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Hey! :D I couldn't update after school because I didn't go to school today (I should be in Science right now and I bloody hate Science so YAY! :D) Because of no school that means I can update the first chapter of this probably before three o clock ;D YAY! So here are the results :)

Mikey's girlfriend: Callie Jones
My friend from eleven years: Jennifer Flores (I might bitch a lot about Jennifer in this fic, I hope you don't mind D:)
Me: Mia Cassem (I know you didn't want this part - I'm sorry D': I'll totally write you another one-shot to make up for it if you leave a review for what you want it to be about? :3)
Girl that fancies Ray: Raven Vannacut
Bitch girl: Isabella Scheffler
Boring but nice girl: Leah Patton
Boy that Mikey's girlfriend talks to a lot: Oliver Daniel Jameston
Girl that fancies Frank: Penina Dayne (I'M SORRY MIA, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME D:)
Girl that fancies Gerard: Taylor Shaw

Hope you like your part :) Sorry if you didn't get ne D: I'm gonna start the first chapter now :D

Love Hozzie
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