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First Date

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A/N: Sorry for the lack of updates, Missile been out of town for a week and her time back has proved to be very busy. We were only able to write a short chapter tonight, and most of it is based on a Livejournal entry by Pete Wentz, so... hope this holds you over for now.

[‎Patrick’s POV]

We pull apart instantly, both of us blushing a deep crimson. Pete’s mother is quiet for a moment, taking in the scene.

“I got a call from school that the two of you are suspended...”

“Uh, y-yeah mom... see this Josh kid-”

“The one who beats up Patrick?” Mrs. Wentz interrupts her son.

He nods, “Yeah.”

“Then that’s all I needed to hear...” she looks between the two of us before leaving the room, shouting, “HONEY, I WON! NO FOOTBALL FOR A MONTH!”

We can hear Mr. Wentz groan from the living room, “They’re together already? I thought it’d take at least a month!”

I blush deeply and hide my face in Pete’s chest, “Th-They were betting on this?”

Pete wraps his arms around me, flustered, “L-Looks like it.”

“Oh God..” I continue hiding my face, causing a small chuckle to pass through Pete’s lips, “Wh-What’s funny?”

He smiles, “How embarrassed you are..”

“Y-You’re embarrassed t-too! You’re bl-blushing too...”

He grins, “Yeah, but it’s cute on you...”

I shake my head and look up to him, “Y-You’re cute a-all the time..”

He kisses my forehead, “So how should we spend our three days off?”

“Studying everything we’re going to miss?” I shrug.

He rolls his eyes, “I had something better in mind..” he grins.

“Wh-What’s that?”

Pete's POV

"Getting to know everything about each other," I reply. Patrick looks at me incredulously.

"Why would you want to know anything about me?" he asks, raising an eyebrow.

"Are you serious? I think we've established how much I like you. That includes wanting to know more about you. But instead of just lying here all day, let's do something. Go on our first date. How's that sound?"

Patrick blushes and takes my hand. "That sounds great. Where should we go?"

"How about the movies? We could go right now." I reply, grinning. Patrick nods and we pull apart to get ready. Patrick goes to his room to clean up and I decide to take a quick shower. I get clean quickly before jumping out and pulling on a pair of black skinny jeans and a T-shirt that looks like a tuxedo. I straighten my hair and layer on the eyeliner before turning back to my room. My hands are shaking and suddenly my room isn't clean enough. So while I wait for Patrick, I pick up random articles of clothing and throw them into the closet.

"You? Cleaning your room? That's astonishing." I turn when I hear Patrick's voice and suck in a breath. He's wearing a button-down, a blazer, and a scarf over dark blue jeans.

"Patrick, you look great."

"N-No..." he murmurs, blushing. "You do. B-Besides... it's not much."

I shrug. "It's more than a T-shirt. I like it. C'mon."

Patrick smiles as I take his hand, but drops mine after a moment. "I'll be right back."

"Alright, hurry back." I reply as he leaves for his room. Suddenly, I'm hit with a great idea. Before I know it, I've got my phone out and I'm dialing. A minute later, Patrick returns.

"Perfect, thanks," I say into the phone before hanging up. Patrick raises an eyebrow.

"Who was that?" He asks. I notice he's now wearing a beanie. It puts more emphasis on his face, a pleasant fact I'm not sure he noticed.

"That, my dear Patrick, was our ride. I'm not gonna tell you our mode of transportation, though."

Patrick gasps quietly. "Don't tell me you got us a limo."

I grin. "Not saying."

"Well what else could it be? Knowing you, I wouldn't be surprised if it's a dump truck."

I cover my mouth in false shock before grinning. "It might very well be a dump truck. But it'd be the best damn dump truck you've ever seen." I hold out my elbow and he places his hand on it, blushing.

"Whatever it is... I know it'll be great." Patrick smiles.

"Now... let's play a little game. 'Make Patrick blush.' Should be easy enough." I chuckle as we go downstairs. We're almost to the door when we're stopped by the sound and flash of a camera being shoved in our faces. I groan.

[‎Patrick’s POV]

I hide my face in Pete’s shoulder, as his mother continues taking pictures. Pete groans and pulls me out the door quickly. A cab waits outside as Pete rubs to the door, opening it for me. I blush and slide into the seat. Pete gets in and speaks to the driver before handing me flowers. My blush deepens as Pete leans into me, grinning.

“How long will it take to get there?” Pete’s grin widens as the driver takes off, “My boyfriend is ready to get me in the dark theater already.”

My eyes widen as I blush deeper than I have in my entire life, “P-Pete!”

The driver laughs, “Less then ten minutes, please keep your clothes on.”

I look down at the flowers and blush at the butterflies stirring around in my stomach. Pete laces our fingers and grins at me. When we get to the theater, Pete pays the driver and holds the door open for me, earning yet another blush.

Pete grins, “I really like this game.”

I pout at him as we wait in the line for tickets. He just grins and wraps his arms around me, deepening the already present blush. We move up in the line and before Pete grabs his wallet I hand over the money for the tickets, glad to at least make him blush once. I wait in line with him to get popcorn. He pays this time, getting a large drink for us to share and a large popcorn.

“Now every time we both reach for popcorn you’ll blush.” he grins.

I whine and walk with him to find our seats. We sit in the back, which he calls the make out section, giving me a wink. I try to hide my blush behind my hat, but it doesn’t quite work in my favor. Once the movie starts, Pete whispers to me throughout the film.

“Shh!” a guy glares at us for the tenth time.

Pete shrugs and grabs a handful of popcorn, throwing it at him.

“Pete!” I whisper, slapping his hand.

He grins and throws more, earning another slap.

“Sadist.” I mumble as he throws more, receiving another slap on the hand.

“Fine, I’ll stop.” he whispers, resting his hand on my leg instead.

I blush deeply, slapping his hand again.
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