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Demolition Lovers

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"I d-on't know Fr-onk; I've tu-urned many a men.. And wom-en,"

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Gerard awoke the next morning, still lied on the floor. He groaned as he moved his aching back from the floor, pain riddling his bones as he wandered down the stairs and received a very large hug from his little brother.
"What's that for, Mikes?" Gerard sniffed, his younger brother's fingers digging into his sides.
"I don't want to leave, I don't want to not see you again," Mikey bawled, his cheeks red.
"It's not that bad, I'll see you sometimes. And this means we get to move to France! Isn't that exciting?" Gerard lied, blatantly.
"I don't think it's exciting." Mikey sobbed, grabbing his fingers into Gerard. "What about the horses?" Gerard hugged him tightly.
"The horses will stay here, we're hiring someone to look after them.. Until you guys come home."
"We're coming home?" Mikey's ears pricked. Gerard pressed his forehead against Mikey's crown with a sigh.
"You're coming home." He mumbled, stroking his hands up Mikey's little arms. Mikey cried for a little longer before Gerard snuck him out of the back door, and walked along to Frank's house, Mikey huddled up in his arms. Frank looked down at his mountains of paper, sighing, his eyes red from crying. He sniffed, seeing something block the light over the paper.
"We uh, came to say goodbye." Gerard mumbled, Mikey still crying hard in his arms. Frank sniffed, looking up at the older boy, sighing.
"I know," He rubbed his eyes, gulping, smiling softly. Gerard crouched to the floor, letting Mikey free from his arms.
"Go on. Go say goodbye to Frank." Mikey looked up at Frank without hesitation, before moving quickly over to him. Frank pulled Mikey in gently to a hug.
"I'll miss you, Mikey, I know you'll grow up to be a perfect young man." He sniffed.
"I'm coming home!" Mikey cried, a little unsure of his emotions. "I don't know when, but I'm coming home." He pushed himself into Frank, finding himself becoming particularly fond of him.
"Good, I don't know what I'd do if I never saw you again." Frank giggled, "You're so cute." He ruffled Mikey's hair, looking up at Gerard. "Does that mean...You're coming home...Too?" Gerard shook his head silently, desperate not to antagonize Mikey again. Frank sighed.
"Do you know the girl? Or anything about her?" He asked, confused, still cuddling Mikey.
"She's uh, very high up," Gerard mumbled, feeling a little hollow without his brother. "I don't know. No one's told us. I don't even know when the wedding is going to be.." Frank let go of Mikey.
"Go on, go to Gerard." He smiled, looking up at the older boy, "What happens if you...Fall for her?" He asked, speaking softly.
"I'm /not going to/." Gerard insisted, taking his brother in his arms and sitting beside Frank. "I won't. She probably wants nothing to do with me."
"So, you both don't want to do this, but you, have no choice?" Frank asked, softly, leaning his head on Gerard's shoulder.
"Yeah." Gerard huffed, wrapping one arm around Mikey and another around Frank's waist. "I.. I guess I should have seen this coming."
"I honestly knew something was going to happen, but, oh well. We all have to tough it out sometimes." Frank sighed, frowning.
"It's a lifelong marriage, Frank, toughing it out isn't really an option." Gerard kissed Frank on the cheek, squeezing him before letting go and picking Mikey up. "I'll.. I'll see you." Frank looked up at him, "I'll miss you," He sniffed, wrapping himself back up in his blankets. Gerard nodded, quickly turning and hiding his gaze, and the tears which were running down his cheeks.
"Don't worry Gee, it'll be okay," Mikey mumbled, putting a hand on Gerard's cheek. Frank started to cry into his many blankets, playing his guitar, reading the notes.

The next day was a hard one. Gerard's belongings, along with everyone else's, were already shoved in the back of the taxi. Mikey was strapped into the back of the car, still crying softly, his mother attempting to calm his down as best as she could. They climbed into the car silently, and left for the airport, Gerard staying as silent as he possibly could.

