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Part 3

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The day after I woke up feeling sore, on top of Kirk; I didn’t feel embarrassed, being close to him was wonderful, it made me feel warm and peaceful. Kirk woke up too a couple of minutes after and smiled at me. We went inside to grab something to eat and found the place completely upside down.
“Jesus, they really partied hard, the house looks like a dump.” I sniffed around. “It even smells like a dump.”
“Yeah, but trust me, it’s not as comfortable as a dump. And it doesn’t look much worse than usual.” said Kirk, marching to the fridge and stepping over a passed out Joel. I spotted a sad looking dog laying under the table; I would be too, were I to live in such conditions.
“For what it matters, you have all my sympathy.” I said. The dog just looked at me with pleading eyes, without even a bark.
“That’s Clive, he’s usually more cheerful.” Said Kirk, taking a look into the fridge. “Ok, they have beer, toilet paper and a black, unidentifiable thing that must have spent at least three months trapped into this fridge, harbouring mould and resentment.”
“Yummy. Let’s check the cupboards.”
We only found a packet of biscuits past their expiration date, but hunger got the best of us and decided to eat them anyway, hoping for our stomachs to win the challenge.

One by one, the others woke up and decided to leave and Kirk offered to drive me home; once we arrived, I placed my bass in my bedroom and prepared something decent to eat with Kirk’s help. The French toasts were almost ready when my housemate’s bedroom door opened and she came out dressed in a skimpy negligee.
“What a good smell, April, you have made something for me too, I hope… ah!” she exclaimed, noticing the presence of a stranger.
“Gillian, this is Kirk, a new friend of mine; Kirk, this is Gillian, my housemate.”
“Uh, nice to meet you.” said Kirk, rising an eyebrow.
“Yeah, nice to meet you too, but if you excuse me, I’ll go put on something more decent.”

As Gillian went back into her room, Kirk grinned at me and said: “You know, I think we should start hanging out at your house, the company is much better here.” I slapped his arm playfully and prepared three plates of food.
“By the way, Gillian doesn’t like metal and doesn’t know a single thing about you and your band, so don’t start bragging about your musicianship because it would be useless.” I said smirking.
“Don’t worry, I have already set my eyes on a girl who can recognize my awesomeness.”
“Oh, really? Do you think she has her eyes on you too?”
“I like to think so.” he replied smiling. I moved closer to him and brushed my lips against his. “And you would be right.” I closed the gap between us and kissed him, he grabbed me by the waist and pressed our bodies together. The kiss was slow and sensual as we took our time tasting each other; my hands went to his hair, caressing those wonderful curls of his. As I started to suck gently his tongue, a door opened and Gillian came out interrupting us.
“Sorry for the little show before, I wasn’t expecting to find a guest… uh, should I leave again?”
“No!” I exclaimed “We, eh, were about to eat. There’s something for you too.” I said blushing. We started eating and talking with Gillian, being the chatterbox she was, monopolizing the conversation. “You know, Kirk, it’s good to see April dating again; after she broke up with Troy, her last boyfriend, six months ago, she only had a bunch of flings. I didn’t see a guy hanging around for more than two weeks and…” I kicked Gillian in the shin and gave her the evil eye; I wasn’t ashamed of my sexual life, but it’s not exactly something you rub in the face of your potential boyfriend. “I mean, April is totally a long-term-relationship kind of girl, that’s why I was worried to see her fooling around that way.” I kicked her again and cursed internally. So it’s true what they say about blondes. Why has it taken me so long to realize that? It’s time to find another housemate. Kirk looked at me with his eyebrows raised, trying to stifle a laugh. “Uh, you see, Troy and I had been together for about one year and a half, but we realized that we weren’t in love and that our story was going nowhere, so splitting up was the logical thing to do.” I tried to explain, feeling a bit uncomfortable; Kirk just smiled.
“You don’t owe me an explanation, and I have no right at all to judge anybody’s sexual conduct, trust me.”

It was midday when we finished eating, Kirk went back to his place proposing to meet again at Lars and James’s around three p.m. I showered, changed my clothes and phoned my parents for our monthly call. I received my usual lecture about my bad life choices, a lot of trite recommendations and the unavoidable suggestion to come back home and enroll in college. I sighed internally, they really thought I was going nowhere with my music. They never showed much faith in me, that was why I never shared with them anything important about my life, unless strictly necessary, and kept them at arm length. This used to make me feel sad, but I eventually came to an acceptance of it.

At three thirty, I was discussing music with Lars, James and Teresa while the others were sharing a joint. The two boys were looking at me like I had grown two heads and couldn’t help but blabber in shock. “You cannot possibly be serious!”
“I am. I said it and I reassert it: Hawkwind is better than Motörhead.” They looked at each other, flabbergasted.
“You know I favor music that creates a special atmosphere around me and makes me feel like I’m being engulfed into another universe. It’s only logical that, as far as Lemmy’s music is concerned, I pick Hawkwind over Motörhead.”
“Yes, but… it’s Motörhead we’re talking about, girl!” exclaimed James.
I rolled my eyes “You are so eloquent, how come you haven’t convinced me yet?”
Teresa laughed and elbowed me, “Just drop it, you are never going to come to an agreement.”
“Wait a moment, how can you claim to be a fan of us, if you don’t like fast and violent music?” asked Lars.
“I never said I didn’t like Motörhead or violent music or anything like that, just that it doesn’t come first on my list. And by the way, the thing that impressed me most about your band was Cliff’s playing.” I said grinning.
“Now, here’s someone with some brain.” commented Cliff.
“Shut up, pot-head, nobody asked for your opinion!” barked Lars, finishing his beer.
The house wasn’t much tidier than it had been in the morning, and that afternoon I understood how the band had gained the nickname ‘Alcoholica’: the boys were perpetually drinking, and apparently this occurred almost every day all the day, not just in special occasions. I wasn’t much of a drinker and neither were the other girls, but they reassured me that luckily, as I could see, the guys didn’t get unpleasant when drunk, just silly.

In the evening, Kirk asked me out declaring that he wanted to bring me to the restaurant and then to the cinema. I accepted, happy to spend some time alone with him; the more I knew him, the more I liked him: he was cute and goofy and kind-hearted and, as childish as this may sound, he made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. He brought me to a very small, out-of-the-way cinema and discussed animatedly about the movie during the ride to my home; even though we both had enjoyed it, we had different impressions about it, and none of us wanted to give in. He accompanied me to the door of my apartment and kissed me good night. It was supposed to be a soft, gentle kiss, but I felt hot, willing for more; I pushed him to the wall and pressed myself against him. We were devouring each other’s lips and my hands slid under his t-shirt, caressing his abs; he opened the first few buttons of my blouse and discovered my bra, his lips descending on my neck, sucking and nibbling. I left out a moan and pressed his head lower, so that he was kissing my chest, when we heard a cough that startled us.
It was Mr. Bennett, my neighbor, who was casting us a disapproving glance; I cleared my throat and tried to feign confidence.
“Uh, good evening Mr. Bennett, you still haven’t met Kirk, my…” I trailed off uncertain “boyfriend?” Kirk smiled at me, with a mixture of tenderness and uneasiness.
“If you don’t know it, Miss Crooks, I certainly can’t be the one to tell you.” he commented icily. Ah, well, he already considered me a slut, this cannot make it any worse.
“Well, it’s kinda late and tomorrow I have to go to work, so… goodnight Mr. Bennett, goodnight Kirk.” I said, getting into my apartment as fast as I could, feeling a bit sorry for leaving Kirk like that. That night I had very hot, very inappropriate dreams about my new boyfriend and woke up determined to get to the third base with him within the week.
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