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JatH: Revamp

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Remember 'Jem'? This is my revamp version of it.

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It was a nice day and a young woman was coming home to a huge manor. It was her home and a foster home for girls. She had shoulder length blonde hair blue eyes and was dressed in a dress suit and heels. She went to her room and collapsed on to her bed. Tears softly started to flow from her eyes, her name was Jerrica Benton; co-owner and operator of 'Starlight Music', head of the 'Starlight Foundation' an organization that helps children and 'Starlight Home for Girls' the fore mentioned foster home.

The reason she was crying was because her partner, Eric Raymond, had brought in a new band behind her back. They were horrible, she was sure he was trying to ruin the company because no one would want to hear them. Just then there was a knock on the door. She started to clean herself up. “Who is it?” She said.

“It's me Jerri,” said a male voice. “Can I come in?”

“Sure,” she said. The door opened and in rolled a handsome young man. He had dark hair and blue eyes, he was in a shirt, cargo pants and boots. He was in a wheelchair, his name? Rio Pachero, he was Jerrica's boyfriend. He was the owner of 'Black Jack Music', a pardner in the 'Rock Hard' hotel and casino and quiet as it was kept he was the lead singer of his band 'Black Jack'.

He was wheelchair bound when he was in a horrible car accident. He was on his way home and was hit by a drunk driver. But it didn't mean that he stopped loving Jerrica nor she him. “Hey sweetie,” he said as he pulled her on to his lap. “What's wrong?” So she told him about her day, “oh yeah. Oh my god, they were bad. Sounded like a chainsaw going through foil.”

“So you've heard them?”

“Uh yeah and that bastard wants to bring them to 'Starlight Music'? I hear Emmett and Jacqui rolling in their graves right now.”(1)

“What are we going to do?” Then Rio grinned an evil grin, “uh oh.”


“What's the plan?”


“You have 'that' look on your face.”

“What look?”

“The look that says, 'I've got something that would ruin my enemies' or 'I'm going to leave Jerrica twitching orgasmic bliss'. Since I know you're confined in the wheelchair, you must have a plan.”

“Okay, first Ms. Benton, I can still make you twitch, wheelchair of not. But you're right, I do have a plan. Get the girls and meet me at my place tonight.”

“Alright,” then she kissed him passionately. She got out of his lap and he rolled off. 'I hope his plan does work.'

Later Rio was home in his huge manor, it was just outside LA in the hills. He was on the phone talking to his pardner, David Llewelyn, elder brother of Riot from the 'Stingers'. “So you're going to do it?' He said.

“Yeah, I am. I think it's time for 'Ace' to come play.”

YES! Oh man we missed you man. Missed you a lot!

“Yeah I kind of figured. You got songs?”

Of course, just let me when you need them.

“Cool, 'till then. Let's give the people what they want, go on ahead and release the album before my accident.”

But you said that was bad luck.

“But anything I touch turns to gold. Do it.”

Okay, we coming there?

“I'll call you, also I'm going to need your help.”

What do you need boss?

“I've got a plan that will help 'Starlight Music' and it involves my girlfriend.”

Oh you mean, 'Uber Hottie'? Okay, anyway we can help let us know.

“I will,” just then there was a knock on the door. “That's them, got to go.”

Alright, say 'hi' for me.

“You got it.” He hung up and went to the door.

Meanwhile, Jerrica was with three others young women. One had red hair and blue eyes, she was dressed in a shirt, jeans and sneakers, this was her younger sister, Kimberly or 'Kimber' as she likes to be called. Next was a young Asian woman with light hair and blue eyes. She was in a T-shirt, jeans and deck shoes. This was one of her adopted sisters Aja, lastly was an African American woman with brown hair and eyes, she was in a dress and flats. This was her other adopted sister Shanna.

“Well, here we go.” Said Jerrica.

“Did he say what he wanted to talk about Jerrica?” Said Kimber.

“He said he'd tell us what he has planned.”

“Well, his last plan left us wanting more.” Said Aja as she trembled thinking about that.

“It's good.”

“That is exactly what you said last time Jerrica.” Said Shanna, they laughed. Jerrica knocked on the door. Just then the door opened and they came in to the manor.

“Ladies, welcome.” He said, “I just finished making dinner.” They looked at him, “well you guys came all the way out here. You didn't think I was going to fed you?” So they sat down and started to eat.

“So um Rio?” Said Kimber, “what's going on?”

“Did Jerri, tell you about what was going on?”

“Yeah,” said Aja. “Raymond is trying to bankrupt 'Starlight Music'.”

“Yep, well my plan is this.” He slid a jewelry box to Jerrica. “Open it.” So she does and inside was a pair of diamond and amethyst earrings they were shaped like star. “Like them?”

“I love them.”

“They are the 'Jem Star Earrings', they're emitters for Holograms. Let me show you,” he took one of them and had it show an eagle flying around the room.

“Wow! Outrageous!” Said Kimber.

“Nice, huh?”

“That's so cool.” Said Aja.

“But, there's got to be a huge computer around here.” Said Jerrica.

“There is and a satellite. Your father was a genius.”

“Wait, dad created this?”

“Yep, we helped him program her.”


“Her name's 'Synergy' and she can save my life.” They did a double take at him.

“Save your life?”

“Um hmm.”

“How?” Said Shanna.

“You ever heard of wetware and nanobites?”

“Yeah, you mean...?”


“You'll be able to walk again.” Said Jerrica softly, “Where is she I want to meet her?” Rio smiled softly.

“Follow me,” so they head for an elevator and went to the basement. Where they had seen one of the most powerful super computers in the world. “Synergy? I have someone here to meet you.” Just then lavender motes started to appear and form in to a being. She had short lavender hair and purple eyes. She was 'dressed' in a skin tight bodysuit with blue markings all over it.

The blue markings were also on her skin as well. (2) “Ladies, this Synergy. One of the most powerful computers on the planet.”

Hello girls,” she said. “it's an honor to meet you.

“You too Synergy,” said Jerrica. “Can you really help Rio?”

It is within my power. Rio, your operation's been scheduled for next week.

“This is all fine and good,” said Aja. “But what are we going to do about Raymond?”

“Simple, beat him at his own game. I got a bunch of friends waiting on me to call them to come here to help out.”

“Blackjack?” Said Shanna.

“Maybe,” he grinned.


1. Jerrica/Holograms Parents.

2. Think Cortana from 'Halo'.
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