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The Journey

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Shinya, Kyo, Die, Kaoru, and Toshiya travel to the Tengu cave.

Category: Dir en grey - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Die, Kaoru, Kyo, Shinya, Toshiya - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2006-07-02 - Updated: 2006-07-03 - 719 words

The next night Shinya got up, trying to block the dream out of his head and dressed in his clothes, ready yet again for the journey to an unknown place. He exited the room and saw Kyo waiting outside his door all ready to leave so he followed Kyo. They got to the front room at which Kyo stopped and Shinya mimicked. They waited a few moments until a door on the far right opened and three men dressed in all black exited. The middle man being Die, the one on the left being Kaoru, he didn't know who the man on the right was. They walked to Kyo and Shinya and greeted them with silent nods.

"Who is the fifth man traveling with us?" asked Kyo.
"His name is Toshimasa Hara, he too is another of my guards." said Die.
"Well I won't complain about more help, so let's get going, the journey isn't light or short" said Kyo.

They left the house, abandoning the horses they came on and walked in the direction of the gate that Kyo and Shinya entered by. The gatekeepers looked at Die and without hesitation opened the gates to let them leave. They started towards the mountains where the Tengu was said to be now.

A few hours later they came to a raging river that clearly couldn't be passed without being carried off with it. Kyo told Shinya to tie a rope to the top of the tallest tree and to throw the other end of it to him. Shinya looked up for a few moments figuring out which of the four trees around them was the tallest before picking the far left one. He climbed this tree with ease due to its many branches, tied the rope off to the top most part of the tree making sure it had strength enough to hold without breaking and threw down the other end of it to Kyo. Kyo caught the rope and tied it off to his waist and positioned himself to the edge of the river as if he were going to swim through it and told Shinya to stay where he was. With one leap he scaled the river and made it to the other side. Shinya saw this and was shocked to see such a thing because no man could ever jump so far or high. Kyo tied the rope off to the bottom of a near by tree. Shinya noticed Die, Kaoru and Toshiya get into the same positions Kyo did before he made his mighty jump and watched them all three jump over the river. Shinya was in awe but also confused at how these men could do such things. Kyo called over to Shinya and told him to use a belt on the rope and slide to their side of the river. He got a belt out of his bag and tossed one end of the rope and caught it with his free hand and slid to the other side of the river.

When he got his belt back around his waist he asked Kyo "how did you do that, how can you jump so high, no man I know can do such a thing."

Kyo turned to Shinya, his eyes completely black as the night surrounding them and said "who said I was a mere man? There's more than meets the eye in my and those threes case" while gesturing to Die, Kaoru, and Toshiya. While listening to Kyo say this he noticed a set of fangs that hadn't been there before and assumed Kyo was some sort of night predator rumored to be called a vampire. Although they were only legend and rumor, he had seen that Kyo was one and still continued to follow them to where ever it is that they were going.

The journey continued onward for another hour or so until they came to a cave entrance carved into the side of one of the many mountains. There was a half moon out tonight which was barely noticeable due to the very cloudy sky that night.

They walked up to the cave entrance and Shinya noticed a carving in the rock of a withered head, seeing this only made him more nervous in seeing what was inside the cave.
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