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A Day To The Orchestra

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"Merci, Profanity Boy,"

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"Come on Gerard. And you Mikey, let me button up that waistcoat for you." Gerard's father leant down and buttoned Mikey's waistcoat up, before taking his hand. "You need to be really good today, for your brother. It's a big day for him." Gerard's father watched as Frank sat around the corner, his tie a little askew, though mostly looking particularly smart. "Isn't that that friend of yours, Gerard?" He asked. Frank had his guitar on his lap, strumming it softly, looking down at some scruffy notes, he written last night.
"G, D, E minor." He mumbled to himself, playing.
"Yeah, it is," Gerard breathed, holding the violin case in his hands.
"Could I go speak to him?" He asked, hopefully. Gerard's father nodded.
"Would he like to come and watch the recital? We do have a spare ticket, and I'd like to get to know him."

Frank saw something was blocking the light of his notes, he looked up seeing Gerard.
"Hi there," He beamed softly. Gerard nodded politely. Today, he wore a traditional tailcoat, a crisp white shirt, and a red, satin bow tie. He held a low fandango top hat in one of his white gloved hands, his black velvet violin case in the other. "Hello." Gerard hummed, looking hopefully at Frank. Gerard looked as though he had stepped straight from an eighteen hundred's party. Frank smiled, whispering.
"I would kiss you but your family is there." He giggled, running a hand through his hair, "Looking especially sharp today, special occasion?"
"Yes - actually - My dad requested that you come with us." Gerard smiled softly, running his fingers across the small, expensive looking top hat.
"Really?" Frank smiled, a little surprised. "Okay then, if that's alright with you, of course." Frank raised an eyebrow, putting the guitar to one side, standing up, straightening his tie.
"It's a violin recital. I'm playing with an orchestra. Not a big thing." Gerard mumbled, placing the top hat on his head, with a slight bend of his knees as he did so. He walked Frank towards the sleek black car. Frank smiled, gulping, a little nervous in front of Gerard's family, he walked towards the car.
"Who's this lovely young man?" Gerard's mother cooed, looking particularly lovely, as she always did. Mikey chirped, keeping himself a little composed as he sat in the car. He looked incredibly cute, dressed up similarly to Gerard, minus the top hat, gloves and tailcoat. Frank blushed, smiling, gazing at Gerard, seating in the seat next to him.
"I'm Frank," He gulped, biting his lip.
"Ah!" She smiled, applying eyeliner as the car started up. "Yes, Gerard, and Mikey, have been speaking very highly of you," Gerard grinned embarrassed, taking his hat off again and holding it in his lap. Frank smiled, blushing hard, his hands either side of his thighs, placed on the car seat.

The car ride was quiet, other than the space of twenty minutes where Gerard was forced to practise his scales by his mother - by singing. Frank smiled softly.
"You're a really good singer," He giggled, softly, looking up at Gerard, dressed sharply, violin in hand.
"Thanks," Gerard hummed, a little humiliated, as the car stopped and everyone piled out. Everyone walked with him, up until the dressing room, where they were forced to depart ways. Gerard felt a little sorry that Frank was to be left with his parents - but they'd get to be together for the reception afterwards. Gerard's mother grinned, a proud, teary smile on her face as she kissed Gerard's forehead softly. His father nodded with respect.
"Make it good, son," He smiled, for what felt like the first time for Frank. Mikey simply grinned, hugging Gerard lightly, to ensure that he didn't wrinkle either of their clothes. As Gerard's parents and Mikey walked off slowly into the hallway, Frank ran back, kissing Gerard's cheek.
"I know you'll do great," He smiled sweetly, running back to Gerard's family, following them.

Gerard nodded inwardly, and walked into the dressing room nervously. Later on, he emerged onto the large stage, thousands of people surrounding him and the orchestra. Yes - 'not a big thing'. He looked out into the crowd, unable to find his parents faces in the crowd, until he remembered that they would have likely gotten a box. He looked up at them, nodding softly, his deep crimson violin in his hands. He turned quickly on his heel and sat down his space, near the front, where the other violin soloists sat. Frank swallowed nervously, crossing his fingers, his hands in his pockets, looking down at Gerard, as he waited for it to begin. A single violin started (not Gerard, unfortunately,) and then whole orchestra started into a crescendo, moving it's way up to a beautiful symphony that hung in the air and bounced against the large, wooden, decorative walls. Every spectator was silent, watching in awe as the music was created before their eyes, caressing their ears. The noise died down, only cellos moving in the background, as Gerard's solo began. Long, low pitched sorrowful notes started, smoothing up into a fast paced tangle of fingers as he concentrated deeply on each note, scratching out a beautiful sound with each movement. The other instruments joined in once again and the noise rose up and up, until a low, growling note echoed throughout the hall, and then came to a standstill.

