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Chapter 15

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What will happen to Frank?

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Ok this chapter changes to Gerards POV, it will go back to Franks though enjoy...

I bolted through the door screaming for Frankie, it was useless he wasn't there. I dropped to me knees and cried out in frustration, grabbing fistfuls of my hair. They fucking got him, they fucking took my Frankie

"Hey Gerard"

"What?!" I didn't mean to growl at Bob but I had good reason

"Ray just found a note..." I stumbled to my feet and flung myself at Ray

"WOAH DUDE?!" we crashed to the floor and I scrambled to get the note...

Stay by the phone Gerard. We'll be in touch

I slammed my fist into the wall before dropping my head into my hands. Frankie, MY Frankie. Flashbacks of my parents flew into my mind and I lost it. I stood up and flipped the kitchen table, I swung my fist at a cupboard and kicked at the wall. Everything in my path being destroyed as heartache filled me, he could be dead and I'd never have the chance to tell him how I feel...It was agonising. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain across my left cheek. I turned to see Ray glaring at me with his open palm raised ready to strike me again

"Calm the fuck down Gerard. Its no use if you hurt yourself you asshole..." I looked at Mikes. He was crying into Bobs shoulder and I broke down

"I'm so sorry....I'm...I'm..sorry..."


We sat for hours not talking, just staring into space or at each other. I would have random temper outbursts but Ray would just slap my face and I'd stop, Mikey was begining to get scared but I could see the pity behind his eyes. I began to descend into an emotional sleep when I heard it. The shrill of the phone ringing, cutting through the silence. I dived across the room and grabbed it with both hands

"Hello Gerard"


"Now, now Gerard play nice or you won't see Frankie again" I heard Frank screaming in the background and my heart shattered

"Let me talk to him...please"

"Since you asked so nicely..." I heard shuffling and a slapping sound

"Gerard...Gerard I'm sorry, I'm so sorry"

"I'll find you baby, I'll find you"

"I love you Gerard...if I die I need you to know that" The tears that had been threatening to spill finally escaped my eyes

"I love you too.." I heard the phone being snatched and the bastards evil voice came back on

"Warehouse 7 The industrial park on the outskirts 1 hour..." then the line went dead.

The guys and I rushed around grabbing weapons and a first aid kit for Frankie. It only takes twenty minutes to get to the industrial park, I was gonna get there in ten.


Just like I said we would we got there in 1ten minutes. Ray called out to me as I ran ahead looking at the numbers above the doors, the dark made it hard to see but it didn't take me long to find. I reached the door and took one final deep breath, all guns blazing was my plan. I threw open the door and ran inside, it was dark and there was only the sound of dripping filling the air. The guys ran in behind me and we slowly walked around the warehouse kicking open doors and crates to check inside.

My nerves were getting worse with every passing second and bile began rising in my throat. Nobodys here. Nobodys fucking here "Guys! You found anything?!"

"No man"

"Sorry dude"

"Theres nobody here"

"They're fucking with us" I kicked at a crate and yelled out at nothing in particular, each passing second tearing me apart a little more "Where the fuck do they have my fucking Frankie?!" I felt a hand on my shoulder

"Come on dude...lets get outta here and figure out whats next when we get home" I sighed exhasperated, I knew Mikes was right, I wasn't gonna be any use here. We made our way to the main entrance and I turned to look inside one more time when I heard it. It was only faint but I definetly heard it

"Dont leave me Gee..." I bolted back into the warehouse and found a light, flicking it on I spun my head around frantically. I looked in the direction of the dripping and looked to it's source. What I saw made me lose my stomach contents.

Meat hooks had been pushed through the skin on Frankies back. Blood flooded from the wounds as he was suspended in the air. Thr blood, His blood was making the dripping sound "GET HIM DOWN!" Bob wiped the tears from his face and lowered the ropes with Mikey. I held Frank in my arms as Ray gently pulled out the hooks, Frankie kept whimpering making my heart break. Bob had grabbed a blanket from the car. I couldn't even watch as Ray helped Frank

" might wanna see this..." I looked at where Ray was pointing. There carved into his beautiful flesh was the words, a message...

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