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Part 4

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The following week I spent the mornings at work, the evenings with my band and the afternoons with Kirk, Cliff - who apparently was the bandmate Kirk was closer to - and Corinne, sometimes with other friends of them tagging along. On Saturday, instead, we were alone, and I had every intention to keep my promise; I was lying on his bed, reading one of his comic books while he was preparing our lunch. I must confess, he always was a better cook than I.
It was all very good, but the best part was dessert, since Kirk had prepared strawberries with whipped cream, which I loved. He picked up a strawberry, dipped it into the cream and offered it to me, looking in my eyes. Oh, so you too have special plans for us, right Kirk? I knew I liked you for a reason. I took a first bite of the strawberry and savoured it, licking my lips, then I took the rest of the fruit in my mouth, brushing Kirk’s fingers with my lips. His eyes were full of lust and his breath was getting erratic; I held his hand and sucked his fingers, caressing them with my tongue.

That’s how I found myself laying topless on my back on the kitchen table, with a horny guitarist licking whipped cream from my breasts. I gripped tightly the edges of the table as he rolled his tongue around my nipple and sucked, his left hand massaged my right breast. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the wonderful sensation of his mouth and hands on my body; the boy was skilled, no doubt on that. He stopped teasing me and gave me a lustful kiss while unzipping my jeans with his hands, then he took them off along with my shoes and socks. Kirk smiled at me and spread my legs, caressing them; he started circling my clit through my panties, which were already soaking wet, and placed a kiss on them before dragging them down. He kneeled in front of me, placing my legs on his shoulders; I sighed and closed my eyes, eagerly waiting for his mouth on me. Kirk opened my lips and licked me from bottom to top; he kissed, licked and sucked me, feasting on my pussy like a starving man. I was getting close, so close to orgasm I started to squirm and clench my legs together, but he gripped my thighs firmly to keep them apart and placed his lips on my clit, sucking and circling it with his tongue. I moaned louder and louder, my sight getting blurred; I grabbed Kirk’s head and pulled him closer, feeling overwhelmed by the pleasure he was giving me. As he shoved three fingers inside my wet cunt, pumping them, I climaxed with a gasp, breath caught in my throat.
I came down from my peak, panting heavily; Kirk placed small pecks on my belly and a long, sensual kiss on my lips. “You know,” I said “I could build a shrine for that mouth of yours.”
He grinned, clearly pleased with himself. “I’m happy to have a girlfriend who can recognize a job well done.”
I slapped his arm and got up on my legs, a bit unsteady. “Let’s go take a shower and I’ll show you how much I appreciated it.”

That same evening, we were invited by Cliff and Corinne to watch a movie at Cliff’s house, something that would later become a regular instance; we would pick rather bizarre movies and then discuss them, our commentaries more often than not degrading into absurd and surreal, considering the nature of those movies and the amounts of pot and beer generally consumed during and after the vision.