Frank beamed through the whole performance, gulping, silently happy as Gerard completed one of the most beautiful things he had ever heard. The crowd stood up and began to applaud, as the curtain fell and Gerard, amongst other musicians, all sighed in relief, resting back in their chairs. They were given the all clear to leave, and Gerard waited for the others to clear out, before exiting quietly, finding his family. Frank followed his family, Mikey walking next to him, everyone was happy and joyful, and wanting to find Gerard to congratulate him. Gerard's mother hugged Gerard as soon as they met. She was crying, only just, pulling her son to her. Gerard's father held out a hand to him, and Gerard shook it dutifully, sincerely. Mikey hopped into Gerard's arms, grinning excitedly, not really understanding what was going on, but enjoying it nonetheless. Frank smiled, his cheeks burning proudly.
"Well done, Prince Charming," He giggled, smirking. He was dying to give Gerard a hug or something, and the older boy could see it in his eyes.
"Merci, Profanity Boy," Gerard grinned, adjusting Mikey in his arms.
"Come on Gerard, I have a few friends who would love to talk to you," Gerard's father spoke, nodding towards him. Frank smiled, rolling his eyes, as he followed Gerard, he stood on his tip toes, Frank's lips pressed to Gerard's ear.
"After all of this, do you want to come to my house?" He asked, whispering,
"If I can," Gerard whispered back, walking alongside his father. They were led to a large dinner hall, where the tables were loaded with decorative foods, drinks piled high; champagne fountains running down glasses, crystal chandeliers hanging from a cream, painted ceiling. Gerard popped his violin case in the corner, near the others. Frank smiled, gulping, feeling very out of place. He bit his lip and walked around with Mikey.

"Ah, Master Way, your solo was magnificently beautiful!" A young man patted Gerard on the back, a sincere smile pasted on his face. He dressed similarly to the other men - in sleek, sharply cut suits, crisp white shirts, black silk ties, not a hair out of place or a single smudge on their shined shoes. Gerard nodded, holding the glass of water in his hand.
"Thank you, Sir," He charmed, attracting the attention of several other lords and ladies that were situated around. As Frank and Mikey walked, a few people came over, patting Mikey on the head and telling him what a "lovely young boy" he was growing up to be. Frank kept his head down, he didn't know what to do. He made sure Mikey was with his mother, before leaving the hall, gulping, shaking his head in embarrassment. The marble steps outside we're freezing as he sat down, sighing. Once Gerard was done speaking with the adults, he slipped outside, after Frank. He stood at the large doorway for a while, listening to the sweet violin music coming from inside and watching Frank with a soft, lazy gaze. Frank leaned his back against the pillar, sighing, running a hand through his hair, loosening his tie and undoing the top button.

