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Falken Academy

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Auditioned fic The MCR boys get sent to a boarding school in Tennessee. What will happen?

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Gerard’s POV

“You boys have done it now,” my mum said for the millionth time.
“We’ve been trying to tell you mum, the women had dropped her bag and Gerard was picking it up,” Mikey said.
“And at the same time Bob got into another fight and Ray and Frank were dancing in the fountain,” she screamed.
I bit my lip trying not to laugh.
“I don’t know why you find this so funny Gerard,” she said crossing her arms.
“So, are you gonna send us to a mental institution,” I mumbled.
“No Gerard, I would never send you to one of those places,” she said.
I gave a sigh of relief.
“But, we have all decided to send you to a boarding school…in Tennessee,” she said.
“WHAT?” Mikey shouted.
“That’s almost nine hundred miles away!” I shouted.
“I’m sorry boys, we leave first thing in morning,” she said.
“This is so unfair!” Mikey shouted.
“Do you remember little Callie?” she asked.
I sniggered.
“She was hurt when you used to bully her, that’s where she moved to and she’s a lot happier now,” she said.
Callie was a girl who was in kindergaten who I always made fun of.
She left half way through and never came back.
“I’m hope you would have matured by now and not make fun of her,” she said.

The next day…

I slammed the door of the cab shut and dragged my bags along with me.
I looked up at the huge grey gothic building.
“Wow this place is…big,” I said.
Mikey nodded in agreement.
A man walked down the stone steps towards us.
“You must be Gerard and Mikey, I’m Mr Ravenhall,” he said holding out his hand.
We both shook it.
“Welcome to Falken Academy, follow me,” he said.
We followed him inside the building.
The first thing that caught my eye was the huge wide staircase in front of me.
I then saw Ray, Frank and Bob sitting on them.
”As we’re all here, go into my office and change into your uniforms, I’ll have your bags taken to your rooms,” he said motioning towards a door.

Mikey’s POV

We walked out the office wearing our uniforms (A/N Think of the I’m not okay video and you’ll know what I mean)
“Geez these things are itchy,” Gerard said scratching his arm.
“You’ll get used to it,”
We looked at the top of the stairs and saw a red haired girl standing there.
I stood and stared at her as she walked down the stairs.
“Hi, I’m Callie,” she said smiling.
Gerard then made a noise that was a cross between a gasp and laugh.
Callie gave him a look and frowned.
“Don’t go there Gerard,” she hissed.
“So you remember me,” he said.
She walked right up to him.
“Yeah Gerard I do and I’m not a little girl anymore, I can fight for myself, so if I were you I’d back off,” she said.
Gerard stared at her wide-eyed.
I tried not to laugh over the fact that Gerard was scared of being threatened by a girl.
“Cal Cal!”
A little girl with long black curly hair ran up to Callie.
“Hey sweetie,” Callie said picking her up.
The little girl laughed and hugged Callie.
“Who’s this?” I asked.
Callie looked at me and smiled.
“This is my beautiful little sister MiaMia,” Callie replied kissing Mia’s cheek.
I gave a little laugh.
“Come on guys follow me,” Callie said carrying Mia up the steps.
I kept stealing glances at Callie.
That little girl with the short black curls has turned into this.
Wow, just wow.
We then entered a long corridor with a lot of doors.
She handed each of us a key.
“These are the keys for your rooms, your bags should be in there, dinner is in ten minute,” she said.
The guys walked down the corridor.
“Erm…so where’s your room?” I asked adjusting my glasses.
Her eyes widened.
“N-N-No not like that, I-I-I was just curious that’s all,” I said adjusting my glasses some more.
What the hell I am I on about?
Callie then burst out laughing.
“Oh Mikey, you were always the sweetest little kid,” she giggled.
I felt my cheeks redden slightly.
“This is the boys corridor, girls corridor is the other side,” she said smiling.
“Well I guess I’ll see you at dinner,” I said.
“See ya then,” she said.
As she turned round I saw a blue strand of hair hidden under her red hair.