Frank didn't get out of bed that morning. He couldn't, he didn't want anything to upset him, but the ideas of Gerard leaving him and seeing the rose on the table made him start to stream tears.

The home they were staying in was extravagant. Gerard had learnt that his family were only staying for a while, a few months or so, until the wedding, and until Gerard had settled in as well as he ever would. He moved upstairs to his bedroom, which was large, beautiful - and dialled Frank's home number, hoping he would answer, considering it was a foreign number.
"Frankie! Phone! I'm cooking, you answer!" His mother shouted, as Frank ran down the stairs, in his blankets, he finally answered, not recognizing the number.
"Um..Hello?" He asked, coughing slightly.
"Frank." Gerard breathed, a little relieved to hear his voice.
"Gee?" Frank asked, gulping, smiling and sniffing softly, he didn't want to upset him, knowing his boyfriend had been crying.
"I'm in France." Gerard replied, shakily. "And I just - I can't talk for along, It's.. like 5am here.. But - I'd really like it if you could come to the wedding. I know it's a lot to ask and.. And.. if I say that we broke up my p-parents will let you.. You don't have to come."
"When's the wedding?" Frank asked, smiling, blushing slightly.
"Three Weeks." Gerard whispered. "I know it'll be hard but.. I want to see you, and the wedding is a perfect excuse."
"I'll come, I promise," Frank smiled, giggled softly, "I told my parents that we were dating and I wanted to visit you soon, they said they would give me the money," He sighed happily, "So, I'll make it, I promise, but where can I stay?"
"You'll have to figure that out. You can't really - I'm staying with my parents for tonight, but then I'm going over to the girl's house to stay with her and her parents.. Until after the wedding, when we move out." Gerard nodded, keeping his voice down to ensure no one heard.
"I'll find somewhere," Frank sighed, "I promise I'll come.. Should I come a week before the wedding?" Frank asked, softly.
"If you want, I don't think I'll be able to see you, though." Gerard sighed, quietly. "Make sure you bring smart clothes."
"I know, I know." Frank mumbled, "If we plan something, I'm sure we could meet somewhere? Airport?"
"I'll talk to the girl when I meet her. Maybe.. Maybe she'll be able to convince her parents that we need some space and.. She could let me see you."
"We will see, that's not for a week or so yet." Frank smiled, just comforting to hear Gerard, "No, go to sleep, you sound like you need it, take your mind off the situation."
"I will." Gerard hummed. "Goodnight, Frank."
"Goodnight, Prince Charming,"

In the morning after, Gerard was introduced to the lady in question. A girl of the same age, long, brunette hair which curved softly at the edges, bright green eyes, a pale complexion, and small, pouted red lips. She was made up, very obviously uncomfortably, but still looked particularly beautiful. Her voice was sweet as she spoke, holding out her hand.
"Nice to meet you, Gerard," She spoke, in her thick french accent.
"Ah, nice to meet you." Gerard replied, taking her hand and kissing it, as he did, politely. She smiled softly and nodded, their parents seemingly happy with their greetings. After two weeks, a week before the wedding, Gerard found himself to have quite taken to the girl, in a strictly, mostly, platonic way. She was interesting and equally hilarious; much more of a best friend, than a love interest. Frank got his plane ticket, kissed his mum and dad goodbye, he was dressed in skin tight jeans with a shirt and loose tie. He got on the plane for two hours, before landing. Marina pulled up the car to the airport, with a soft grin.
"Do-on't be too long," She smiled, her accent appearing through her words. Gerard nodded with a smile, stepping out of the car nervously and moving into the airport.