"Frank?" Gerard hushed, tipping his top hat, moving quickly through the cooling, late night July air, his coat tails flying out behind him in the breeze. "Hey."
"Hi," Frank mumbled. He motioned for him to come over. "What are you doing out here?" He asked, softly, looking down at the other steps.
"Looking for you, what else?" Gerard hummed, sitting beside him on the marble steps. "Are you not having fun?" He asked, worriedly. He knew that it could be a bit intimidating, this life, but..
"It's scary how different I am. It's terrifying, not the fact that there are loads of strangers, but they look at me weirdly, they seem to...Shun me." He sighed, gulping, Frank leaned his head on Gerard's shoulder.
"Frank, they only do that because you're /new/." Gerard assured, patting Frank's shoulder with a gloved hand. "I know every single person in that room, and they have all known me and Mikey since birth. You, however, are new."
"It's scary." He looked up at him, sitting up, leaning against the pillar, "But I'll go back in, for you." He smiled softly. Gerard stood up, holding out a hand.
"Come on, we can go dance."
"Won't people look at you weirdly? Not just your parents, everyone else?" He asked, taking Gerard's hand, standing up.
"Men dance with each other all the time, in here. It doesn't really matter." Gerard grinned, walking Frank through the main hall, and to the larger music hall, where couples spun and moved in unison. "Do you know how to dance?" Frank giggled, smirking, shaking his head.
"No chance, but I'll give it a go." He shrugged, smiling.
"I'll lead, just follow me." Gerard nodded towards Frank, before placing a soft, gloved hand on his shoulder, the other clasped with Frank's fingers. He moved slowly at first, before picking up the pace, moving along with the other couples with a gentle grace. No one looked, no one cared; other men and women alike danced together, top busy with their own footing to care. Frank smiled, embarrassed, just following Gerard, blushing slightly.
"You know you're amazing, right?" He giggled very softly, making sure he didn't lose time.
"I've heard," Gerard grinned, glancing a little sideways. "You're doing well," He noted, watching Frank's feet move in unison with his own.
"Thank you," He smiled, gazing into Gerard's eyes, "You have the nicest eyes, I think I've ever seen." He gulped, blushing hard.
"Hm, I feel you may have expressed this feeling before too, Frank," Gerard hummed, glancing downwards, his eyelashes touching his cheeks gently. The song finished and Gerard pulled back, bowing. Frank smiled, "Siete perfetti," He spoke softly, gazing over Gerard, who looked very handsome in his top hat.
You're perfect.
Frank sighed happily.
"Et toi," Gerard grinned, before nodding as more men came over and talked to him.
And you.
He nodded and listened carefully, before escaping with Frank over to a small drinks fountain. Frank blushed, beaming softly, walking over to the fountain.
"I am very.. Proud to have you as my boyfriend," He gulped, giggling.
"So am I." Gerard grinned, watching as another girl walked towards him, a small smile pasted onto her lips. She wore a blood-indigo coloured dress that hung three quarters down her thigh, and cream coloured high heels. Her sleek, raven black hair was tied neatly on the crown of her head, a jewel encrusted hairband pushed over her scalp. Her lips were red, her eyes light blue and her eyelashes long and dark. Frank gulped, blushing, looking down, with a drink in his hand, taking small sips, wondering what the girl would say.
"Gerard fucking Way," She grinned, holding out a hand to Gerard. "Care to dance, my talented bastard?" She smiled sweetly, a sparkle in her eye. Gerard laughed.
"This is Lindsey - Lindsey, this is Frank." Frank looked up.
"We've met." He coughed, rolling his eyes, "Bitch..." He whispered, snickering.
"Ah, Iero," Lindsey grinned devishly, her hand holding softly onto Gerard's. "And I thought maybe I was starting to like you." She remarked, as her and Gerard walked away towards the middle of the hall, placing his hand on her waist and beginning to move gracefully around. They moved as if it was a sixth sense - they had been doing this their whole life, of course. Each movement was precise, a tease, a daring try to push each other further, to challenge each other. Frank grit his teeth, not bearing any more of this. He walked out the hall, leaving his drink on the table, he sat back on the step, his head in his hands. Gerard kissed Lindsey's cheek softly in respect and they nodded to one another.

