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"Vuoi essere il mio ragazzo?"

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Gerard groaned, pushing his hair back as he sat in the back of the car with his father. Today had been a hard day, as Kadets always was. He wore his uniform; a sharp, double breasted navy suit, featuring a pocket-watch which hung on the inside, pointed polished shoes, a perfect black tie, and a cap, which looked as though it would have been owned by a general.
Father.." Gerard started, quietly. "Could I go and see Frank for a little bit?" Gerard's father hesitated, before nodding, slowly. "Alright. I'll let you walk around, though." Frank actually started liking wearing suits, he wore dress trousers, a fitted white shirt and a green waist coat. He sat on his bed, looking out of the window, his room was a lot tidier today, seeming he wanted to make a good impression on Gerard. Gerard walked down the road, arriving at Frank's house and knocking on the door. He felt like as if he was coming home from the army, especially in this outfit. He straightened his clothes out, adjusting his tie. Frank heard the knock, walking down the stairs, opening the door grinning, "Hi there, wow, you look especially nice today." He laughed softly.
"I'm in my Army Kadets uniform, I don't know if I mentioned that." Gerard scratched the nape of his neck. "Are your foster parents in today?" He hadn't really met them yet - he felt a little uncomfortable, being in someone's home, without introducing himself. "You don't look so bad yourself." Frank nodded shyly.
"Well thank you, and you have mentioned it, but I haven't seen your uniform, till today." He bit his lip a moment, looking over him. "And yeah, they said they would like to meet you." Frank smiled, walking into the living room. He motioned for Gerard to come in, "Mom, dad, this is my...Close friend, Gerard." He smiled, proudly. Gerard fluttered his eyelashes a little, pulling out his charm as far as it could stick. He took off his hat, and held it behind him, bowing a little as he did so.
"Pleasure to meet you." He nodded, as the two parents approached him.
"You look like a fine young man, Gerard." The mother smiled, nodding her head as she sat on the couch, Frank's foster father stood up, holding out a hand, he was dressed in a suit, smiling.
"Nice to meet you, Gerard, I'm Philip." Gerard nodded dutifully and shook the man's hand.
"Nice to meet you, Sir." Gerard almost sang. He leant forward to where the foster mother sat, and took her hand, kissing it politely.
"Thank you, Ma'am." He charmed, working them both exactly how he wanted.
"You are very welcome, Gerard. Now, Frankie, you two can do what you like, me and your dad are going out a little later on, so you will have the house to yourself, and Gerard, if he wants to stay around?" She asked, softly, her voice, smooth and lady like. Frank giggled.
"I can only stay for a bit, Ma'am, but I'll make sure Frank gets himself into no trouble." Gerard joked, making Frank's foster mother's heart flutter in flattery.
"Thanks, see you soon." He smiled, walking to the kitchen, "Drink?" He turned to Gerard.
"Thank you." Gerard followed Frank through to the kitchen. "Yeah, okay."
"Do you want juice, or anything else?" He smiled, shrugging, pouring himself a glass of coca cola.
"Pour me whatever you deem best." Gerard leant softly against the table top. Frank poured him a glass of coca cola, handing it to Gerard, "Doesn't have a high sugar content, but it tastes nice, I think you'll like it." He smiled, taking a sip of his own, shutting the fridge. Gerard nodded, after sipping the drink, cringing a little at the bubbles crackling in his mouth.
"Kind of weird. But I like it." Gerard hummed, taking another sip. Frank nodded.
"Now, I have something that will keep us occupied for a couple of hours," He smiled, gently taking Gerard's hand, walking up the stairs.
"What?" Gerard asked, following obediently, just curling his fingers a little around Frank's.
"A movie," Frank beamed, intertwining his fingers, between Gerard's, blushing. Frank opened the bedroom door, sitting on the bed, his room a lot cleaner then the other day, there waiting a bowl of popcorn and a big selection of DVD's.
"Oh, okay." Gerard beamed gently, looking over them selection. He hadn't seen many films - only old ones, French and Italian ones. They were the only ones he understood that his father would allow him to watch.
"You can pick what you like the look of, most of them are horror movies though." He giggled, gently releasing his hand from Gerard's, sighing happily, gazing at the older boy.
"I don't mind. You pick - I haven't seen any of them, so.." Gerard bumbled, gazing around him. "Me surprendre," He remarked, quietly to himself. Surprise me.
