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Time to Go

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"You can't make me do that. That isn't [/fair/]!"

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Frank woke up slowly, his eyes flickering as they adjusted to the soft summer morning light that leaked from the large windowed doors. He looked at his phone under his pillow, seeing it was 9am. He rolled on his back, looking up at the celling, gazing over at Gerard, who was half out the covers, his pale milky body sprawled across the bed.
"No six pack my arse." Frank mumbled to himself, a sharp smirk on his lips. Gerard hummed, taking a while to get up. His eyes flickered open, and he jumped, yanking the covers back over him, his pale cheeks a deep scarlet. Frank yawned, rubbing his eyes, combing his hair with his fingers.
"Good.. Morning." Gerard mumbled, moving a little closer to the edge of his bed.
"Good morning," Frank spoke softly, still a little tired. "I'm not looking over at you, so don't be alarmed," He smiled, looking up at the celling.
"Th-thanks." Gerard spoke, moving quickly to the shelves and picking out a smart shirt, and some trousers. He dressed himself quickly.
"Welcome," Frank slipped out of bed, facing the other way, slipping on his trousers, and shirt from yesterday, not bothering to do his tie or top buttons.
"Do you want breakfast?" Gerard asked. "I thought, maybe we could go riding today, or something." Frank shook his head.
"I'm never hungry in the morning, and good idea." Frank smiled, putting on a little bit of eyeliner.
"I just gotta.. Get changed again, then." Gerard removed his shirt and trousers, slipping on his deep crimson shirt and crisp, ebony waistcoat. He selected a pair of ivory riding trousers with a black stripe up the leg, and tied a loose striped necktie around his neck. "Okay." He smiled, turning to Frank with a soft gaze.
"You look as dashing as always." Frank grinned, blushing slightly as he watched over his boyfriend. The clothes he picked always enhanced all of Gerard's best qualities, highlighting him in all the right places. Uncombed hair had spilled across Gerard's forehead, covering his eye. "Hold on, two seconds." Frank stood on his tiptoes, one hand on Gerard's shoulder, the other, putting the hair into his fringe. "There you go." He beamed.
"Thanks." Gerard replied, taking Frank by the hand to the door. They walked to the back door, where Gerard pulled on a pair of black boots and collected a scarlet riding helmet. He tossed a black one to Frank, along with a pair of black wellingtons. "You'll need these." Frank nodded, pulling on the boots, and putting on the helmet.
"Okay, I'm ready." He nodded, taking Gerard's hand. Gerard led Frank back to the paddock, reaching out and stroking down Ophélie.
"That male, over there, is called Rudi," Gerard noted. "If you feel up to it, you could ride on him, but he's a little unpredictable. Ophélie is much safer, but she doesn't like many people too much. Jaap, the youngest - he's Mikey's, but he's very friendly. Or, you could ride with me." Frank grinned.
"Could I ride with you? I'd feel a lot safer." He blushed, tucking his hair under the helmet.
"Alright, but I'm warning you now, I'm taking Rudi, and I'm going to go incredibly fast. I haven't ridden in weeks, because of violin and cricket.." Gerard groaned, stroking Rudi's face lovingly.
"As long as I'm with you, I believe and hope, I'm in safe hands." Frank smirked, laughing softly.
"Good. Hop on." Gerard indicated. There were no stirrups on this horse. Frank looked puzzled.
"Um.. Well.. How?" He asked, softly, giggling. Gerard hummed for a moment before lifting Frank onto the horse. Gerard hopped elegantly onto the horse, springing his legs as he did so, managing it without making a mistake. "You ready?" Frank wrapped his arms around Gerard's waist, grinning.
"As ready as I'll ever be." He gulped, chewing his lip.
"Come on then." Gerard grinned, snapping on the reigns and sending the horse flying down the fields, a different route, this time. The horse moved instinctively, swaying the same way Gerard did, knowing its way as if it was born for it. It moved around trees, jumped over logs, moved around corners perfectly. Frank squeaked, giggling, nuzzling his head into Gerard's neck, if he got a little scared, other than that, Frank would laugh and smile as they went down the hills and through the forests.
Gerard led Frank on the horse to a small clearing, which must have been a few miles from the house. It was a large, lavender field, surrounded by large trees, the leaves slowly turning a gentle auburn colour as September thickened.
"Wow, it's so beautiful," Frank smiled, looking around, blushing softly, as he gazed at the trees and leaves scattering the field. Gerard hummed softly as he swung his legs off of the horse and jumped to the floor, tethering the horse to a gate. He held his arms out to help Frank down. Frank placed his hands on Gerard's shoulders, jumping down off the horse, before kissing him briefly, "It's so...Magnifique.." He beamed softly.
"I like it down here." Gerard's eyes twinkled as he turned, sauntering down and through the lavender field. "There's an old mansion, over there." Gerard indicated towards a large, vintage, run down manor house in the distance. Despite it's run down nature, it possessed a strange valour that Frank admired. "On Halloween, the highest lords and ladies have a masquerade party over there. It's really fun, actually."
"Wow," Frank nodded, gulping as he looked around, "It's just really peaceful," Frank grinned, brushing his hair out of his face, taking his helmet off, biting his lip.
"Yeah," Gerard hummed, walking around slowly. "Used to be a farm here. You'd get shot if they caught you, especially in their fields, but, they're gone now. House fire." He sighed, looking over at the smaller, soot encrusted house at the edge of the field. Frank walked beside him, gazing over the fields.
"Oh, that's unfortunate." He sighed softly, "This sounds random, but I-I..." He stuttered, sighed, lookign down at his shoes, "Forget about it."
"I don't forget easy, Frank." Gerard grinned. "But I can, for you, if you wish."
"I want to say something, but you'll say it's improper, or no." He sighed softly, looking up at Gerard, blushing.
"In my two months of knowing you, you've never worried about being improper before, so why now?" Gerard smirked, nodding down at Frank.
"Because, I'm scared, if I say it, that you'll break up with me." He spoke softly, looking down, sighing.
"Don't be scared of me. I'm not strong enough to hurt you, whether I wanted to or not." Gerard laughed gently, before shaking himself. "Come on."
"Je tiens à vous embrasser. Mais un vrai baiser, avec mes bras enroulés autour de votre cou et les mains sur ma taille et le moment est parfait."
I want to kiss you. But a real kiss, with my arms wrapped around your neck, and your hands on my waist, and the timing perfect.
He smiled softly, blushing. "I've been practising my French." Frank shrugged. Gerard watched Frank for a moment.
"Why would you think I would break up with you because of that?" He raised an eyebrow. "Because, evidently, I wouldn't."
"Because I thought you would say it's improper, or just avoid it. I dunno." Frank mumbled softly, gulping.
"It is improper, but that doesn't mean I'm going to avoid it." Gerard hummed, slinging an arm around Frank. "However, I have a plan, and it does not involve today, mon cher,"
Frank smiled, looking up at the older boy, "What's your plan?" He asked, raising an eyebrow, giggling curiously.
"Secret Plan," Gerard grinned, pulling Frank towards him. "It involves Halloween. And the masquerade party. You're coming; I don't care what else you have planned."
"Y'know, you're a perfect boyfriend." Frank smiled, placing his hands on Gerard's chest, his eyes twinkling, "Halloween is also my birthday," Frank grinned.
"I want to make your birthday great. Okay?" Gerard smiled, a kiss dangling dangerously close to the soft skin above Frank's ear. Frank nodded, smiling.
"Okay, I trust you." He giggled, scrunching his nose up, as the older boys lips touched his skin.

