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Chapter 14

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"Frankie are you sure you'll be ok on your own?"

"Gee baby trust me its just a headache you go, i'll just chill here ok" Gerard and the guys were going to get some grocerys while I stayed home. I had a killer headache, you know the ones that are like behind your eyes? Yeah hurts don't it

"Ok but call me if you need me ok...promise me..."

"I promise now go.."

"Ok bye Frankie"

"Bye Gee"

I walked down to the basement and grabbed Gerards sunglasses. They eased the pain a little so I wandered back upstairs. It was too quiet so I started going through the CD collection before finally deciding on 'Machina' by The Smashing Pumpkins. I love that album. I started to get a little bored so decided upon tidying up for the guys. I stood in the front room and scanned my eyes across it. We honestly live like pigs. There was pizza boxes strewn about the room and socks and shirts littering the that...BOBS UNDERPANTS? How the fuck did Bob get his underwear stuck on the light? I shook my head and used a pizza box to flick them off. Fucking gross.

I had just about finished cleaning when there was a knock on the door. I shuffled over and opened it to reveal a guy in a light blue boiler suit with a name tag on it "Hi I'm from the gas company. I just need to check your connection and get your usage numbers are you..." he lifted up the top sheet of paper and scanned the one underneath "...Mr Gerard Way" he looked up at me grinning widely. It was almost creepy. I didn't like it but he was only the gasman

"Um no I'm his umm...boyfriend?" the man looked confused for a moment then smiled again

"Oh ok well may I come in? It will only take a minute" I stepped back from the door and showed him to the closet where the meters and shit were. He began scribbling down numbers " here on your own?" It seemed like a weird question but I just shrugged it off

"Uh yeah...he went to get food and shit"

"Oh ok well I'm all done here so if you just sign here I'll be off" I signed the paper and he quickly walked to the door and left. Something seemed real weird about him. Nevermind.

I walked to the kitchen and began rifling through the cupboards. Wow. We really did need groceries. I opened the fridge and grabbed a soda before wandering back into the front room. I grabbed the cigarettes and lighter from the coffee table and lit one up, taking a huge draw and exhaled slowly, how did I survive living on my own? Im so fucking bored.

I had been laid on the sofa for about 10 minutes when my cell began ringing, ?I sat up and reached for it "Hey baby"

"Hey Gee"

"How are you feeling?"

"Like shit ha ha keeping busy though"


"Tidying up, we live like pigs you know that?"

"Ha ha yeah. I did kinda notice"

"Oh and the gas man came..."

"What gasman?"

"From the power department"

"Frankie..Ray does our engineering and stuff"

"Hang on Gee there's someone at the door..." I walked to the front door and swung it open to be met with three of the meanest looking motherfuckers I ever saw

"Hi there..." I lifted the phone to my ear

"Gerard come back now..." I screamed a little as I was lifted from the ground by my shirt and thrown across the floor. I could here a muffled voice that sounded like Gerard on the phone. The first guy picked it up and placed it to his ear

"Hello Gerard"


"Didn't you learn manners from mummy and daddy? Oh no thats right I had them hung"


"Now now Gerard..if you want to see your little boyfriend again you'll do as i say..."


"You'll hurry home Gerard..." the guy hung up and turned to me with a smug face.

"LET ME FUCKING GO!!" I was being carried to a large black van. "You boys need to learn this is a big boys world and guess what?"


"Paybacks a bitch" then everything went black...
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