Frank stepped of the plane, his head down, looking at his old boots, his fringe over his face. He was scared, he was a fifteen year old boy, alone in a foreign country, it was quite daunting. Gerard waited, completely unaware of where Frank was going to be appearing from. He sat in the waiting section patiently, tapping his feet and twiddling his fingers nervously. Frank looked around, looking up, nervously. He spotted Gerard, grinning.
"Gee?" He asked, walking towards the familiar boy. Gerard didn't say a word, instead wrapping his arms quietly, and urgently around his younger friend, his fingers clenching. Frank dropped his suit case, wrapping his arms around Gerard's neck, smiling.
"I'm so happy to see you." He giggled.
"I'm so happy to hear an american," Gerard mumbled, disregarding any people who watched them. "The accent can get a little much, you know." Frank giggled.
"I missed your sense of humour." He smiled, gulping, running a hand through Gerard's hair, "So, how's the girl?"
"She's really nice." Gerard nodded, softly. "I wasn't expecting her to be, but she is really nice. I think you'll like her. She's called Marina."
"Aw, sweet name." Frank beamed, gulping, "I would kiss you, but someone is probably watching." He smirked, rolling his eyes.
"Probably shouldn't. Or, someone will find out and put it in some newspaper.." Gerard laughed softly, his eyes still full of tears. "Come on. We can go to the car. Marina's parents are out on some.. Dinner with mine and Mikey. I think." Frank nodded, grinning.
"Why the tears?" He asked, standing on his tiptoes, seeing him eye to eye.
"I'm just.. It's been hard. I'm just relieved." Gerard sighed, taking Frank's hand and walking him from the airport and to the car.
"Did you tell Marina, about us?" He asked, softly, grasping Gerard's hand, sighing happily.
"I did." Gerard nodded, approaching the car. "She had a boyfriend of her own, before this. But he.. He died. Last year."
"Oh, I feel for her, I really do." Frank sighed, tucking his hair behind his ear, following Gerard, hand in hand. Gerard opened the car door at the back, letting Frank climb in, before shutting it and jumping into the passenger seat.
"Fr-onk," Marina smiled in her thick accent, leaning behind the seat and kissing Frank once, on each cheek. "How lo-verly to meet you,"
"It's lovely to meet you too, Marina." He smiled, nodding, taking her hand, kissing it politely. Frank sighed of relief, snuggling next to Gerard, looking up at him, "I learn a lot from you, y'know." He smiled.
"Good to know I've been of help," Gerard laughed, nodding to Marina in the mirror.
"How l-ong are you stayeeing for, Fr-onk?" Marina hummed, keeping her eyes on the road. Frank shrugged.
"I'm not sure, Marina," He giggled, turning to Gerard. "How long?" Frank asked, softly, "My parent's don't care."
"I guess until the wedding, because after, we're going.. I don't know where we're going, but you know. Honeymoons." Gerard sighed, exchanging a glance with a softly smirking Marina.
"Y'know, they are going to try and make you kiss and things, right?" He asked, giggling.
"D-on't you wo-orry Fronk," Marina laughed, her voice sweet and her laugh gentle, and incredibly foreign. "I will not steal your Ge-erard,"
"That's very kind of you, Marina, I appreciate that a lot, but you could have your choice of boys, you are incredibly pretty." He smiled, giggling.
"Ah!" Marina made a high pitched noise, one that Frank had heard evoked by women on old foreign films, yet never heard in real life, until now. "You are too kind, Fr-onk,"
"It's the truth, Marina, but you're very welcome." Frank smiled, brushing his hair behind his ear, turning to Gerard, "And I want fall for her, either." He giggled.