The day, that Frank had been silently waiting for, for a little over than a month, had finally arrived. He'd dreamt about it, wondered - but rarely asked Gerard, knowing he'd either irritate him, and get simply no result from him anyway. Gerard was already in his 'casual' clothes, sorting through his masquerade outfit that he had picked out for himself, as well as Frank, awaiting his arrival. Frank was in scruffy clothes, as he knocked on Gerard's door, knowing it was only him, Mikey was at school and his parents at work. He got told by Gerard yesterday to come to his house, at this time, he had no idea why though, be he did have a slight idea, it was about the party. Gerard swung himself around the banister and landed with a graceful thud near the front door. He opened it and welcomed Frank in.
"Hi, Frank," He grinned, softly, his cheeks burning the tiniest amount.
"Hi there," He giggled, stepping into the house, yawning, "Okay, it's kind of early, so I'm a little tired." Frank shrugged, grinning at Gerard.
"That's alright." Gerard ushered Frank in and shut the door. "I thought, well, we could just.. Um, hang around? Is that the phrase?" He looked at Frank for help before continuing. "Then, I'm going to dress you for this party. Okay?" Frank nodded.
"Hang out, but you were close, and it's cute when you mess up, so I won't say anything." He giggled, "And okay," Frank bit his lip, following Gerard.
"You too are going to be a dashing, handsome, charming young man - I mean, you already are, but.. You could dress a little smarter." Gerard joked, taking Frank by the hand and walking him upstairs. Frank laced their fingers together.
"I understand, but thank you for the compliment any ways." He laughed softly, running a hand through his hair, following the older boy up the staircase.