"Bien sûr," He spoke softly. Sure. Frank smiled, crouching down, looking at the movies, "Hm... That one." Frank selected, Corpse Bride, by Tim Burton.
"Looks interesting." Gerard remarked, staring intently at Frank.
"Animated, not scary, but interesting, witty and sarcastic humour, but with creepy undertones," He explained, putting it into the player, sitting on the bed, leaning against the wall.
"Okay." Gerard nodded, relying on Frank. "You should speak French more often, my dad would like you for that."
"I speak broken French, from school. I don't really pay attention, but some words just get stuck in my head," He giggled, blushing, "I like when you speak it, it just sounds... Nice."
"I'm - well, fluent." Gerard grinned, his cheeks going light pink. "Same with Italian. My dad forced both me and Mikey to learn Italian because of our blood, the French he makes us learn because he says it makes us sound respectable."
"It's just adding to another layer of your charm, because you sound amazing, just normally, but when you speak French and I'm guessing Italian, wow." He smirked, running a hand through his hair, gazing at the older boy.
"Merci, beaucoup," Gerard smirked, a soft glint in his eye as he turned his attention back to the TV screen.
"Soyez le bienvenu." Frank smiled.
Frank took a few pieces of popcorn, chewing them quietly.

Gerard exhaled quietly, watching the credits roll. He glanced to Frank, who's eyes were a little red, though on a whole, seemed mostly fine - I guess the movie was a little more emotional than Gerard had found it.
"That was a good movie." Gerard noted, nodding. Frank nodded, yawning, rubbing his eyes.
"Yup, it's one of my favourites," He giggled, smiling, "I'm guessing you have to go home now?" Gerard looked towards the window and sighed.
"I don't want to go home." Gerard murmured, shaking his head. "But I should, I guess.. I have important violin practice.. I wish I didn't." He grumbled, sighing, holding his hat in his lap.
"Why? Your family are lovely, your house is amazing, I wouldn't want to leave." He smiled, looking out of the window, with Gerard.
"Correction, Mikey is lovely, the rest of them aren't as lovely as they might appear. They want the best for me, but not really for me, for themselves."
"Oh, I'm sorry, but I do understand about family not caring about you." He shrugged.
"They do care, I suppose. Don't compare my life with yours, please, I.." Gerard mumbled. "I don't want to seem like an ungrateful brat, eyes clouded with wealth, unable to see the problems of a less well off person, who is in no means different."
"I don't, honest, so don't worry there." Frank smiled, gazing at Gerard, "I don't think you're an ungrateful brat," He gulped, blushing.
"Okay. Okay good." Gerard stood up, climbing off the bed. He leant in and quickly stole another kiss from Frank, before escaping from the room and darting down the stairs, shutting the front door behind him without saying a word.

Frank sat there, stunned, grinning and blushing.
"Mother fucker." He giggled, laying down, looking out of the window, propping himself up on his elbow. Gerard crept around the house, before throwing a small rock up at Frank's window. Frank sat up, looking out onto the road, beaming softly. He opened the window, looking down at Gerard, he waved, blushing.
"Je ne sais quoi j'adore à votre sujet, Frank," Gerard shouted, lovingly, a visible twinkle in his eye as he spoke.
I don't know what I love about you.
"If you don't work it out.. I'll tell you someday!" Gerard grinned, running off down the street before Frank could utter a word. Frank figured it out, a few moments after Gerard ran off, sighing happily, blushing.
"Tu es si parfaite..." He smiled, mumbling to himself.
You are perfect.
Frank kept replaying last night in his head, continuously, he smiled at the thought of Gerard, biting his lip, looking out of his window.

Gerard sat on his music stool, Mikey sat on the floor beside him, watching intently. He played his violin sweetly, carefully, practising for his performance, which he was dreading. He had played for many people at a time; four thousand, however, was a very different matter, even if he was playing in an orchestra. He finished with a soft, satisfied sigh, and Mikey clapped his small hands.
"That was very good, Gee," Mikey grinned, looking with awe up at his older brother.
"Maybe you could learn an instrument soon, ey Mikes?" Gerard hummed, ruffling a hand through Mikey's hair.