"Don't be so harsh to him, come on. I know you like him." Gerard grinned, Lindsey's cheeks burning.
"Shut up. If he was straight I would totally have him," She purred, fluttering her eyelashes. Gerard laughed and hugged her softly.
"Yeah, but then I'd just turn him right back," Gerard joked, before they went their separate ways. Gerard looked back to the space where Frank stood, and sighed, when he looked, and found him gone.
Frank sighed, gulping, looking at the floor. He scratched the nape of his neck, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt. Gerard searched around the halls, before slipping back outside. It was around 11pm now; the air was a little colder. Frank sat, his shoulders drooping and hung, on the large marble steps. Gerard moved silently, sitting himself down around a meter away from Frank.
"I can see you, y'know." Frank sighed, gulping, blushing suddenly, his head rolled back, resting against the pillar.
"Why did you leave?" Gerard asked, gazing intently at Frank.
"It's too daunting. It's either I leave or I have some mental breakdown, which would you prefer?" A hint of sarcasm in his tone of voice and he turned slightly, to face Gerard.
"But why? Tell me, and I won't do it again." Gerard hushed, edging himself a little closer to Frank.
"It's nothing you've done, well, slightly, but not really." Frank smirked, "Look, I really don't fit in, I don't feel comfortable with all these other people," Frank sighed, "And, when I see all the guys our age, in sharp suits, and girls in pretty dresses. I feel... Like you're just going to leave me and run off with someone else."
"Don't you see?" Gerard asked, a small smile spreading across his lips. "Don't you know, why I like you?" Gerard hummed. "Why I picked you, over the hundreds of sharply dressed boys and beautiful girls?" Frank shook his head, looking down.
"I'm a loser and I don't deserve you." He sighed.
"I like you because you, are different." Gerard breathed, edging a little closer. "I have known nothing but this for my whole life, and then you came along, a taste of something shockingly great," Frank looked up, smiling slightly, his expression suddenly soft as he watched him. He edged himself a little closer, wrapping his arms around Gerard's neck, hugging him gently.
"I know you don't like it in there, but that, in there? That's my life. That's everything I know, right there, in that room." Gerard sighed, hugging back. "And I'd like it if you could be there, beside me."
"Then, I will. For you, Prince Charming," He smiled, pulling back, the tips of their noses touching as Frank gazed into Gerard's eyes. Gerard nodded in response and helped Frank to his feet, taking Frank into the main hall once again, to locate Mikey. He found him, sat on the floor a little confused, between a ring of cooing adults, drinking their alcohol as they watched him crawl around, giggle, and be downright adorable, despite Mikey having no clue what he was doing.
"Ah, I am so sorry," Gerard charmed, slipping between them and taking Mikey by the hand. Mikey chirped tiredly, waving his arms about. The other adults cooed once again and congratulated Gerard, before letting him go. Gerard moved away a little further, before picking Mikey up and taking Frank's hand.
"Come on Mikes, we'll show Frank our special room." Frank laced his fingers with Gerard's, and followed the older boy. Gerard led them to a largish room, up the long, winding staircase, and to a room where the windows were large, and deep crimson sofas were assorted around the room. A large rug lay on the floor, and assorted drinks and foods lay on a table beside them.
"Why is this room empty?" Frank asked, looking around, smiling, thankful to get away from all the people.
"No one comes up here," Gerard remarked, laying Mikey down on one of the soft, scarlet sofas to let him rest.
"I see, I like it a lot more up here." Frank breathed deeply, smiling, running a hand through his hair.
“No one knows this place quite like me and Mikes," Gerard grinned, leaning into Frank and kissing him, properly. He pulled back, raising his top hat with a grin. Frank’s cheeks burnt as the older boy pulled away from him.
"Thank you, but you're meant to caress the other person," Frank corrected. He leant in, placing his hand at the nape of Gerard's neck, tilting him downwards, kissing him softly. He brought Gerard's back up, pulling his lips away, smirking.
"I've only ever kissed girls, okay," Gerard replied, embarrassed. "How am I supposed to know?"
"I haven't kissed anyone, you are the only person, but I read, and it says people do that." Frank shrugged.
"Oh, right." Gerard mumbled, bowing his head. "I uh, sorry."
"No biggie," Frank smiled sweetly, kissing his cheek. He took Gerard’s top hat and placed it on himself, with a twinkle of the eye.
"Suits you," Gerard noted, tweaking it's angle, just. "Modèle."
Frank smirked, shaking his head. He thought about it a little longer but didn’t say a word, before popping the hat back onto Gerard.
“I think it suits you better.”
"It means perfect, mon cher," Gerard hummed, a little smirk dancing on his lips. "And Merci," He grinned, bowing his head. "Do you want to stay over, tonight?" Frank blushed, looking down, smiling.
"Sorry,” He laughed gently, scratching the nape of his neck carefully. “And really? Your parents would let me?" He asked, slightly surprised.
"My father seems to have taken a liking to you." Gerard put his arm around Frank. "He'd let you."
"Does he know we're... Y'know?" Frank smiled up at him, blushing very lightly.
"No." Gerard replied, softly. "I haven't told him yet. I don't know when I will."
"Take your time, no one needs to know." He smiled, leaning his head on Gerard's shoulder.
"I'm gonna have to," Gerard laughed lightly, weakly. He sat with Frank a little longer before groaning, looking at the time. He pulled himself away reached his arms around Mikey, and held his silent, sleeping frame against him in his arms. "Come on, we'll be going home soon."
Frank nodded in agreement, following behind them, and swallowing nervously, fiddling with his tie in the realization he would be once again facing the higher classes. The family congregated in the middle of the hall as others congratulated Gerard once more. A quiet girl, with long straight blonde hair and fair skin appeared, and handed Gerard a perfect, white rose. She pecked him softly on the cheek, before nodding shyly and stepping away. Lindsey returned and hugged him, nodding with a soft respect to Frank. Frank rolled his eyes, nodding softly to Lindsey, smirking. He stood next to Gerard, smiling politely, and blushing very slightly - there were still too many people for Frank's liking.

The group left together, Gerard's father a little intoxicated. Gerard's mother decided that she was going to drive, pushing him into the passenger seat.
"Hello lovelies, have you had a nice night?" She cooed, starting up the car. Frank beamed softly.
"Yes, Ma'am." He spoke quietly, yawning, and rubbing his eyes.
"Very good night, Mum." Gerard smiled, nodding, Mikey cuddling into him from the middle seat. "Frank's staying over - is that alright?" Frank crossed his fingers behind him, hoping for a positive response.
"Of course it is," She replied, softly. "We have a few spare rooms, Frank, but Gerard does have a sofa in his room, so I'm sure you'd rather sleep on that." Frank nodded politely.
"Yes, please." He smiled softly, rubbing his eyes, tucking his hair behind his ear. The rest of the car journey was silent, and once home, they piled out, Gerard dragging his violin case behind him, tiredly. Frank followed behind Gerard, grinning but still yawning. Gerard put his violin back in his music room, before putting Mikey to bed, then leading Frank to his bedroom.