After several hours spent with Gerard reading to Frank in the small enclosure fixed into Gerard's wall, he stood up, taking Frank's hand.
"Come on. It's time now." He hummed, dragging Frank along through the bathroom, and into another room, which was completely black. Frank gulped, biting his lip, taking Gerard's hand.
"Okay..." He spoke softly, feeling his heart beat in his chest, he felt curious, but also a little nervous. Gerard leant across and turned on the lights, which opened to another room, a similar size to Gerard's. The room was adorned with shelves and hangers, silken bow ties on one shelf, lines of crisp coloured shirts, perfectly ironed dress trousers. Lines and lines of shoes stood together, next to the piles of sharp waistcoats, and dinner jackets.
"Welcome," Gerard grinned, his eyes sparkling as he gazed at the garments around him.
"Woah..." He smiled, laughing softly, "That's a lot of clothes." Frank was quite stunned by the amount of shirts, trousers and shoes there were. "Is this.. Just your clothes?" He asked, giggling softly.
"Of course not!" Gerard laughed, shutting the door behind him. "This is the men's room, mostly. My mother, of course, has her own room.." He paused. "But, unless you're into that, we have no need to go in there." Frank nodded, laughing.
"Okay, wow, it's still...Um, quite an amount of clothing." He smiled, looking around.
"True. Now stand over there," Gerard pointed to a space on the deep scarlet carpet. Gerard reached across and selected a pair of sharp, ebony trousers, and passed them across to Frank.
"Put on these?" He requested, before turning around and scouring the shelves for shirts. Frank smiled.
"Sure," He pulled out the trousers, buttoning them up, they fit perfectly, "Okay," Frank bit his lip, they felt just like his school trousers. Gerard selected a pure white shirt, with elbow cuffs that billowed a little as they met it. He walked back over to Frank and hooked a finger under the collar of Frank's shirt, and tugged gently.
"Take it off." Gerard passed the shirt back to Frank and turned, as not to intrude whilst Frank changed. Frank's eyes went wide, smiling, taking his shirt off, dropping it next to his foot. He pulled on the shirt, buttoning it up.
"Okay, done," Gerard ran his fingers over the waistcoats and selected a dark, crisp bottle green one, knowing it would highlight Frank's features. He nudged Frank in order to make him raise his arms, before hooking his arms through the waistcoat and leaning over him to button it up. Frank smirked, blushing slightly.
"Okay, so I'm all dressed up," He smiled, giggling, "It feels.. Strange, but nice." Frank shrugged, running a hand through his hair.
"Not done!" Gerard hushed, dancing to the bow ties and selecting a deep, black satin one. Gerard bent awkwardly to Frank's height in order to move closer to him, to get a good look at the tie. He moved his hands behind Frank's neck and brought the tie around, his fingers brushing occasionally against Frank's skin, before tying it carefully.
"You look very handsome, Frank." Gerard leant into one of the drawers and pulled out a deep black mask, which only covered his eyes. It was decorated elaborately, the patterns highlighted a little with small speckles of gold. He handed it to him. "For tonight," Frank took the mask, smiling.
"Thank you," He blushed, giggling, "I'm curious to know what you're wearing, though," Frank raised an eyebrow, placing his hands on his hips. "You always look very dashing,"
"Mm, I'm getting dressed in just a moment." Gerard smiled, turning a mirror in the corner around. "You can go look at yourself if you want - I'm just going to get changed." Gerard moved over to the dress trousers, selecting a pair of dark dress trousers, coloured similarly to Frank's. He slipped them off carefully and quickly and put the dress trousers on. Frank shook his head.
"I don't like looking at myself, it's weird, I just don't like it." He shrugged, sighing, turning around, so Gerard could get changed.
"Oh." Gerard breathed out, a little disappointed. He'd tried hard, he wanted Frank to know how handsome he looked - he wanted Frank to see all the hard work paying off. Gerard hummed, easing the casual shirt off his shoulders and standing for a moment, gazing over at the shelves, looking for the shirt he wanted.
"But, I will, for you." Frank reassured, moving over to the mirror, his hands over his eyes, before gasping as he saw himself in the mirror. "I look...Respectable." He grinned happily, blushing. Frank turned around and saw Gerard shirtless, he squealed softly, "Oops, sorry," He turned back to the mirror.
"Uh," Gerard quickly panicked and ripped an ebony, satin shirt down from the shelf. "I-it's ok-kay." He mumbled, buttoning the shirt over himself.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." Frank mumbled, moving away from the mirror, his back to Gerard, biting his lip.
"It's okay." Gerard reassured, hitching a deep scarlet waistcoat around his shoulders and a perfect white bow tie around his neck. He finished by selecting a white masquerade mask, almost identical to Frank's, however, with small silver highlights decorating it.
"Done?" Frank asked, tapping his foot impatiently, looking down at his bow tie, fiddling.
"Uh, yeah." Gerard nodded, scratching a hand over his lips. "I.. I gotta dress Mikey, they'll be downstairs by now." Gerard moved quickly over to Frank, kissing him a little deeper, pushing him back ever so gently, so Frank was unstable without him. The kiss lasted for mere seconds before Gerard slipped away, out of the room and downstairs, to collect his brother. Frank stumbled back, onto a chair, smiling, blushing softly. He hummed softly, slumping back in the seat, careful not to crease his clothes. Gerard returned quickly, Mikey cradled in his arms. He dressed him quickly; small white dress trousers, a crisp, deep navy shirt, an ivory waistcoat, and a silken crimson bow tie.
"Is everyone ready to go?" Frank nodded.
"You look very handsome, Gee, and you look adorable, Mikey." He giggled, standing up, biting his lip, putting his mask on carefully.
"Thanks Frank!" Mikey squeaked, making grabby hands at him. Gerard watched Mikey for a moment before nodding to Frank.
"Uh, he wants you to pick him up." Gerard coughed, and raised an eyebrow in apology, scratching the nape of his neck.
"Aw, it's okay," He lifted Mikey up, smiling, "You're very welcome, Mikey," Frank grinned, tossing Mikey gently in his hands a little before putting him back down, softly, making sure he didn't fall over.
"Right. Come on," Gerard insisted, taking both Frank and Mikey by the hand.
"We have a limo, Gerard! Like last year!" Mikey chirped, hopping up and down as they walked. Frank gasped, grinning.
"A limo?" Frank asked, surprised. Frank rolled his eyes at the extravigance, taking Gerard's hand in his own following him to the front door. "Do you want me to let go? We are with your parents and all." He gestured to their hands together.
"No." Gerard replied softly. "They'll think you can't see with that mask - you're wearing it upside down." He grinned, opening the door and stepping out of it. He led them both to the car, and opened it for them, allowing them to get in first. Frank blushed hard, turning it the right way, placing it back on.
"Okay," He bit his lip embarrassedly, being forced to sit in the middle, because Mikey jumped in before him. Gerard's father stepped into the middle compartment, along with their mother, who even Frank thought, looked particularly beautiful.
"Ready, kids?" She asked sweetly, nodding to the driver.
"Mh hm, yes, ma'am," He spoke softly, smiling, gazing over at Gerard, who was on his right, he looked very handsome. Frank blushed, biting his lip.
"You look beautiful, Mum." Gerard smiled, tilting his head, his eyes soft and comforting. Frank could easily tell what Gerard meant when he said he got the adults to love him. There was something, very human, about Gerard, which made people love him. Gerard's mother turned and nodded to him, a loving smile on her lips.
"Oh, Gerard." She cooed, putting her hand under Gerard's chin. "You look very handsome. Like a proper young man." She shook herself, before tickling Mikey in the chest. "You look especially handsome Mikey." Frank glanced at Gerard with a soft smile.
"Prince Charming, guess what my foster parents got me for my birthday..." He grinned happily.
"What?" Gerard asked quietly, leaning his ear towards Frank.