Gerard woke up the next morning. Mikey had already disappeared to his nursery school, his parents at their menial jobs. Gerard yawned and climbed out of bed, dressing himself in his riding uniform, eager to get going on a ride. He was only allowed away from the house if he was on his horse - and ever since things had been getting a little more stressful at the workplace, Gerard's parents didn't pay quite as much attention to him as they used to. Gerard pulled on his black riding boots over his sleek cream trousers, and wore a crisp white shirt with large collars, not bothering to place a jacket over his supposedly 'casual' ebony waistcoat, and swung around the banister, locking the doors behind him as he moved quickly to the paddock.

Frank was skipping school, but he was still in a shirt and tie, riding around on his bike, doing little tricks along the street, he saw Gerard coming out of his house, to use the back gate. "Hi," Frank giggled, still riding.
"Oh, Hi," Gerard grinned softly, rushing to the large gate beside his house and opening it. He probably looked a little odd, in his riding gear - but Frank probably knew little different, since Gerard always dressed to his best. He led his horse from the gate, and into the street. "I was actually just going riding.."
"I'll see you a little later on?" Frank asked, smiling, brushing his hair out of his face, as he did wheelies along the side walk.
"Yeah - I mean, you could come, but if you haven't ridden or don't have riding gear.. Then it probably wouldn't work. You could always cycle along side.." Gerard joked. "If you can keep up with il mio stallone," Gerard smirked, grinning.
My Stallion.
"I can sure give it a go." He beamed, winking at Gerard, cycling slowly beside him. Frank smirked, "Come on! Let's actually get going! Più veloce! " He giggled.
Go Faster!
Gerard smirked wickedly, leaning forward on his horse and allowing it to speed up. He went a little slower than a gallop - ensuring Frank could stay with him, considering Gerard's horse was trained to go at particularly high speeds. Frank cycled.
"So che si può andare più veloce."
I know you can go faster.
He smirked, close to Gerard and the horse. "You're not the only one who can speak Italian." Frank giggled, grinning.
"I don't want to leave you behind." Gerard grinned chivalrously, before pulling a little on the reigns and forcing the horse on faster, to a full gallop, speeding away from Frank down the paths. Frank cycled at fast as he could go, but slowing down, laughing.
"Dammit!" He giggled, smiling, blushing. He got off his bike, laying it to one side, sitting on the side walk, gazing at Gerard, who was far away.

Frank heard an audible "whinee" from somewhere over the hills, and a loud laugh on Gerard's part. Gerard returned after a while, his face soaking wet with sweat as he hopped off the horse, leading it over to where Frank sat.
"You can give her a stroke, if you like." Gerard indicated, stroking the horse. Frank nodded, stroking the horse, smiling.
"Good exercise?" He smiled, sitting back down, leaning close to Gerard, brushing his fingertips across the older boy's cheek, looking at the sweat on his hand.
"Excellent," Gerard replied, gasping, rubbing the sweat off his forehead. He took the helmet off his head and released his mildly soggy hair, putting the helmet beside him. "Her name's Ophélie." Gerard pointed towards his horse with a loving smile. He stood up, bending over, stretching himself, groaning a little in the aches and pains that circulated through his joints.
"Bel nome."
Nice name.
He smiled, blushing. "Oh yeah, by the way, I know what you said yesterday." Frank spoke quietly, looking down at his shoes.
"Good, I'm glad you worked it out," Gerard nodded, laying back on the ground, arching his back. "Damn, I shouldn't have gone that fast.." Gerard groaned, his aching bones riddling him. "I'm gonna pay for this tomorrow."
"Aww, being a bit achy doesn't matter." Frank giggled, smiling. He looked at Gerard, leaning in, kissing him quickly, before sitting back up, beaming softly, "That gets you back for yesterday."
"Yeah, but it hurts," Gerard moaned, gripping his hair as he lay. "Yeah yeah, whatever." He smirked, shutting his eyes. He was aware that he was on the ground, but his back hurt, and he was so hot that he didn't really care right now.
"Dude, you sweat buckets, don't you?" He giggled, pulling down his sleeve, dabbing Gerard's forehead, laughing softly.
"Try riding a horse at whatever the hell speed I was going at on a summer's day," Gerard breathed, calming down, letting his arched back fall. Frank shrugged.
"No thanks." He smiled, giggling softly, pulling his sleeve back up, sighing happily. "You're dialect is becoming much more relaxed."
"I talk well when I have the energy to, whereas right now, and when I'm riding, I just.. I don't know. I can't be bothered to try."