Callie’s POV

“I like Mickey,” Mia said sucking her thumb.
I giggled, as she couldn’t say his name properly.
“I like him too Mia,” I said smiling.
I walked down the stairs into the dining room.
“Hey Callie Wallie!” Penina shouted from the other side of the room.
“Hey Pen-Pen,” I said walking up to her and the guys.
“Hozzie!” Mia exclaimed.
“MiaMia!” Hozzie exclaimed taking her out of my arms.
“So how were the new kids?” Jennifer asked.
“They were okay, but that dick from kindergarten is here,” I said rolling my eyes.
“Well life isn’t perfect,” Kassper said.
I saw them walk through the door.
“Speak of the devils,” I said.
I saw they were staring at them.
“Guys?” I said.
The boys then walked up.
“Hey,” Mikey said adjusting his glasses.
“Hi,” I said smiling.
He sat next to me on the bench.
Hozzie was staring at Gerard who sat next to her.
I gave her a light kick under the table to break her out of her trance.
Plates of food were passed down the table.
“Ew, what’s this brown stuff?” Ray asked.
I looked down at the brown slop.
“No one knows it’s best not to ask,” I said.
“Ah! Mine moved!” Frank shouted.
“Why do we have plastic knives and forks?” Bob asked.
“To stop anyone killing anyone,” I replied.
“Yeah, they’re harmless…hey Callie wouldn’t you prefer a chicken, ham and mayo sandwich?” Gerard joked.
I picked up my fork and stabbed his hand.
“OW! What the fuck?” Gerard yelled.
Hozzie covered Mia’s ears quickly.
“Oh I’m sorry, I thought you said they were harmless,” I said.
Gerard growled and pointed a fork at me.
“Stick ‘em up!” Mia yelled pointing a plastic knife at him.
Gerard just stared at her.
We all burst out laughing over the fact an eight year old girl was threatening him with a plastic knife.
“You go Mia, put it there,” I said holding my hand out.
She slapped it.
“Am I tough now?” she asked.
I giggled.
“Course you are honey,” I said.

Gerard’s POV

After dinner I walked out the door with Mikey following me.
“What the fuck was that Gee?” he snapped.
“What was what?” I said.
“You taking the piss out of Callie, she doesn’t deserve this at all, I thought you would have stopped by now,” he said.
“She stabbed me with a fork!” I exclaimed.
“It’s was plastic, plus you deserved it, that sandwich joke was way out of order,” he said.
I gave him a look.
“I see what this is about,” I said.
“What?” he said.
“You like her,” I teased.
“Yeah she’s nice,” he replied.
“No I mean really like her,” I said smirking.
“No I don’t,” he said fiddling with his glasses.
“You were eyeing her up every five seconds,” I said.
“No I wasn’t,” he said fiddling with his glasses.
I crossed my arms.
“You fiddle with your glasses when you’re lying or nervous,” I said.
He gave me a confused look started walking and bumped into Callie.
“Oh, I’m sorry Callie,” he said adjusting his glasses.
I chuckled.
“It’s okay, it was my fault too, I’m going to bed now, night Mikey,” she said.
“Night Callie,” he said adjusting his glasses.
She smiled and walked away.
“Go with her,” I whispered.
“What?” he said.
“She’s going to bed, go with her, I know you want to,” I said.
“No I do-” he stopped when he realised his hand was reaching towards his glasses.
“Told ya,” I said
“Hey Gerard,”
I turned round and saw Hozzie standing there.
“Hi Hozzie,” I said running my hand through my hair.
“I just wanted to say goodnight,” she said.
“Yeah, Night Hozzie,” I said running my hand through my hair.
She then walked away.
“When you’re lying or nervous you run your hand through your hair,” Mikey said.
I hit his arm.
“Shut up Mikey,” I said.

Hope you enjoyed! =D
The extra characters will be in the next chapter =)
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