"I got a new guitar." He whispered, the happiness glimmering in his eyes as he sighed contently.
"I have a present for you, too." Gerard hummed. "But you're not getting it. I saved it for later."
"You didn't have to.." Frank smiled, blushing, looking down at his hands in his lap, twiddling his thumbs.
"Yeah I did." Gerard whispered, taking Frank's hand and hiding it between them both, hidden by the soft summer darkness that was beginning to envelop the car as they drove. Frank blushed, intertwining their fingers together, sighing happily. He made sure Gerard's parents weren't looking as he pressed his lips to the soft skin underneath the older boy's ear, for a brief moment. Gerard breathed in sharply, holding in a squeak, or whatever he felt he needed to hold in, as his cheeks spread into a perfect scarlet, disguised by the perfect white mask that alluded him. They arrived at the large, manor house, it's grandeur intensified - it was decorated with lights on the outside and looked particularly fairy tale like. Hundreds of people were walking in, all dressed in similarly fantastic outfits. Frank lifted up Gerard's mask, peeking underneath and smiling, before turning back to the car window, leaning over the older boy, to get a good view. "Wow..." He sighed happily, grinning.
"Come on." Gerard leant across Mikey to open the door of the limo, and let him out. Mikey ran instantly, hopping as he did so. Gerard hopped out of the car and took Frank's hand, asking him to follow. They walked with Gerard's parents, up until the large front gates, before splitting off. Gerard took Frank in, grinning. He'd been in here before; he knew what to expect. Frank, however. Frank followed Gerard, slightly confused, but happy and excited. He took his hand, following him through hallways and little entrances.
"Where are we going?" He asked softly, blushing.
"To the main hall." Gerard whispered, walking him down a long hallway, along with other costumed couples, till they reached a large pair of wooden doors. He swung them open and behind was a room that Frank was convinced was bigger than his entire house. The ceiling was a large, elaborate painting; crystal chandeliers hung from it, looming over the polished dance floor, itself a deep ebony oak. The edges of the walls were decorated with the tiniest details, the walls themselves striped light creams and decorated with paintings and wall hangings. On the dancefloor, couples moved to quick, elegant music, spinning in unison with one another, moving delicately and quickly, with ease.
"Wow," Frank gulped, smiling, gazing around at the couples and the hall, "It's very... Elegant." Frank was amazed by the art and the couples dancing perfectly in time with each other to the music.
"Happy Birthday, part one," Gerard grinned, taking Frank's other hand and spinning him as he tugged on it. He took him along to the dance floor and leant close to him. "Follow my lead, okay? This is a different dance, but you'll do fine." Gerard whispered, before grasping a hand to Frank's waist and adjusting his mask a little. He nodded and began to dance. Frank smiled, blushing, but it was hidden by the mask. He nodded.
"Okay, I'll try," He giggled, placing a hand on Gerard's shoulder, their body's close as they spun and stepped in time together, hand in hand.
"You're doing really well," Gerard grinned, turning his head and watching the other couples. He looked down at Frank's feet and grinned. He moved a little clumsily, but still particularly elegant for someone who has never moved like this before. Frank smiled, scrunching up his nose.
"Thanks, let's guess, you did dance lessons?" He asked, smirking, getting the movement more fluent and majestic.
"Hm." Gerard laughed, his smile still visible. "I did. Only a few, I picked it up pretty fast. Mikey will be starting his soon. Oh how lovely for him,"
"You're a wonderful dancer," Frank spoke softly, beaming, "Aw, Mikey in his little suit and a girl in her pretty dress, so cute." He giggled.
"Thank you." Gerard glanced across and around him. "If we see Lindsey today - and Jamia, maybe - you'll be alright, yeah?" Gerard asked, unsure. Lindsey used to always accompany him to this dance; now things were a little different, but hopefully they would at least still share a dance, if Frank was alright with it.
"Yeah, sure," Frank smiled, smirking, "As long as you know, you're mine, no one else," Frank teased, laughing softly.
"I got that." Gerard hummed, coming to an abrupt standstill as the music stopped. "That was very good," He laughed, the laugh lines on his face creasing. Frank rolled his eyes, giggling.
"Thanks but I'm still a terrible dancer." He laughed softly, running a hand through his hair.
"Just a little improvement is in order." Gerard grinned, holding Frank's hand in his own. "I'm just going to see Lindsey. Okay? Come with me." Gerard and Frank walked over to a small group of teens. Frank was introduced to Bob, and Ray, Jamia, and Lindsey, whom he had already met once or twice now.
"Gerard Fucking Way," Lindsey smiled, using her now common phrase to greet him. Frank kept his head down, his hand in Gerard's, swallowing nervously as he said hello to everyone. He felt suddenly very vulnerable.
"Frank!" Jamia smiled softly, gazing at him. "What are you doing here?" Lindsey reached forward with a gloved hand, a wicked smile appearing from underneath her mask, her eyes mostly alluded. She took Gerard's hand and they walked together, to the dance floor, beginning their challenge of a dance.
"I'm with Gerard," He smiled, giggling, "He asked me too come with him," Frank shrugged, looking over his shoulder at Lindsey and Gerard, sighing softly.
"Oh!" She smiled sincerely, the champagne glass lolling dangerously in her hand. "He mentioned that. He's very lucky." Gerard and Lindsey moved quickly, as if it were a competition. The song began to get heated, as the other couples moved quickly. Gerard laughed and swooped Lindsey around a little in his arms, moving and spinning quickly in his perfectly shined shoes.
"Awh, you're too kind," Frank grinned, hiding his face, running his hand through his hair, trying his hardest not to look at his boyfriend and the girl he hated.
"Frank." Jamia moved closer to Frank, concernedly. "There's nothing going on between them. Honest."
"It's just...Hard not to look, y'know," He sighed, looking up at the girl, who was the same age as him, but was still taller.
"Believe me. Gerard never shuts up about you at polo practice. Sometimes, I think I want to knock him right off that horse." She laughed, looking over Frank with worry.
"Really?" He blushed, smiling softly, laughing, "I just feel like, if his parents find out, they might try splitting us up, because I'm not from the same background as you guys." Jamia hummed.
"I suppose so. But Gerard's dad isn't all bad. They might want an arranged marriage for Gerard, but I know for a fact that they married for love."
"His dad scares me, no kidding." Frank giggled.
"His dad is pretty scary." She laughed. "But he knows about me. The whole community does. They just.. Ignore it." Her hand touched the middle of Frank's back as she pushed him forward. "Go on. Gerard's coming back." Frank smiled softly, looking up at Gerard.
"Hi again," He smiled, blushing, he was thankful that the mask was hiding it. Gerard kissed Lindsey's hand with a soft smirk before letting her go and linking his hands with Frank's. "Hello."
"Have a nice dance?" He asked, taking Gerard's hand softly.
"I did, yes." Gerard beamed, leading Frank away. "Come on. I have part two of your present."
"Yay," He followed Gerard, grinning. Frank gulped, feeling his heart beat hard and fast in his chest. Gerard led Frank to a small alcove, where very few people rested. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small box, adorned with a ribbon.
"Here." Frank bit his lip, blushing. He untied the ribbon, opening the box slowly.
"Oh, Prince Charming, it's beautiful..." He gasped, beaming softly. Inside of the box, lay a small key. On the key, was the tiniest little details, along with the words, "Profanity Boy," engraved on it. On the otherside of the key, were the words "Je ne sais quoi j'adore à votre sujet," engraved carefully.
"We could, put this key to some use." Gerard raised an eyebrow. Frank looked up, smirking.
"We the hell are you going with this?" He asked, giggling, blushing softly under his mask.
"Let's see."