"Hm, you'd better not." Gerard grinned, resting his head back. "Where are you staying?"
"I searched google, and there are so many B&B's everywhere, I'll find somewhere." Frank smiled, kissing Gerard's cheek, "I can't fall for girls, any way, seeming I'm gay."
"I d-on't know Fr-onk; I've tu-urned many a men.. And wom-en," Marina joked, singing along in French to the radio. Frank laughed softly, leaning his head against Gerard's shoulder.
"I bet you have, Marina." He smiled. They pulled into the house and spent the evening eating the French cuisine Marina prepared, and sitting out beside the pool, swinging their legs in the soft water. Marina was inside, hoping she wasn't interrupting anything. Frank sat on the edge of the pool, his legs in the water, beaming softly.
"Oh yeah, I forgot to show you." He giggled, reaching inside his shirt, pullin out the key with a strap of leather, around his neck.
"Oh good." Gerard hummed, watching the small ripples of light that echoed through the water, shining from the small pool lights in the darkness. Frank smiled, sitting up, pulling Gerard's collar down, slightly, grinning.
"I left a mark." He smirked, biting his lip, putting the key back inside his shirt.
"Yeah I know. I've had to hide it from Marina's parents," Frank laughed softly.
"Sorry." He tried to not laugh.
"It's alright," Gerard grinned, swishing his legs about. "I don't want to get married. We're getting married in that big cathedral, up there." Gerard pointed above him, to a large, run down cathedral, tucked in between the lowish mountains. "I'm.. Really frightened." Frank put an arm around Gerard's waist.
"I know you don't want to get married, but why are you frightened?" He asked softly.
You: "I don't think they're going to like me." Gerard mumbled. "And I know, as soon as I say yes - It'll be done. It'll be over. You know?"
"You're a dashing, charming, handsome young man, Gee, of course they'll like you." Frank smiled. "I know it's daunting, but you have to, honestly, I don't want you to, but I have no say in this."
"I.. Thanks." Gerard smiled weakly, nodding. "I know that, now, but.. I have rehearsals soon and I have to go get fitted for my suit and.. Well, what if I.. This girl, I don't want to.."
"Do you have a say in this? You're the one getting married." He asked, softly, sighing, "I'm guessing you like her in a platonic way?"
"Yeah, she's great. I just.. I love you so much, I don't want to fall for anyone else.. I.. Don't listen to me. I'm talking rubbish." Gerard scratched his head, shaking it as he did so. Frank sighed.
"I love you too, and obviously I don't want you to fall for her." He giggled, "But, carry on, I know you have more to say."
"Nevermind." Gerard murmured, pressing his lips to Frank's temple. "You should go."
"I don't wanna." Frank frowned, sighing, "I love you, so much, Gee. I'm hoping you don't fall for her." He gulped, getting out of the pool.
"I.. I won't." Gerard mumbled, staying sat down. "Even if I'm with her for the rest of my life, I won't." Frank kissed the nape of Gerard's neck.
"I'll see you soon, okay? Here's my mobile number," He gave him a piece of paper, smiling, grabbing his suitcase, "Bye bye."
"Bye, Frank." Gerard said quietly, staying outside for a while before returning inside, finding himself crying into Marina's arms, acting as a support, just like she had for the last two weeks. Frank wandered around, until he saw a small, cottage, with a sign, 'Bed & Breakfast' Written in English, the first English sign he had seen in ages, he walked in, paid and got a room.

