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The Tengu Cave

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The battle begins between the 5 warriors and the Tengu.

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They entered the cave cautiously, knowing that the Tengu must still be in there. Kyo was the first to notice the blood trail on the ground; he pointed it out to everyone and motioned that they should follow it. They all drew their weapons, Kyo's being a sword, Die's having twin blades, Kaoru having a shotgun, Toshiya had a set of pistols, and Shinya had his bow ready to fire. As they followed they began to hear a little girls' voice, high pitched but pure none the less. Die was the first to spot her; he pointed her out to everyone and signaled everyone to stay quiet. The scene was gruesome, the little girl was crouched in a corner and seemed to be chewing on an arm, and blood was everywhere.

Shinya thought it awkward because it was just a little girl. The longer he stared at the little girl the more he noticed she looked the same as the little girl claiming to be a "nexus keeper" in his dream. She had the same dingy clothing although stained now by blood and same length long black hair. Kyo motioned for Kaoru and Toshiya to move to the other side of the cave wall so as to surround the girl and motioned for Die and Shinya to stay where they were.

They all prepared their weapons so Shinya did the same, readying himself for what seemed the easiest battle there could be, but as they started to inch their way closer to the little girl she dropped the arm. She began to stand and turn to face the rest of them, so seeming that the girl noticed them they abandoned being secretive in their motions. She was facing them now and Shinya could clearly see the rest of her, this time she had a face. Her eyes were white, skin looked as if it had second degree burns and her nails were black.

The skin on the little girls face began to droop as if it was melting off; smoke was surrounding her, until all vision of her was lost. Only a few steps from her, they stopped where they were. They began to here loud screeches and popping sounds. Shinya tried his best to see what was happening but the smoke had consumed the room. There was a loud growl and the smoke began to clear but before everything was viewable again Shinya began to hear swords clashing and guns going off.

The smoke was completely cleared and there was this monstrous creature battling the other four. Its skin was multi-toned black, its arms long and at the end of these arms were large claws. Its face was otherworldly; eyes were a violent red and black, fangs sharp, and the nose of a serpent.

Die swung one of his swords at the beasts' legs and it connected but didn't have much effect on the creature besides its loud growls. Kyo was trying his best to keep the creature from swatting him down with his left arm. The Tengu's eyes started to grow white and all of the sudden all vision was lost again, Shinya was pushed over by a large claw for a hand and fell to the ground. Vision was back and everyone was either out of place or on the ground. Everyone got to their feet. Apparently someone had wounded the Tengu so they decided to follow the trail of bluish green blood. They weren't walking anymore for the sake of catching it before it got away.

They had by now exited the cave and noticed the creature climbing the mountain; it looked down on them and growled as if pissed they found it. Kyo told Shinya to shot him down with his bow and arrows, so he pulled back his bow, arrow ready, and aimed for the beasts head, he released and the arrow connected with the beasts' lower neck, not killing it but hurting it enough for it to fall to the ground.

They all ran to the beast ready to give it its last strike when again the beast's eyes began to glow white. Everything disappeared, Shinya felt something liquidly hit his hand. This time when their vision was regained Kaoru was on the ground bleeding severely. Die immediately ran to him to check him whilst blood continued to seep from his side.

"Keep fighting the beast, Kaoru will heal and be back in battle in a matter of moments" said Die.

So the search to find the Tengu again started. The beast wasn't bleeding anymore so it was harder to track. Shinya noticed Kyo arching his back, his nails on his hand becoming a shade or two darker, his eyes became red, and his ears became pointed, the fangs Shinya had once seen returned to Kyo's mouth. Kyo had apparently finished his transformation into some rabid vampire and began to sniff around as if on the prowl for its prey. It only took a few moments until he found a scent and motioned for them to follow. Kaoru by this time was back on his feet no longer bleeding, weapon in hand.

They followed Kyo for a few moments until he came to a stop. Sniffing the air again while everyone else was on edge looking around to all sides. Kyo became transfixed on one area due north as if something was in the trees ahead. All of the sudden he jumped into the trees wrestling with apparently the Tengu that no one else could see due to the trees. The beast along with Kyo on its back came wrestling through the trees, Kyo every chance he got, taking a slice at his neck with his sword.

Kaoru began shooting at the demons mid section with his shotgun while Toshiya focused on shooting at its legs with his pistols. Die was focused on its arms trying to keep him occupied long enough for Kyo to do major damage. Seeing this Shinya pulled an arrow out, readied it with the bow, aimed for the beasts' right arm and fired hitting its arm at the wrist and connecting with the tree behind it. Its right arm now stuck to a tree he reloaded the bow with another arrow and aimed for the left arm and shot, connecting again with the wrist and the tree behind. The creature's arms were now pinned to the tree and all it could do was struggle as the rest of them wounded it.

Again the creatures' eyes turned white and everything was bright with blinding light. There was continual firing and more swordplay could be heard but this time Shinya's vision was used to the brightness coming from the creatures head and just looked lower and shot at its mid section. The demon, apparently angered, whipped his right arm out leaving the arrow still in the tree, and then reached over to the left arm pulling the arrow out releasing his other arm. Then with both arms reached up and grabbed Kyo and threw him at the ground, but Kyo shifted in mid air and landed on his feet. The beast swung its arm knocking over Kaoru, Die, and Toshiya and ran further into the trees.

"We need to finish it now, we can't let it get away for to long or it will heal!" said Die.
"Everyone load up your weapons, you have one round each, don't bother re-loading them if you run out, use your hands or your daggers, time is of the essence and that's all it takes for this creature to heal so we need to be quick as Die has said" Kyo stated.

Shinya's hand was stinging for some reason and noticed it was blood; it must be Kaoru's from when he was bleeding earlier. Soon the pain traveled up his arm to his neck, then to his chest, then to his other arm, then from his chest on down. He dropped to the ground in intense pain and squirming all over. The rest looked back down at him and Kyo rushed to his side.

"Dammit Kyo we don't have time for this, the Tengu will escape" said Die.
"Go find the demon then, I'll catch up to you momentarily" said Kyo.

Die ran off in the distance of the Tengu and the other two followed. Shinya was still in pain, and went to hold his head because it felt like it was going to explode and noticed his skin becoming as pale as Kyo's. The pain in his head began to subside as did the rest. The pain had ceased and he noticed his nails were now white and skin pale as the moon. He didn't understand what had just happened to him but noticed Kyo was standing over him with his arm outstretched to help him up. He took his hand and Kyo pulled him to his feet. He looked at his hand where the blood was and it seemed to have been absorbed into his skin.

"That would be one of the effects of being a vampire, blood consumption" stated Kyo.
"A whoa?" asked Shinya
"A vampire, of course you could have guessed that much, the jumping and the eyes" said Kyo.
"But aren't you supposed to be bitten as it's rumored?" asked Shinya.
"Its not all fairy tales when it comes to the supernatural Shinya" stated Kyo.
"So now I can jump as high as you and morph just as you did earlier?" asked Shinya.
"The blood has different effects on everyone, but the jumping yes, the morphing, I don't know, all I can tell you is continue helping us with our job in killing this Tengu and maybe in the process of doing so your new found strengths may reveal to you a new power" said Kyo.

With that they were off again, following the scent trail of Die and the others.
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