Gerard took Frank's hand again and led him up the large staircase, mostly unnoticed, only by the likes of Jamia and Ray. Gerard moved up the hallway and stood outside a large, oak door. "It's locked." Frank smiled, stepping in front of the door, putting the key in the hole and turning it, until he heard a click. The door opened very slowly. Gerard slipped in, turning on the light, which was incredibly dim. "It's just a cupboard, don't think it's anything special." Gerard hummed, before stepping towards Frank and pressing his arms against the wall. Frank looked up at Gerard, smirking and biting his lip.
"I'm curious about what you have in mind..." He raised an eyebrow, gulping.
"Nothing too.. risqué," Gerard moved in a little closer to Frank, breathing over him. Frank blushed, feeling his heart beat faster as he gulped.
"Oh la la," He smirked.
"Shut up, Frank." Gerard hushed, before pressing his lips onto Frank's with a certain urgency, his thumbs pressing delicately into Frank's waist.
"Mmm," Frank moaned softly, kissing him passionately and hungrily, pressing his chest to Gerard's.
"This what you wanted?" Gerard pushed his hands around Frank and lifted him up, still pressing him against the wall, but more his height.
"Best present ever." Frank panted, moaning softly, wrapping his arms around Gerard's neck.
"God Frank, it's not like we're doing anything like that," Gerard laughed, indicating at the noises Frank was creating. He explored Frank's mouth with his tongue, bit by bit. Frank shut his eyes, flicking his tongue against Gerard's, sucking it and nipping at his lip.
"I make those noises, put up with it." He giggled.
"Fine.." Gerard murmured, pressing his body against Frank's a little longer. He moved his lips across his jaw and down, onto his neck.
"Mmm, fuck." He moaned very quietly, biting his lip, tilting his head to give the older boy room.
"Language, Profanity Boy," Gerard hummed, nibbling with his teeth. "This is gonna be as far as we go, for now," He grinned, baring his teeth against Frank's bare neck. He loosened the bow tie a little and pulled the collar aside to give himself more room.
"Fine with me," Frank bit his lip, gulping, running a hand through Gerard's hair, moaning softly. Gerard kissed him hard, once more, before pulling back, a twinkle in his eye. He kissed Frank on the cheek and escaped from the small cupboard, walking away and down the stairs whilst readjusting his tie and hair. Frank grinned, fixing his hair, and doing his button back up, making sure his tie looked good.
"Oi, don't just walk away," He smirked, following Gerard, "I could get lost, y'know." Frank giggled, putting the key and box in his pocket.
"Hurry up then," Gerard grinned, pushing the masquerade mask back onto his face. "Are you going to stay over tonight?"
"Yes, please." He smiled, putting his mask back on, "Have I got it the right way?" Frank asked, softy, blushing.
"Yes," Gerard laughed, taking Frank's hand. "I have training for this.. Thing, tomorrow, but you're welcome to watch, if you want." He sighed, as they walked.
"Yes, please, and also, Jamia says you talk a lot about me at polo practise.." Frank smiled, looking up at the older boy, grasping his hand softly.
"I.. I /do not/." Gerard mumbled, looking away from him.
"Je pense que c'est doux." He giggled, blushing.
I think it's sweet.
"Well, I doubt I'll have time to talk about you tomorrow." Gerard squeezed Frank's hand as they wandered over to the drinks table. "You shouldn't have alcohol, really,"
"If I have one drink, nothing will happen." He giggled, taking a glass of champagne, "Neither should you," Frank smirked.
"Hey, I'm allowed to, I'm sixteen." Gerard smirked, taking a glass of his own. "You, however.."
"I am now fifteen," Frank shrugged, "Oh well," He giggled, taking a sip. The night went on, filled with occasional laughter, and Ray, doing a particular dance amongst the older dancers which had some room for improvement. The family congregated together in the middle of the hall, where each young man was given a rose, from each young lady, as per usual. Frank smiled, standing besides the drinks table, watching Gerard receive a lot more roses than any other young man, it made him giggle.
"Alright kids! Come on." Gerard's father mumbled in his drunkenness, slipping a comforting arm around his wife's waist. Gerard followed, roses in hand, indicating for Frank to follow. Frank nodded, following slightly behind Gerard, giggling softly.
"Wow, you got a lot of roses, didn't you, Prince Charming?" He smirked.
"Um, a few," Gerard laughed. "Sorry Mikes, I can't really carry you," He frowned, as Mikey stood in front of him, making grabby hands. He was exhausted; he was only little, of course. Frank picked him up and carried him to the limo.
"Aww," He giggled, as he put him down, watching Mikey jumping into the limo, next to his mother. Gerard collapsed into the limo, resting his head back on the seat.
"I'm so tired," He complained, lolling his head about. Frank took his mask off, putting it on his lap. He scratched his neck.
"Ow," He spoke softly as his finger nails ran over a tender piece of skin, "There is something there, isn't there?" He asked, Gerard, gesturing to the bruise on his neck. Gerard smirked, pushing a finger to his lips.
"Perhaps," Frank rolled his eyes, pressing his lips to the older boy's ear and whispering.
"You know what it is, right?" He asked.
"Well, I made it, so yeah." Gerard laughed quietly, making sure to conceal his words from his parents. Frank cupped his own cheek, shaking his head.
"How on earth am I going to cover it?!" He giggled softly.
"Just do up your top button," Gerard shrugged, stepping from the car with a smirk. "Come on. I need to sleep."
Frank did his button up, smirking, "I know, I know." He giggled, getting out of the car, walking up to the front door. Gerard made his way quickly to his bedroom and shut the door behind them, before stopping in front of his bed.
"I.. Uh, gotta get changed."
"I'll turn away," Frank smiled, turning the other way, putting his hands over his eyes. Gerard slipped off his waistcoat and shirt, groaning a little in the relief from the release of heat.
"Damn, I've been so warm," He muttered, wiping sweat off his brow as he slipped off his dress shoes and slipped under the sheets of his bed.
"I need to get changed to, so don't look." Frank smirked, undoing his bow tie and unbuttoning the shirt, gently taking it off, before slipping out of his trousers, laying on the bed, getting under the covers, "Done."
"Don't make fun of me." Gerard grumbled, hiding his shoulders underneath the sheets, his head barely sticking out.
"Saying you're beautiful, isn't making fun of you, it's complimenting you, to make you feel better about yourself." He smiling softly, sitting up in bed, the covers around his waist, his torso exposed.
"I don't feel bad about myself, I just don't.. Feel the need to show myself." Gerard mumbled, gazing away from Frank. Frank shrugged.
"That's fine with me, I'm just being honest to you, you're gorgeous." He smiled, blushing. Frank grabbed the box and key out of his trouser pocket, putting it underneath his pillow. Gerard nodded in reply, before turning, his back to Frank, exhaling. A little edge of cover came down and revealed the tiniest amount of skin, highlighting his sharp shoulder blade.
"By the way, thanks for the birthday present," Frank smirked, giggling, laying his head on the pillow, his finger tips touching the bruise on his neck.
"It's uh, alright." Gerard replied, nodding as he shut his eyes. Frank sighed, turning his back to Gerard, falling asleep.