Frank walked next to Gerard, undoing his tie, wrapping it around his wrist, yawning. Gerard opened the double doors to his bedroom. The room itself, was a little larger than the kitchen - one large pair of window doors stood, leading out onto a tall balcony, on the third floor. In the centre of the room, pushed up against a wall was a large double bed, supported by a black, steel bedstead. A white sofa stood on the right of the room, and on the left, was an entire wall, of shelves, displaying Gerard's clothes, CD's, and other personal items. He had records on the walls in frames, little photos of he and Mikey as kids, a few glossy band posters displayed. The carpet was a perfect white, contrasting against the dark, silken black bedsheets. One of the walls had a small cut out, a ladder leading up to it, which led to a higher hide out-ish box cut out in the wall. In it lay a bundle of blankets, and its small walls were bookcases, filled endlessly with old and new books. "So." Gerard spoke, shutting the double doors behind.
"Woah." Frank spoke softly, as his eyes grew wider, "Um...Wow..." Frank was speechless, grinning looking around.
"I'm guessing, you like it in here." Gerard grinned, moving towards his shelves, looking for clothes. Frank nodded.
"Um.. Just, wow." He beamed, gulping, "If I had this room, I'd never leave." He giggled. Gerard laughed.
"Well, like I said, my parents aren't all bad." He ran his hands over his clothes. "If you need to borrow any clothes, you can. And my bathroom is through there." He gestured to the door just right of the sofa. Frank nodded.
"Thanks, but I'll be fine," He grinned, still a little astounded by the room he was in. "You might want to look away, I'm getting changed," Frank shrugged, unbuttoning his shirt. Gerard squeaked and turned.
"Thanks," He mumbled, softly.
"But, honestly, why are you...Scared of seeing me topless?" Frank asked, quietly, slightly confused.
"I'm not. It's just.. Improper, you know." Gerard babbled, averting his gaze. Frank rolled his eyes, smirking.
"It's being topless, not full frontal nudity." Frank giggled.
"I know.." Gerard mumbled. "Are you done?"
"Not yet, hold on," Frank smirked, folding his shirt, taking off his trousers, and getting underneath the covers on the sofa. "Done." Gerard nodded.
"I'm gonna get changed - Don't. Look." Gerard insisted, turning back around. He took off his bow tie and slung it on the bed, unbuttoning each button on his tailcoat carefully and slipping it off. He was very wary that he could be seen but he just hoped that Frank wasn't looking. He unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, leaving his torso bare as he reached up for a t-shirt. Frank kept his eyes closed, very tempted to open, but he did his best not to.
"Done?" Frank asked, softly, his hands over his eyes.
"Eh, almost," Gerard mumbled, searching blindly for a t-shirt. He removed his trousers quickly whilst he searched, throwing them down on the bed also. He felt a little embarrassed, feeling eyes on him, even though he was sure Frank wasn't looking. Frank sighed, hands covered over his eyes to ensure he didn't peek, smirking, chewing his lip.
"Sbrigati, si prega di." He giggled.
Hurry Please..
"Désolé," Gerard murmured, finding a shirt and pulling it on, slipping into his own bed.
"Okay, done." Frank nodded, uncovering his eyes.
"Are you, insecure about yourself or something?" He asked, softly, turning on his side, propping himself up with his elbow, facing Gerard.
"Uh," Gerard mumbled. "N-not really. Just a bit." He sucked on the inside of his cheek absently. Frank sighed, a twinkle in his eyes.
"Mais tu es belle..." He blushed, beaming.
But you are beautiful.
"Faire taire," Gerard hissed playfully, pushing himself down a little further under the covers. It was a very hot night.
"Jamais." He giggled, yawning, tucking his hair behind his ear.
Gerard laughed quietly, digging under the covers and removing his shirt in the heat, before crawling back up, his milky white shoulders only just poking out from under the bedsheets. Frank smiled, sighing happily, feeling his cheeks turn pink. Gerard glanced downwards and dug down, removing his shoulders from view. Frank smiled.
"Je ne vais pas la fermer," He giggled, "Bonne nuit, magnifique."
I will not shut up. Goodnight, gorgeous.
"Good night."
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