Gerard spent the next few days being measured and dressed by suave, French gentlemen, writing speeches and vows, and generally stressing until he was sure his hair might start falling out.

Frank would stay in his room, wander about, maybe get some coffee and something to eat, before he heard a familiar voice, outside the room door.
"Marina?" Frank called. Marina knocked on the door softly. She was dressed beautifully - her hair tied up simply, with small jewelled clips in it, and a deep scarlet dress that hung down to her knee. Frank opened the door, his eyebrow raised.
"You look lovely, but what are you doing here?" He asked, softly, smiling.
"It 'es the re-hearsal dinner," Marina smiled, softly. "Di-id you fo-orget?"
"Oops! Yes, I'm sorry, I'll be right back," Frank flashed a smile, before running into the bathroom, getting changed into black suit trousers, a white shirt and a dark blue waistcoat, his Doc Martens hiding underneath his trousers. "Okay, I'm ready." He smiled, a little red cheeked.
"You lo-ook d-ashing!" Marina grinned, her eyes almost sparking. "Ha-ave you been cut for your suit ye-et?" Frank blushed slightly.
"Aww, thank you, Marina, and no, I haven't, yet." He smiled, walking slowly to the car.
"You have two da-ays," Marina hummed, as she opened up the passenger side for Frank before slipping around to the driver's side. "Ge-erard had to stay, hi'z family was ver' excited to zee him!" Marina, overall, was a particularly bubbly person.
"I promise, to get fitted tomorrow, okay?" Frank smiled, slightly flustered by her energy, "I know, his family would be, but they don't like me very much."
"Zat little boy, 'e likes you a lot," Marina grinned as she drove.
"That's Mikey, he's adorable." Frank giggled, smiling.
"Yes, 'e is," Marina grinned, turning on the radio and scowling in disgust. "'Dis is très merde," She laughed, switching a Smashing Pumpkins CD into the car. "Dis' is fa-ar be-etter,"
"You like Smashing Pumpkins?" Frank asked softly, "Me and Gerard love them." He giggled, sighing.
"J'adore!" Marina sang. "I 'ave seen zem live, a few times,"
"You are so lucky!" Frank laughed softly, "Don't tell Gerard, but I was going to but him tickets, they are playing in Paris, very soon."
"'E would lo-ove 'zat," Marina grinned, stopping the car and stepping out, managing a perfect and elegant transition from punk rock singer to beautiful, French princess. Frank stepped out of the car, smiling.
"I was hoping he would," He giggled, holding out a hand to Marina, "I can walk you in, if you like?"
"'What a gen-telman!" Marina grinned, taking Frank's hand in her own. She was quite a petite woman, around an inch shorter than Frank, in her low heels.
"Gerard has rubbed off on me, a lot." Frank smiled, walking inside the massive hall, hand in hand with Marina. He looked over at the left side, seeing Gerard and his family, sat on one side of the table, and Marina's on the other, there were two spaces either side Gerard. Frank grinned.
"I 'ave noticed," Marina laughed, waving softly to her father, a very typically French looking gentleman. They walked together to where Gerard was sat, tossing Mikey on his knee. Frank sat on the side where Gerard's family weren't. He smiled at Mikey.
"Hello again, Mikey," Then up at Gerard, "Hi." Frank blushed slightly, running a hand through his hair.
"Hello Frank!" Mikey chirped, jumping up and down in his smart clothes, happy to be with his older brother again. Gerard laughed at his baby brother and nodded at Frank and Marina. "I thought you'd forgotten." He grinned.
"I'm very forgetful, but Marina came and got me at the small B&B down the road," Frank giggled, blushing, straightening his waistcoat.
"Ah," Gerard grinned at Marina, her cheeks a light pink. "You look very handsome. And you look very beautiful, Marina," Frank blushed, beaming softly.
"Same to you, Gee, and too you, Marina." He smiled.
"Merci, chérie," Marina cooed, stepping up and walking elegantly over to where her parents sat. Frank smiled, trying to sit properly in the chair, without fidgeting, he would turn to Gerard sometimes flashing a charming smile.

The night went well, Gerard's father not making much eye contact with Frank, but not entirely ignoring him, nodding occasionally to him. Then again - he did think they had broken up. Under the table, Frank placed his hand on Gerard's knee, not as a sexual thing, just, comforting, letting him know he's there, as they listened to a man, full suit, talking to them about manners. Gerard nodded politely to the man, hardly listening - he'd heard this speech a million times. Frank bit his lip, nodding and smiling, not really listening, he didn't feel the need to. Gerard said his goodbye's quietly to Frank, before leaving with Marina and her family, to spend the next few days preparing for the wedding. Gerard knew that he wasn't going to see Frank, till the wedding - but he couldn't possibly stay. He knew it would make everything worse.

Frank went to his B&B, crying profusely, gripping his hair. He didn't want the wedding to go through - he wanted it to fall through more than he wanted anything, but he had no power. He threw himself down against the sink and splashed cold water into his face, trying to get the bad thoughts from his head. He knew something was up with Gerard - he was a little off, a little dazed, a little short - maybe he was starting to fall for this girl. Frank shook his head, turning off the taps and curling up in the hotel bed, crying himself softly to sleep.

The day, had arrived.
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