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The Battle Ensues

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Shinya and Kyo take out the Tengu.

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As Shinya followed Kyo he noticed his running pace had increased in speed. His new found senses going crazy with his surrounding, he focused on one thing, the scent of Die and caught a scent rift. Kyo seemed to have been using the same rift to find the others. Shinya noticed that the trees on either side of them were moving again, but this time he could see what was moving them. Horrible looking little creatures with big black eyes and long snake like snouts.

Shinya caught scent of blood; it wasn't of the others though so it must have been of the Tengu's. The scent branched off to the left ahead but Kyo seemed to have been following Die's scent still. It stopped a few feet from where Kyo was getting so Shinya assumed that the creature was there although Kyo didn't know it. Kyo was almost at the place where the scent ended when from the left the Tengu ran out of a clearing right into him. He fell to the ground but got back up immediately swinging his sword in all angles towards its head. Shinya loaded the bow and shot an arrow at the Tengu's head hitting it. It began to bleed from the fresh forehead wound. It reached up with its hand and ripped out the arrow and threw it in-adversely at Shinya who dodged it.

Shinya reloaded his bow and shot again hitting its shoulder this time. Kyo continued slicing at the creatures body every chance he got until he was knocked to the ground again, sword being flung away. Shinya could notice Kyo's eyes turning red again, his ears began to become pointed and his nails were a few shades darker again. He got up off the ground and began punching the beast as hard as he could, the beast being swayed in the direction of the next punch.

Shinya caught glimpse of Kyo's sword and hoisted his bow and ran for the sword. When he picked up the sword he ran toward the Tengu and began slicing at the creature like Kyo was earlier. Only with Shinya his hits were faster and more accurate in the sensitive areas of the beast. The beast immediately swung at Shinya but he missed, and the beast swung again this time catching him on his upper shoulder causing Shinya to fall back dropping the sword.

There was a painful cut on Shinya's shoulder, which miraculously healed only seconds after he noticed it. Shinya could feel something going on in his insides. His nails began to turn to a blackish color while becoming thicker and longer till they became pointedly sharp. He could feel his ears changing and grabbed for them and felt the tip. His mind was rushing with adrenaline and thoughts of what was happening to him until finally the changes stopped. He looked over in the direction of the beast and Kyo and noticed that Kyo was still hammering at the beast.

Shinya ran at the beast as fast as he could, connecting with its mid-section and bringing it to the ground swinging his hands at its face slicing its face to shreds. The beast swung again at Shinya connecting the hit with him sending Shinya into a tree which snapped in two on contact. The Tengu got back to its feet. Shinya jumped to his feet immediately noticing that he jumped kind of high for it just to be getting to his feet. He took this as a sign that his legs could carry him higher now and with one thrust from his legs leaped into the air into the direction of the Tengu. The beast moved causing Shinya to land on a tree. Shinya repositioned his-self on the tree in the direction of the beast and pushed off in the direction of the beasts back.

He connected sending the beast to the ground a few feet away. Kyo noticed his sword and picked it up and walked toward the beast and Shinya. He was in front of the beast now while Shinya continued to punch and slice at the back of the beasts head. Kyo raised his sword above the Tengu's head and immediately brought it down into the beasts head. The beast still continued to flail until a few moments later it ceased all movement.

Shinya stepped over the beasts arm and from over it next to Kyo. Kyo pulled his sword out of the beasts' head and positioned himself beside it and brought the sword down again cutting the Tengu's head off. He kicked it away from the body.

"You have to separate the head from the body, they may look dead, but they aren't until the mind has been separated from the body" said Kyo.
Shinya nodded in an agreeable manner.

Shinya's body began to change again this time it was reversing everything that had become un-human like. He focused on his hands watching the claw-like nails get smaller and whiter until they were no more and his hands were normal again. He reached up for his ears and felt they were back to normal as well. He looked over to Kyo who now was back to a normal form also.

"It appears that you have some of the same abilities that I have, but don't worry there's more to learn about what you have become" said Kyo.
"You mean I can do more than just that?" asked Shinya.
"Yes, the vampiric blood is limitless in its whole, after a few centuries of being a vampire you will be able to do a lot more. Your body needs to get rid of the human characteristics in the blood. The human blood is weaker than that of a vampire." Replied Kyo.

Shinya heard a wrestling in the trees behind him and with a flash had his bow loaded and aimed in the direction of the noise. Kaoru was the first to clear the trees, immediately followed by Toshiya and Die last. They all looked down at the now lifeless remains of the Tengu and then back at the other two.

"Well done Kyo, it seems you and your little friend handled this with ease" stated Die.
"Shinya is now one of us. His strengths have improved, but are still limited, but with what he has now he helped me finish it off" said Kyo.
"Will you teach him the way of our kind?" asked Die.
"Yes, he will need to know everything" replied Kyo.
"What will we do with the remains of the beast sir?" Kaoru asked Die.
"Burn it" replied Die.

Kaoru and Toshiya went off and gathered a few tree limbs and searched for a clearing to burn the creatures' remains. They came back moments later to help retrieve the beasts' body and head and dragged them to the clearing. They stacked tree limbs and logs all around the beast and doused it with some alcohol from one of their med-kits and lit it. The beast began burning, giving off a wretched smell.

Kyo and Die started back for Tsumi and Shinya, Toshiya, and Kaoru followed, leaving the fire to dissolve the beasts' body into nothing.

Shinya knew his new life had plenty of new adventures and knowledge beyond his years to learn. But he was ready for it.

I do plan on continuing this, but not in the same time frame of this story. It will more than likely be a separate story, just wait and you'll see what's in store for Shinya.
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