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Chapter 16

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Beep, Beep, Beep

The monitor Frank was hooked to kept a steady beat which indicated Frank was stable and I felt he could relax a little, I still kept up a guard though. If those fuckers tried to get Frankie here they were sorely fucking mistaken. A nurse came and injected his arm with a fresh dose of morphine and checked the bag of blood hooked to Frankies arm. The whole time I stroked his hair and rubbed circles on his hand with my thumb, I didn't even notice her leave. As I watched Frankies chest rise and fall a sleepy haze descended

"Maybe you should go home Gerard" Bob placed his hand lightly on my shoulder

"No...i'll sleep right here..."


A couple of hours later I was woken by footsteps in the room, I jumped up ready to attack if I had to but sighed and sat back down as I saw a doctor checking Frank "Good morning"

"Is it?" I didn't mean to sound so harsh, he is saving Frankies life after all, but Frankie shouldn't even be in this hell hole. I should never have left him alone

"I can see you've had a rough night" He looked at Frankie with pity in his eyes "But I'm afraid I'm going to have to call the police..." I knew this was coming, what else would you expect when you bring your lover into hospital all torn up and bleeding. I looked up at him and sighed defeated

" police...please" I snapped my head around to look at Frank and couldn't control the tears

"Mr Iero, you were brought in with substantial injurys, I'm afraid I must contact them..."

"Well I'm leaving then" Frank forced himself into a sitting position and swung his legs around and out of the bed

"Ok...Ok fine no police, but if this happens again..."

"It won't..." The doctor and I helped Frank back into bed before he left the room. I just stared at Frank and he stared back, a small smile gracing his perfect lips

"I'm so sorry Frankie..." tears rolled down my cheeks as I took in a shaky breath, and looked him in the eye

"What for? This isn't your fault and I won't let you think it was" I still knew what I had to do though

"It's more...I won't risk this again...I can't..." He grabbed my hand and pulled me up

"Gerard look at me...look at the fucking holes in my back. Do you see them Gerard? Think of your mom and need to do this or what I have gone through...your parents deaths...they would have been in vain...they would have been for nothing..."


"No fucking 'buts' Gerard as soon as I get out of this fucking shithole we ARE going after them" I leaned forward and placed my head on his

"Okay...whats the plan then?" He smirked and connected our lips

"Call the guys..."


We sat together laughing. It felt good that we could have at least a little normality but everytime Frank leaned forward the guys and I looked away. The damage was unreal. Scars that looked like he'd been torn open, like Freddy fucking Kruger had used him as a blade sharpener, were all across his back. He winced at the pain but began laughing again. I couldn't believe how strong he was.

He asked about his lower back and we had to explain the message to him "Wow..if I get my hands on that fucker I'm gonna carve the fucking contents of the dictionary into his fucking face!" It was Bob who reacted first, his laugh echoed throughout the the room followed by Frankies, then mine, then Ray and Mikey

"So Frank what are you gonna do without TV or anything, your gonna be bored as shit dude" I glared at Mikey, way to make him feel worse Bro.

We got told that visiting hours were over and we had to say goodbye. The guys left first so I could stay with Frankie for a moment alone. I sat on the edge of the bed "Here..." I pulled out my Ipod "Take this, it should keep you occupied..." I slid it into his hand and kissed him softly before standing up and turning to leave

"Hey Gee, did you mean it? When you said you love me?" I spun on my heel and smiled at him

"Always baby, always..."
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