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This is war

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Jennifer’s POV

I walked out of my room yawning wearing my Pyjamas.
I had lost rock, paper scissors, meaning it was my turn to wake up Callie.
I didn’t have the energy to knock on Callie’s door so I banged my head against it instead.
“Callie get up,” I mumbled.
I heard her groan.
I realised she had left the door open, again.
I walked in and saw she was half on the floor and half on the bed.
I collapsed on top of her.
“Get up,” I mumbled.
She groaned.
“Come on,” I said.
“No…” she muttered.
I picked up a pillow and hit her.
“Fuck you Jen,” she said weakly.
“I love you too Cal, now get up,” I said pulling at her arms.
As soon as she was sitting up I let go and she fell down again.
“Okay, I’m leaving, sort your hair out, if you know what I mean,” I said.
I then got up and headed towards the door.
“Oh and by the way, Mikey’s running down the corridor naked,” I said.
She then sat up quickly and I closed the door giggling.
I slowly walked down the steps still in my pyjamas.
As I got to my table as I collapsed in on the bench.
“Geez, you look really tired,” Bob said.
I nodded slowly.
“I was waking up Callie, it’s almost impossible to get her out of bed,” I mumbled.
He chuckled.
“I’m not surprised, she seems like a bad ass girl,” he said.
“People here grow tougher to survive, you wouldn’t believe that she was originally was a timid character,” I mumbled.
Bob looked towards the door.
“Incoming, zombie sleep walking,” he said.
Callie then fell onto the bench.
“Alert! Alert! Coffee needed on aisle two!” Penina said.
“No, I think she’s sleeping beauty and she needs to have her prince charming kiss her awake,” Gerard teased.
Mikey hit him hard.
Mikey stood next to Callie holding a cup of coffee.
“Here you go,” he said.
Callie sat up and took it.
After she sipped it she smiled at him.
“Thanks Mikey, you’re an angel,” she said.
I saw his cheeks redden slightly.
“Your welcome,” he said adjusting his glasses.

One hour later…

“Okay guys, time for dodge ball! Team up!” Coach Winston shouted.
Me, Bob, Callie, Mikey, Gerard, Hozzie, Kasper, Ray, Frank and Penina teamed up.
“Thank god, Mia isn’t here to see how aggressive her sister is when she’s playing this game,” I mumbled to Mikey.
“Why does she get aggressive?” he asked.
“Cause her arch enemy is over there, Tiara Lamb,” I said pointing to her.
Callie and Tiara glared at each other.
“Here we go,” I muttered.
Coach Winston blew his whistle.
It was as if the scene had turned into a war.
Tiara threw the ball at my leg and it was like and explosion of pins on my leg.
I glared at her and she waved cruelly.
I walked off and lent against the wall.
I watched as the balls flew through the air.
As the numbers fell faster the rage in everyone’s eyes were growing.
I watched as Bob aimed at Tiara and she dodged and it hit Janey’s face.

Callie’s POV

It was as if I blinked and there was only me, Mikey and Tiara.
Suddenly a ball hit his face and I could tell it hurt a lot.
Another ball then hit his leg and he was out.
I then felt extremely angry I then picked up the ball and threw ball after ball.
We were both too good this war was never gonna end.
The whistle then sounded.
“Okay ladies that’s all for today, go and get changed,” he said.
Me and Tiara glared at each other.

5 minutes later…

“Geez that was a pretty intense game,” Mikey said opening his locker.
“Yeah it was, are you okay?” I asked as I tucked my hair inside my beanie.
“Yeah, I just sting a bit,” he said putting his stuff in his locker.
“Leave me alone!” I heard someone cry.
I turned round and saw Tiara pinning Mia against the wall.
“Give me your lunch money and no one gets hurt,” she said cruelly.
“That bitch has crossed the line now,” I growled.
I stormed up to Tiara and pushed her away.
“Don’t get involved Jones, otherwise there will be a bloody mess on the wall,” she said.
I looked at Mia.
“Mia honey, stay with Mikey,” I said.
She rushed to Mikey and hugged his leg.
“Yeah Tiara, there will be, if you DARE touch my sister again,” I said shoving her.
“I’m warning you, back off,” she growled.
“Make me,” I said.
Suddenly there was an explosion of pain on my cheek as her fist came into contact with it.

Mikey’s POV

I watched in horror through the crowd as I watched the bloody battle occur.
The words ‘fight’ were echoing through the crowd.
They were tearing and punching each other on the floor.
“Shouldn’t we do something?” Kassper shouted over the crowd.
“I think it looks pretty hot,” Gerard said.
We all glared at him.
“What?” he said.
I looked back at Callie and saw her face covered in blood.
Mia was holding my leg even tighter and sobbing into it.
I heard a whistle echo through the hall.
Coach Winston pushed through the crowd and dragged Tiara off of Callie.
She was lying there helplessly, I could see was breathing but she was barely moving.
Another teacher with blonde hair with black and red streaks knelt next to Callie.
She helped Callie up.
I let Hozzie take Mia and I held the other side of Callie.
We carried her to the nurse’s office.
We laid her on the bed.
I sat on the edge of her bed.
The teacher closed the door and looked down at us.
I was preparing for her to scream.
She smiled at us.
“Well Callie, that was one bad ass fight,” she said.
Callie gave a weak smile.
“You, new kid, clean her up,” she said pointing at me.
She walked out the door.
I picked up a tissue and cleaned her face gently.
“Go on say it,” she said.
“What?” I asked.
“That was the most stupid thing possible,” she said.
“Yeah, but brave of you to stand up for your sister like that,” I said.
She smiled at me.
The teacher then came back in.
“Oh Callie, please take that damn red thing off,” she said.
Callie then reached for her hair and…pulled it off!
Underneath her hair was bright blue.
“Hey new kid, go snitch about Callie’s awesome hair and I’ll cut your balls off,” she said.
“Yes miss,” I said fiddling with my glasses.
There was a small knock on the door and Mia ran in.
“Callie!” she screamed with tears in her eyes.
“Mia!” Callie said hugging Mia tightly with tears in her eyes as well.
“I thought you were dead!” Mia screamed.
“Oh honey I’m not dead, I’m here!” Callie cried.
Mia cried loudly in Callie’s arms.
Tears were falling down Callie’s cheeks and she looked horrified.

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