When Frank awoke, Gerard was already stood in the middle of the room, getting changed into his cricket whites. He stood, a white polo shirt in hand, reaching for his cricket jumper, his pale milky skin exposed. Frank looked over, seeing Gerard's sculpted back bare, before turning onto his side, pretending he was still asleep, so the older boy didn't freak out. Gerard pulled his crisp, white cricket shirt on, which displayed some sort of crest that he was playing for. He wore white cricket trousers, and a pair of white running shoes. He yanked the jumper over his head, before writing a note and leaving it beside Frank, and slipping it out of the door. Frank turned over, picking up the note. He sat up in bed, looking around, but there was no sign of Gerard. Frank unfolded the crumpled note carefully.
"Going to cricket practise, be back in about an hour, mum, dad and Mikey are all with me, so sadly, you're alone in the house." He put the note down, getting changed into his scruffy clothes.
Frank got bored, alone in the house, so he walked around the corner to his own home, taking his back pack, but before he left he write a note, laying it on Gerard's bed.
'Hi, hope you had a good practise, I got bored so I went home, if you want me, just come to my house, Frank xo".

Gerard, returned home, sighing as he found the note. He would have liked to go and visit Frank, but he was exhausted, and his parents had already requested he was needed for some kind of talk. Frank sat on his porch, playing his new guitar, the key that Gerard got him was on a piece of leather, around his neck.

"No." Gerard replied, staring open mouthed at his parents. "You can't make me do that. That isn't fair." Gerard slammed his fists down beside him, infuriated. "This isn't fair!"

Frank looked up and down the road, no sign of Gerard, so he went upstairs and laid on his bed, drawing random pictures.

"Gerard, listen to me. This is a great opportunity, you always knew this was going to happen, you know who we are.." Gerard's mother cooed, trying her best to calm her son, who was currently very close to ripping holes in his cricket whites.
"I didn't think we'd ever.. This isn't fair!"

Frank looked out his window, sighing, "Guess he isn't coming," He sighed, flopping onto his bed.

Gerard made an aggressive noise, glaring at his parents.
"You said you'd never do this. Why me? Why do they need me?" Gerard shouted, before standing to his feet. He pushed himself away and slammed the door behind him, running with tears splashing down his cheeks to the paddock. He swung himself onto his horse and rode her up to the gate, opening it, then leaving it open behind him. He sped down the street, past Frank's house, and deep into the forest, hardly being able to see through the tears running down his cheeks.

