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Nordic weather

by ImJustFine 3 reviews

Try as you may, you'll never find rainy days like those where I'm from.

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In a faraway land
where the waves touch the sand
on a rocky and sharp-edged shoreline
and ships with torn sails
try to no avail
to reach the swelling horizon

Where church bells would chime
not for good deeds, but crime
lived a good samaritan's daughter
and she sang through the days
she sang for the strays
but she stayed under her umbrella

Old black and torn
the umbrella was worn
she held it wherever she wandered
legend would say
and does yet today
she was only seen dead without it

See the poor girl died young
when a robber once wrung
the umbrella right out of her fingers
and as she paled
and her body failed
he ran quick with her umbrella

If there once was
a moment of draught
from the steadily weeping sky
it sure wasn't now
the rain it poured down
this day it rained more than ever

It's time to reverse your smile
my dear
it's time to trade your laughter
because sweetheart
it's always raining out here
and you're allergic to water
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