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Chapter 17

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I woke up to a burning sensation in my eyes as I opened them. Fucking hospital lights, don't they realise we've suffered enough.

I groan and stretch my arms up, wincing as I do so as pain rips through my back. Sitting up and swinging my legs over the edge of the bed I look around and make sure nobody is coming before I grab my cell phone from the bedside table and wander to the bathroom where, after along struggle, I manage to get the bandages off. Shaking I click the cell phone camera on and turn my back to the mirror and snap a few shots over my shoulder. I peek through the bathroom door and when I see its clear I shuffle back to bed.

With a heavy beating heart and trembling hands I opened the gallery on my phone. I close my eyes and inhale a breath deeply before exhaling and opening my eyes slowly, I....was...a monster.

A light knocking filled the room as I stared at the image of a torn up, frayed and deformed back. I couldn't even acknowledge it as tears rolled freely from my eyes. I am broken...

"Hey baby how are y..." Gerard stopped mid sentence an he spotted me silently sobbing to myself. He moved past the bathroom and saw the bandages laying on the floor "Oh my god Frankie!"

"I'm a monster Gee...I'm...disgusting" he moved to the bed and sat down slowly

"Baby, Frankie..." I looked into those stunning eyes of his through my tear blurred "You are beautiful, those scars will heal don't worry" he leaned forward and kissed my nose softly "Can...Can..i..." I nod and turn around. He gasps and the huge welts that litter my back. The stitches were still visible but he didn't really seem all that fazed by it as he tenderly ran a finger across a scar just above my right shoulder blade. I flinched a little and he snapped his hand away. I gave him look over my shoulder that said 'Its ok' and he gingerly reached out again, tracing his fingers across my damaged skin.

Gerard and I sat opposite each other in a comfortable silence just staring at each other, fingers entwined. A nurse had come in and rebandaged my wounds and gave me a stern telling off, my doctor had also told me that I would be allowed home the next day. I smiled at the thought. Gerard was finaly ready and I wanted him now more than ever. He nearly lost me, I wouldn't have had a chance to say goodbye. As if he was reading my mind he placed a hand on the back of my neck and rubbed it softly with his thumb "I will always find you Frankie...always..." I lean in close and press my lips to his heavily. I was safe with him now. I could feel it.


The next morning I woke up to soft lips gently pressing against mine. I fluttered my eyes open to see Gerard standing above me grinning widely "Your coming home Frankie" I smiled and sat up grabbing his shirt and pulling him towards me. smashing my lips against his

"Yes..." I kissed his jawline "Yes i am...". After our make out session ended Gerard handed me a bag with my clothes in. I pulled on the black jeans first and then the black Misfits Horror Business shirt. I pushed my aviators on and turned to Gerard "Lets roll..." he chuckled lightly as we left the room.

Sitting in the car on the way home I realised we weren't heading for the house and looked at Gerard confused "We moved for a while.." he glanced at me smiling "I won't risk having you hurt again..." I reached over and tangled my fingers with his "Thank you baby..."

The car pulled to a stop just outside a small suburban looking house. Just like the old place it was standing alone, Just what we need. I walked around the car, took Gerards hand and began walking to the house. It was quiet when we stepped inside and I began taking in our surroundings. The guys had clearly been decorating as the smell of paint hung in the air. The front room was crimson and black, it was amazing. I turned to Gerard who was watching me lovingly "You like?" I sauntered over and placed my hands on his hips

"I love..."

Gerard took my hand in his and pulled me upstairs. He opened a door and the end of the hall at the top which revealed another set of stairs. We began acsending and when we reached the top I gasped, Gerard had painted the whole room black. There was a lamp in the corner which illuminated the posters he had hung on the walls but what caught my eye was the bed, it was enormous. My hand still in Gee's I walked toward it and ran my hand over the black bedspread "Its beautiful baby" He wrapped his arms around my waist so my back was against him and whispered into the shell of my ear

"I did it for you..." he kissed just below my ear. I turned around and faced him "Where are the guys?" He looked down at me with confusion in his eyes

"At the old house packing...why?" I pushed him back on the bed and clambered onto his hips "Because..." I ran my tongue up his throat "I want to thank you..." I nibbled his ear "By fucking you now.." a smirk spread across his lips and he kissed me hard

"About fucking time..."

Ok guys there will be smut in the next chapter so i thought I'd warn you now if you dont like that kind of thing. Thank you for reading xo
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