Frank saw Gerard on his horse: he ran out of his front door, cycling as fast as he could, following Gerard until he stopped in a forest.
"Gee! Wait!" He shouted, panting, red faced from cycling so fast. Gerard came to a standstill and leapt from the horse, digging his fingers into a nearby tree and scaling it, his cricket whites now stained.
"What!" Gerard shouted, hiding his face from Frank.
"I wanna know what's wrong..." Frank sighed, looking up at Gerard, shaking slightly.
"My parents ruined my fucking life, that's what's wrong!" Gerard huffed, pressing his forehead against the tree he was sat in.
"Elaborate?" Frank asked, softly, looking lovingly at his boyfriend.
"You know, that I'm pretty high in the social tree, right?" Gerard shook, clenching his fists.
"Y-Yeah..." Frank spoke nervously, his heart pounding in his chest.
"We're really high. Really." Gerard mumbled, his eyes squeezed shut. "I'm being married. To some poor girl who could do so much better. In France. All because they want to.. Secure some sort of friendship between our two countries.." Frank's eyes widened, he could feel the tears starting to sprout from his eyes.
"W-What?" He started to sob, putting his head in his hands.
"I told you when we first met.. But I thought that.. Well, I didn't think this was going to happen, anyway." Gerard mumbled, letting himself fall from the tree and landing softly on the ground, unhurt. Frank looked at Gerard's shaking his head.
"And you probably don't even have the guts to tell your parents no." He sighed, crying, picking up his bike. "I love you, Gerard, and if you loved me, you would stand up to your parents." Frank started streaming tears.
"I can't!" Gerard shouted, a little hurt that Frank would think of him that way. "Do you think this is as menial as a simple marriage? This is an agreement between countries!" Gerard sobbed, his hands clenched tightly. "Do you really think that my parents will stop this because I'm in love?"
"Then I'll fucking stop them myself." Frank growled, standing his bike up, "Gee, you need to listen to me, they are your parents, you can stop them." Frank sniffed.
"You try." Gerard snarled, crying as he got back onto his horse. "They'll just laugh at you. Tell you to get away from me. I know my parents." He paused. "I should have expected this." Frank sniffed.
"Please, just help me. I don't want to lose you," He cried.
"I.. I thought it was going to be all good." Gerard mumbled, sniffing. "I'm sorry I dragged you into this."
"I won't find someone else like you, I can't lose you, I don't know what I'd do." Frank sobbed, "P-Please, Prince Charming, at least help me try." He sighed, looking up at Gerard.
"What do you intend to do?" Gerard asked, holding his forehead in his hands.
"I was going to say that you're my boyfriend, and then see what comes next." He gulped, sniffing. "Just fucking c'mon."
"Fine." Gerard tugged on the reigns of his horse and rode away, back in the direction of their homes.

Frank cycled as fast as he could, speeding to Gerard's house, before jumping off his bike, standing by the door. Gerard appeared from the gate, his face still red and stained with salty tears. He opened the door and left it open behind him. Frank walked in, shutting the door.
"Mr and Mrs Way, Gerard can't marry that girl." He sighed, sniffing.
"He doesn't have a /choice/." Gerard's father stood, seeming even taller than he did usually, in his own smart cricket whites. "I'm afraid you don't get a say in this, Mr Iero." Gerard's mother hugged Gerard to her chest, shaking her head.
"Gerard is my boyfriend, and he doesn't want to go through with this." He snarled, "I don't care if you hate me, but you should have the decency to listen to your son." Frank spoke angrily, panting. Gerard's father paused, standing back. His face was more frightening than usual; there was no anger, on first glance, however, Gerard saw an entirely different emotion. The small, twitching of his lip, the gentle squinting of his eyes - this wasn't any anger - this was white hot, intense fury.
"Get out." He breathed, his eyes burning holes in Frank.
"No!" He shouted, "I don't give a fuck if you're taller than me, scarier than me, stronger than me, or more intimating than me. I love Gerard a lot of than you do." Frank yelled. The elder man reached forward and tugged two tight fingers around the bottom of Gerard's ear and brought them to his side, Gerard following, muttering with pain under his breath. He dragged Gerard away by the ear and sent him to his room, though Frank could see through the railings that he was simply sat there, watching silently.
"Get out, of my home. Never come back. Never go anywhere near this house." He exhaled, his expression blank, appeased.
"Don't talk to me like that, so, fuck off/." He snarled, staring into the man's eyes, "If you cared about him, you would listen to him, you have no love for him, you don't care about him, you're using him like some fucking /contract!" Frank shouted, "And I'm not letting the one person in my life, who cares about me, be taken away from me, Sir."
"We do care for him. We've given him everything. Gave him a bloody little brother because he wanted one. And damn, I love him too. But I just want the best; and if the best can help two countries, two groups of people be as one - then why not kill two birds with one stone? We went through hell to have our children and we love them, and if you really think.. You think that you, after knowing him for what - two months? Three months, that you know him and love him more than we do?" He hissed. "You're wrong."
"Five months. I care about his feelings, I don't shower him with possessions or buy his love. I love him for who he is, and how he actually cares about me!" He yelled, "He is the closest thing I have to family and I don't want him to go... You don't know what it's like to grow up with no one loving you or caring about you, then this perfect guy comes along. I'm not giving up what we have." Frank sighed, "Let him make the choice, don't choose for him."
"I know what it's like to have no family." Gerard's father murmured. "If Gerard doesn't do this, I'll never get to see him again. We'll lose everything we ever had." Frank shrugged, facing Gerard.
"Than I don't know what to do, Prince Charming." He sighed, "But, Sir, you have to understand that he is all I have."
"Gerard knows what he's got to do. If he wants a good future for his brother, if he wants his family to thrive; this was never going to be my decision. It's already decided." Gerard's father called Gerard to return.
"But he is all I have! No one else loves me! No one else cares about me the way he does!" Frank sobbed.
"That's not big enough of an issue, in comparison," Gerard's father sighed, rubbing his head. Gerard returned down the stairs, his cheeks stained and red.
"So, you would rather have a good life for yourself, then let Gerard be happy. That shows how great a father you are." He sighed, sobbing.
"We'd be out of house and home, don't act as if I'm the evil one in this," Gerard's father growled. "If you were in my position, you'd understand. If he doesn't do this then.. You wouldn't see him again anyway."
"I won't see him again if he does marry her. I just want him to be happy, even if we aren't dating and you guys move away, I just want Gerard to be happy." He sighed, sobbing, looking up at Gerard.
"I've got to do it, Frank." Gerard said, quietly, looking down at his loved ones. "I have to."
"Fine. Then you won't be seeing me again." He sighed, "Goodbye, Prince Charming." Frank's head dropped as he looked at the floor, walking slowly to the door way. Gerard nodded, softly, watching Frank go. He didn't say a word as he turned, and went to his bedroom, slamming the door behind him. Frank went home, laying on his bed, crying.
But he got an idea.