"Fair enough, I'm not complaining." He smiled, shrugging, "Also, laying there, isn't going to help your back."
"Yeah, but it feels better than sitting up." Gerard laughed weakly, putting his hands on his stomach. "I'm going to have to ride back too.. I'll feel better by then, I've got time." Frank giggled, tucking his knees to his chest, sitting next to Gerard.
"About yesterday... You're very...Romantic." He smiled, speaking softly.
"Ah, I have my phrases," Gerard hummed feebly, still breathing deeply, sweat still beading on his forehead. He undid his top button and the one below it, pulling out the collar and revealing a little more sweat on his neck. Frank looked down at his feet, blushing, biting his lip, eyes wide as he tried to avert his gaze with little success.
"God damn it.." Gerard laughed, rubbing his head. "Never ride like that in the summer. If I wasn't so wonderfully athletic," Gerard paused, a sarcastic smirk dancing on his lips. "Then I would probably be dead." Frank smirked, looking at him.
"I would say that's sarcasm, but you are very...Lean." He shrugged, laughing softly. He then looked back down at his shoes.
"I don't have, uh, what do people call it?" Gerard pondered, watching the sky. "A six pack? I don't know. The only exercise I do is horse riding, and polo sometimes, and a little bit of cricket, when my dad forces me. I like my cricket whites though, so.."
"So? You're slim and quite muscular. You don't need a six pack." He laughed softly, "I hate to say it, but at times like this, I can't look at you..." He giggled.
"Why?" Gerard mumbled, standing up, attempting to dust himself off. His clothes clung to his body around his shins and chest. He unbuttoned his waist coat, still keeping it around him. He stroked the horse, leading it to the small pond which was nearby.
"You're asking why? Really?" Frank laughed, standing up, wheeling his bike next to him. "I already said you're attractive, when you wear normal suits.. Then when you turn up in your Kadet's uniform, you got about ten times more attractive.. Now you've undone the buttons on your shirt, it's clinging to your chest, and you're sweating.. I.." He babbled, biting his lip to shut himself up.
"Try not to drool, Frank." Gerard hummed, rubbing a hand over his horse, kneeling down beside the water and splashing a little water into his face. He cringed, but he was so damn warm that he couldn't stop himself.
"It's not my fault that you're handsome." He shrugged, laughing, looking down at his feet. "Sorry." He smirked.
"Blame my dad, if you must." Gerard smirked, moving away from the water. "Do you want to have a little go? On the horse, I mean. Just you know, walking around. I can lead her." Frank nodded.
"Yes, please. But I will embarrass myself, some way or another." He giggled, gazing over at Gerard.
"Alright." Gerard moved behind Frank once again, putting his hands gently around his waist. "Ophélie is a tall one, you might want to watch her." He said, lifting Frank a little so he could put his foot in the stirrup, then letting go, allowing Frank to climb onto the horse. Frank climbed on, gulping, blushing already.
"Okay, so what do I do now?" He asked, just sat on top of the horse, chewing his lip.
"Put on this." Gerard took the helmet from the floor and brushed it down with the back of his hand, before passing it to Frank. "Sorry if it's uh, a little sweaty." Gerard's cheeks burnt a little as he scratched the nape of his neck. Frank shrugged.
"Oh well." Frank giggled, putting it on, doing the strap up, and smiling. "Okay, next?" Frank asked, softly.
"Next.." Gerard moved to the front of the horse, tugging a little at the reign and walking beside it. "We walk for a bit."
"Okay," He smiled, "Whee." Frank giggled, smiling and blushing slightly.
"Yeah yeah, I know, it's kinda boring." Gerard paused, stopping the horse. He tapped Frank's foot with his own in order to move it out of the stirrup, and swung himself over the horse, sitting off the saddle. It was a little uncomfortable, but he'd ridden bareback before, so it wasn't too bad. "You should, probably hold on." Gerard grinned, sitting still. Frank bit his lip, placing his hands on Gerard's waist.
"This okay?" He asked, blushing.
"You'll be, you've got the helmet on!" Gerard joked, before pulling back on the reigns and setting off, beginning at a moderate speed, before getting a little insane and speeding ahead at full force. Frank arms ended up wrapped fully around Gerard's waist. He was smiling, frightened, a little sweaty, but it was fun.
"Not too fast for you is it, étalon?"