Weeks passed, May came, and with it came big news for my band: Brian Slagel wanted us to sign with Metal Blade Records and record an album of our material. We were absolutely excited and decide to throw a huge party; Metallica came too, of course, and Kirk looked as euphoric as me.
“It’s absolutely great, I knew you could make it, I was fucking sure, babe. I bet that your parents are as proud of you as I am right now.” My smile faltered. “I… I haven’t told them yet.”
“Uh? Why not babe? This is big news!”
I licked my lips, feeling a lump forming in my throat. “I know, it’s just that… they don’t exactly approve of my music, they always tell me that I’ll never succeed and they would like me to drop everything and come back home.”
Kirk stared at me, looking baffled. “Well, but now you can tell them that you’ve made it, right? I mean, you are recording an album!”
“I know, but I think that their main concern is me being a rock musician, independently of all the rest.”
“You should give it a try anyway, give them the benefit of the doubt.”
I complied to his request and called my parents, squeezing the receiver and hoping for the best. Dad answered the phone. “April, is that you? Why are you calling this late? Something happened?”
“Yes dad, I wanted to tell you that I’ve made it, we are recording our first album.”
Dad was silent for a few moments, I rubbed my sweaty hand against my skirt, eyeing Kirk for some kind of moral support. “April, that means nothing, lots of bands release an album or two and then sink into oblivion, or sell practically nothing.”
I started to feel angered, why couldn’t he be happy for me? “Dad, you don’t know that, you cannot say it will happen to us too! God, why can’t you trust me, be supportive? I’m following my dream!”
“I’m just trying to be objective, since you refuse to be reasonable. You need to realize that this little dream of yours could come to nothing, and you would be left crying after having wasted precious years of your life.”
I was boiling, unable to control myself anymore. “I’m wasting nothing! I just turned twenty and I’m self sufficient, I have plenty of time to change my way, if I see that my dream is impossible. But I’ll never feel sorry for having tried and you are being a total asshole!” Warm tears started to stream down my cheeks. Kirk snatched the receiver from my hand. “Sir, it’s me, Kirk, I wanted to tell you that your daughter is really talented…”
“Kirk? Who is Kirk? Who are you, young man?”
“Uh, I’m Kirk, sir, your daughter’s boyfriend and…”
“Boyfriend? She never told me she had a boyfriend! Who are you?”
Kirk was completely taken aback. “I… I’m a guitarist sir, that’s why I can say that April…”
“Great, now she’s started dating useless musicians like her! Listen, I don’t know who you are, but...”
Kirk hung up, his expression unreadable. “You didn’t tell your parents about me.”
“I never tell them anything important, you see how they are! The less we talk, the better I feel!” I cried, bursting into tears. “Hey, hey, don’t cry babe. It doesn’t matter what they think, you are strong and talented and amazing, ok? I’m sorry if I made you call them, I didn’t know your relationship with them was so strained.”, he said, wiping my eyes.
“It’s not your blame, let’s just not think about it anymore. Can you take me home now? I feel drained.”
That night he slept in my bed, cuddling me until I fell asleep.

The recording sessions took place in L.A. and lasted a month, we were both terrified and hyped up, always hyper-caffeinated. We really tested everybody’s patience, how we managed to complete the recording and leave the studio unscathed, it’s still a mystery. We also explained clearly how we wanted the artwork: black, with a picture of monster Geryon on the front, the band name above it and the title ‘City of Pain’ below. The release was due in late June and we got scheduled for a tour with Trouble, who were to release their second album later that year, in September. Everything was going great. I called Kirk every other day, but I couldn’t see the time to come back to him; I kept in touch with Corinne, Cliff and Teresa too, since we had become good friends.

I laid on my stomach with a pillow under my hips, while Kirk plunged in me with slow, deep thrusts; his hands squeezing my breasts, his lips on my ear, whispering dirty things in a throaty voice. The feeling of his hot body against mine was already enough to give me the thrills; Kirk could make me shiver with the slightest touch, my body was incredibly responsive to him, and he took a certain pleasure in making me all hot and bothered at the most inappropriate times. An hand on my thighs, a kiss on my neck, a finger brushing right under my breasts and I was ready for him, wherever we where, public place or not. Rising on his arms, he fastened the rhythm, making me gasp in pleasure, and interlaced his fingers with mine, gripping tightly; I was now sighing shamelessly into the sheets of Kirk’s bed, aching for release. “Fuck, April, you feel great. Come for me, babe.”
I couldn’t take it anymore and moaned Kirk’s name as I came, with him following me a moment after. He embraced me and rested on my body, his face hid in the crook of my neck; the feeling of his skin on mine was absolutely delicious.
“By the way,” I commented with a husky voice, “it’s good to see you again.”
Kirk laughed, “Yeah, I’m happy to have you back too.”

Author’s note: I’m not sure, but I may have seen a picture of James wearing a Trouble t-shirt. They play at a fastest tempo than the average traditional doom band.
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