his lip. "I needed to pick a girl that my parents knew about - one they could go along with. Of course, they know, she's not my girlfriend."
"Oh, I see." He smiled, "I was a little surprised that you came and saw me today...Seeming what happened...Yesterday." He smiled softly, blushing, placing the rose on his bed side table.
"What happened yesterday?" Gerard asked, quietly. Frank raised an eyebrow.
"Remember, the kiss and the fact I said I had a crush on you.." He spoke softly, his hair falling over his face, to hide his blush.
"Oh." Gerard hummed, gazing around him. "I thought I'd done something wrong. Why wouldn't I come after that?" Gerard grinned, a soft sparkle in his eye. Frank looked up, smiling slightly.
"Just because...I thought you wouldn't talk to me, any more." He giggled nervously, sighing, shaking his head, "You didn't do anything wrong, I don't think you ever could, if I'm honest."
"I came over here after talking to hundreds of particularly dull old people eating foods with names that I can't pronounce.. Actually that's a lie, I usually can, if they're french." He grinned, getting sidetracked. "I was dying to talk to you." Frank blushed more, beaming softly.
"But, why? I'm not as smart as you, or interesting, or charming." He grinned, tucking his hair behind his ear, taking hold of the rose and holding it carefully, "I'm just so different to you." He sighed.
"Opposites attract, Frank." Gerard gazed at Frank before leaning against the wall. "We're similar in a lot of ways." Frank smiled, and tilted his head.
"How?" He kept the rose, gently resting in his hands.
"You're musical. I'm musical. You can draw.." Gerard suggested, his finger twirling as he indicated towards the drawings on the walls. "I suppose I can draw. You like good music.. I like good music." Frank smiled.
"True, I guess we do have something's in common," He giggled, "You suppose you can draw? You're amazing!"
"Thanks." Gerard grinned quietly. "I like your house. And you room." Gerard mumbled awkwardly, a little unsure of what to say.
"Welcome, and thank you, it's a mess, it's cramped and small, it's filled to the celling with crap. I much prefer your house, sadly, I never got to see your room." He shrugged, leaning back on the wall, gazing at Gerard.
"I'll show you next time my parents are out. Though, you could probably come over with them around, some time. My dad seems to like you."
"Your dad likes the suit dressed, polite Frank, not scruffy, swearing Frank." He giggled, "But sure, he seems nice and Mikey's adorable."
"I like the polite Frank too." Gerard glanced up at Frank, softly smiling. "But Profanity Boy isn't too bad, either." Frank smiled, looking down at the rose fondly. "Thanks, you're constantly charming, but I do love your sense of humour." He giggled.
"I've heard." Gerard reminded, looking for somewhere to sit in the cluttered room. "You like that rose?" Frank beamed softly, nodding.
"Mhm, it's probably the nicest thing anyone has ever given me." He blushed. Gerard saluted Frank softly with a twinkling grin.
"I'm gonna have to go home soon.. I have to sleep for tomorrow, and get a little French practice done."
"Okay, will I see you soon?" He asked, softly, grinning, placing the rose, on his table.
"Maybe tomorrow night? I'll ask my Dad once he's picked me up from Kadets if I can come over and see you." Gerard hummed. Frank nodded, smiling.
"Thank you," He blushed, "I promise, tomorrow will be more interesting than just talking." Frank giggled, standing up, hoping Gerard would follow him, walking down the stairs.
"Alright." Gerard turned, standing in the door way once they had descended the stairs. Gerard leant in and kissed Frank's cheek. "Bonne nuit, petite garçon," Gerard cooed, before swiftly turning and heading down the steps of the porch.
Goodnight, little boy.
Frank gulped, blushing deeply, giggling.
"I know what that means!" He shouted, grinning, gazing at Gerard, before shutting the door, sighing happily.
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