Gerard grinned, bending down a little further and urging the horse to go faster. Frank rolled his eyes, grinning, "No, but I'm scared that I'll fall off." He squeaked, hugging Gerard's waist.
"Surprisingly, I'm not, and I'm the one that's going to crack my head if I do," Gerard smirked, laughing. "You won't fall off, unless you let go of me, then you'll definitely fall off." Gerard was sweating, his back sore from doing the work, his cheeks red as he laughed and felt like he was taking off. Frank laughed, keeping a firm hold of Gerard, grinning, his head nuzzled into the older boys neck.
"Frank?" Gerard's voice went low, to a whisper, his breathing fast, a devilish grin spreading onto his lips.
"Mh hm," He pulled his head up, grinning, blushing, looking at Gerard.
"If you don't hold on now, you might break your back." Gerard growled. "Hold onto me, don't you dare let go, because this is going to be really fun, and if you die, it'll kind of ruin it." Frank nodded.
"Okay, I won't let go." He smirked, nuzzling back into Gerard's neck, grinning and blushing, laughing softly. Gerard rode a little further, before yanking on the reigns with a shrill call, making the horse neigh similarly to how it had whilst Gerard was riding it alone a while ago, and it threw itself onto its back legs. Gerard called out with laughter, throwing an arm up in the air as the horse flew back.
"Mother of fuck!" Frank squealed, holding onto Gerard, grinning, still blushing and gulping. They landed with a clatter and Gerard howled, urging the horse to run back in the direction they had came, back to where Frank's bike lay. They arrived, Gerard's breathing fast. Frank was sweating a little, breathing heavily.
"That was...Fun." He giggled, taking the helmet off, running a hand through his hair as he realised his arms from Gerard. Gerard hopped off with ease, holding his arms out to help Frank down.
"God, I did so much work there, you have no idea," Gerard joked, sitting back down on the floor. Frank nodded his head, as Gerard helped him down.
"I know, but thanks, I definitely had fun," Frank thanked him, laying on the side walk.
"That's alright," Gerard breathed, sweating profusely, even more than he had before. "Christ." He mumbled, rubbing his forehead.
"I-" Frank stuttered, smirking, "Forget about it." He sighed, breathing heavily, gulping. Gerard undid another few buttons on his shirt, pulling up his collar so it touched against his cheeks. He sighed, breathing heavily, glancing over to Frank. If Frank wasn't here, he was sure he would have already pulled his shirt off, but he refused. Frank gazed at Gerard, he smirked.
"You can take your shirt off, but it's not my fault if I look at you." Frank laughed softly, rubbing the light coating of sweat off his forehead.
"No, I'm not going to," Gerard laughed, shaking his head, little speckles of sweat coming off him. He cringed as he saw them. "I should probably go home soon.." Frank shrugged, sitting up.
"Alright." Frank complied. "But, I liked today, and I would like to... Ask you something?" He spoke softly, blushing.
"Go ahead," Gerard breathed, gazing up at Frank from where he was lied.
"Vuoi essere il mio ragazzo?" He spoke softly, as he felt his heart pounding in his chest.
Do you want to be my boyfriend?
Gerard gazed at him gently, his eyes still squinting a little through the sweat. "Pourquoi pas?"
Why not?
Gerard answered, climbing to his feet. Frank smiled, blushing, standing up.
"Grazie," He giggled, picking his bike up. Gerard swung his legs elegantly over the horse, straightening up.
"Come on. I'll walk you home." He grinned, setting off at a reasonable pace. Frank was too lazy to cycle, so he just wheeled his bike along, grinning.
"Thanks." He beamed softly. Gerard hopped off his horse at Frank's house, nodding. "I'll see you some time tomorrow." Gerard saluted Frank, before hopping back onto his horse. Once on her, he pushed a kiss to his hand, and blew it in Frank's direction.
"Au revoir, mon petit caneton!" Gerard grinned randomly, galloping off down the road.
Goodbye, my little duckling!
Frank smiled, swallowing nervously, walking into the house, and shutting the door, sighing happily. He walked up to his bedroom, laying on his bed, his heart was pounding in his chest, "I-I have a boyfriend..." He smiled. Gerard galloped into the paddock, going the long way, before climbing off and tending to his horse a little. He pulled his helmet off and wandered slowly back up the house, breathing slowly, trying to get his energy back.
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