It turned to night. Frank snuck out of his house, climbed over Gerard's fence and stood in his back garden, before throwing a rock up at Gerard's window. Gerard rarely slept. He pushed himself from the floor and walked over to the balcony, walking out.
"What do you want?" Gerard mumbled.
"This may be a stupid idea, but think about yourself for once in your life, forget about your family." He sighed, smiling with twinkling eyes, looking up at him, "Runaway with me?"
"But.. Frank, I'm not being horrible, but.. You don't know, what it's /like/." Gerard breathed, scratching his head. "I can't just leave them. I love them." Frank sighed, shaking his head, embarrassed and a little ashamed.
"Why do I even try?" He looked down.
"Because you're in love." Gerard sat down on the balcony, pressing his forehead against the cold metal bars. "If I had no family I would get on that horse, and I'd take my favourite book, and nothing else but the clothes on my back, and I'd leave, but I do, and they need me."
"But.. I ..." Frank stammered, looking up at him, "I..Don't want you to leave." He started to sob.
"Frank, If I leave, I might see you again. I could come home. If I stay? I move away. I probably move to another, cheaper country, or state. And I'll never see you again for sure, because my father won't allow it, unless he'd dead." Gerard muttered, bitterly. "These were the best five months of my life, Frank, and I'm just.. Just glad that you shared them with me."
"What about...If I came with you?" He asked, "Not as your boyfriend, we tell your parent's we've split up and I just come along as a friend...But we could secretly date, even when you're married?" Frank asked, hopeful. Gerard laughed sarcastically through his tears.
"Try getting them to buy you a ticket.. And migration papers and.. It's just too difficult Frank, and we don't even have long before I have to go.."
"Even if I bought them? My foster parents may not be the richest, but they are sure as hell, not poor." Frank hummed, raising an eyebrow, "What do you say?" Gerard trembled, gripping the metal bars.
"O-okay." Gerard replied. "I'm going in two days.. And you should probably be there when I leave - to be sad, you know," He mumbled.
"What about...If you just promise to visit me?" Frank felt the tears roll down his cheeks.
"I c-could. W-when I v-visit my parents.. You c-could visit m-me too?" Gerard breathed in sharply, beginning to cry profusely.
"Of course I will, Gee." Frank cried, looking up at the balcony, "Could we still be dating, even if you're married?"
"I d-don't kn-know.. I, mean, y-yeah, I don't know w-what this girl has b-been told.. W-what she e-even thinks of th-this.."
"Hold on," Frank ran back to his house, grabbing a massive bunch of rope, before climbing over the fence and throwing the rope up to the balcony. "Tie this up there, would you?" He smiled.
"Uh, alright." Gerard responded, tying it as well as he could. Frank climbed up, landing softly on the balcony. He wrapped his arms around Gerard's neck, hugging him close.
"Even if we're in different places, I love you, no matter what." He sobbed.
"You'd better," Gerard replied, digging his fingers into Frank's back, sobbing into his shoulder. Frank laughing softly, still crying, kissing his temple.
"We will visit each other and I'll write to you, and I'll do what I can, okay?"
"Okay." Gerard whispered, refusing to let go of him. "Just one more minute. Give me one more minute." He breathed.
"What on earth do you think is going to make me let go?" Frank smiled, hugging him close.
"Tell Lindsey where I've gone. /Please/. I know you don't like her but I can't leave the house now and I'm never going to see her again and.." Gerard started crying again, shaking his head.
"Okay, I'll tell Lindsey." Frank sighed softly, holding Gerard, "Please don't cry, I hate seeing you upset." He sniffed, cupping Gerard's cheek and kissing his nose.
"I can't not," Gerard mumbled, rocking himself back and forth. "I can't not."
"Aw, baby, look, this is hard for both of us, but we can make it through, okay?" Frank bit his lip, his eyes filling with tears.

"At least.. At least my family.. They're coming with me. They're coming with me. I.. He'd tried to tell me," Gerard paused, unsure of whether to smile or continue crying.
"W-Wait...What?" Frank smiled breathlessy, looking at Gerard, slightly confused.
"They're coming." Gerard breathed, still crying. "They won't be living with me but - we'll be moving away.. My father, he'd tried to tell me and I ignored him.. It isn't all bad." Gerard exhaled and squeezed his eyes shut.
"I'll just visit you guys then," Frank tilted his head, his heart aching in his chest, gazing at Gerard, "I promise I will," Gerard nodded, hugging Frank to his chest.
"Please. And, before you go." Gerard pulled back, unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it away from him. "There." He mumbled, looking down in embarrassment. Frank giggled, hugging him close.
"You're so perfect," He grinned, "I have another idea we can stay in contact...You have some kind of laptop, correct?"
"I uh.. Well, I don't have a laptop, but I'm sure over there.. There'll be some away of talking. I promise." Gerard mumbled, still rocking himself a little on the floor. Frank cupped the older boy's face.
"Stop worrying, okay? I'm sure it'll be fine." He sighed, "I'll visit you as much as I can, promise."
"You should go. I have a lot of packing to do tomorrow.. And goodbye's to say to my family. I know they're coming with me but.. They won't be staying in the same place." Frank sighed.
"Okay, I'll go, but a couple last things," He smiled, pressing his lips to Gerard's neck and sucking, before pulling back, smirking. "That gets you back," Frank giggled, running a hand through Gerard's hair.
"Will you see me before you leave?" He asked, smiling softly.
"I don't know.." Gerard mumbled, reluctant to let Frank go. "I can try. My dad doesn't exactly.. well, like you very much." Frank shrugged.
"I'm used to it, and if you can't, don't worry, I'll just....Miss you, y'know." He sighed, beaming sadly, sitting in Gerard's lap.
"I'll miss you too." Gerard covered his eyes with his palms. Frank sighed, sitting up, kissing Gerard's cheek.
"I'm scared that...You'll forget about me..."
"I won't." Gerard replied, his eyes still covered.
"What's wrong?" Frank asked, frowning.
"I'm just finding it hard to believe all this happening." Gerard responded, shaking his head. "Go, go. The longer you stay, the harder it gets."
"Okay," Frank stood up, climbing down the rope, sobbing, "I love you." He jumped over the fence, going back into his home, crying.
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