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So yeah, I thought of another idea and it's kind of about my life at the moment so yeah I thought you might like to be in it?

I meant to include parts that are gonna be in this in 'It's Not Over' but I'm not sure what happened to that so yeah :L

So here are the parts I'll need :)
> Mikey's girlfriend (Be aware that Mikey isn't the nicest person in this Fic...)
> My friend I've had for eleven years (You can just write Olivia in the auditions :3)
> Me (I don't really like writing about myself that much so just write 'I wanna be you' or something in the audition form :D)
> Girl that fancies Ray and it's obvious he fancies her back
> Bitch girl
> Boring but nice girl
> Boy that Mikey's girlfriend talks to a lot
> Girl that fancies Frank
> Girl that fancies Gerard

A lot of parts so please say I have a lot of auditions? I'm gonna go to sleep soon so these results really will be posted tomorrow after rehearsals (yawn...) so yeah, please fill this out :) -

Anything Else:


Love Hozzie
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